Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman sitting to have dinner with Ruhi. Ruhi says she does not have parathas now, and wants burger. Raman says fine, we will get it, which one, tell me, I will get it. Shravan asks him why is he taking Ruhi’s side when she is right, tell her home food is good and junk food is bad. Raman says sometimes we can cheat. Shravan asks for French fries for Ruhi. Raman says fine, I will get it. Ashok meets Suraj and apologizes. Suraj says I will not leave Mihir. Ashok says he will make his pain his game and will trap Mihir and send him to jail. He says Mihir is Mihika’s weakness, once I send him to jail, Mihika will come running to me. Suraj says I don’t think so. Ashok says I will trap her and she has to come to me.

Raman gets burgers. Ruhi says she wants cold

drink. Shravan says cold drink is allowed on Sunday. Raman says its fine and asks them to get it. Ishita asks Neelu to bring. Ruhi says she wants icecream. Ishita asks Raman to get it. Ruhi gets the icecream. Sharavan asks Ishita why is she not scolding Ruhi for wrong. Ishita says we have to do wrong somedoing. Ruhi says what happened to you all, you are letting me have icecream in cold, you all think judge will give me to Shagun, you feel this is my last night in this house. They all cry. Ruhi says she will not go anywhere, she will tell judge aunty. Ishita says no, we know you are not going anywhere. Ruhi says you are lying, judge reopened my case and you all are acting to be happy, you are sending me. Ruhi cries and runs to her room.

Ishita goes after her. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t lose Ruhi and cries. Simmi hugs her. Ishita apologizes to Ruhi and says she won’t go anywhere, you are my daughter. Ruhi asks why is she giving up. Ishita says I have not given up, I don’t know how to behave, you are my lovely Ruhi and you know how to behave, fine tell me, what should I have done. Ruhi acts like her, and scolds herself. Ishita does Ruhi’s role. Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka…………..plays…………….. Ishita hugs Ruhi and they cry. Raman comes and looks on. Ruhi says she won’t go to Shagun. Ishita says you won’t go and promises she will not give up. She says your Papa is worlds best Papa, he won’t let you go, he loves you.

Ruhi goes to Raman and says she don’t want to go to Shagun. Raman promises that no one can make Ruhi away from him. Ruhi gets a dupatta and ties their hands. She says noe we are not three person, we are one person and no one can separate us. They smile. Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai………….plays…………..Ishita and Raman pray that Ruhi’s wish comes true. He says if she ties him, how will he go office. They smile.

Its morning, the court case starts. Mihir gives his statement and says he lost his temper on Suraj, he was the reason for that day’s incident. Shagun says Mihir is blind, you have given Ruhi there, the house has scandals, Raman is violent, he is wrong for Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun left Ruhi after birth and Ishita has done her upbringing as Yashoda maiyya. Raman says he lost his temper as some people were talking ill about his wife and sister in law, and requests her not to take away Ruhi. A lady gives statement against Ishita. Appa says Ishita is Ruhi’s mum, she can’t live without Ruhi. Tanu says she has seen Raman, Shagun and Ishita, they know very well to use media, and tells about Shagun taking women organization, and Ruhi answered them, who is teaching her.

Mihika admits her mistake and says she lost her respect and it affected on her family, don’t punish Ishita for this. The judge says she will tell her decision after recess. Ishita cries and Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her. She says the judge will take the right decision as before. Shagun thanks Tanu and her friends and says I m sure Ishita’s case is weak this time. The case resumes. Ishita and Raman pray for Ruhi. The judge says she has taken decision, who is better for Ruhi’s upbringing. She says Ruhi can get badly affected if there are issues occurring daily at home, so….Ashok comes there and Raman asks what is he doing here. Ashok says he wants to say something.

Ashok says you may feel Raman and Ishita’s home environment is not good for Ruhi, and Shagun is better, but who told you she is a good mum, do you know Shagun’s behavior is more violent than Raman, I m staying with her since 6 years and she is a dangerous woman, so I left her and did not marry her. Shagun says whats wrong with him, and asks Ashok to stop it. The judge asks what he wants to say. Ashok says when you sent Ruhi to us, I knew it Shagun can’t be a good mum, Ruhi used to be scared as Shagun used to scold and beat her for small things. He says he is ashamed, about the scandal on his marriage day and what Raman and Mihir did was right, anyone would have done this, you can choose any parent for Ruhi, but not Shagun. He says after our marriage broke, she has no place, no job, no financial and mental stability, I don’t think its good idea to give her Ruhi.

