Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi telling Ananya about her Us trip. Ananya reacts positive and asks her to go, Parmeet is here with her. Simmi thanks her and asks her to ask for a party from Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says we should call Mani’s family too. He asks Adi to get kuflis for everyone. Raman is driving and recalling Ishita. He smiles. He sees the toy shop and thinks to buy a doll for Pihu. He calls Pihu. She sneezes. He worries for her and asks where are you. She says home. He says she may have cold, I have to see her. Pihu thinks to finish kulfi before he comes. Ishita asks her to leave kulfi and go to Shagun. Raman comes there and finds the door locked. He calls out Pihu and thinks what’s happening. He calls Ishita. Ishita is on the way. He calls Mani. He worries and hopes nothing

is serious with Pihu. He breaks lock and enters the house. He looks for Pihu. He finds Mani’s phone ringing. He answers. Niddhi says I m glad Mani you got ready to cooperate with me. Raman says is this… Mani takes his phone back and scolds Raman. Everyone come home and look on. Raman says sorry to answer, but Niddhi…. Mani gets angry.

Raman says who was that, I felt it was…. Mani says I don’t need to explain, it was my personal call. Raman says I felt she was threatening you. Mani asks what, this is unacceptable, Ishita ask him to leave. Shagun scolds Raman. Pihu looks on. Raman goes to Pihu. Ishita stops him and asks Ruhi and Aaliya to take Pihu to room. Raman says wait, let me explain. Ishita asks what’s wrong with you, we met today and spent time, you sent roses, why did you break lock and answer Mani’s phone. He says I was talking to Pihu, she was sneezing and coughing, I called you and Mani, so I came here. She says why did you break lock, Mani is doing favor to keep us here, its wrong what you did, you thought we left Pihu at home by locking door. He says my intention was right, way was wrong. She says I don’t want you to meet Pihu, please, you spoil everything. He says I m doing this for my daughters. She asks him to leave. She goes. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…..

He says I can’t do anything for my daughter. He leaves. He recalls Ishita. Ishita thinks of him and cries. He cries thinking of her words. Its morning, Aaliya asks Adi where to meet. Ishita looks on. Aaliya says I will call later and ends call. Ishita says I have seen lipstick mark on Adi’s shirt, you got engaged, you will marry him in a year’s time, but decent distance is important, you are very sensible girl, there will be many such chances, you don’t have to take that step, that will be your and Adi’s decision, something look great at right thing, its beauty and definition changes, after marriage…. you understand right, I m your friend first, then mother, Adi and you are close to my heart, I want your life to be beautiful. Aaliya says sorry, I understand, I promise this won’t happen again. Ishita says no need to say sorry, youngsters getting carried away is normal, but after marriage, you will realize its beauty. Aaliya smiles.

Romi is with Mr. Choudhary. The man refuses to meet Mani. Romi asks what happened. The man tells about Mani’s big loan. Romi says he is a good businessman. The man says his shipment is not delivered, and he wants more finance.

Gaurav asks pandit to give any other solution. The pandit gives him a thread and asks him to convince Simmi, she is lucky for you. Gaurav says yes, since she came in my life, my business has profits. Pandit says either by love, or by some other way, you have to convince him.

Raman asks how can Mani do this, he said he invested in a big company. Romi asks the name of company. Raman tells him. Niddhi says great Mani, you have to make Raman against you, and break friendship with him. Mani asks why are you dragging him. Niddhi reminds about his aunty. Romi says this company is not registered. Raman worries and says it means Mani invested in fake company, its fraud, we need to help him out, get this company’s details, Mani should not know.

Niddhi says you have to do this work, don’t know how you do it. She goes. Mani leaves. Gaurav meets Simmi. She says I m packing my stuff. He gifts her. She asks what’s this other packet. He says its for Ananya, she will miss you, I got activity book for her, she will be busy. She thanks him, He says I know you don’t trust Parmeet, I will take care of Ananya. Ananya comes and greets him. He gifts her and says I will be with you. She says even Papa is there. He says of course, but I m your friend, you can call me if you need help. Simmi smiles.

Raman comes to meet Pihu at school. He says I will gift her and apologize. Guard stops him and says you are not permitted to meet her. Raman says she is my daughter. Guard says I know you are her Papa, but principal gave this order, sorry. Raman says how can Ishita do this. Ishita talks to Amma on phone and hears Raman. Raman is stopped by guards in compound. He says let me go, my wife and children stay here, how can you stop me. Guards stop him.

Ishita sees him and comes down. She asks why are you stopping him. Guard says he is not permitted. She says who told you. Raman says stop acting, how can you do this, I m not allowed to meet Pihu even at school. She says I did not do it. He says then who can do this, tell me. Mani comes and says I did this. He asks guards to go. Raman asks you… Mani says your family is at my home, better stay away, Shagun can get affected by your impulsive behavior. Ishita asks how can you stop Raman. Mani says its decided, I don’t want any discussion. Raman says this won’t happen, you can’t stop me. He goes. Ishita says this is not done Mani. Mani leaves. Ishita sees Raman leaving and feels sad.

