Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma talking to Vandu and showing her the dinner set. Vandu says very nice. Amma says remember Soumya, we bought this together last summer. Vandu says will this be useful to Ishita. Amma says Ishita won’t eat punjabi food daily else she will get ill. She says lets do the packing. Mrs. Bhalla comes with Simmi and asks whats this stone. Amma says its a grinder to make chutni with idli and dosa. She says Ishita will cook in these utensils as you cook non veg. Simmi asks where will we keep this. Vandu says Ishita will figure it out. Vandu asks them to sleep on time and taunts Simmi laughing. Simmi says did she point on me. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t take tension, she did not point me.

Shagun says I can’t believe this, Ishita is very clever, she

played a good game. This was happening right infront of my eyes and I did no figure out. Ashok will be annoyed knowing this. Ashok comes and asks whats up. She says listen to me. He says you left that loser and came to me, I pity the woman who is marrying Raman. Shagun says Ishita is marrying Raman. Ashok is shocked. Shagun says everything is finished, its all over. She says Raman played a game with us, now we can’t do anything, he is going to take my Ruhi from me. Ashok says we will get Ruhi, Ishita hated Raman, then why is she marrying him. We have to stop this marriage. Shagun says its in morning. Ashok says you will stop all this, by telling her everything about Raman which we know about him.

He says about Raman’s shameless act which only we know. Shagun says how can I say. Ashok says you have to tell her, if you want Ruhi, stop their marriage. He says Ishita will say no listening to this. Shagun smiles. Ishita’s haldi is going on. Everyone are happy. Mahendi hai lagne wali……………. plays…………… Vandu talks to Mihika. Ishita smiles happily. Appa and Amma are happy too. Appa asks Amma to apply haldi to Ishita, Amma says pinch me, he pinches, she says now I feel that my Ishu is getting married. Appa says come soon to the mandap, I will leave, Bala is waiting for me. Amma comes to Ishita and applies the haldi.

Amma asks Mihika to keep Ishita’s clothes ready in her room. Shagun calls Ishita and Mihika sees it and takes the call. Shagun says can I talk to Ishita, I have some urgent work. Mihika says her haldi ceremony is going on, I will make you talk to her later. Shagun says before it gets late, I have to go there. Raman’s haldi is also going on in Bhalla’s house. Simmi teases Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi not to tease Raman. Raman talks to his office men and asks them to come to Kalyan Mandapam. The men gossip who will marry Raman. Everyone apply haldi to Raman. Raman says enough. The Bhallas dance. Raman says stop it now.

Mrs. Bhalla says tear his clothes. Raman says why. Raman tears his vest himself. He leaves. Ishita gets ready for her marriage. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… plays…………… She looks beautiful in her bridal dress. Mihika says Raman will faint today seeing you. Ishita says Amma, how much jewellery. Amma says its our good luck. Ishita smiles seeing Amma happy. Amma says I waited for his day since years, let me do what I want. Amma says we will leave now. Shagun comes to meet Ishita. Vandu says its Ishita’s marriage today. Shagun says I need to talk to her, its important.

Shagun meets Ishita. Ishita is shocked to see Shagun. Shagun says I need to talk to you urgently, I know you are marrying Raman, I don’t have any problem, but you should one truth before going to the mandap. Amma says we can talk later. Ishita says she is Raman’s first wife, its important to know what she wants to say, you go, I will come.

Shagun says trust me Ishita, I stayed with Raman for years, I did not tell this to anyone, you are going to marry him so you should know. She says it will make you realize how is Raman. Shagun tells Ishita. (Muted!!) Ishita is shocked. Ishita says enough, don’t say anything, how is this possible. Shagun says now you decide what you have to do. Ishita cries.

Raman brings the baraat. Amma says stop it and asks her party to play south indian music. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed. Bala does the rituals and welcomes Raman and his family. Raman meets his assistants and goes with Mihir to finish his work. The girls like his dedicated. Amma says he knows only work.

Bala comes with south indian clothes for Raman. Raman says dhoti? I can’t wear this, how will make me wear it. The girls laugh hearing this. Bala asks Mihir. Mihir says no. Bala says we don’t have any other option, I will help you change. Raman dresses in pure south indian clothes. Raman looks much handsome. Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahatein………… plays………..

Ashok thinks Raman will be losing and tomorrow everyone will see that Ashok Khanna is much better than Raman. Shagun says Ruhi will be never his.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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