Shagun slaps Ashok and says he is lying. Ashok asks the judge to see her behavior here. The judge says you are saying against Shagun and you tried manipulating Ruhi last time. Ashok says yes, I want Ruhi to get a good upbringing. The judge says we can give the kid to NGO in this case, as both families are not good for her. Everyone is shocked. Ishita says you have always heard us, and taken right decision, can you just listen to me once. The judge says yes. Ishita says I know we are unable to give a good environment, she is growing before time, but our family loves Ruhi a lot, we are hurt to see her getting problem in our house, its good idea to send her to NGO, they can give her food and send school on time, and teach her manners, but will she get family’s love there.

Raman says Ruhi gets affected by the custody case, she is my daughter, I request you to grant permanent custody to us, so that Shagun and Ashok does not bother us again.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. p

    arey yeh singapur ka darma sirf love confession ke liye kiya gaya hai .raman ruhi ke custody case jeetne ke baad raman ishita ko divorce paper bhejega and singapur jane ke liye nikal jayega and fir airport par love confession hoga.

  2. arey wow ishu and ruhi ka emotional scene make me tear roll on my eyes.maa aur beti tho saath saath looks beautiful.waise raman kaha tha end the custody one and all and give it ishu yaar.

  3. p

    All Ishra fans raman ishita ka dance hoga BCL me .raman ishita song “jara sa jhume lu me ” of movie ddlj par perform karege .Dance bahut amazing hoga .Toh all ishra fans jhrur dehke na BCL ki opening cremony on 14 dec at 7.30pm on sony

  4. ishra

    yaar ishraRuh. ….scene ne toh rula diya. …ruh ne teeno hath band dha that’s was heard touching moment. ………I wish ke. ……yeh cute and beautiful family hamesha ek sath rahe. …….kisi buri nazer na lage. ……….hamesha happy happy. …..rahe……

  5. nufra

    So emotional ruhi ill not go anywere leaving ishra they r d cute family.nd wen ruhi was asking burger etc to raman evn I was crying.nd i no ishita only ill win d case. waiting for nxt track wen ishra will confess their feelings in the airport .luv u ishra n ruhi. Ruhi z so cute .

  6. john

    I hate ishita n raman n ruhi they r overacting. I dnt lyk them nd I wish shagun shud win d case but bcoz of ashok ishita ill win d case.nd shagun is sooo cute,

  7. and guys guess what the love confession of ishra promo is air on tv just a fews mins was really amazing.and one more news in sunday also we can watch our fav ishra on screen mera mathalab mahamovie of yeh hai mohabatein on 3pm on dont miss it.

  8. ishra

    John. ..jab aap ko ishita raman ruhi pasnd nahin hai ….overreacting karte hai toh aap yhm kyun dek te ho ………….I Don’t like u r comment. …….not good. …

  9. All *** IshRa *** fan’s –
    coming divyanka tripathi birthday days no will comments on serial…..
    only wishes her….n all comments like others commenter comments…….
    this statement on- 13 Dec 2014 at night 12 am……
    this Anand raaz statement do u….like this comments…….

  10. All *** IshRa *** fan’s –
    coming divyanka tripathi birthday days no will comments on serial…..
    only wishes her….n all comments like others commenter comments…….
    this statement on- 14 Dec 2014 at night 12 am……
    this Anand raaz statement do u….like this comments…….

  11. ishra

    Happy birthday to yousuf sahab (dilip kumar )mashallah aap 92 saal k hoye hai …aap jio hazaron saal ye meri hai aarzon. ……aap aur sahera banu ji hamesha sahat mand rahe…….. aap ne 65 films main kam kiya. …. aap ki best film me. ….mugh le aaram. …naya daor. ….gura aur kal a. ……once again happy birthday dilip sahab…

  12. 123

    bhai log bahen log, agar raman singapore chala gaya na, main iss show ko nahi dekhunga jab tak raman is not back. only wish is mani shld not come back.

    • Haa…..
      isee website pr…..mai chahata Hu…..13 Dec 2014 ke raat 12 bje hi….commenter comments kade ishe pehle nahi…..
      ush din serial ke topic pr koi comments na kade….
      harr kiss comments ko like kade….dislike nahi aana chahiye….
      or Kisi ko passand aaye…to bhi koi…baat nahi….
      Mai to karuga…..12bje hi…..or…website pr…fb twitter….

