Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman resigning and arguing with his boss. H says his last duty will be suspending Appa and asks Appa to leave the job, saying sorry. Ashok asks why is he dragging Appa in his fight. Raman leaves being worried and recalls Iyer family happiness when he gave him the job and how Appa lost his respect because of him, he should have not involved Appa in his office and this happened. Ishita comes to him and he apologizes to her, saying I know you are annoyed, but what to do, my life is messed up, whoever links to me gets just problems, I wanted to make everyone happy, it was big day for Bala and Vandu, and everything ruined.

She says I m not annoyed with you, I know you are not wrong, Appa is not wrong, please don’t cry. He cries on her shoulder. She says I get

angry on our fate. She pacifies him. Amma cries and Appa apologizes to her as this happened because of him, they got insulted and ruined the function, he did not take money from anyone and he got this big blame, I m sorry to sell your jewelry without asking you.

She says I did not see you like this before, why did you not tell me before, its our duty to take care of each other, where did the money go. He says I don’t know, there will be someone. She says our Raman got stuck in this. He says don’t know why is Bhalla family facing problems. Malhotra apologizes to Raman and Raman refuses to join him. Malhotra says you know the company can’t run without you, please take the resignation back, I won’t accept it.

Ishita signs yes and Malhotra asks him to agree. Raman agrees and says from next time, you please ask me about any problem, I need your guidance, I will find out who has stolen the money.

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Romi gets ready to go for the surgery. The room service guy comes and says its his checkout time. Romi says what nonsense, my booking is for three weeks and asks him to check. He calls Puri and can’t connect and thinks to go to hospital. Raman sees Appa’s chair vacant and thinks sorry Appa, I will clear your name from this matter. He talks to his staff and Mihir and says we have to find the truth, get CCTV footage from security.

Raman sees the CCTV footage and is its shut. He says someone has switched off the cameras. Mihir says it means he knows everyone about office timings and guard duties. Raman says it means its some insider. He calls Subbu and asks about any duplicate key for the cash drawer. Subbu says Iyer sir will not be knowing this, I made the duplicate key and kept it at secret place for emergency, I showed it to Romi when he was assisting me, he will tell you. Raman tells Mihir that Romi knew about it and calls Romi.

Romi gets worried and says he can’t lie to Raman more. Raman says he might be sleeping at home, I will see him. Romi comes to hospital and asks about his operation and Dr Puri. The lady says there is no such doctor. Romi says he is very famous, new people come here, check. She says I m working here since 4 years, there is no Dr Puri here. He thinks whats this matter and calls him. He gets the number off and worries, saying is there any real doctor Puri or not. He says I got ruined, I will ask Shagun.

He says why is she not taking my call. Shagun sees his call and smiles. She says I know why is he calling me, but real fun will be when you come here, let the drama begin.

Romi says what the hell is going on, is this her game, and recalls her words. He says I m dead now, I knew what type of woman is Shagun, Raman will beat me, she made me do theft at Raman’s office, I will call Rinki and find out whats going on at home. He calls Rinki and asks about the situation. Rinki tells home everything about Appa blamed for theft at Raman’s office, come back soon after Bunty’s marriage. Romi says yes and ends the call.

Romi says my doubt was right, Shagun did this. Raman comes and asks Rinki about Romi, did he wake up. She says he is at Bunty’s place for his marriage, he will come tomorrow. He says call him. She says his phone is off. He says call Bunty, its urgent and have to talk about locker keys. Rinki calls Bunty and he tells her that Romi did not come in my marriage, he said he is going in Ishita’s sister’s function. She tells Raman that Romi did full packing and recalls the money and his words. She says I saw money bundle with him and when I asked him, he has sent me out. Raman says I understood, he will come back wherever he go, I m waiting for him.

Romi confronts Shagun and he puts all blame on him. he says you will get the 5 lakhs back and clear Appa’s name. She asks why will he do, will he tell everyone that he is impotent and can’t have kids. Romi cries

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    Once read the comment rules and dont chat here unnecessary topics as this is not the chat room…
    Just talk about the show…

  2. Yaar romi ko mat maaro…. O zyada sochta nahi hain… Sabko believe kar leta hain… Aur galti kar bait tha hain… Shagun ko maaro…

  3. Gooddddd news. …….For all IshRa fans. …………IshRa ki …anniversary ……ki planning horahi hai. ……..bhalla house main. ………….
    ..finaly …..ishra ki anniversary ka zikr toh hoa. …….

