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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking why did you call me. Raman and Ishita ask her about Suhail. Ruhi says I don’t know much, he is a nice guy, he helped me, I m going to work with him. Raman says no way. Mr. Bhalla asks whats the matter. Raman says he is fraud, he is a big liar. Suhail comes and asks what are you saying, you were saying thanks in morning and now I became a fraud. Ishita says there will be someone if we are thinking against one who helped us, why did you lie to us. Suhail asks what did I lie. She says you gave your dad’s address, we did not get his clinic when we went there, tell us what are you hiding. He says I can’t tell you, but its true that I lied to all of you.

Raman says see he lied, I will call Abhishek. Suhail says no, I had my reasons. Raman says say

Abhishek. Ishita says Raman listen to me. Suhail says my dad has treated many patients, he is suffering from Alzheimer and I m getting him treated, I have business loss, I could not tell this to anyone, I had to sell his clinic, I love him, I have left all my goals for him, but nothing happened, I wanted Ruhaan’s concert to boost my entertainment company, and Ruhi says yes. Ruhi says I told him yes to do the concert. Suhail asks them to permit Ruhi, so that he can help his family, when I saw Ruhi in problem, I helped her as I can know how it feels when parents are in problem, you are annoyed with me now, I lied, sorry.

Raman says sorry we misunderstood you. Ishita says we did not know about your dad. Suhail asks him will you stop Ruhi from doing concert. Raman says no, Ruhi will do concert. Ishita says sorry, many people cheated us, we are glad to know you are doing this for your dad. Raman says if you need any help, ask help without hesitation. Suhail says sure. Ruhi smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks Suhail to have food.

Its morning, Raman talks to Vidyut on phone and asks what, final goodbye, you come for dinner. Vidyut says not this time. Ishita asks Vidyut to come, we will come to pack your bags. Vidyut says no need, I will come. Ishita tells he is coming. The ladies think what to make for him. Raman says please don’t embarrass like last time, you all got after him, I will cancel dinner. They all promise they will not overdo things.

Ruhi says I have sent friends request, Suhail did not accept, does he think I got after him, I will delete request. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks her to help. Mihika comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla how much will you get ready. Mrs. Bhalla says I have to show your friend that I m young and beautiful, call her for dinner, I have to go beauty parlor for special treatment. Mihika says you don’t need it. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to come.

Ruhi calls to take appointment. Mihika thinks Amma should not know this. Ruhi says we got appointment. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come. Ruhi gets Suhail’s call and smiles. Suhail asks did I disturb you. Ruhi says no. He asks can we meet somewhere. She says yes. He says I called my designer to finalize your look for concert. She says send me address, I will come, check friendsbook, I have worn different costumes, I have sent friends request too. He says I m not active on social media, we will meet and decide. She thinks how is he not active on it. He accepts her request. She checks it and smiles. She says what to do, I have to go with Dadi too, I have to cancel it. She says I can’t come with you Dadi, I have to go for meeting, go with Mihika and Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says no need, I will go alone. Mihika says its fine, I will manage her. Ruhi smiles and thinks what to wear.

Ishita shows dresses. Raman says no, it will be much, its just house party. She shows some more colors and clothes. She asks how is this saree. He says superb, perfect. He then sees it and asks are you mad, it can be seen through. She shows another net saree. He says its net, are you mad, there is no cloth in it. She asks him to decide her clothes. He shows a saree. She says I m not going temple, will anyone wear orange in party, you don’t want me to look good in party. He says yes, if you look s*xy in front of everyone, they all will see you. She smiles. She says I knew this. She takes the pink net saree. He flirts with her. She laughs and goes.

Ishita sees Pihu’s dress and likes it. Pihu says mumma got this for me from Adelaide, I was scared when I was lost. Ishita says you miss Shagun right, shall we invite Shagun, Mani and Aaliya. Pihu smiles. Ishita invites Mani. He asks dinner party, whats the occasion. She says just like that, get Shagun and come, I informed Aaliya. Pihu asks Mani to please come and get mumma, I m missing everyone. Mani says fine, we will come. Pihu thanks him. Ishita says please come, Pihu is missing Shagun. He says sure. She thanks him.

Mani turns and sees Shagun. She says I told you I don’t want to go Bhalla house. He asks not even for Pihu. Raman asks Ishita are you mad to invite Shagun, Pihu told me. She says Pihu will be happy. He says its Vidyut’s farewell party. She says I told Vidyut that Shagun is coming, he will handle. Pihu is happy, I hope everyone enjoy.

Raman asks Romi about arrangements. Romi asks what music shall I play. Raman asks him to play good songs. Ishita comes. Raman compliments and flirts. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla will take grand entry, you have to see. Raman asks where is Ruhi. Suhail thanks Ruhi for agreeing for this event. She says come on Suhail, I m so excited to do concert in India. He says I guess I should leave now, take care. Ruhi invites him in dinner party, its for Vidyut’s farewell. He says its your house party, what will Raman think. She says he will be glad seeing you, come, trust me. He agrees.

