Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya decorating Mani and Shagun’s room. She leaves. Shagun looks on and asks Pihu to sleep with her today. She goes to room and sees the decorations. She thinks Aaliya has many wishes, but sorry, this is not part of my plan.

Pihu asks will I stay here. Shagun says yes, I won’t leave you alone for a second, come. She says I m proud of you, you came alone here, you did everything what I said, I love you. Pihu says I will do anything to stay with you, don’t leave me. Shagun says I won’t. Mani looks on. Shagun gets worried seeing him. Shagun says actually, Pihu was tired and I thought to make her sleep, I will take her to another room and sleep there with her. Mani says I understand, its okay, relax, you can stay here. He leaves.

Mihika gets to

know Romi left from office and drops a message for him. She says where did Romi go, there is so much happening at home. She calls Bunty and asks for Romi. He says Romi is with me. She says fine, I will call office. She says so Romi is lying to me, I will find truth, once I catch Romi red handed, he won’t have any excuse to give him, that time he will have to answer me everything. She gets angry. Shagun says I ordered pizza for Pihu. Mani asks her to have some food. She says I will be fine when she eats food, thanks and sorry. Mani says we got married, relax, Pihu is my responsibility too. She goes.

Mani feels hungry and goes to check if there is anything to eat. Aaliya asks Mani will you make Shagun have instant noodles. He says no, she ordered pizza for herself and Pihu. Aaliya says you are too cute, I felt someone will serve you dinner after your marriage, but things are different. He says its okay, we are not normal newly weds, I m your Appa, and Shagun has Pihu, we have to give time to our children first, Shagun is mother first, marriage happened just now, there are many dinners, chill. She hugs him and calls him best Appa. She says Shagun is very lucky to get you.

Mihika says once I get to know truth, I won’t leave Romi, I will go hotel first. Romi comes and she asks where was he, why was he not answering. He says I was in meeting, so phone was off. She says I called your office, you left from office, don’t you have anything to say, someone said right, person’s nature never changes, I feel I did big mistake to marry you, you don’t deserve that I trust you, you know Pihu left home alone to stay with Shagun, Ishita feels Shagun did this, you don’t care for anyone, how can you be so selfish. She sees Raman and Ishita coming and hugs Romi. She says don’t think I got love on you, Raman and Ishita are coming. Ishita asks why does Mihika look tensed. Romi says nothing, shall I come along. Ishita says no, we will manage. They leave. Romi thinks he got saved today.

Ashok asks Niddhi to celebrate. She calls him mean and says you are celebrating for ex’s marriage. He says yes, else she would have come back to me, now she is with Mani. She says you should thank me, I convinced her to marry Mani. He says I get fun when its anything against Raman and Ishita. Shagun took Pihu along. She asks really, you know Ishita loves her children, she saved Ruhi from me, lets see how she saves Pihu.

Ishita and Raman come to Mani’s house. Ishita says sorry, I disturbed you Mani. He asks is everything fine. She says we came to talk to Shagun about Pihu. He says I thought we sorted it, let Pihu stay here, Shagun is feeding food to Pihu, its been stressful day. Ishita tells him that Shagun created this stress. Mani says you started again, Raman explain her. Raman says I tried explaining, she did not listen. Shagun comes and says its okay Mani.

Ashok reaches there and says I got your fav flowers Shagun, wish you a happy married life, Raman’s car is here, Niddhi said right, there is some drama happening here, I can see Ishita and Shagun’s fight inside. Shagun says I knew Ishita won’t let Pihu stay with me, don’t do drama, I spoke to Pihu and explained her she did wrong, she should have not come here this way, she has to stay in Bhalla house, I prepared her mentally to go with Ishita.

Ishita asks how much drama will she do. Shagun asks whats wrong with you, I just got married, why are you insulting me infront of Mani and Aaliya. She asks Mani to ask Ishita to take Pihu and leave, I don’t want to get this humiliation, I don’t deserve this. Ashok hears them and thinks why is Shagun giving Pihu back. Ishita says wait, I will take Pihu, I don’t want Shagun to say anything wrong to her. Shagun asks what, can’t I say her goodbye. Raman asks Shagun to get Pihu, if she wants to come, we will take her, else she can stay here. Shagun thanks him and goes. Ishita thinks I trapped Mani in Shagun’s plan. Ashok smiles and thinks well done Shagun.