Raman says Mani is calm, I was thinking why is he doing this, Niddhi is threatening him, we won’t tell this to anyone, Niddhi is a smart woman, Romi my family is there, I don’t know how to go there to stay with Ishita and children. Romi asks him to go in disguise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riya, Sindhu, vp, Shivani, magic, Vrish, Isuri, tia, shreya , bagya, priya, rithushree, rithu sharma, valpa,rishitha, reshmi, mino, saba, marin, ridika, zaiba, ahs, tvfan1, priyamvadha, parichary, Hp, sachin, Hansi, shirani, mp, Ananya, jassi, Sana, mona, leila, leelee, kushi, Adithya, Madhu, Siddi, jaz,susan, jay, Raghu, smitha, Tom, kaira, Gaurav , Devakhi, Sarika, Nisha ,Raj, super girl, sia, Gloria, isaaq, azizah, hi ., ….How are you all?????

    Very annoying. How the heck could this niddhi threaten everyone just by her words and stupid work???? Why is everyone in this show thinks that niddhi is powerful and none can do anything against.Not Even to complain??? Is Mani that stupid???? He should have secretly tell this to police or at least his friend Ishitha. They are good friends right??? Why can’t he tell it??? None is spying on him . So why can’t he tell it to someone and get help??? If he tell it to police then the police would have saved Dadi and Mani will be saved tooo..By that niddhi’s jail period will increase tooo….For leading fake companies…Right???? Then Raman and Romi would also help Mani in his business.. .Why isn’t it happening???? How come Mani be so scared and doesn’t even try to get rid of it and do all the things which niddhi orders….And why didn’t Ishitha say anything when mani refuse to take Raman inside.???
    Riya hope you are fine..
    VP mam and Sindhu, you are commenting daily..I’m sooo happy about it.

    1. Very true Priyaaa … cvs are butchering Ishitha … what was she and what is she now … Atleast she should stop Mani .. she is not a maid .. take a flat andd stay with her girls ,,Sickening … Really want Ramans costumes to change … his dressing code is not fit for a company CEO

  2. The all incidents in YHM are based only upon hiding truth from others for the sake of avioding tension to others. Sometimes Ruhi hides the truth such that her parents don’t get tension. Sometimes Ishita hides the truth because she has to save Raman form Ashok and so on. This serial should be named as “AAO SACH Chupaye”.

    1. Hahahahaha… Well said!! Aao Sach Chupaye!

    2. Well saidPreeti … and the thing is that hiding the truth leading to more damage … I wish I cud kill the production team

    3. Khushiarvind

      Well commented preethi… I cant stop laughing reading ur comment..

  3. Shreya shetty

    Hi everyone,and u too my dear friend Priyaa.yup I am doing totally fine,its been such a while since I ever came here to see u all my yhm friends!!
    Today I just got very disappointed at how Ishita reacted with raman.I mean ok fine I understand that raman has committed a mistake of blaming all faults and mistakes over ishita and needs to be kept far away from her for a short period of time till he moves to the right path.But,nooo,as I ve seen ishu told him that she wont give him the permission to meet his two little daughters Ruhi and Pihu??How can she do this to him,after all raman has slowly started to improve a little bit and this ishita is restricting a father from meeting his rude could she ever be this time,i have never expected this from her.
    Raman has seemed to change slowly after ishita left him to take care of shagun.whats wrong with mani now??again hes turned negative.why is he being threatened by that evil nidhi for seeking revenge against the couple???After all,he could ve done that and yes ishu and mani are truly good childhood friends,they would join hands to capture that nasty servant who nidhi sent to take care of manis amma.
    I completely agree with u Piryaa,by that clever idea which ishita and mani could make up nidhi s jail sentence would keep increasing more and more but here theres a huge rift creating slowly between raman and mani again!!!Obviously dear,thats what I ve been thinking over for a while,nowdays I don’t understand whats wrong with ishu.she is becoming more ignorant and concerned about her children and herself only.this is all happened because of those darn cvs and directors,they re becoming too much in creating middle havocs of the serial,geesh

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi priya iam fine dear .

  5. Shreya shetty

    Please u directors show us all the scene where nidhi would remain in jail forever and Raman and family to team up to capture that nidhis working servant whom she has sent to take care of mani s amma.aaaagh,once again nidhi wala story started and this time even though that freaking evil devil lady is rotting in hell prison,shes using mani against raman and ishita!!!
    hope so that nasty servant whos with manis mom,gets sentenced to life for working with that devil lady nidhi.
    I am sick and tired of viewing this horrible criminalitic drama till now.cant these annoying directors put an end to this so that we all could relax in peace.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes priya and preethi i totaly agree with both of your this serial everyone is hiding the things. don’t know what cvs are trying to show.atleast mani should share the things with ishu.cvs spoiled the beautiful friendship between mani and ishu.

