Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking shall we start felicitation now. Mrs. Bhalla says this lady has done all the good work, I will tell entire truth to Ishita and Raman. Mani says Ishu called much press. Ishita says yes, its Raman’s ambitious project. Shagun says my PR also got media. Ishita asks is anyone coming from your NGO. Shagun says not much, but all my friends have come. Amma asks driver to get car. Mrs. Bhalla says why should Shagun get award, this lady got her bone broken, she should get award, my bahu Ishita is innocent, her intention was good, we got to know truth from you, I will tell this to my son and bahu. Ishita says Amma and Mrs. Bhalla went to doctor, Ruhi is with Pihu at school, Ruhi is teaching music to kids, Adi and Aaliya are enjoying well there.

Nikhil comes

to meet Adi. He says you got fine, Aaliya was panicking for no reason, Aaliya called a doctor for small allergy. He asks Adi to give a pic for college group. Aaliya says stop it, Adi is my husband, you can’t joke on him, do you have an idea what you did, Adi has allergy from seafood, I should have checked the food, sorry it will be better if you leave from here. Nikhil leaves. Aaliya apologizes to Adi. She says I always try to do something good and things go wrong, sorry. Adi says I love you and hugs. He asks her not to say this to Raman and Ishita, they will be worried. She says fine, sleep now.

Shagun sees Kiran and says I think Kiran did all arrangements. Ishita says yes, she is Raman’s business partner. Raman sees them and thinks Ishita got stuck with Shagun, don’t worry your prince charming is coming. He sends a man to Shagun. The man asks Shagun for some pics. Raman comes to Ishita and says I saved you. She says so you have sent photographer. He says I knew you are not interested to talk to Shagun, I see you and know what’s going on in your heart. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. They smile.

Shagun takes selfie with her friends. Amma asks will we reach on time, I will call Ishu and ask her to stop Shagun’s award. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she will do something else then, there are 10 mins left, we will reach till then. They leave. Ruhi comes to Riya’s house and says I m from her school. She shows her ID card. She says I came to find out why Riya did not come home. Nanny says I have sent message by driver that she has fever and she won’t come school. Riya asks can I meet hr. Nannu says you wait here, I will see what she is doing.

Bala asks Kiran to back off, I don’t need your attention. Kiran asks who’s watching us here. Ishita calls manager and asks who selected the snacks. Manager says Kiran selected this. Ishita says variety is not there, its boring, you go, thanks. Kiran asks what happened. Ishita says I was praising that you did good arrangements, but maybe I hurried, snacks are not good. Kiran says but I did the best. Bala asks what happened Ishu, I never saw you talking this way, how can you criticize her. Ishita says I m talking to Kiran, its my husband’s product launch party, I m concerned. The man asks Kiran to come, Raman is calling her.

Ruhi sees Riya. Nanny says sorry, its time for her lunch now. Riya says same food again, I won’t have this. Ruhi says make khichdi for her. Nanny says Mam gave us diet chart and we have to cook according to it. Ruhi asks what diet chart for such a little girl, get some light food, she is not fine. Nanny says dietician gave the diet chart. Ruhi says I will make khichdi for her. Nanny says we have messaged her mummy, Riya will have this food now, I will tell Mam that you came to meet. Ruhi leaves.

Ishita says what’s happening to me, why am I behaving like this, Kiran is Raman’s business partner. Kiran thanks everyone for coming in their party, this is Raman’s dream project, I want him to come on stage and tell us about his project. Ishita says its better I stay away from Kiran. Raman says we are going to launch a health drink, its dream project as healthy society is a wealthy society, we are going to felicitate such a woman who runs a NGO, who has saved girls from becoming target of human trafficking, please give a round of applause for Shagun Abhimanyu Raghav. Shagun smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get the lady there. Amma says I will call Ishu here, wait. Shagun goes on the stage. Raman gives her the award. Everyone claps and smiles. Amma asks Ishita to stop the function, Shagun should not get award. Ishita asks why. Amma says Shagun did not do anything, that lady did all the work, we got her. Raman says Shagun will say how her NGO helps women. Shagun says what shall I say, my PR team would have given you brochures about our NGO, I take interest in every case personally. Amma says she is lying, we got a lady. Ishita asks where is Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to stop nonsense and moves her. She gets on mic and says Mrs. Khatri has saved the girls, not Shagun. They all get shocked. Lady says I don’t want all this, leave it. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman wants to give award to a great woman, it will be bad to award this sinner. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says this lady broke her leg and saved the girls, this is the way to do great work, not taking photos in newspaper, my bahu Ishita works all day, but she does not run after newspapers. Everyone gets shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is supporting a helpless woman and educating her, she is doing social work, society has people like Ishita and Shagun too, Shagun could not become a mum, if she could not understand her children’s pain, how will she save others. Shagun and Mani get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says I have forgiven her always, this woman is a snake, I don’t want my children to make her drink milk. Ishita worries.