  4. ….Now everyone else is planning for IshRa’s
    anniversary… Mr. Bhalla has even booked the
    honeymoon suite… ab except for ishita and
    raman, all are planning their big day.. seems
    kuch toh hoga ‪#‎fingerscrossed‬

  5. Ek baat samajh me nahi aati… Jo strictness romi ko raman dikhata hain… Aadi ko Kyun nahi dikha pata hain… Just tarah ka bartav Aadi karta hain… O badtamez hain.. Usse sau guna accha hain romi… Bada hone ke baad Aadi ka charecter jo hain.. O.parmeet, suraj,Ashok jaise banega

  6. Shagun should have got tight slap from romi first. Romi ishita ko batado.. Shagun ne ki yeh…. Shagun tu baanch hain…. Bacche hote hue bhi tu maa nahi hain… Maa kya aurat hi nahi hain…

  7. Romi luks very handsome like his bro Raman…… feeling bad for him…….hope jaldhi theek hojaye…….aur shagun raman ke life mein door hojaye……….

  8. Shagun ka drama band kijiye plz…. Yhm ka standard low horaha hain…. It was one serial which is close to reality…. Aajkal shagun ka drama lamba horaha hain…

  9. ishra se zyada hum wait kar rahe vo 3 magical words ke liye …………aur unki anniversary ke liye…..hope ishra ka anniversary ache se ho jaye bina shagun……… 1 year hogaya par abhi tak no confession…..aur hope Valentin day mein tho hume koi disturb nahi chahiye……..

  10. Hiii. .Aliya. ..
    Upper ka mera comments nahin pade. ……….ishra ki anniversary ka batane wala hai. ……..puri family anniversary ki plan karrahi hai. ..

  11. and it was great scene tha when raman ka boss ask raman to take the resignation back and join and say sry raman kya atitude tha.i love the way it was going.and raman was too good looking in last scene by wearing and removing thd glass.kya style hai boss.the glass suits him.

  12. Hi Aliya naz… no.more a villain now.. He is one funny charecter here…. I think anita has asked for more footage from ekta… That’s y she is given more role I feel…

  13. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going on some serious drama that Mr Iyer accused for stealing money from Raman’s office. Raman’s job is alos in danger that he said his boss for leaving job.

    Ishita supports and console him for Raman’s problems that everything will be fine soon. Ishita and Raman are trying to maintain peace in the family.

    So Bhalla and Iyer family members plan to surprise Ishita and Raman on their marriage anniversary.

    They make a romantic environment for Raman and Ishita so that they might get time to express their feelings for each other.

    Ishita also plans a romantic surprise for Raman on Valentine Day. Raman and Ishita find some time for romance in the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Raman and Ishita’s romance will bloom once again, but Shagun’s evil eyes create trouble in their romance. Mrs Bhalla also gets angry to see Shagun’s interference and blames Ishita that she is responsible for all this.

    As per new promo, Mrs Bhalla blames Ishita that she brought Shagun in Bhalla house then Ishita console her that Adi will also understands her and family like Ruhi.

  14. Yaar… Shagun shagun Bahut zyada hogaya…. Mrs bhalla sahi keh rahi hain.. Usine shagun ghar me laaya tha… Ab nikalo ghar se.. Kya Aadi Aadi

  15. and guys wish u all a happy promise day.and we all promise today that we all will be a good human being and promise that we all love ishraruh always forever.

  16. Yeah angel. …..
    jab se ye news soni hai. …………dil khush hogaya hai. .par. ..IshRa ki anniversary main ye shagun. ..phir interfer karegi. ……………..
    ye kabhi chain se nahin bait sakti kya. ..

  17. sure mizun we will not break promise.and that my promise.and wish ki in anniversay they say the three magical words.and really wish ki koi disturb nayi hona chaye.

  18. Haan. ..priyaroli.
    ishra ki anniversary par. ..shagun chahe toh bhi IshRa ko disturb karna payen. ..uss ka sara plan flop ho jaye. .

  19. and usi pagal shagun ko naa kisi durse planet se dal naa chaye.then everyone will be happy happy.and i have a wish that shagun should get a tight slap.she deserve that.and wish my wish become true.