Pihu says I won’t go with that aunty, she is bad. Shagun says you have to go there and fight for mumma’s right, that aunty is bad, you have to teach her a lesson, sometimes we have to turn bad to teach lesson to bad people, I always taught you to be a good girl and respect everyone, but you trouble that aunty, you have seen how she got me married and made me leave that house, she wants to separate us, you fight for me, Raman and everyone should know that aunty is bad. Pihu says yes, I will become your little soldier and fight for you. Shagun says don’t stay peacefully there and don’t let them stay peacefully, then they will drop you back to me. Pihu hugs her. Shagun thinks now I will use Pihu, my Brahmastra will snatch my Pihu from all of you.

Raman and Ishita take Pihu. They are on the way. Ishita tells about the trip, and there is children’s park too. Raman says I heard a lot of it, when are we leaving. Ishita says we can leave anytime, Ruhi is so excited. Raman asks her to take girls out for shopping. Pihu refuses to go to theme park with them.

Shagun meets Ashok and asks why did you come here, you know I got married today. He says yes, that’s why I came, I m here to congratulate you. She thanks him for managing things and helping her. He says don’t embarrass me, I m doing this against Raman and Ishita. She says I m doing this for Pihu. He says I know, you married Mani to get Pihu, he is simple and does not know this, I know everything, there won’t be problem from my side, I did not understand why did you let Pihu go with Ishita, whats your gameplan. She says you are right, its big plan, I need your help.

He says I m just a phone call away. She thanks him and says I learnt from you, we have to lose something to get something, I left Pihu and Ishita will get her back, I turned good and did so much, but family does not care for me. He says we won’t leave them. She says do anything, but Pihu should not be affected. He says I promise, Pihu will come back to you. They shake hands and smile.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Pihu that Neelu made popcorn, we will watch serial, come. Pihu refuses to watch serial and goes to her room. Ishita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nandu

    Damn😂shagun believing adhokate n thinks he doesn’t harm pihu…I promise like the way adi came to ishita…pihu vl also come to ishita…😂really I pity shagun bcz of her insecurity she z dng this…n in this process she looses pihu ..n again turns +be😜I think…n before dat again shagun vl manipulate all dat ishita is insecure😞so she is blaming me ..blah blah…as usual our Raman babu vl feel shagun z ryt n so way he treats n cares fr ishita…n shagun as per plan vl make pihu watch this😠n her hatred fr ishita reaches peaks….this is the story wat m expecting😛

    • Manju

      I also does not like Desi pihu. I really liked ruhi with nice frocks. She used looking gorgeous. I do not like her new dresses nor ramans dress sense.

    • Parichary

      It seem that you hate Desi Pihu because of Shagun.


      Do you know why Pihu is dressing up like this because she is similar to Ishita. Ishita also dress up like that. When Ishita was single and she dress up in Eastern Wear. Ruhi is like Shagun because Shagun always wear Western wear. Ishita doesn’t mind that Ruhi wear Western clothes. Shagun doesn’t mind that Pihu wear Eastern clothes. Raman dressing was not bad at all. Sometimes he wear old fashion clothes but now he look much better than this new m\odern clothes to make him look younger. I know that Raman is the father of 3 kids. Ishita look amazing in the sari and never changed. When it comes to the function Raman make Ishita wear s*xy and modern new clothes. Raman want Ishita to drive him crazy.


      Pihu is like Ishita. Because Ishita loves to watch Serial romanctic tv. Raman don’t mind that and loves her the way. Ishita don’t mind also that Raman loves to watch cricket. Sometimes Ishita have no time to watch tv and always busy with job and household. But now Ishita is housewife because she had not searching the job so Raman is responsible to take care of Ishita and children. If Ishita have the job so that Raman and Ishita will share the responsible of all the children and household including family.

  2. Juhi

    Todays episode was bad. I m so happy because we will see kp and dt chemistry in coming episodes. Woooooooo.