  13. y evry1 lyk ishita raman ruhi. I wish mani shud marry ishita ashok shud marry mihika raman shud marry shagun and that ill be amazing day 4 me

    • Who r u…..guys…….
      why u r comments this website u….r not a IshRa fan’s….
      i can not explain u….john….u r a such a rascals… ur only dilike everybody…..
      region in this website all r ** IshRa ** fan’s…..
      john u r such a lovely person…..just chill….

  14. ishra

    123 …raman kahin nahin jaiga. … Singapore scene toh sirf love confession k liye hoga……
    aur mani aaye ya naa aaye is se ab koi farq nahin pardta. ……….

  15. 123

    14th DEC, Divyanka’ b’day isiliye maha movie telecast ho rahi hai. shayad iss baar raman will be the anchor as ishita was the anchor on karan’s b’day. aur sony pe dance karinge Ishra for BCL launch.

  16. ishra

    John. .jai sa tum sonch rahe ho agar waisa ho Jaye. nahin ho sakta………..jis din ye hoga uss din yhm ka aakhri din hoga. …kya bekar, bakwas jodiyan banayi hai tum ne….once again bakwas, bakwas. ..

  17. Yaar muje samaj mai nahi aata ki yeh Raman ko ho kya hatq hai!!!! Kyin bewkoofo wali harkatein karta hai…
    Pehle Mihir ki galti apne sar le li aur Iahita ki nazron me bura ban gaya chlo yeh to samua ki bara bhai hai to chhote bhai ko bacha liya…. par ab kya jab sab kuch thik ho raha hai to divorce ke baare mai kyon sochta hai….. aur jab sab log Ruho ke wapas aane ki khushiyan mqnayege tab bhi kone mai bethkar ro raha hoga……
    Aur phir divorce paper de kar Singapore chala jayega….kya laga rakha hai itni badi khushi mili hai to khush raho…..
    And love cinfession ke baad bhi agar Singapore jana jaruri ho to Ishita ko saath lekar hi jana…..

      • Kyo kya hua maine kya galt likha maine yeh nahi kaha ki tino over react kar rahe yai you know I am huge fan of him mujse unki sadness dekhi nahi jati isw liye aisa likha hai mai koi unki burai nahi kar rahi bas apni chinta jata rahi hoo……..

  18. Yaar yeh Ashok free mai Ishita ii help kyo jarega?????
    Kahi aisa to nahi usne Mihika ke saath koi deal ii ho like Mihika will marry Ashok…..
    Aisa nahi hona chahiye…..
    Kam se i kam 2-3 mahino ie liye to bahi honq chahiye…… 2-3 mahine tak hume sirf IshRa ka romqnce ho hona chahiye no more drama for atlest 2-3 months …….pure 1 saal se wait kar rahe hai to 2-3 mahine to bante hai iss se jyada hai to no problem par iss se kam to bilkul bahi chalega…….

  19. Roopal

    John, u r more irritating then the stupid serials like saathiya etc. rotten people like u should not watch gud serials like YHM. It is below dignity for such good daily soap.

  20. Raman anchor hoga to kitna maja aaya pehle maha ep mai Ruhi ne apni feelins share ki thi..dusre mai Ishita ne & ab Raman share karega…. wow so exciting……….waiting for sunday…….

  21. Yaar Ruhi ne chhoti ho kar bhi bahut badi baat kar di sach kaha Raman Ruhi Ishita alag nahi hai……hamesha 2dil 1 jaan hota hai par yahaan to 3 dil 1 jaan hai…….Sabne in tino ko sahi naam diya hai IshRaRu………
    Kabhi juda nahi honge……..Ekta to kya God bhi unhe alag nahi kar sakte…..

  22. ishra

    yaar mani ka iss serial may aane ka maqsad to ishita raman ko aap na pyar realise karana tha ……woh toh hoga ya…….mani shani nahin well wisher ban k aaya tha ishra k life main. ….agar mani ko is serial may continue kare toh. …..koi problem nahin ……….bas woh aap ne limites main rahe…..zyada intefier na kare ishra k life main. ……..

