Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman gets stubborn

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman pulling the pillow. Ishita gets up and asks what is he doing. He says I need a pillow. She asks him to sleep on the ground, he will get back, its for his good. Raman says its my house, my wish, I will sleep on couch, sleep quietly now. They argue. Ruhi and Roshni look on and smile. Roshni says Ishita and Raman are destined to be together, we don’t have to do anything. Ruhi says yes, I just hope that all their problems get solved soon. Roshni says this child will get them closer. Ruhi goes. Roshni thinks when I leave from here, they will look after my baby. She goes. Ishita sees Raman and smiles. Raman turns to see her. She acts to be sleeping. She controls her smile. He asks are you playing hide and seek, sleep, why are you staring. She says why are you staring,

I m getting conscious. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. They sleep.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman sleeping. She says I forgot that I live with him now. She picks her bedding and keeps aside. Simmi comes and says Ishita what revenge are you taking, look at Raman, he is sleeping here, see his state. Raman wakes up and says I m fine, my room’s AC isn’t working, we both slept here. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you hear it, if you worry for him, then take your husband and leave so that my son can sleep in that room. Simmi says you all just shout on me. Raman says I will call AC mechanic. Raman gets up and gets pain. Ishita says tell me if you are having back pain, I will pain. He says why will I get backpain. He goes. Ishita says he has pain but he won’t say, men are strong. Simmi says I have to do something, I will ask Pooja if I can get appointment with Vijay. Amma says Kiran, I m going to meet Vijay, give me that tiffin. Ishita picks newspaper. She sees Amma and greets. Amma greets and goes.

Ishita gets emotional. Raman shouts on the AC service guy. Ishita comes and asks do you have back pain, I can see, its evident. Raman says I don’t have any pain. She says stop being angry, this is the limit, take the balm, apply if if you want, else throw it. He asks her to go and do her work. She goes. He says she is right, my back is paining. He tries to apply the balm. He says forget it. She looks on and says he is so stubborn, he won’t accept it, don’t apply it, why do I care. She comes to Roshni and greets her. She asks did you sleep well. Roshni says yes, and you… how did you feel sleeping in your room. Ishita says good, I slept like a baby. Roshni says I saw you sleeping in hall, I saw you and Raman, even then you are lying, I thought you both will look after the baby, did I do any mistake to decide this. Ishita says no, AC wasn’t working, so we slept in hall, have medicines now, come and have breakfast. Amma meets Vijay and says I have seen you somewhere, did you study in chennai. He asks are you Madhavi. She says yes, you are Sundar, why did you name yourself Vijay. He says Sundar name didn’t suit me, so I changed it to Viijay, with double I. She says I didn’t know you have become a big astrologer, I got fruits for you. He says I m happy to see you after so many years. She says I wanted your help, you have an appointment by Simmi’s name. He calls and checks. He says its today. She says I need your help to teach her a lesson.

Raman tries to pick the balm. Ishita comes and smiles seeing him in towel. He asks are you seeing someone wearing towel for the first time, you are guest here, its my room. She says yes, you have to bear it. He asks why are you laughing. She says I m doing my work, why is someone not able to do work on time, is there a problem. He says its my wish, you do your work. She says fine, why is this here. She throws the ointment on floor. A man delivers a parcel for Romi. Neelu says a parcel came for Romi. Mihika says show me. Romi comes and asks why did you come here. The man says your house was locked. Romi says I will come along, you deliver it there. Mihika asks what’s all this Romi. Mihika says Raman signed the deal and sanctioned your loan, so you are preparing for the new house. He says I didn’t wish to do this, but I can’t live here, I will furnish the house, I hope you will like it. He goes. Ishita looks on. Simmi meets Vijay. He says you are sad because of your brother and Bhabhi, you lost your daughter too, you are bearing the woman whom you hate the most. Simmi says you are great, please help me, solve my problem. He says calm down, sit, for you to succeed, you need to do as I say. Amma looks on. Simmi asks what puja I have to do.

