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The Episode starts with Raman coming home and seeing no one is there waiting for him and they don’t care he eats or not. He takes food from fridge and skits to eat. It falls on his shirt and he goes to change. He comes back and sees Ruhi heating the food in oven. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai……………plays………… Ruhi brings food for him and he smiles. She asks what will you have, pickle or curd, don’t have curd at night, have pickle. Raman smiles seeing her grown up nature. He takes water. She asks is food ok. He says this is the best. He asks why did you not sleep. She says I did not sleep, as I was waiting thinking you will eat alone, I m small but understand everything. He asks what. She says that everyone is annoyed with you, Ishi Maa is sleeping in my room, did you do anything

wrong. He coughs.

She makes him have water and asks are you ok. He says ok ad cries. She says you are crying, is it spicy. He says no and wipes his tears. She makes him eat by her hands. She says big boys don’t cry. I love you. He says I love you too. She says finish it, there are many kids who don’t get food. He holds her cheek. He says you became a Dadimaa. Did you have food. She says yes. She comes back to Ishita and says I did what you told me, I heated the food and made him eat, now I will go and sleep. Ishita thanks her. Ruhi comes to Raman and asks can she sleep here, she will tell him story also.

He asks will she sleep here without Ishi Maa. She says I will tell a story and lies on his hand reading the story book. Raman and Ishita are missing each other. Ruhi asks him to play with her hair if he is not feeling sleepy. Ishita is upset and sits near window. Raman sleeps hearing the stories. Ruhi sees he slept and hugs him keeping the book. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla prays to Lord that she prays sometimes, sorry, but protect my children. Ruhi asks who will drop her school. Mr. Bhalla says Simmi. Simmi takes Ruhi with her. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Ishita.

She ties the thread to Ishita and says its first day of court today, this is Mata Rani’s blessings. Ishita thanks her and beds to take her blessings. Raman too touches her feet. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Ishita giving her a Lord’s idol. Raman cries. He thinks bless me too, it’s a big test for me today. Mr. Bhalla signs Mrs. Bhalla to bless Raman too. Mrs. Bhalla says Mata Rani should give you sense to support truth and blesses him. He leaves from home and sees Amma Appa.

He thinks about Amma’s words and touches their feet greeting good morning. Appa blesses him. Raman leaves. Shagun gets ready to leave for court and gets late. Ashok gets ready too. She asks where is she going. He says with you. She says please you will create complication there, everyone will ask me who is this man, what will I say, I m living in with you, I will get sympathy being Raman’s ex wife, if you want to help, stop that Ravipal Singh.

Pathak talks to Raman and says I will try to proof this case should be dismissed, don’t worry. Ishita sees the tyre punctured and Raman offers them lift. Ishita says they will go by taxi. Mihika meets Pathak as she comes to give Trishna’s clothes. and confronts him for supporting Raman being wrong, how can he do this, Amma has kept your Trisha like a daughter, so ungrateful. Pathak says this is my profession, I will do anything for Raman, please don’t interrupt, I m leaving, getting late. He leaves.

Ishita and everyone does not get the taxi. Raman brings his car and asks them to sit in his car. Appa says we are getting late, lets go. Amma asks Ishita to sit. Bandh gaye ye bandhan……………plays……………..Ishita hugs the Lord’s idol. They reach the court, her saree stucks and he helps her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……………

Raman stops Ishita to talk to her and gets Pathak’s call. She leaves with Appa to get Amma’s sign on declaration. Pathak tells Raman Shagun did not come. Raman says she might be on the way. Shagun comes and Raman asks how is Adi. She says he wanted to come, I have sent him to school. I m tensed. She holds his hand and he asks her not to get nervous. Everyone come in and see them holding hands. Amma and Appa go to meet Mrs. Kaur. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to see them and get hurt, leave it, don’t get weak, think of that time, when she came here for Ruhi, I told you to be a tigress to fight with Shagun, as she is a snake, that time you fought for Ruhi and today for your Amma, don’t let her win.

Mrs. Kaur comes and Mrs. Bhalla shows Shagun to her. She insults Shagun and is glad that Amma is saved. Amma is surprised seeing her love and respect for her. Mrs. Kaur asks her to relax. Ishita looks on.

Adi tells Ruhi that Ishita wants to send their mum Shagun to jail. Shagun tells in court that she is being blamed. Mrs. Kaur asks her is she an actress, as her performance is A1.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruhi u r so sweet,

  2. Plz update fast

  3. yeh toh triple dhamaka hoga….i think ruhi kuch karegi….court main jake….dekhtehe our super father raman babu kya karte hain.emotional fool,sala….

  4. ruhi <3 nice to know ishu still cares for raman.but why is he bending so much for shagun?why isn't he realising that If he proves to court hat adi was the culprit,he can take adi's custody from shagun on grounds of negligence towards the kid?he should trust the law and support the person his heart tells him too-his pyaari madrasan 😀 but I thik thts what will happen further in d show…ishu wil win the case,n it'll come to light that it was not shagun but adi…then the court will order that adi's custody be given to ishra,away frm that naagin n den adi will come n live with d bhallas..creating problems for ishu in d beginning bt later realising her tru worth…. 😛

  5. and its not mihir!! 😛 😀 thank god d mihi-mihi loe wont end 😀 but seriously,this show breaks so many stereotypes….the step-mother pyaar b/w ruhi n her ishima shows fact that not all sautele maas are bad ……..ishu-mrs bhalla show tht the saas can be good to her bahu,not just a sugary goodness as in some other soaps..but true a bond that grows as they get to know each other….the kudi being tallr than the munda @ mihi-mihi,d fact thta love does not happen only wrt apearances…thank god they chose to not confrm to convention that the guy is always taller…minika n raj are the perfect cast for mihika n mihir 😛 and of course the Punjabi-tamilan relationship 😀 awesome going,yhm…if only ekta hadn’t decided to do this to ishra…they desrve each other! n we desrve some ramanishitha chemistry!

  6. Shagun needs to diee

  7. Love u ruhi

  8. ruhi love your acting 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. My fav serial

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