Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman seeing Ishita’s pregnancy test reports. He cries recalling how they lost Ishita’s baby while saving family. Ishita sees him and says Punjabi men don’t shed tears. He says I was waiting for you, we will have coffee together. She asks why he not share with her. He shows the reports. He says our baby would have been in our lap, I m sorry, I could not give you this happiness. She asks him not to feel sorry, how to lessen his pain. He asks what about your pain, I know you got more sorrow. She says no one can give me more happiness than you. He says our baby… she says I have children, and you too, more younger than Ruhi and Adi. She hugs and pacifies him. She says you give me most happiness, I love you. He goes to wash face. She gets sad and thinks she can’t

tell him that their baby will come in this world soon, first she tackles Ashok, she will give him the good news.

Ashok meets that Baba and says I did not believe all this, but I have seen you removing spirit from that girl. Baba says its all science, its true, evil shadow haunts people, when anyone dies accidentally or commits suicide, their desires don’t get fulfilled, I have done tapasya and got powers to talk to that souls and make people free. Ashok says my friend’s wife is troubled by a spirit, there is no solution, my friend is helpless, he has two little kids, can you meet him. Baba says but I m doing Rajasthan tomorrow, where we do puja to make those souls get away. Ashok asks how he treats the spirit. Baba says to make soul go away, the person body has to be tortured, then spirit leaves that body. Ashok asks him to meet his friend once. Baba agrees and asks him to get his friend here. Ashok leaves. He smiles and says this is called nature’s miracle, Ishita would have not thought to walk on fire, or be locked with mad people, Ishita will break down and speak out her lie, I have to make Raman desperate to get Ishita here. I have to do something.

Ishita tells Vandu that Raman is still upset, I show I m strong, but it matters to me when I see Raman so affected. Vandu consoles her and says Raman is lucky… Ishita says I m lucky, we take people granted seeing their sacrifices, Raman did a lot for me. Vandu says you love Raman so much, he is lucky. She hugs Ishita and says we have love in our life, but Mihika… Ishita says Ashok won’t sign on divorce papers. Vandu says yes, Ashok filled poison in our lives. Ishita thinks she has to fail Ashok anyhow and keep him away forever.

Bala comes home late and says I think everyone slept. He feels much tired. Vandu massages his shoulders and apologizes to him for not telling him about meeting Suraj. He smiles and says wife should be like this. Vandu says she dressed up for him in his choice of saree. She thanks him. He asks why is she being formal. She says its important to acknowledge your efforts and sorry. He says I love you a lot, did you really like this sraee or just saying. She says I like it. he says lets take a selfie and they smile.

Ashok thinks how to send Raman and Ishita to Rajasthani temple, I have to tell Raman this is best way to get spirit out of Ishita. He sees their family pic and smiles seeing the dog. He says this is the only way that Raman will feel Ishita can harm any family member, then he will take Ishita to temple, Ishita can’t bear all that and has to accept the truth.

Suraj sees the selfie of Bala and Vandu, and says enjoy till I want, then don’t know what happens. He talks to Khosla and asks him to spend more in Bala’s institute. Khosla says yes, loan is sanctioned, and asks shall I stop helping him. Suraj asks him to make Bala fly more and then he will be hurt more. Khosla says let me know when to withdraw my help.

Ashok says Muttu Swami….. and calls informer to get Muttu Swami. He says I want all details of Muttu Swami, he will be playing a crucial role in our drama. He ends call and asks Ishita to be ready for this second step….

Ishita tells Ruhi that Muttu can’t sleep with them. Ruhi and Adi request Ishita to allow Muttu. Ishita makes him sleep by a bedtime story. Raman smiles seeing them. Neelu takes Muttu out with her. A man takes Muttu with him and brings another dog who looks ditto like Muttu. He calls Ashok and says work is done, its same looking dog. Ashok asks him to put Muttu’s collar and asks is the dog trained. The man says yes. Ashok thinks my plan 2 starts now Ishita.