  20. Haan ….
    Shagun ko sab se ek ek slap milna chahiye. ………
    sab se pehle raman marna chahiye thappad shagun ko. …
    tabhi sare ishra fans. …ke dil ko sukun mele ga. ………main intezar karrahi hoon. …uss scene ka

  21. bhagi

    wow mizun kya kamaal ka news hai yar sunthe hi dhil kush ho gaya par aab tho bas ek hi wish hai shagun ka plans flop ho aur ishra ka romance poori ho……aab bas aur intazaar nahi hoga……vise bhi kithni baar adha adhuri scence dhikayega ye makers……agar iss bhar bhi esa hi dhikayana tho mi tho yeh samjungi ki writers ko romance ke bare me patha hi nahi aur unko esa script likhna bhi nahi aatha

  22. bhagi

    how r u guys am unable to give time to u guys sry for that actually am a c.a nd c.s student so i am unable to give u more time i have to study

  23. Haan raman ko rute hoe dekh kar. ………………bilkul bhi achcha nahin lagta. ……..woh smile karte hoe hi achcha lagta hai. ………..

  24. Hey Mizun …Bhagi…..Priyaroli………sorry yaar wait karwane ke liye………meri tabiyat thik nahi thi aaj …….thoda chest pain ho raha tha to thodi der so gai thi……….

  25. Romi ko kya pita raman ne… .ab romi ki kher nahi ….bahut bura pitega. Raman se…..raman ko sarri asaliyat pata chal jayegi…fir raman kya dhoyega…romi ko…

  26. Ok…bye. .guys…meri bhi tabiyat thodi khraab hai.. Toh aaj mai jaldi sougi…bye …good night and have .ishra wala dream….and take care of yourself. Guys. .bye…

  27. Haan palak. …………..
    kya pita hai raman ne romi ko. ………
    ……par ab romi uss shagun ko?…nahin chode ga. …………..
    ….romi ab ishita ko sab Sach bol dega. ………..

  28. Now I am fine yaar….wese bhi har saal Feb me meri 15 days ki chutti to pakki hoti hai….but iss baar Dec. 15 days bimar ho gai thi to iss baar kuch nahi hoga………..& by the way Happy Promise Day…….

  29. Prayosha tumne jo location wala video dekhe ko kaha tha. ..maine dekha. ……….
    uss video main……IshRa k anniversary ki planning chal rahi hai. …….bhalla n iyer family mil kar ye anniversary plan karrahe hai. ……………….

  30. awesome episode .ishra part was just daam good. lekin romi ka bhanda toh poora phoota nahi hai lekin romi raman se choori ke liye maar toh khayega. aur precap mein notice kiya ki shagun kahi ja rahi hai apni bag leker toh aage romi ka toh patha nahi lekin ishra ke wedding aniversary aur v-day pe nahi hogi aisa lagtha hai.aur waise bhi woh rumour toh jhoot hai kyunki kisi bhi website pe nahi aaya hai aur shagun toh kahi jaa rahi hai toh woh kaha subbu se milegi aur subbu gudh bharai mein aaya hi nahi tha so i think iss bar confession pakka ho kar hi rahega kyunki har website pe iss bare aa chuka hai.yhm rockzzzzzz………..

  31. Yeh Romi ko sab ko apni pronblm bata deni chahiye…….yeh family se chhupane ki baaat nahi hai……..Bhaalla infertile bahu ko accept kar sakte hai to bete ko nahi kar sakte……….

  32. waise bhi sarika ke saath kitna bura kiya tha romi ne toh ab bhugat raha hai.aur muje mrs.bhalla sarika ke baare mein jaise soich thi hai aur uske against hai mujhe bilkul accha nahi lagtha aakhi she is also a women aur galti romi ka hi hai na ki sarika ka.toh bhugtoh romi bhalla.

  33. Yaar yeh Raman ke glasses ke frame kitni badi hai……haa hum samjte haiki Karan ko eyes problem hai….glasses pehenana jaruri hai……par yaar last year jab Raman Mumbai se waapas aayaa tha tab jo glasses penata tha …..uss me jyada handsome lagta tha….

  34. Yes prayosha. ……….
    woh wali glasses main zyada handsome dikhta hai. ………
    ….par kal romi ki full pitai hone wali hai. …..