Shagun cries and says I told you I don’t want felicitation, you called me here to get me insulted, Ishita you always do this, from today don’t show me your face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dia

    Seriously…..shagun wasn’t called to be insulted…..mrs bhalla is too much…..shagun is right here……

    Ishita….what happened ti great ishita now….why is she behind kiran criticising her everytime…..stupid jerk

    Riya’s mum is kiran….m sure

    1. no one can always be good nor evil. Circumstances makes people act in such ways. CVs are trying to develop all the characters. Stop taking everything personally. And yes ishita is maybe seems like a jerk but she loves and cares a lot for her sisters children she is just protective over them and bala. She has had it hard in the past so you cant just blame her for criticizing Kiran because her character seems a bit shady. Nobodies perfect think about it.

      1. Silent reader … reply to you .. Balas case yes I am with Ishitha . Kiran seems little shady … then she is protective about children … may be she doesnt want other woman in vandus place …all understandable ..

    2. Dia

      Even if kiran is going to be negative then why is mahan ishita insulting her for such small things…….if she can replace shagun in bhalla house then why can’t kiran…..mihika replaced sarika……mani replaced manoj……then why cannot kiran replace vandu?…..

      Ps i kno kiran will be negative but how does ishita know it….supernatural instincts?

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Yes you might just be right. I guess she has that super natural instinct that’s why she fell down from heaven. She always knows things before they happen and she has her back up angels which is CVs to support her.

  2. Ohh.. Mrs.bhalla… What’s the need of creates that much drama.. If they give award for both of them problem will end easily..

  3. What a pathetic episode.everthing happened as expected.shagun didn’t ask the award and mrs.bhalla is telling everything the way shagun asked for was all because of ishita flop idea.drama queen.she is not doing everything selflessly.she is unnecessarily interfering in everything.pihu s really combination scene between ishu and pihu.if it was shagun everyone will start was a good decision by shagun that she doesn’t want to c ishita s face

    1. Yeah being an elder how could Mrs Balla do this!!!

    2. exactly, if the same happened with shagun, every one will raise their voice and will be behind shagun.. shagun yeh shagun who, blah blah and all

  4. Hi friends… Good episode… Mrs Bhalla nailed it…. Hope Raman doesn’t blame ishu… I think ishu won’t let the launch get spoiler…. Feel bad for Shagun … But she deserved it… When ishu invited her to launch , she could have told the truth that she didn’t save the girls…. Her selfish Ness made her insult today… Also Shagun being awarded for NGO work , didn’t invite other NGO members… This shows what kind of woman is she… She wanted to take credit of others work …ishu is tolerating Shagun only because of Aliya… Now latest spoiler s say Aliya cheats ADI for Nikhil and divorce drama….so ishu don’t care for Shagun… I also think because of shaguns truth Raman’s product becomes more popular…. waiting for tomorrow s episode…

    1. No HP … Totally wrong from Mrs Bhallas side . And she spoiled her sons launch too
      Ishithas step was wrong .. Shaghun said no though she wanted all the fame nd all .
      This Ishitha gave the stick to Shaghun to grt beaten . Insulted her publicly . Too much these mothers .I did not feel sympathy at all to Ishitha … What is the need to praise Ishitha … ? Ruhis scenes all unwanted .. Bala likes kiran I think .

      1. Same here I also think Bala likes Kiran….ruhi s scenes is to drag the scenes.. as dt is on holiday…also these were the last scenes shot by dt before going for holiday… We may see ishu for next day or two ..after that don’t know how they cover her scenes…. As expected ishu was blamed by Shagun though ishu had no intention of insulting Shagun…. But what happened was a slap for Shagun… She has to learn from it… I think Mani also misunderstand ishu now…but one thing Raman’s party won’t get spoil….