Adi calls Raman for help. Adi is bitten. Raman calls doctor for emergency. They all take care of Adi and think what happened to Muttu.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. fathi fathi

    Hi rithu, diya, darshika, diya, priyol,natasha,zaara,nimrit,siddhi, misty n all YHM fans……the episode z going on thrilling….really excited for the upcoming episode…they are dragging too much feeling sad on this….I want some iSHRA scenes…..

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  3. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is
    shocked seeing Shagun
    is under water.
    Ishita brings Shagun out
    from the water struggling
    a lot with water force.
    Ishita asks Shagun about
    how she came here but
    they get stuck in danger
    before Shagun tells Ishita
    about it.
    Crocodile enters in the
    water and attacks on
    Ishita while Shagun
    shouts seeing the blood
    in water and her face.
    Will Ishita survive with
    crocodile’s attack?

  4. Hii friends!!! How r u all?

    Average epi…First we saw ghost drama now we r going to see circus…Muttu then crocodile…Poor Ekta….Reallu fed up with yhm…But watching only for Divan/Ishra….

  5. yeh suraj aur ashok dono hi iyyer sisters ki zindagi barbaad karne mein thule hai .suraj vanditha ka toh ashok ishitha aur mihika ka .patha nahi yeh dono kitnee aurathon se thappad lenge aur badla lenge.issi liye yeh dono hamesha raman se ek kadam peeche hi rahenge .

  6. starting was the so emotional how much they both love each other ishita could have told him…. but hard luck:-(( what is that suraj upto both the brothers are extremely cruel and pathetic and ashok tho sach mein ……….uff I don’t know what to scold him he is using that poor dog muthu and tomorrow dog will bite adi and ishita and in coming episodes crocodile…….. seriously are they showing jumanji and in sbs I saw that ashok will make the informer to terrorize ruhi by running behind her with knife and she will be afraid of that, raman will find ishu’s mangal sutra in ruhi’s room so automatically he assumes ishita is the person who tried to kill ruhi … (how could raman think like that:-)) then as per ashok’s plan raman will take ishu to that baba as he will think that because of the bhoot his kids life’s in danger and ishita will stay firm and again raman will feel guilty for hurting ishu, ishu will cry for hurting raman aur chalta rahega…… then will come the unimaginable crocodile………. don’t know how long we have to wait to see our yhm with the original “YHM” thadka

  7. yeh informer ka kuch patha hi nahi hai aur itnee din ka kya suspense rakhenge .agar itnaa suspense rakha hai toh iss week ka trp bhi ussi tarah aaya hai .

  8. Natasha

    Idiot neelu. Muttu ko khula chod ke baeth gayi watchman ke saath gappe marne. Aur bhala muttu ki exchange ho gayi aur uss gadha ko pata bhi nahi chala. Isnt it?

    How r u all?

  9. hello ekta mam the trp is fallen bcos you are tragging too too much keep it in mind and end the drama and show the culprit in bhalla’s soon otherwise we are so much fedup
    Also the writters are so fools and made the viewers also fool 1st thing they shown raman could not hear and saw the truck came behind him
    2nd using dog a pet animals never gone behind if any one is giving biscuit or something they always bark or bite if they see any body with covering their face with a cloth the pet animals are more intelligent compare with humans
    3rd hurting ruhi and raman also believes that is a nonsence
    4th crocodile game and finally raman and ishita love too much each others but they always hiding the issues from each other what a nonsence

    • ya sakshi .i am sure about the upcoming story because it is already shot and the i have seen the pics .i hope nothing happens to ishitha after saving shagun’s life.

  10. vasantha

    there is a limit for our tolerance. dont make us fool . ekta madam fed up with your serial. our family will stop seeing your serial goodbye

    • Jhanvi

      Hi rithu ….nothing yar but I haven’t watched d epi yet.. Soo….