He says I believe in aura cleaning, stay away from negative people, keep yourself covered, wear warm clothes, stay away from AC. She says when the weather is so hot, you are saying… fine aura is imp. He says just do as I say. She asks if I do this, will my problems get solved. He asks are you doubting on my method. She says no, I will wear even my husband’s clothes, fine I will go, thanks. She goes. Amma says thanks, you are great, Simmi won’t trouble Raman and Ishita now. Raman comes wearing shorts. Ruhi and everyone smile. Raman asks are you seeing someone wearing shorts for the first time. He eats snacks and praises Neelu’s cooking skills. Ruhi says Ishita made this. He says its not good, salt should be adequate. Ruhi asks will you go office like this. He says I will wear pants and go. Ruhi says we know you have backpain and couldn’t wear pants, so you are in shorts. He says no. He tries to pick the knife, he says I don’t want to have butter today. Ishita picks the knife and asks till when will you say this, get the pain treated, take some medicine and end it. Raman says she is mad, explain her. She takes him along. Ruhi smiles.

Simmi says this will keep negative energy away from me. Raman asks what’s the problem. Amma laughs and says Simmi looks a cartoon, I m genius. Ishita asks did you do all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    Serves that Simmi right as Mrs iyer taught her a good lesson not to mess and butt in between IshRa happiness and problems to make them worse.i like it even more when she looks exactly like how that Simmi was supposed to be,A hideous CARTOON!!Lol,imagine when she is wearing param’s clothes and shows up in front of everyone that too especially in front of that Kamina parmeet,only then they will realize not to spoil the peacefulness in the family
    But that doesn’t mean Amma is now a Goody one here,still i hate her for NOT FORGIVING ishita for what she has done in the past of killing Adi so far.just move on and only then they can find happiness not SORROW,which needs to be removed forever in diminishing the family s mood
    And yes 172-B Devi House,for ur KIND INFO just don’t try to push me to the wrong path of ur opinion.if u think u r right,then keep it don’t try to enforce it on others next time,just watch carefully
    so kindly,not interfere in my opinion and tell urs so that i can only hear ur point of view not judgement okay?!
    Well then,coming to that Raman’s ziddi part,he is behaving like a mere child who doesn’t want to appreciate ishu for what she has done for the family and never tries to respect her or either change his mentallic ways till now.can’t help it but for now,we guys are still having the patience to bear his abuse and inner torture towards ishita which has not yet faded away after all those years staying far away from each other like that
    I wish Aaliya gets what she is supposed to reccive sooner or later,that is No love or forgivence from Ishita of what she hated about her and she can never stand as an example of being a good woman because she is not revenge OUT OF LOVE,BUT WITH VENGENCE AND HATRED towards that innocent and guilty girl Roshni for that past incident happened before
    Snatching the baby wont solve her problem at all,but the love and care the child would crave after his birth is what she needs to give,CAN SHE BE ABLE TO GIVE THAT ATLEAST?lets just see and watch further about it

    1. Actually yes Aliya can give the baby what it need better than Roshni actually

    2. innocent and guilty roshni….. hahaha nice joke.

      1. not a joke Barathi.

        Think wisely!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand. Ye raman or ishita saath me sote hi kab hain? And they are legally married. Wah!
    Pehle shadi huyi, tab sofe pe sona. Fir 7 saal baad sofe pe sona. Fir raman k pagal hone k bad sofa. Or ab fir sofa.
    Ye sari umar sofe pe hi mari rahegi.
    Good lord I don’t watch this anymore.
    crap crap crap.
    itna negative drama hai bc.
    I had finally started liking ishita’s character until she killed Aditya. She could have shot him in his leg but nahi. Madam ko tulsi jo banana hai.
    Ekta kapoor! Wahiyad aurat. Na khud byah shadi karegi na apne natak me kisi ko dhang se karne degi buddhi. No wonder she got herself into a useless feud with pewdiepie.
    Useless woman.
    Jeetendra kash us raat so hi jata. -_-
    Ekta. There is a limit. Show band kar bc.

  3. i think raavan should not be insulted by comparing raman with him. raavan never ill treated or humiliated his wife with abusive words.. his only wrong was to have eyed sita in a wrong way.. at least he was not a jallad like raman. he kept his citizens very happy as history says it…

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