Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi taunting Ishita for wasting so much efforts and time. She says I told you Ruhi will stay with me, she had to come to me. Ishita cries and begs to Ruhi for staying with them, we can’t stay without you, that’s why we tried so much, everybody wants you here, we all are here, don’t go with Niddhi. Ruhi asks her to stop this drama, I can see your fakeness, I know everyone will become same, Romi does not want to stay here, he wants to go his home, Papa and Shagun were marrying, what about that, stop this fake family drama, if you and Papa loved each other, you both have not got separated, Papa would have never said yes to marry Shagun, I know how you both stay, one sleeps on couch and one sleeps on bed, I know it’s a game like you told to Pihu, you have to win

this game, I won’t become part of this game. Raman says its not like that. Ruhi says fine, then prove it to me that this is all real, you both marry. Everyone get shocked.

Ruhi says I will see who is saying truth, if you both marry, I will stay here, what happened, you both got quiet, I know this was drama to show me, I know you both can’t stay together. Raman says yes, we can do this. Ruhi asks what. Raman says yes, I can marry Ishita. Ruhi, Ishita, Ashok, Shagun, Niddhi and everyone get shocked. Raman says if this is the price to get my daughter back, I m ready to pay this price. Shagun goes. Niddhi asks Ruhi what condition did she keep, they always cheated you, will they marry, pack your bags and come with me. Niddhi says Raman is just acting, he won’t marry. Ishita asks did you not hear what my husband said, Raman and I will marry, a mother is saying this, who can walk on burning coal for children, we can do anything for our daughter, we agreed to Ruhi’s condition, court orders still has 2 days, and we will marry within two days, Ruhi won’t come to you, go back.

Niddhi says I know no one can marry in this house, look at me and Shagun. Ishita asks her to just leave. Adi asks Niddhi to leave and takes Ruhi with him. Niddhi asks Ishita will she fall so low, stop this emotional torture, everyone knows your and Raman’s relation, what stand you have in his life. Ishita says Ruhi’s value in my life matters, its about Ruhi and I can do anything, Raman and I are marrying. Ruhi will stay with us, just leave. Niddhi raises hand, and Romi stops her. He asks her not to dare to raise hand on Ishita, else he will break her hand. He asks Ashok to take Niddhi, else I will forget partnership and friendship. Niddhi says I won’t leave you Ishita. Ashok takes Niddhi and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get sweets.

Ashok asks Niddhi were you attacking on Ishita. Niddhi says I m losing Ruhi, can’t you see. He says calm down, we have to think well. She asks are you mad. He says I know this marriage won’t happen, when Ruhi knows how they lie, she will come back to you. Mihika comes and taunts them. She says I m going to distribute sweets to everyone, you keep two sweet boxes, your sugar level would be less, have it, don’t be shy. Niddhi raises hand. Ashok stops her and takes her.

Raman talks to Anil on phone. Ishita comes and asks are you sure, why did you not refuse. He says if this is the only way to stop Ruhi, I will marry you. She asks what about Shagun, did you not think of her, you could have spoke to her once. Shagun asks whats there to talk, if Ruhi has put this condition, then you have to do this, if Ruhi stays here with your marriage, then this is right. Ishita says we want Ruhi, but I don’t want to take your place, I did not come here to do this.

Shagun says what place, it was always yours, I made a fake place for Pihu, I won’t say I did not feel bad or I did not feel insecure, I felt bad when you got Romi here, when you went to Pihu’s school and you were with Ruhi, then Adi explained me that Raman and Ishita are made for each other, I was not coming in between you two, if Raman marries me, he won’t be happy, you both are perfect for each other, I have everything, this family, I don’t want to be in unhappy marriage with Raman, you both should marry, I will explain Pihu, I will take her out, we have just 2 days. Ishita says you can never go from here. Shagun says please, I want Ruhi back. Raman, Shagun and Ishita cry. Shagun hugs Ishita and says you both are marrying, that’s final. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika see Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Shagun and says we won’t forget your sacrifice. She blesses Shagun. Mihika thanks Shagun. Adi hugs Raman and says I m so happy, finally you and Ishi Maa are marrying, I knew this would happen, you know her place in your life. Raman says yes, sometimes we keep useless negativity and frustration in heart, it burdens us, I have forgot everything, we get upset and annoyed with those whom we love, we should not delay to apologize to those we love, else it hurts.