Mrs. Bhalla comes and hides face. Ruhi stops her. Mrs. Bhalla says let me go. Ruhi says show me your face. She gets shocked and asks what did this happen. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says you want to see. Ruhi says what did you do, how did this happen. Mrs. Bhalla says Vidyut was coming, I thought to look beautiful, I went for golden bleach, I applied the bleach on eyebrows, but it was hair removing cream, I lost one of my eyebrows. Ruhi asks why did you go there. Mrs. Bhalla says what face will I show to Vidyut. Suhail says I will make it fine. Ruhi asks how. He asks her to give eyebrow pencil. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to sit. He makes her eyebrow by pencil. Ruhi shows mirror to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi get glad. Mrs. Bhalla thanks him and says now I will show my beauty to Amma and impress Vidyut. Ruhi laughs.

Ishita says Shagun, you got ready to leave husband and give up daughter, you have no right to say about anyone’s upbringing, I know how to manage my daughter. She turns and sees Mani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi all…

    Yesterday, yhm fan pinted out that DT was romancing with Vivek. I think DT shud control herself and the cvs shud increase ishra scenes and no DiVek scenes.

    Some of the yhm fans were missing so welcome back…

    Confused with suhail as the spoiler. Read it using the link:

    1. Is this true Riya?? Because Some spoilers are fake…

      1. now I understand.. I was typing the email incorrectly that’s why my icon is changed… Guys, I was the commenter on today’s episode.. not fake.. it’s me …

    2. Hello riya how are you? Where is vp shivani magic rithu sindhu i am missing their comment very much come on comment my friends

      1. Hi madhu

      2. Oh my god shivani you are back am v happy and am realy thank ful to you that you forgive me and you have very nice and well educated friends like magic vp and rithu but i am said bcz now i can’t be the friend of magic yes rithu forgive me but magic won’t and am realy shameful of my mistake i hope vp will forgive me

  2. Hi Sindhu,magic,shivani, super girl,rithu,vp,shreya,bhagya,priya,riya,
    ananthi and all yhm fans…. Hope you are doing well..

    Episode was good for ishra scenes.. this Suhail is such a big liar. He is lying again.. what connection does he have in them? Poor Ruhi will be trapped…. Even I heard that Ruhi will leave the house for Suhail… Yhm has lost its old Beauty….how it used to be… How many Villains here?? If ishra get stuck in a big problem, I won’t watch this crappy show… Cvs spoiled yhm in their own way.. Trp rating is also in fifth position .. worst worst… I’m fed up. I feel like I would watch yhms old episodes with many fun.. now it’s not happening. Same story repeated again and again… Cvs should get into this site and see the viewers’ comments… atleast they will realise their story is going so crooked. Half way the episode is too negative. Don’t know how Mani reacts on learning about Shagun and Vidyut’s affair. Hope he doesn’t get angry on Ishu… Pihu doesn’t know about Shagun. If she knows, then she wouldn’t have asked Ishita to call Shagun to the farewell party. Ishra chemistry is nice… The way Raman is feeling jealous of Ishita is funny.

    1. For all we know, suhil can be nidhi’s lost son or some stupid crap like that. Anything can happen in this drama

  3. How my group icon is changed??

  4. Vishal Himani

    Hii How are you ,I’m biggest fan Of yours.

    Kya Me apse mill sakta hu

    1. To whom are you want to meet

  5. Wow Shagun is luking so gorgeous, she luks like she is in her 20s beautiful and elegant she should have been the main lead opposite someone else other thanbKaran aka Ravana

  6. nyc episode ishra your jodi is no 1 jodi in world

  7. YHMfan

    Ishra scenes kam ho Gaye hain yaaro. Ruhi sohail laga rakha hain! Still till now track is luckily favoring ishra and is on a happy note

  8. Is there no story line then stop this insensitive serial…now they r going to make ruhi’s mms drama…what’s the hell is this…never ever can’t find any positive thing…all ways they bring such a senseless dramas…like acid track now mms track…they going to make another joke….what’s the meaning of this yeh hai mohabbatein…they have stories to damage every characters…but no story line to rebuild their characters…get some brain stupid brainless makers if not go to hell with your bakwass creativity….

  9. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) seeks Shagun’s help saving Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) from MMS trap

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show major drama where Ruhi gets stuck in MMS case.

    Some mystery man calls Ruhi and threatens her to reveal her MMS on social media.

    Ruhi gets tensed and thus reveals all truth to Ishita, Ishita is worried for her daughter Ruhi.

    Ishita thus decides to seek Shagun’s help as this MMS was made in Australia and thus goes to meet Shagun.

    Shagun and Ishita tensed for Ruhi

    Shagun initially refuses to meet Ishita but later realizes that it’s matter of her daughter Ruhi.

    Shagun and Ishita thus joins hand to find Ruhi’s culprit and to save her from MMS trap.

  10. Ya you are right

  11. Ya you are right

  12. Hi everyone

  13. It’s better to watch engilsh tv series rather than this Nonsence its worth there
    this people are mad
    they don’t know what they are making

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