      Nd what to say now….it’s too much now

  11. This story is going from Bad to worse… what’s going on.. how stupid is this .Why is Ashok allowed to do all this to prove a point & he is attempting to commit murder anyway.. Ashok shown as a hero & troubling poor Ishu & Raman. How can a strange dog behave in an unknown unfamiliar house. exp with stranger’s. I think they are running out & Going away from the Original YHM. Wasn’t it a LOVE story??? what’s all this drama have to do with a LOVE story..
    Crazy that Suraj is slowly falling in love with Vandu.. So pathetic the two idiot brother’s are.. Bala should win & Suraj must lose a lot of money.. that will be great to see. Like Ashok’s case he will know Money can’t buy people the Producers must show evil can’t win in this world only Good can Conquer Evil
    Hope all the YHM Lovers have the same opinion.
    Have a great day.

    just see the mind of the writer he thinks evil is good but it is not

  12. Jhanvi

    Hi everyone…. How r u guys….???
    Yeah sabrin me too…

    Agree with u all parvathi, raghu , mino
    Now I m fed up with this too much dragging. Nd don’t know how much they will drag this.
    I think this is first track has been dragged a lot in YHM…. After Adi’s track ( accident )..

  13. diya

    helooo guys …i hope leap na ho plz nd seperation v.i hope ishita crocodil attack survive karjaye. i am pretty scared

  14. patha nahi ekta aur makers aur kya kya jhalwa dikhaayenge joapne dimaag mein bhare hue hai naye ajeeb ajeeb twists yhm mein jo phir episodes ke hisaab se trp mrin apna jhalwe ka kamaal dikhayegi.

  15. lagtha hai ekta apne serial nagin ki high trp ki khushi mein yhm aur apne baaki serials ko bhool gayi hai .itnaa koi dragg kartha hai kya .do mahine toh ho gaaye aur ab kya theen mahine lagaayenge .lagtha hai ekta ko naye saal mein serial ka satyaanash, long lasting chewing gum aur veiwers ka aise comments paane ka shauk chada hai . do mahinee se ishitha ko informer ke baare mein patha na chala.

    • Jhanvi

      Ya rithu sahi me wo bhul gai hai….aur apni bevkufi me yhm ki real story line hi bhul gai hai….. Use khud hi nahi yad ki yhm love story hai , , ,,,,,,, crime petrol or Krishna cottage or circus nahi…!!!!

  16. diya

    they r dragging it much … i thnk i shud not get soo much attached to it .. mujhe pehle jaisa ban jana chahiye 3 mnths pehle jaisi thi..serial dekhna accha lagta tha isliye dekhti thi nd written updates parti agar episodes misa kar deti thi. comnt karti v nhi thi nd dekhti v nhi was bttr u know !! tab agar kharap track aye to utna bura nhi lagta tha. jaise ab lag raha.
    nd these spoilers r making it worse.
    plz end this track.i cnt see ishra hurt .

  17. Jhanvi

    Nice epi…. But yeah now I m tired…
    Ishra scene was sooo heart touching…. Really nice couple.. Raman still feels guilty for that accident.. They were soo happy bout ishu pregnancy… Nd duffer writers spoiled it by surrogacy.. Anyways now we can’t anything…

    IshuAdiRuhi scene superb… Nice to see kids.. Got rlf…

    Ashok is soooo dumb yar ……use aur koi kam nahi hai kya ????

    Finally no leap Nd separation pls….
    I m scared now….

  18. diya

    episode was okayyy …. last part ishruadi scene was the best …. kitne dino baad !! 🙂
    ishra scene was emotional and the way ishita kissed raman’s forhead beautiful!!!!
    but ashok’s new chaal is wrst.but i dunno how can changing muttu can prove against ishita anything . lets c . now the crocodile track . i am really scared . whats gonna happn nxt?? plz after this croci track i hope they finish it . want to see happiness in the show.but this weeks trp is gonna b better cz evn if ppl will not like it ..they will watch it . its gonna b the final showdown . i pray ishita wins nd evrythng gets fine in this serial.