  23. happy news for Ishita fan’s *****
    popular show yeh hai mohabbatein in coming sequence –
    (1) finally Ishita *** wins ruhi’s custody case…..again
    (2) Raman to NOT *** divorce Ishita
    (3) finally Ishita say raman to i luv u…on airport….
    @ some bad information –
    Ashok manipulate mihika make her agree to marry her…..
    finally mihika marry to Ashok…..
    region – mihika deals with Ashok and finally he gives statement in favor to Ishita ***
    so be happy fan’s…..keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show

  24. p

    Ruhanika is so talented in such a small age her acting is quite impressive.After she grown up then she will become one of the most popular actress.

  25. p


  26. Yeh guys aap sab ne notice to kiya hi hoga ki Ekta ki serials mai scenew repeat hote hai matlab ki har story mai kuch na kuch milta julta hai …..
    Abhi Ishani & Ranveer kahi ghumane bahaar gaye hai….to muje lagta hai ki IshRa bhi saath saarh Singapore jayenge…..

  27. Har sunday hum sochte hai kab aayega monday…. Sunday is so boaring without IshRa……
    Par yeh sunday special hoga…..tripal surpise…..
    1) Divyanka’s birthday… SBS interview
    2) YHM maha episode
    3) BCL oppening ceremoney & IshRa’s dance
    ………and most most most important……
    Waiting for Monday …..for IshRa’s love confession……….

  28. ishra

    prayosha tum ne ye notice ki. jab ishra picnic k liye gaye the accident hoa tha aur ishita ne memory lose hone natak kiya tha. ………….waise hi ……..meri aashiqi tum se hi. ……mai ran veer, ishani bhi kahin jarahe hai accident hota hai aur ran veer memory lose hone kawaise natak karta hai jaisa ishita. …….ne kiya. …….yaar ekta aap ne serials main same same kyun dikhati hai. ……………..

  29. ishra

    Yes prayosha this Sunday is very special. ……….triple blast. …..
    ..For ishra fan’s. ………………….

  30. Haa to mao wohi to keh rahi hoo yeh hi naho aur bho kai scens hai jo repat hue hai like manwa lage dance and wo yaad hai Ishita ne apni photo Raman ke mobike me dekhi thi uske 2 din baad Ishni ne apni photo RV ke laptop mai dekhi thi… kash ye ghumne jane wala scene repeat ho……
    IshRa saath saath Singaporw jaye like Honemoon…….

  31. sandy

    Ishrahiiii lots of love for uuuuuu. A biiiiiiiig hiiiiiiii to all the ishrahi fans out here. Now will shagun come back to bhalla’s house with adi ? I can’t digest her even in one small scene then how it’ll be possible when she she lands in our cutie family? Just hope everything goes well

  32. p

    prayosha even I am also supporting jaipur joshiley because I have two reasons First I am from jaipur and 2nd karan patel. Aur me yeh kahe rahi thi ki ishra HM par nahi jayege.

  33. ishra

    hi sandy. ….aaisa kuch nahin hoga. ….is case incident k bad toh usse ghar mai khadam rak ne bhi denge. …….

  34. p

    Prayosha tumhe agar ishra ka dance dehka na hai toh tum aaj ka SBS ka episode dehke lo 1st part hi dehkna. aur maine tumhe friend request bheji hai accept kar lo palak singh ke naam se hai.

  35. Muje FR nahi mili wese bhi mai personal FB jyada use nahi kari maine to account hi Karan Divyanka ko follow karne ke liye banaya hai…and tum itni sure kaise ho ki IshRa saatj nshi jayenge.. Kya aisa dikha diya ki Raman akela chala gaya……

  36. Prayosha is it ishra confessing their love on monday ill be very happy becoz monday is very spl to me although its b’day and ishra’s confession of love and more over the before day of my b’day is my fav fav fav ishta’s b’day this mnth is triple damaka for me…… i luv u ishra and ruhi beta.

  37. p

    arey jab raman singapur jane ke liye airport puche ga tab ishita waha aakar apna love confess kardegi aur dono wapss ghar aa jayege.

  38. Aisa lagta hai kyonki monday tak suspance banaye rakhne ke liye … aur abhi to confession ke pehle ke kai intresting scened baaki hai iss liye sature day se pehle to confession hona mushkil lag raha hai… iw liye shayad confession monday ko hoga… I am not sure….