Niddhi tells Ashok that I can’t lose Ruhi, I made her superstar, I have to do something. Ashok asks her to calm down. Pihu asks Ruhi to record stories in her voice, I will hear it when you are not here, I will get phone. Ruhi gets Niddhi’s call. Niddhi scolds Ruhi. Ashok asks Niddhi to relax. Niddhi tries explaining Ruhi to understand things, they are making you mad, they are cheating you, believe me, Raman and Ishita won’t marry. Pihu asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says I m with Pihu, I will talk later. Niddhi throws her phone and says how can she forget my favors, Ruhi is fooling me, I know what I have to do, I will get Ruhi kidnapped.

She says I will kidnap her, you help me Ashok, call someone, we will lose everything. He says fine, relax, I understand what you are saying, I will help you in kidnapping Ruhi, but my name shouldn’t come. She says I promise, your name won’t get involved. He calls someone and asks person to kidnap the girl, I will send photo, that girl should not be harmed, I will send details. He tells Niddhi that Ruhi will get kidnapped tomorrow. Niddhi smiles and says now marry Raman and Ishita, because Ruhi will never come to you.

Ruhi wears saree similar to Ishita, and Mrs. Bhalla compliments her. Everyone smile. Raman talks to Romi about their relations.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. payal

    Voww! shgun turns ve am so happy and Raman. aur adi conversation was very touching can’t wait for ishra marriage but ishu get kidnapped waiting for trmw episode ??

  2. Manju

    I felt like wicking Ruhi when ishita was pleading before on her knees. That child is damn too much.

  3. payal

    Voww! shgun turns ve am so happy and Raman. aur adi conversation was very touching can’t wait for tmrw episode ??

  4. disha

    Ashok’s goons kidnapped Ishita instead RuhiRaman takes Ruhi aside while Ishita is tensed seeing Ruhi upset with her.Apart from this, Ashok sends his goons to kidnap ruhi but they mistakenly kidnapped Ishita.Ishita’s absence will bring some positive changes in Raman and Ruhi’s heart for Ishita.

  5. Sj

    Ruhi will never be change because she thought only she bears a lot of pain not the family now she will blame ishita for her missing intentionally vry bad now Raman is changing

  6. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Az, jaz, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique and all other YHM fans. Hope everyone has a good week ahead to come. For those who are in the midst of your exams or studying or doing your exams, I wish you all the best and hope you guys do very well. Please concentrate on your studies and come back to the telly site after you have finished your exams. Exams are your future not the serial.

    Coming to today’s epsiode, I feel that Ruhi did it on purpose so that Raman and Ishita will get married. That is the reason why she set the condition. Ruhi knows that Raman will definitely say that he will marry Ishita if that is the condition but i feel sad that they are marrying for Ruyi ke liye….. Why can’t it be really for Ishita? Why must it be because for Ruhi? I really feel sad about that. For once cvs should write the plot that Raman and Ishita are marrying for themselves. I really hope when everything gets settled and when DT returns from her wedding, they will have Raman and Ishita talking and hope at that time, both of them will confess that they married because they love each other very much and not just for Ruhi only. I will be happy. At least this time the wedding will take place well after Ishita is saved from the goons as this time they truly have loved. Before the leap when the wedding took place, both of them were very grudging and never looked at each other but this wedding I am sure they will be all in smiles. It will be nice to watch. I suppose they need this reel remarriage as DT will return from her real wedding and she will still have a mehendi and wearing bangles that she will not be able to remove for sometime so it fits well when they have reel wedding so she can carry on wearing all the bangles and mehendi.

    • shivani

      Nice thought sindhu ….even i want ishra remarriage …lead roles remarriage is common in almost all shows…

    • Roshni

      I think they are showing again same thing, like years back they married each other bc of Shagun wanted Ruhi, and this time its Niddhi.

  7. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE……Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Jaz Aditya Shreya Shona Monique

    It was a nice episode….finally Raman confessed that he loves his madrasan and wants to be with her forever….but cvs totally degraded ishita and ramans character,specially Ramans..they made him spineless, characterless, shameless person….he is ready to marry anyone!!…he married ishita for ruhi…then he announced his marriage with nidhi…then with shagun…how many women are there in his life..!!!…its really disgusting…. though its a fictional story this much nonsense can be avoided….

    I didn’t want ishu to surrender like this before the whole bhalla family, specially Raman….after all she is a woman with self respect…post leap i was eagerly waiting for ishra reunion, but i never wished to happen like this … i want raman to go after ishu and her family…that much he insulted her and her family…..