    2. Shagun didn’t ask for felicitation. It is ishita’s idea. Even after shagun denied the award ishita forcefully asked shagun to accept her felicitation.
      More over being elder you have to carry respect. This is not fare insulting in front of public and media.. instead of that she can give award to shagun & other lady who got injured.
      ishita should invite others team members. how come shagun will go say ” hey I am getting felicitation for the work which I am done blah blah ”
      If you are a fan of ishita it doesn’t make you should be blind for her.

  5. I feel the first priority of ishita idea was to clear difference between shagun.. the reason which supported to her cause was ngo.. so mrs bhalla could have ignored it.. even I feel riya mum is kiran.. ishita had other ways to solve shagun problem.. n here I feel it’s aliya mistake.. if possible adi can go back to delhi telling aliya to enjoy with nikhil instead of begging her

    1. Yes Maya .. Ishithas idea was that only … but i dont know knowing what Shaghun is … Ishitha should also know Shaghun doesnt deserve .

    2. azuka nkwonta

      Ishita’s priority was to please aaliyah.

  6. HI Rithu, VP, Khushi, Magic, Bhagya, Mino, Missy, Ravi, Parichary and many many YHM fans….

    The Bhallas now have invoked revenge and anger in Shagun especially Ishita. Ishita and her brilliant idea of honouring Shagun for Aliya’s sake ended up in a slap on Shagun’s face. Why even award Shagun? Just be forgiving and be friendly with Shagun if she needs to make peace instead of inviting to such a function and Shagun getting embarrassed by Mrs Bhalla. Well at least Mrs Bhalla told the truth about the NGO. What Toshi said is right as the award is going to the wrong person who is not deserving of it.

    Ishita should not be selfish here. I know she is concerned about Vandu’s children and she does not want Kiran to cosy up with Bala or change Bala’s mind. She should understand that Bala is a matured man and he can decide for himself whether he wants a second marriage or not. Ishu does not need to worry about this. She should allow Bala to get to know others.. After all how long he is going to remain single and single handedly look after his children. If Kiran is talking to Bala, let it be. Why must IShita try to break the conversation by telling about having no variety of food. They are both adults and Bala knows how to handle this. ‘

    Rithu thanks for the updates everyday.

  7. Having said that about Kiran, I can’t put her place in YHM. She definitely is a shady character and what exactly is her intention I am not sure. Is she here to really marry Bala or to destroy Raman’s business. What if she is Ashok’s friend???? Wait to be seen.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    It has become a tradition that the bhallas must create a scene anytime they are launching a product. Shagun should have rejected this award but of course ishita manipulated her into accepting it. This is what happens when your enemy wants to give you an award. Ishita should stay away from shagun , she never liked shagun why is she pretending that this is friendship. You don’t want to settle your problems, you want to use an award to cover the enmity that is existing inside. The bhallas are so dishonorable and shameless. I wish they can find another family that is better than them.
    I was so disheartened watching ruhi talking like ishita today. Ruhi went to riya’s home and ordered them to change their diet menu. Who is she, is she God? She can go to somebody’s house and give order that they should change what is obtainable in that house. She was just talking like ishita. She is too young to be acting like righteous ishita. One day she might get a slap from someone who doesn’t take nonsense from people.

    1. Very true … IAzuka … who is Ruhi to change the Menu of Riyas … cvs really show rubbish only ..,

    2. ishita and shagun has one weird friendship they dislike each other but will help each other when something goes wrong regarding their children.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    If Bala is not interested in Kiran then why did he stood up for her. I was talking about ishta versus Kiran yesterday. If ishita’s excuse for not accepting kiran’s interest in bala is true then she should have spoken to Kiran and tell her about her thoughts concerning the issue. And if she is honest enough then she should tell her to get to know the kids first before going into marriage and for the records everybody’s life must not start like ishita’s own. As far as I know ishita her reason for not wanting kiran’s friendship is because of Raman. The producers will cook up one story to support her view to make her look righteous. They will tell a bad story about Kiran so that ishita will remove Kiran from her way.

  10. Hi. Wheres ishita fault. She didn’t 9 anything about Mrs bhalla reaction. In which family gal’s mother cm to daughters home and say nonsense words, create scene daily. This was reaction to this of Mrs bhalla.