  7. Same crap one day happy momemts and another day blame game on others yesterday raman showers his love for ishitha and today he blames ishitha for not letting meeting his kids when ishitha was saying that she didnt gave any type of instrutions like that he went on blaming her though raman did wrong by breaking lock and entering into mani house ishitha should have allowed raman to speak and explain his situation

  8. eager to watch the next ep.Hope raman will succesful in disguise.I like yhm family a lot.Love KP&DT a lot more.

  9. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Magic, Marin Madhu, Bhagya, Priyaa, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many YHM fans….

    Hey Priyaa, how are you? Good you are commenting nowadays and I agree with what you said.
    Sherya, nice to read your comments too.

    Ishita should have allowed Raman to explain why he broke the lock. He was really worried for Pihu. It is his father’s concern. He did feel sorry about breaking into the house. Mani should ask for help and not deal with Niddhi on his own. Mani does not know how to handle Niddhi. Only Raman and Ishita know how to deal with Niddhi.

    It is nice that Romi is very supportive towards Raman. Why did they even show the romance moment yesterday if they were going to create tension between Ishra today. It is stupid right.
    I am just thinking this aloud. I maybe wrong. I have a feeling that Shagun planned this pregnancy. Perhaps she is not truly pregnant. We know she repeatedly said that Ishita is not her friend but doing this help for Ruhi only and she told this to Niddhi herself. Maybe she met Niddhi again and concocted a plan together with Niddhi to plan this pregnancy and take revenge on Ishra. So Mani will be also her side and not divorce her. How does Niddhi know which company Mani is investing and other business details and family details? It must be Shagun who would have given such information to Niddhi so Shagun can keep Mani to her side and both Shagun and Niddhi can take revenge on Raman and Ishita. The doctor may also be planned. Shagun is very crafty and she is capable of anything.

    I am not sure but I think this could be also a twist later in the plot. How can the cvs make Shagun a good person. It is impossible. CVs will always make her the bad guy. We will see….

    I must say Raman is very nice in thinking of helping Mani even though Mani insulted Raman and told him not come to his house.

    1. Yes Sindhu … I too feel Shaghun is behind all these .. faking pregnancy .. I had mentioned two days before … thats why they show Ishitha and Shaghun too good . Ishitha and Aliyas convo was good but def Adi Alias marriage may not happen ..,Cvs really great .. what all dramas are store for us to watch . Nidhi from prison manage everything … too much …

      1. Khushiarvind

        Ya vp me too think so.. Shagun might have joined hands withn nidhi.. She had to avenge for the reveleation of her affair with vidyut by ishitha..
        Again cvs showig lovey-dovey moments of adi-aaliya only to bring seperation in future.. No couple can live happily in yhm..

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi sindhi,
      Hw ru doing?
      Dear as i said evn me too have the same doubts abt shaggy… She is selfish by all meAns nd suddely she chaged nd become too supportive nd caring towards ishitha.. She might be hatching some plans along with nidhi..
      Cvs had made ishitha too dump to fall prey to her fake friendship everytime.. Does she that sensie to realise that shagun cant never be her friend? This might be the mutual planning of shagun nd nidhi to take revenge on ishitha.. She was earlier annoyd with ishiha for revealing her affair with vidyuth to mani..

    3. hi sindhu….i am fine dear…but many don’t comment these days….i think they don’t like this track…

  10. Shreya shetty

    Hello guys.sorry to say but I may not come here because due to preparation for my upcoming final examinations and also I am very busy in in that case hardly enough after 3rd or 4th march I will surely come here to see u all once again.
    Right now I am studying for the final exams which is going to be commencing next week from 22nd February to 3rd march.take care and may god bless u all

  11. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear frnds,
    Vp, shivani, sindhu, mino, rithu, bhagya, shreya, magic, priya, preethi, riya, parichari, pradishma, raghu, abhishek, raj, tvfan, kaira, susan nd all my dear frnds nd silent readers…
    I really cant comprehend well with the happenings in the show.. So much unrealistic things.. Y has stooped to the level of an unrealistic fiction frm an enthralling family show…
    Cvs did the unthinkable by ruining ishitha nd mani’s character.. Mani is the man who sacrificed his love for ishitha for her happiness nd now he is ruining her life by seperating her frm raman..
    Ishitha crossed all limits by staying in mani’s house.. Dnt she have any selfrespect.. All the while shamelessly suffering insults frm the hands of her husband nd now living in her friends house taking care of her husbands ex- wife… Wow too much for a women.. She is strong nd independednd she can take a house nd live with her kids..
    In her home she was suffering her insults frm raman nw she will stay as a maid in mani’s house..
    Shagun nd ishitajs friendship beyongd my understanding.. Sometimes sworn enemies sometimes hearty friends..
    Such a brainless folks the cbs proved to be.. Showing all absurd things..
    As if its not ishra to sevide whether to stay together or not but all the new nd old villians entering their life decides the future of their relation.. Reunion seperation again reunion bavk to back same boring stuffs.. Hw ling this will happen.. Cant they live as a happy family with their kids devoid of any intruders… Omg enough of this drama..

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