    Romis concern for his bhabi was also nice…i dont want two things that may happen in upcoming episodes…one, pihu hate ishita…second, shagun in bhalla house…

    • vp

      Shivani …. I need not write my comments … what you have written is what I too want to comment

    • Mino

      Hi Shivani This is what i also keep saying they totally destroyed Raman & IShu.. No Self respect for Ishu. They really spoilt the characters Of the main roles. & Making Raman weak when ever Ashok Insults him. Ashok knows Raman’s Ways & weaknesses. They should show how he stands up to him & make Ashok’s Part weak now. As he can’t win after all the wicked things he has done. He is a real wolf in sheep clothing.

  8. Megha

    Hi ol yhm fans….. episode was okk…nd also precap was okk..I hope that whatever shagun told today was not in wrong sense….I mean she won’t turn a vamp again let her be in +ve character only….nd now that kidnapping sequence will cum nd after that finally our ishra family will be happily united…. waiting for d upcoming episodes….I also liked the way in which Raman replied to Adi….it also showed that he still luvs ishita a lot…..

  9. mishri

    The saree z gng 2 confuse the goons i guess..ruhi is pamperd a bit tooo much..i felt so sorry for ishita wen she was stone heartd can a person and dat too our little ruhi be..was raman being rude to romi guyz???i was confused by his words??????????

  10. Sj

    Someone tell me why ruhi blames ishita for her missing and is it true that shaggy again turns into vamp

  11. shreya shetty

    ruhi should be slapped triple twice right on her dirty *****hy face for insulting and provoking ishita and raman like that.what guts does this 16 year old dog has in her brains,totally out of limits!!!!!I feel like giving one nice kicks on her so that she ll be whipped badly by hunter.niddhi would ve whipped her a lot with that hunter so that this ruhi shall cry and cry till she understands the love and pains raman and ishita are strving to much ever love they give to their daughter this idiot girl ruhi will never ever change her ways at all.hey pihu doesn’t hate ishita but that ruhi is teaching her all those things.

      • shreya shetty

        what to do that ruhis irritating attitude kills me and makes me and also all of u hate her.i mean whats wrong with her even after giving some more unconditional love from th family????

      • shreya shetty

        ohhhh please don’t teach me to talk its my opinion against that 16 year old stubborn ruhi,shes too much more than u smithi and vp!!!!!!

      • shreya shetty

        vp please don’t give classes for me not to speak like this and that got it.i am angry soo please I beg pardon from u not to poke ur nose in others opinion matter.i was really upset with ruhis baddy attitude over ishu and raman,how dare does this brat have so much of courage of insulting her parents!!!!darn her attitude for all those 7 years.and for ur kind advice please vp try to understand I don’t need any of ur lectures for me to speak

  12. shreya shetty

    yes finally this was the expectation I ve always been eagerly waiting to see ishita going to get kidnapped by goons and shot that ll make this stupid ruhi cry and melt her heart!!!!

    • shreya shetty

      sorry for commently rudely people actually I was very much annoyed with that darn brat ruhis atitude towards raman and ishu sooo I reacted to u all angrily.forgive me if I by any chance tried to hurt ur feelings

  13. ammu

    hi guys

    i m soooo happpieee that shagun turns +ve ruhi yaar u have done a gr8 work by uniting ishra but ishu is gonna to kidnap ohhhnoooo hope by this ruhi again dont misunderstand ishu i dont want this its soooooo ……. plz reunite ishra aand whole family i m eagerly waiting for this reunion

  14. shreya shetty

    I am feeling extremely sorry for mihir because for so many years he s been waiting for a girl to marry him but unfortunately the poor guy couldn’t do so.what a lonely life he s been leading presently although its just an act of the show!!!!aaliya is too sensitive she doesn’t want ishu and raman to get closer together so that this ruhi would return to nidhi forever to Australia!!!!please theres got be some way for this show to take a new twist once after ishita gets shot.hoping for the best in the next episode where ruhi would realize her true love towards ishu and return back to the bhalla family unitedly.pihu should and must know the truth and accept the fact that ishita is her real mother not shagun whos a temporary placement of this family,even if she s divorced

  15. Ashwara

    Ishu will be shot and be in ICU for the next few days for her wedding. I live in England and other indian serials are more popular,to be honest even though I hate NIddhi,her plan was effective!