  11. The first priority of ishita’s idea is to clear misunderstanding between her & shagun; for that reason ishita want to invite to raman’s launch and felicitate her. But, Mrs. Bhalla ruined everything she insulted shagun in front of all and media. Where is her mahan nature when Mrs. Bhalla is insulting shagun. Even though Shagun denied in the starting for felicitation, ishita convinced her to attend the launch and accept the felicitation. When ishita left piyu it is shagun who taken care of her, and cv’s always shows shagun negativity. Shagun was good till ishita enters into her life & latter cv’s make shagun as a drama queen. And insult her all the time. Stop showing ishita mahan everytime and stop insulting shagun also. the real drama queen is ishita. she always troubles and initiate problems.
    Shagun took a right decision to stay away from ishita & not to see her face at all. it is better to shagun at least Bhalla’s wont insult her again. She knows how to give respect in front of public. she can also cross her limits and speak loud with Mrs. Bhalla. Shameless people always insult others as If they are Mahan and don’t do any mistake in their life.

    1. u r r8…
      when shagun take care of pihu in ishita absence .. she is gud…
      after ishita comes, she need to give baby…. waw…

  12. mrs Bhalla was very worng, she is spoiled her son lunch partyand how can she do this type of insult with Shagun. she doesn’t think about her relation between her family and shagun, Shagun was Aliya,adi,Ruhi Pihu’s mother and ishitha,Raman sangan also. I don’t understand mrs Bhalla problem she thinks she insult Shagun but she Mani ,Aliya feelings also,
    she distroy the all relation between ragavs and Bhallas.

  13. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  14. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring shocking twist in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life having death of their beloved one.
    As per the track, Raman and Ishita are busy in Raman’s launch party where Ishita decides to honour Shagun sorting out the problems.
    Santonshi once again create a problem in front Ishita by exposing Shagun’s reality as how much she is careless and does not participate in Anzio.
    Ishita gets tensed seeing as she wants to sort out problems but it gets increased more.
    Romi to die during car accident
    Apart from this family drama, Romi meets with a car accident and takes his last breath which makes a very sad time for the Bhalla family.
    How will Raman and Ishita handle the family problems?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  15. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness socking twist as Riya is revealed to be Kiran’s daughter while Ishita will be seen criticizing Kiran.

    So far we have seen that Riya is the one who is bullying Pihu is school due to which Pihu is traumatised.
    Ruhi has decided to take up this case and sort out the problem that Riya is facing.
    Ruhi reaches Riya’s house where she witnesses Riya’s Nanny taking care of Riya and feeding her food as per the diet chart.
    Ruhi gets wondering about seeing the diet chart.
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) to criticize Kiran with hidden motive
    On the other side, Ishita will surprisingly be seen criticizing Kiran shocking Bala.
    Bala will be seen siding Kiran for good.
    Soon in the series to come, it will be revealed that Riya is Kiran’s daughter.
    What is Kiran’s main intention entering Bhalla and Iyyer family?
    Further it’s also revealed that Kiran will be seen in negative avatar as the story proceeds further.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  16. In yesterday’s episode I was waiting for Mrs.bhalla to do like that to Shagun because Shagun don’t deserve any award but I think Mrs.bhalla should not have done in front of many people in the party because it affects Raman’s product launch.
    I don’t know why ishitha got the horrible idea of felicitating Shagun .Now because of this Raman needs to suffer .

    1. there is no proof, shagun didnt do any good thing for NGO…
      simply cant believe on someone words …. Shantoshi, everytime she creates problem and finally blame ll come to shagun…
      Santoshi want their heirs to be wit them, no bahus…
      soon she ll throw aliya out too… once adi starting hating aliya

  17. The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.
    Ishita invites Shagun in Raman’s launch party for giving award to her as she works in the NGO and help a lot of womens.
    Raman gives the award to Shagun, she gets really happy and then she starts with her speech.
    Just then Mrs.Bhalla comes there and she tells everyone that Shagun does not deserves this award as she pretends that she helps women a lot.
    Shagun turns furious post being insulted in Raman’s launch party
    So then the award is taken from Shagun and it is given to Ishita.
    Shagun gets furious seeing all this; she says to Ishita that she never wants to see her face again after all this.
    Moreover now Shagun will take revenge from Ishita for insulting her like this infront of everyone.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  18. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It was earlier seen that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are busy with the launch party and the entire Bhalla family will come together for the huge celebration.
    However their happiness is not lived long as soon the family will get to know that Romi aka Aly Goni has met with an accident.
    The entire Bhalla family will rush to the hospital where Romi will breathe his last breath.

