Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi taunting Ishita for wasting so much efforts and time. She says I told you Ruhi will stay with me, she had to come to me. Ishita cries and begs to Ruhi for staying with them, we can’t stay without you, that’s why we tried so much, everybody wants you here, we all are here, don’t go with Niddhi. Ruhi asks her to stop this drama, I can see your fakeness, I know everyone will become same, Romi does not want to stay here, he wants to go his home, Papa and Shagun were marrying, what about that, stop this fake family drama, if you and Papa loved each other, you both have not got separated, Papa would have never said yes to marry Shagun, I know how you both stay, one sleeps on couch and one sleeps on bed, I know it’s a game like you told to Pihu, you have to win

this game, I won’t become part of this game. Raman says its not like that. Ruhi says fine, then prove it to me that this is all real, you both marry. Everyone get shocked.

Ruhi says I will see who is saying truth, if you both marry, I will stay here, what happened, you both got quiet, I know this was drama to show me, I know you both can’t stay together. Raman says yes, we can do this. Ruhi asks what. Raman says yes, I can marry Ishita. Ruhi, Ishita, Ashok, Shagun, Niddhi and everyone get shocked. Raman says if this is the price to get my daughter back, I m ready to pay this price. Shagun goes. Niddhi asks Ruhi what condition did she keep, they always cheated you, will they marry, pack your bags and come with me. Niddhi says Raman is just acting, he won’t marry. Ishita asks did you not hear what my husband said, Raman and I will marry, a mother is saying this, who can walk on burning coal for children, we can do anything for our daughter, we agreed to Ruhi’s condition, court orders still has 2 days, and we will marry within two days, Ruhi won’t come to you, go back.

Niddhi says I know no one can marry in this house, look at me and Shagun. Ishita asks her to just leave. Adi asks Niddhi to leave and takes Ruhi with him. Niddhi asks Ishita will she fall so low, stop this emotional torture, everyone knows your and Raman’s relation, what stand you have in his life. Ishita says Ruhi’s value in my life matters, its about Ruhi and I can do anything, Raman and I are marrying. Ruhi will stay with us, just leave. Niddhi raises hand, and Romi stops her. He asks her not to dare to raise hand on Ishita, else he will break her hand. He asks Ashok to take Niddhi, else I will forget partnership and friendship. Niddhi says I won’t leave you Ishita. Ashok takes Niddhi and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get sweets.

Ashok asks Niddhi were you attacking on Ishita. Niddhi says I m losing Ruhi, can’t you see. He says calm down, we have to think well. She asks are you mad. He says I know this marriage won’t happen, when Ruhi knows how they lie, she will come back to you. Mihika comes and taunts them. She says I m going to distribute sweets to everyone, you keep two sweet boxes, your sugar level would be less, have it, don’t be shy. Niddhi raises hand. Ashok stops her and takes her.

Raman talks to Anil on phone. Ishita comes and asks are you sure, why did you not refuse. He says if this is the only way to stop Ruhi, I will marry you. She asks what about Shagun, did you not think of her, you could have spoke to her once. Shagun asks whats there to talk, if Ruhi has put this condition, then you have to do this, if Ruhi stays here with your marriage, then this is right. Ishita says we want Ruhi, but I don’t want to take your place, I did not come here to do this.

Shagun says what place, it was always yours, I made a fake place for Pihu, I won’t say I did not feel bad or I did not feel insecure, I felt bad when you got Romi here, when you went to Pihu’s school and you were with Ruhi, then Adi explained me that Raman and Ishita are made for each other, I was not coming in between you two, if Raman marries me, he won’t be happy, you both are perfect for each other, I have everything, this family, I don’t want to be in unhappy marriage with Raman, you both should marry, I will explain Pihu, I will take her out, we have just 2 days. Ishita says you can never go from here. Shagun says please, I want Ruhi back. Raman, Shagun and Ishita cry. Shagun hugs Ishita and says you both are marrying, that’s final. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika see Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Shagun and says we won’t forget your sacrifice. She blesses Shagun. Mihika thanks Shagun. Adi hugs Raman and says I m so happy, finally you and Ishi Maa are marrying, I knew this would happen, you know her place in your life. Raman says yes, sometimes we keep useless negativity and frustration in heart, it burdens us, I have forgot everything, we get upset and annoyed with those whom we love, we should not delay to apologize to those we love, else it hurts.

Niddhi tells Ashok that I can’t lose Ruhi, I made her superstar, I have to do something. Ashok asks her to calm down. Pihu asks Ruhi to record stories in her voice, I will hear it when you are not here, I will get phone. Ruhi gets Niddhi’s call. Niddhi scolds Ruhi. Ashok asks Niddhi to relax. Niddhi tries explaining Ruhi to understand things, they are making you mad, they are cheating you, believe me, Raman and Ishita won’t marry. Pihu asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says I m with Pihu, I will talk later. Niddhi throws her phone and says how can she forget my favors, Ruhi is fooling me, I know what I have to do, I will get Ruhi kidnapped.

She says I will kidnap her, you help me Ashok, call someone, we will lose everything. He says fine, relax, I understand what you are saying, I will help you in kidnapping Ruhi, but my name shouldn’t come. She says I promise, your name won’t get involved. He calls someone and asks person to kidnap the girl, I will send photo, that girl should not be harmed, I will send details. He tells Niddhi that Ruhi will get kidnapped tomorrow. Niddhi smiles and says now marry Raman and Ishita, because Ruhi will never come to you.

Ruhi wears saree similar to Ishita, and Mrs. Bhalla compliments her. Everyone smile. Raman talks to Romi about their relations.

Update Credit to: Amena

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