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      Ya they will shown the chemistry nd nxt day will again shout at her.
      Tomancing evrythng ok bt when will raman apologise to ishitha.
      He had yelled nd insulted her too much
      Is she going to leave all that

  3. Aliya

    Helllo hope everyone is good
    pihu is very rude to everyone becoz of vampire shagun. Raman need a shock treatment .he will always shouting to ishu because of his ego

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      Hi aliya,
      Really raman need to be slapped tight. Again nt payinng heed to ishus words nd allowed shagun manipulating pihu. What all she is teaching a lil girl. Disgusting. They r giving wring msgs to children who r watchng this

    • Parichary


      Ishita want Raman to shout at her but she know that he loves her. But only make drama in front of Shagun and others. When Raman and Ishita are in the room and they share sweet moment and romance. That is how they did in old time. Raman want Ishita to shout at him back and get him punishment. Ishita want Ravan back and Raman want Madasen back. Shagun is nothng to Raman. Shagun think that Raman is everything to her but no. Shagun is in love with Raman but Raman ignore Shagun feeling and still want Ishita.

      Good news is that Raman want Ishita to be his girlfriend again then they can give a try to take a chance to love each other again.

  4. Akiatta

    Finally! Some hope for the show to get back to its original way. Come to think of it, I think this Evil Shagun and Pihu track is the best thing that has happened in the show ever since the leap. Honestly, by remember the way Adi loves Ishita after learning Shagun’s truth, I am excited for Pihu to show the same love to Ishita.
    Also, I don’t know why people are hating on Raman this much. He might be more rude and arrogant than before, but he has no fault. I mean, he was always trusting everyone to the maximum. And if you see, he is not wrong in giving Shagun the benefit of doubt. And it’s shown from the beginning of the show that once Raman finds the truth, he always stays in support of the truth. All we need to see is Raman finding the truth, one way or another. Besides, once Shagun applies for the custody, Raman will immediately understand the truth. And so will everyone else. So, I think it’s pointless to hate on Raman.
    And also, I am regularly reading all the comments and I am actually enjoying to see fans of the show interact.And I don’t mean to offend anyone, but for some reason, I have also seen people abusing Pihu. I mean, abusing Shagun is tolerable, but badmouthing a child? Why?

    • VP

      Yes Akiatta . I too agree he always supports the truth thats why he started liking Ishitha … but senseless decision he takes which is the root for everything .. Why to blame him ? cvs mistake … if from the surrogancy track its gone .. I fell to bring Shaghun more into the scenes ….. the story line should have changed if a miracle happened and Ishitha delivers her own child enjoying the pregnancy hood and motherhood and having her own child she loves Ruhi and Adi more than anything to show how a step mother can take care the step children … Totally ruined the story from there .. Nidhi in the jail no uniform .. how they were treating Ishitha in the jail ? Rubbish with wrong messages to the viewers

    • Parichary


      I am absolutely agree with your comment. You know the way of what Raman does. I know that Raman is not arrogant person toward Ishita but want Ishita call him Ravan Kumar and he also want his Madasen. Jhansi Ki Rani is now back in Ishita that Raman enjoyed alot. Raman does not see Shagun plan to trapped him but onlu Ishita see this and try to make Raman understand and Raman know that Ishita is truth. That is why he did drama to shout and insult Ishita alot to prevent the truth. Raman know Shagun lied and Ishita truth.


      I agree that Ishita wear white sari when she was in jail. Nidhi wear funny outfit and it seem like solider uniform. Prision doesn’t give the correct outfit and I am getting confused with jail outfit. I think that they change outfit and room.

  5. yashu

    Guys … I read that pihu will take revenge from ishita n will try to humiliate her.. Raman will not bear this and will slap pihu