    This will turn out to be one of the biggest turning points of the show.
    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  19. Thank god in normal life people are not like that.. ishita left her family n evert one thought she is dead…shagun managed whole family i.think that time that mrs bhalla bad vodka all years so she dosent know…stupid serial

    1. Exactly.. ill feel pity for shagun, her intensions are correct but, the way she reacts makes problem to all. She will say to the people face if they did any mistake or she express her feelings loudly not like ishita who do drama at home. creating problems and misunderstanding between 2 people, the same happened with Adi and Raman. only ‘cos of ishita’s misunderstanding they both fought. ishita want to become Mahan every time that time she didn’t speak with adi and didn’t sort it out, & blamed adi he is behaving rude, out of control blah blah.
      I really got hurt very badly only ‘cos of fame she won Nach Baliye title, she don’t deserve to get the award.
      from that day I don’t know I am not liking ishita. usually I use to watch with my mom. but I never complained. but now what ever drama she does I am not liking.
      I didn’t expect this with DIVEK I always taught the couple are stand for real.
      it disappoints me a lot 🙁

      1. I second ur comment…very true…Ishita is acting like a heroin now….forgetting she is just a serial artist…too much headweight she has got after wining nach baliye….

        somebody who dances better and deserves it would have got it…she is ruining everybody’s chance in real life aswell as in ymh…cant they just remove here from the show

  20. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have reached the league wherein Ishita and Raman are the household names of star plus.

    As per the track it is revealed that Riya is Kiran’s daughter who has the intention of marrying Bala post Ishita’s sister’s death.

    Now another thing which has come to the notice is that Ishita and Raman asks Kiran to tell her daughter not to bully Pihu in school.

    Kiran in place of talking to Riya for her bad tricks against Pihu starts shouting at Ishita to make Pihu smarter.

    Ishita gets angry on Bala

    Ishita furthermore witness that even Bala is taking Kiran’s side and speaking up against Ishita for the very first time.

    Ishita gets all the more furious eyeing upon Bala’s bad behavior with Ishita and Raman.

    How will Ishita stop Kiran from entering Bala’s life?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline of Ishita and Raman.

    1. Good at least for kiran sake Bala spoke against ishita every time people cannot dance on Ishita tunes.

  21. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  22. Ishita is acting like a heroin now….forgetting she is just a serial artist…too much headweight she has got after wining nach baliye….

    somebody who dances better and deserves it would have got it…she is ruining everybody’s chance in real life aswell as in ymh…cant they just remove here from the show

  23. Nach Bhaliye award is based on the audience votes . They are popular and they did dance well . They are lucky they are gifted . Award is given to then they did not stach it … I really appreciate admire and adore her talents . And media is making them popular … whose mistake is it ? Just ignore them . After Nachbaliye we can see Sanaya Irani is always on the media . To start with I was very upset Divek participated and I was sure they will be eliminated with in three episodes . But after that they did perform well … Getting angry or jealous on anyone is not going to solve what is already materialised . True I like Divek … but truth is truth … unnecessary blaming for anything is not good . They are also human beings .. It hurts … This is not for anyone to bash on me .. expressing my views only .
    And coming to yhm … now people started blaming Oshitha . If Priya is Kirans daughter , Please see how she is taken care . Some people really have some intution … Ishitha must be feeling her akkas kids will not be taken care .Every bodys problem Ishitha solved … Shaghun can enter any time to her inlaws house and create problems ? She is the root of all problems in this story … Money and fame she wants … lie according to the situations … whatever she did was to keep herself secured . Its not easy as a step mother . Those who are happy with positive way of thinking … can understand Ishitha . Saying this … Mrs Bhalla should not have insulted Shaghun . Ishithas cheap idea ex husband awarding ex wife … all rubbish these cvs are upto .
    What is NGO ? If Shaghun is awarded for NGO service , Its the biggest joke and Ishithas mistake .

  24. What the hell the people are trying to prove …..that shagun is bad……shagun was careless at the beginning…but she did many good things………we can’t forget she is the one who gave birth to adi Ruhi and pihu…….she became surrogate mother….so that ishita can get her own child…..and wen ishita pig and went …shagun took care of her with so much love…even in the first episode after seven year leap they showed how shagun stopped pihu from stamping a stone…..she was so caring….she took care of that house for seven years……she used to work in NGO long tym ago….she never used to talk about her work…..let her work…wat is Mrs bhalla prob….it’s ishita who asked her to agree..shagun didn’t ask for the award …she didn’t even say that she did such work …..even though Mrs bhalla is elder …she is wrong…and she should regret…ppl should blame her