  39. Haa to yeh to buisness tour hai and Raman ko pramotion mila hai iss liye jana jaruri hoga shayad tab nahi par baad mai dusre din jaaye…. jaaye to maja aayega dekhne mai……

  40. ishra

    aare yaar Monday ka intezar karna padega. …….Monday bhi bataye ga ki nahin. …….suspens toh hoga. …..Most awaited love confession jo hai. …………Tuesday se pehle ye episode aajai. ………….

  41. Nahi mai confuse nahi hoo mai samaj gai tum keh rahi ho ki dono wapas ghar aa jayenge par mai keh rahi hoi ki wo tour bhi important hai Raman ke liye uska jaana jaruri hai shayad confess karne ke dusre din dono saath saath jaye aisa hona hi chahiye is se achha aur kya ho sakta hai ki IshRa saath akele ghumane jaye…..

  42. p

    arey ishra sab logo ko love confession ka hi intezar hai .iss liye ekta jtana ho sake utna love confession late karne ki koshish karegi.

    • Nahi utna bhi late nahi hoga dekha nahi case jotne ke baad ghar aate hi Ishita Raman ks bag pack jar rahi thi matalab dusre din hi Raman jayega aur confession hoga ….

  43. p

    arey tum logo ko sona nahi hai kya chalo sojao.kal morning me iss conversation par baat karege . ok bye good night and sweet dreams.

  44. advance happy birthday to divyanka tripathi aka ishitha. very good track and awesome episodes. all ishra and ruhi fans are extremely happy. but what will happen to shaun as she knows that ashok has betrayed her. but i wish mihika and mihir be alright and mihika will just pretend to agree to marry ashok but in the mandap shagun will sit wearing ghoonghat and after marriage ashok shocked to see shagun. because i dont want she come in the way where is mani? anyways yhm is rocking…….

  45. ishra

    prayosha. ….love confession k bad raman tour pe jane ki koshish karre ga. …….per woh ishita ko dekh kar wapas ajaega………..mujhe lagta hai ki raman ko tour pe Akeley Jana chahiye. …… hi toh woh. ….dono. ..ek dusre ko miss karange. …… conversation. .honge. ……wait karenge kab dono ek sath honge. ……..ishita raman ka intezarkaregi. ……..raman bhi isishita se milne k liye bechain hoga. ……….dono k cute dialogs honge. ……..maza aaye ga dekhne mai

  46. ishra

    prayosha. …tumhe kya lagta hai. ….ki aaisa hona chahiye. ……….mujhe lagta hai ki aaisa hona chahiye. ……ishita raman khayalon main aur raman ishita k khayalon main. .utpatang harakatien karenge. ……

  47. Are yaar kya Kr rahi….ho tum sab….kuch nahi hoga…raman Ishita kabhi judda nahi hone wala hai….
    isliye keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show……
    website ko tum sab ne Facebook bana Diya…..
    may be telly express open karega….
    to……kya hoga……
    Ishita Raman ke sath….hamesa hai or rahiga….
    coming episode mai may be mihika ka saadi Ashok se ho jaye….
    uske alawa kuch…bhi na hoga…….
    jyda sochooo mat….

  48. Nahi tum ne kaha us se bhi achha suggetion mai detii hii dono ka mix
    Raman Ishita saath sath singapore jaye… Raman meeting mai & Ishita hotel mai ek dusre ke khayalo mai….
    Utpatng harkate waha kare Ishita Raman ka wait kare & Raman meeting puri karne ke baad dauda dauda Ishita ke paas chala aaye….. Uske baad romantic candle light dinner……..
    Kaisa laga??????

  49. ishra

    raman apne business ko expand kare k liye. …Singapore k liye jaiga. …….woh ishita ko har mosibat se door rakhne k liye usse alag ho ne ka sonche ga…….raman ko rutaa hoa dekh kar usse samjhai gi aur ishita bhi consernt dikhai gi k woh uss k sath hai. ……..samjha ne k bawajod. ….usse divorce papers milte hai aur shock hojati hai and she rush to the airport to him. …and they confess their love. …… xcited. …..

    • Sab kuch jante huye bhi….dil hai ki manta nahi……
      Maine fb padha … confess ke baad dono…..honeymoon ke liye Dubai jayege……..
      don’t take tension everything is all right just keep n watch yhm show…..ishra…

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