  19. Cindy

    Episode was OK the precap was bad poor muttu hope that cruel Ashok will not do any thing to that innocent?? dog and the writers you should really reveal the informer it’s too dragging? and ishitha you really needs to tell raman your plan if not the plan will fail that’s what happen in the mountain area if raman knew about every thing he wouldn’t have cared about the phone call from the hotel ????

  20. Jhanvi

    Rinki’s murder aur bomb blast k tyme laga ki me crime petrol dekh rahi hu…., aur ghost drama me to laga ki Krishna cottage part 2. Chala diya ho kisine…..ab kya kahu crocodile k bare me kuchh samaj nahi a raha….. Areee yad a gaya… Khoon Bhari Mangg – 2…….

  21. V P

    Ekta madam you have killed the show . Dragging to the core that no interest in seeing . Even in between Ishra scenes too not heart touching . It’s only becoz of the unbelievable track . How come Ashok can convince Raman to take Ishitha to Rajasthan ?. Raman doubting Ishitha torturing Ruhi .?… Ishitha saves Shaghun from crocodile ..?.. I feel creators are stuck … …. Not even respecting the fans views too ..,, better than this please stop this …..

  22. Siddhi

    Sab much ekta ne ek hi drama me karna hai earthquake . bomb blast .murder . athma
    Miscarriage n now crocodile ekta don’t u think there is a limit fed up with all this n two months hogaye hain culprit he reveal nii horaha pehle sarika par shak tha phir romi n now neelu samaj niii a raha k culprit kn hai I think me soch soch k pagal ho jao gi

  23. diya

    no vp ji we cnt leave without this serial .dnt tell to stop it .nyway as it ranks 2nd in starplus.starplus will nvr allow to stop it .

  24. Siddhi

    Aur WO salay kaminay bahi ek sala hath dho kar Raman n ishu k pichay parha hai aur koi duniya me us ko koi kaam hi nahi hai aur dusra to sala paglaa gaya hai dono bahi bhalla family k peechay paray hain

  25. Siddhi

    Hi jhanvu . rithu . diya diya . fathi fathi . faya . darshika . Natasha . sakshi .zarra n all yhmians how r u guys??

  26. Siddhi

    Ishraadi scene after many days but boht chota tha raman n ishu part was very emotional bala vandu scene was also good serial k dono best couple ishra n bala vandu k bichay ye dono bahi hath dho kar paray hain

  27. Genie?

    They r dragging this track too much aur voh informer ka toh kuch pata bhi nai chala. Aur muttu ?bechara exchange hogaya.

    Shayad Ekta ka Pura attention nagin ?mein h. day by day this show is getting worst ?aur yeh crocodile wala new drama. Ab yeh crocodile wale mein toh trp milna chahiye

  28. zaraa ali khan

    Hi rethu,sindhi & friends… sorry guys yesterday i was busy so i cant post comment. … really i agree with u all… yhm ki naiya doopti hi ja rahi hai….
    Jhanvi was said right, crime petrol, khoon bhari maang.. aisa hi kuch lag raha hai..
    Ab ye hai mobabbatein me love stroy nahi . Sirf ishita ke bahadur hone ke khisse dekhne ko milenge.

  29. diya

    but zara wtevr ishita is doing is only for her love raman nd her family . it is oviously a lovestory .nd lovestory always doesnt represnt romantic moments. yes ovio they r dragging it much.but motive is love only behind .
    well guys finally the informer is revealed it is sarika … damn shit !! they frst saw that it ws a male nd now sarika.

  30. Jhanvi

    How did u know diya….. Before I heard that it’s romi….. Nd now sarika …..actually I knew it…. But how did know…????

  31. diya

    yes today in sbs they said sarika ne kiya ruhi par hamla .nd u know na ruhi tld raman that sm1 trie to attack her. but they showd it in the headlines but didnt show the segment do u to short time .i thnk kaal they will show it

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