    1. Left pihu*

  25. Hi everyone YHM fans VP mam, Sindhu, Rithu, HP and Ravi – hope you are feeling much better now.
    I hate humiliation and it is wrong what Mrs bhalla did.
    Mrs Bhalla always act like an idiot without thinking her actions and Mrs Iyer don’t know what her problem is lately following mrs Bhalla with her idiotic suggestions.
    1) Ishita should not have used this medium to make peace with Shagun, when she has never visited Shagun’s NGO to see how they work.
    2) mrs Bhalla only heard one bad story from this unknown woman and without investigating further believed her and cause a ruckus in her son’s business launch.
    3) Mrs Bhalla- no matter what Shagun has done – she still did not warrant such humiliation- SHE is the mother of your 3 grand children that you claim you love.
    4) Mrs Bhalla created a scene at her own son’s business launch – she earlier spiked her daughter in laws drink which cause them to be in the papers for drunkenness. How foolish is this.
    5) Mrs Bhalla is busy praising her son and daughter in law but she just proved them to be idiots because if they chose the wrong person to award that means they are brainless.
    So the humiliation is equally theirs as well
    6) Raman just stood there and let his mother talk rubbish humiliating the mother of your children- WOW
    7) I am angry at Ishita because she put Shagun in that position she should have stopped her mother in law and take a stand for Shagun even if her mummyji is right – she is responsible for Shagun being there – I am surprised Shagun did not slap her – it would have been deserving. Don’t get me wrong fans Because when you invited someone to your house you treat them well and you are to protect them from harm – whatever harm.
    Shagun did not asked for the award she went to her and begged her – at first the woman ignored her calls.
    7) I am angry at Mani – he just stood there and allowed someone to humiliate his wife – I am sorry I don’t care how old you are if you have no sense to deal with such matters privately then I would not respect you either.
    8) today I am on Shagun’s side and this is a side I never thought I would take but I hate humiliation.

  26. Most people on this page are claiming that Shagun do not deserve this award – maybe she doesn’t
    But cast your mind back that after Shagun left her children in that burning building she left town and started her life afresh
    She got involved in NGOs work working undercover to rescue girls that being used as prostitution or human trafficking. It was in one of her guises that Raman saw her and misunderstood her to be working as a character less woman calling herself Ruhi Arora.
    That time she was hot doing a lot of good work saved a lot of girls from creepy men including mrs Bhalla favourite bahu – she saved Ishita from being raped by Ashok – for me that is one of the most humane thing anyone can do for a woman. And because of that Raman and Ishita were united. All these happened before the seven year leap.
    I don’t know lately if she has slacked off but even so mrs Bhalla should have handled this with sensitivity. She acts like she is not a mother of girls – what is wrong with her. When Ishita was gone why didn’t she throw Shagun out of the house but no they kept her to look after Pihu and did not even allow the Iyers close to them only Adi kept the link with the family.
    Any way mrs Bhalla is an idiotic character.
    Even if all what she is saying is true Shagun do not deserve this. She never went to them to ask for it they came to her.
    And Mrs Bhalla, yes we all know Shagun’s character but she is still the mother of your 3grand kids.
    That’s why Shagun acts the way she does because every time she tries to be good they throw her past in her face. Yes she left Raman for money and Ruhi but she also stayed for Pihu even if she had a selfish motive, she was there for Pihu at a time when Pihu needs a mother.
    This episode I am with Shagun and I am upset with Ishita, Raman, Kiran and Mani, none of them could stop her common now. Because if it was my business launch I would have dragged my mum out of there and used emotional blackmail on her (mothers use it all the time) and telling that she is destroying my life – anything to shut her up. Pull the plug off the microphone.
    Well the CVs are challenging us with their silly story lines.
    As for Aliya, I don’t blame her to get sidetracked by N because Adi caused it. Who goes on their honeymoon and still goes to work. She he abandoned her for business on their honeymoon (if it was me I would have board a plane and come back home leaving him a note that when he is ready to do honeymoon he should let me know). Then, he is getting jealous because another guy is paying her attention – foolish writings from CVs.
    Come on yah who does that goes on honeymoon and goes to office. Even billionaires take time out to play.
    Riya is neglected and I don’t think Ruhi was wrong in suggesting they give Riya another food because when you are ill it is nice to eat what you like. Yes it is someone’s house but it was just a suggestion and she didn’t forced it. And yes she did sounded like Ishita????
    YHM is sending us all on a spiral of emotions. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see how Ishita solves her mother in law’s stupidity.
    Have good evening all

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