  16. vp

    cvs dont want to make Shaghun negative …..but let her stay out of Bhalla house …I cant see her near Ishra …,

  17. Heera

    Ruhi is soooo beautiful, she is a patakha! And adi is sooo handsome!! She is looking just like her ishima, Now ishita will get kidnapped as per the story as she just married Vivek dahiya! Wish them a happily married life, Divyanka was looking soo pretty as a newly wedded wife!……???

  18. shahabana

    Wowwwwwww nc touching episode. Ruhi plssss understand ur parents helplessness dr. Plsssss bring ishrarudipihu together veryyyyy soon. I lve yhm. Its always my faveret show.

  19. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Episode was ok. Precap was ok also hope the entire family understand what’s the worth of ishita once she gets kidnapped and shot.divek looked so nice on their wedding. Mwah

  20. keke

    Will ishu get kidnapped than shot or kidnapping thn raman finds her?hope ruhi understand ishita,I want raman to apologise to ishita 4 everything he did!!hey I’m new frm RSA

  21. Annie

    Shagun was very good today,atlast sense prevailed in her.i really hope they dont make her character negative again as all this surrogacy track would be waste coz she was repenting for her past mistakes.Instead please bring back manoj in her life,she should also experience some mohabbatein in her life….A sincere request to the writers atleast for once let Nidhi and Ashok be punished for their crimes and let them be in jail and let their mohabbatein happen in jail.Just keeping my fingers crossed and being very hopeful.Atleast stick to the title of the serial…else change ut to yeh hain musibatein.Get someone new for mihir and let show a love angle between simmi and mani…where is simmis daughter ananya ???

  22. Mino

    Hi VP, Sindhu. Az, Shivani, Rithu, Jaz, Monique & All MY Family From The YHM .
    Actually I too did not like IShu Going down on her knees to beg Ruhi to Stay. Why put her so low exp in front of Ashok, & That cruel Screaming Niddhi. Can’t she ever talk sanely. Always like a mad woman even with the judges she has no respect she thinks she is it. & Miss know it all. She is very worried losing Ruhi as she has gambling debts to pay & that is her hobby. she is going to lose a lot. not wonder she is going berserk. I hope they set Ashok & Niddhi together ha ha i like to see getting his own medicine from her. he used Shagun & dropped her like a hot potato so he too deserve to go through such trauma. Gosh i am waiting for his down fall. can’t stand him interfering in Raman’s family at the drop of a hat. disgusting fellow. How on earth he became the MP i have no idea.
    Ruhi is going over board with her revenge too much .. how can she a mere 16yr old insult her parents in front of everyone. ok she is hurt but can’t she see how much they are regretting of the incident that took place all cos of Niddhi. Why is the truth not told at all to her. May be when Ishu is fighting for her life they will tell her. so that she will feel really guilty. She deserves to suffer a little for the pain she caused to her parents.
    I felt sorry for Shagun too. But thank God she understood the situation & was reasonable in her explanation. hope they won’t make her negative. & Pihu too will understand . cos she is old enough to understand all the adult talk so this too can be explained. At least am happy we are getting our old YHM back. hope so without any more drama. I am sick of revenge & anger. they should make Raman calm & Strong so that Ashok can’t get at him . lets wait & watch. how the out come is. Ishu in the ICU will make Raman & Ruhi eat every word they uttered. in a way IShu deserves Happiness from now on. enough pain for her from day one she suffered for others faults. So Guys hope u agree with me.. LUV.

    • vp

      Hi Mino … I really doubt Shaghuns intentions …may b cvs want to make her positive but her transformation into positive is very poor unlike Adi .. We all want the charm in yhm which is totally lost … Happy Raman and Ishitha with their kids moving forward … which is not to be expected from this cvs at all …. one time a little happiness is given to Ishitha … its not to make fans happy … to see Ishitha is happy …. what all things she has gone thru … now if this spoilers to believe def they can misunderstand she is gone to that extend of doing something to keep Ruhi at home as per Judge .. but on the day of marriage , she is missing can make Raman think twice … why should they marry? when they have not divorced .. Is this the law ? Ruhi is testing her parents beyond limit … Raman though confessed to Adi … why did he taunt Romi … I always wanted Romi to save Raman from some disaster than Raman helping him .. May be to show family is united .. I am totally against Romi partned with Ashok though .. but his affection to his bhabi is genuine ..Ruhis care and affection to Pihu … quite dramatic I felt … anyways Pihu stopped serial kahani … it was disgusting to watch a seven year old girl after serials … Now a days no interest to watch yhm … just watching … cvs , if had been careful with the verbal insults of both Raman and Ruhi at Ishitha … it would have been good … Ruhi and Raman should apologise , realize …the importance of Ishitha in their life … if Ishitha was not there no bond between Raman and Ruhi