  35. romi ko todha sense hona chahiye tha ki shagun kyu uska accha kar rahi hai balki yeh soch liya ki woh madad karegi.lekin shagun woh aurath hai jo apni bacchi ruhi ko hi kitnaa bura kiya hai toh yeh romi konsa uska tau ka beta hai ki woh uska accha kare. agar uska tau ka beta hota bhi na toh bhi nahi karthi.horrible vamp.but i think ki ab iyerbhalla ladiea gang ke saath romi bhi shagun ka bura haal karega aur usse ghar se nikaalega,uske saath bura karne ke liye.precal mein romi ne bola tha ki woh shagun ko nahi chodega so.

  36. Makers plz… Romi se galat kaam.karke pitwana band kijiye…. O zyada bura bhi nahi hain… Galti karta hain.. To Bahut baar accept kiya hain.. Aur uski saza bhi bhugat tha Hain..
    bina.kuch kahe… He is fab actor… Can see him always like this doing galtis…. Jaise ishra ke fans hain… Hum aly ke fans hain…

  37. VIDHYA

    hi guys. i too agree. romi ko baar baar pitwana achcha nahi lagta. romi looks good as a bindaaz youngster and loving bhai and devar and not as a bad boy who keeps doing something wrong without thinking and then regrets. really feel sorry for him

  38. Hello Guys……..Happy Hug Day……….
    A big ….Hug from me to all of you………
    Aap sab ko meri aur se ek jaadu ki zappi………..& IshRa ko bhi……..& hey Priyaroli……Now I am fine……

  39. Hey guys……..YHM TRP me apni 2nd position banaye hue hai……& aaj SBS me dikhaya ko IshRuh me ek dusre ke saaath VALEMTINEDAY mana Ishita ne use I thank u kaha.unhone cake bhi cut kiya…….Rqman nahi tha……to unhone ek Teddy liya & kaha yeh hai humare Raman Kumar Bhalla…..yeh bahot purana shooting tha……..wo usme dono ne Race wali dress pehni thi………..yaar hume IshRa ka bhi interview chahiye……

  40. bhagi

    hey guys have a look at this TAM Ratings yhm in first place Shows (Channel wise in TRPs)Star Plus:Ye Hai Mohabbatein 5.9 (5.6)Diya Aur Baati Hum 5.1 (5)Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4.2 (4)Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 (3.8)Tu Mera Hero 3.3 (2.9)Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.6 (2.9)Nisha Aur Uske Cousines 2.3 (2.3)Master Chef 1.6 (1.6)EVEREST 1.5 (1.5)Veera 1.5 (1.5)Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Ek Baar Phir 1.3 (1.4)Zee TV:Kumkum Bhagya 4.2 (3.9)Jamai Raja 3.4 (3.2)Qubool Hai 3.1 (2.8)Jodha Akbar 2.8 (2.6)Satrangi Sasural 2.3 (2.2)Doli Armaanon Ki 2 (2.1)Neeli Chhatri Wale 2 (1.8)Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 1.9 (1.7)Bandhan 1.3 (1.5)Hello Pratibha 1.3 (1.4)Life OK:Savdhaan India 1.4 (1.4)Comedy Classes 1.3 (1.4)Mahakumbh 1.2 (1.3)Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali 0.6 (0.7)Ajeeb Daastan Hai Yeh (0.6) (0.6)Pukaar – Call For The Hero (0.5) (0.5)Laut Aao Trisha (0.4) (0 .5)Colors:Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 -Sasural Simar Ka 3.6 (3.4)Udann 3.3 (3.1)Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 3 (3)Comedy Nights with Kapil 2.7 (2.3)Balika Vadhu 2.6 (2.7)Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (2.5) -Shastri Sisters 1.4 (1.5)Code Red 1.2 (1.1)SAB TV:Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 3.4 (3.6)Chidiya Ghar 1.4 (1.3)Baal Veer 1.3 (1.3)Badi Door Se Aaye Hai 1.2 (1)Yam Hai Hum 1.1 (1)Peterson Hill 0.7 (0.8)The Great Indian Family Drama 0.6 (0.5)(As per data provided by TAM subscriber)

  41. Video main ye hai ki
    ……ishita plan kare gi . ….aur shagun apne hi jal main phas jaye gi aur apne ab tak ke sare plans bol de gi. … uss ne Adi ka use kiya. …….aur ye sari batein. …Adi sun le ga. ……aur woh ishita ke side ho jaye ga. ……..aur shagun ghar se bahar hojai gi …….
    ….hai na good news. …

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