      • Mino

        yes ur right VP. i too doubt & have This Ekta is famous to ruin stories. so mist not keep too much hope for Raman & IShu I too have lost the interest. Those days i watch a episode many times. & Waits for it . these days i miss & watch when i feel like it. as the Story was ruined after surrogacy. Can watch the old episodes for ever , Won’t get bored . Actually I skipped the Ghost & Niddi’s madness . many episodes. Hope they will bring back the old story line. There are many things they can make it better but the writer has got a block . now that they have won many awards they are not interested i suppose. i pity the main Leading actors. as they will have to do it whether they like it or not. Anyway i won’t expect mush as u never know when the story will change. Ruhi being rude to parents was the worst..

  23. Sanju

    Hiii guys..episode was okkk…im sooo hapieee tht shagun turned positive n raman n ishu r gng to marry..luv u ruhi for this idea..n i think this is ruhi’s plan to bring her mummy papa together..also adi n raman’s part was sooo touching..atlast he said tht he luvs ishu.niddhi n ashok r soo was soo emotional to see ishu on knees infront of ruhi..really hate ruhi for tht.always she is blaming ishu for everything.plzzz nw unite ishrudipihu..hope pihu wont hate ishu….waiting for tmrw episode…
    Ruhi was looking gud in precap.

  24. SL

    hey everyone does anybody think raman is going to find ishitha when she is kidnapped? i am new to this site.

  25. ashthad

    Looks like the writers for yeh risha kya…..and yeh hai moha…. are same same story lime. daughter is upset with mom and mom pleads, gets kidnapped for daughter to realizes that her mother loves her. what crap and waste of time. BTW i dont waste my time watching these serials – its my aunt who is glued to this so i had to write here

  26. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hi morning all…. Jaz Shivani Aditya Shreya Shona Rithu VP Sindhu Mino
    Things are moving so slowly in the story …….making us wait for the mohabbat…..
    But the show must get on track fast cant wait anymore….hopefully when DT come back from her leave we will get the show on track again.

  27. shivani

    Ruhi belives Ishita goes missing purposly in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Moahbbtein will show that entire Bhall family is worried for Ishita.

    Judge comes to Bhalla house knowing Ruhi’s decision go back to Nidhi or stay in Bhalla house.

    Ruhi is angry assuming Ishita pretending of being kidnapped because she wants her stay back in Bhalla house.

    Ruhi says bad words for Ishita which makes Raman angry and Raman tells Ruhi that he and Ishita got ready to marry in real.

    But Ruhi does not believe on his words and decides to go back to Australia.

    Raman gets stuck between Ruhi and Ishita
    Raman is also upset seeing Ishita;s missing and feels that if Ishita did all this purposely.

  28. sristi

    humare CEO ka koi aur kam nahi hai sirf shadi karta rehta hai….. bt love u ravan kumar…

  29. rithushree

    Hey guys good afternoon to all. I am back .
    Hey guys darshika jhanvi VP shivani aditya jaz jeni Monique d ramchin nimrit Sindhi bhagi Sarita priyaroli siddhi mino sachie shreya darshika naaz nivedha parvathi unique angel and all yhm friends.

  30. meera

    Oh ho! Shagun u’ re acting is heart’s great aerial did not make shagun a bad character & make her understand that ishita and raman are made for each other.hoping to see the kidnapped episodes soon and hope this ishra family unite with their heart felt love for each other.

  31. shreya shetty

    sorry guys I am now busy with my studies so I wont be replying to ur opinions anymore.i have to study for my august exams now.hardly ever I ll respond.anyways I ll be back soon when my studies are over!!!!!!sorry if I had tried insulting any characters forgive me for those bad words that I used on ruhi

  32. Mino

    Oh Study Well Forget about what u wrote anyone will get angry sometimes when u are a die hard YHM so naturally u tend to go over board . Just concentrate on ur studies that is ur future.. not these stupid silly series..God Give u strength & knowledge To Do well In Ur Exams. Take ur time & Come back aft it is over… Luv

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