    • Parichary


      Pihu had been brainwash by Shagun. When Shagun was in Australia to investiage if Ishita is alive or not. Pihu return home. Adi plan to get Ishita meet Pihu. Same old as drama during Ruhi Stand in the middle of the road with Muthu (puppy) and was about to knock her down but Ishita save her on time. Then again Pihu stand in the middle of the road and van was about to knock Pihu down but Ishita witness it and rush to save her immediately. Ishita was scolding the driver to pay heed attention. Then Ishita get stunning to see Pihu in Ruhi and say Ruhi. Pihu tells Ishita Iam not Ruhi, my name is Pihu. Ishita say of course Pihu and smile. Ishita hug Pihu and Pihu hug her back. During Raman warn Ishita to stay away from Pihu then Raman goes to Adi and slap him then leave from the spot. Pihu then tell Raman that she like Ishita and Raman feel bad and want to tell her that Ishita is her mother but keep himself guilty. During Romi and Mihika wedding day Raman family and Ishita family fight about the wedding traditional that scared Pihu and phone Raman immediately and ask him to come. Raman does not know that Ishita is there. Ishita solve the problem at the wedding. Ishita want to light the scared fire but no match then Raman save the wedding also. Ishita tell thank you without noticed Raman face. Ishita turn to see who help to start the fire and stunning to see handsome annoyed Raman. Raman look Ishita back. Ishita pallu almost catch fire andPihu shout and pull Raman and Ishita away from the fire. Raman and Ishita get stunning. Raman pick Pihu and give peck. Ishita start distibute flowers to guest and Pihu stand and watch Ishita distribute and see her beautiful smile. Raman block Pihu stare at Ishita. Pihu ask Raman to move and Raman refused. Pihu push Raman and Raman smile and ask Pihu who is she looking at. Pihu lied to Raman and Raman tell Pihu that you are watching Aunty Ishita. Raman now realised that Pihu like Ishita. Then Shagun return and get jealous then brainwash Pihu and want to break the relation between Bhalla and Ishita. Ruhi get angry on Shagun for breaking her family that she want. Ishita is Raman life and his wife. Because they are not divorce when Ishita was in jail and committed sucide. Raman still wear Ishita wedding band.

  6. Ro

    Hi guyssss… Omg this ep is soooo bad…h8 it…😠😠😠

    That pihu is only 7 years and so adult like… All because of shagun…
    I just hope nidhi DIES!!!😠😠😠

    and I think Aliya Adi pairing will flop… bcoz now they r brother and sister….😂😂😂

    Nidhi and ashok must go from the bhallas lives… Otherwise we can expect pihu to be kidnapped and another 7 years leaps too!!!😞😞😞😞

    Who agrees???😃😃😃

    • Parichary

      Aliya and Adi paired are flopped because Aliya is in love with Mihir (Adi mamu) and Adi will get lost and hurt by Aliya confession. Then there is new girl that will enter Adi life. Aliya and Mihir will get marry. Aliya is Mani’s niece and Adi was Shagun son but not anymore and he is now Ishita son.

      Nidhi and Ashok will never leave Bhalla lives and want to ruin family to hurt Raman. Shagun join in hand with Ashok and Nidhi to destory Raman and Ishita. Shagun have forgetten about Ruhi wanting family to be complete but Shagun use Pihu to break Ruhi incomplete family. Pihu will realise her mistake when Pihu see Ishita love and caring that Shagun doesn’t. Pihu will slowly to get love from Pihu. Ishita will slowly remove all Shagun poision from Pihu mind and heart. Pihu will not get kidnapped. Shagun want to get Pihu custody but Ishita is fighting for Pihu and her safety. Ruhi and Adi support Ishita to fight against Shagun. Raman will remain watching of who is the winner. Raman know that Ishita will win Pihu heart and make Pihu see her love.


    Hi Laya Welcome to This GROUP.
    I Think You Won’t Get Much Fun in This GROUP
    The SERIAL is LOSING it’s SHAPE.
    But The Members of This GROUP Are Very NICE And KIND And Friendly too.

    Hi JAZ Monique Mino Kushi AZ Naaz Ahliya VP Rithu Nisha Dish Megha SHIVANI Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi SARITHA Lekha Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Ramchin Susan AA And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    Today I Understood That RAMAN IS A GOOD For Nothing Nothing f**kER.
    ASHOK Was too GOOD.
    His Monologue Was Very NICE
    “Shagun Aj Saavit kardi KI Woh 100% Vamp HAI”.
    JAZ Tum ALVIDA KEHDI kya Iss Site KO?
    Please Math kaho ALVIDA.
    Agar tum ko Ye ACHCHI NAHI Dikha TOH

    • jaz

      Hey Adu coming Sunday my princess daughter birthday hain so you all members of group come to my home town Tamil nadu I am inviting to all dear friends Adu monique khushi vp rithu shivani mino az naaz saritha aliya sindhu siddhi jeni guys PLS bless my lovely daughter..muje aapke blessings chahiye..

      • Khushiarvind


        |Registered Member

        Hey jaz wow,
        What r ur plans for her birthday?
        Convey My bday wishes in advance to her..
        Wishing her all the bst with lots of luv nd prayers…God Bless

      • Mino

        Thank You Jaz For ur generous Invite. Wish Ur Daughter A Very Happy Birthday Good Health & Happiness Always.. Give The Princess A Big Hug. Luv. & A Kiss From Me. An Early Wish for Sunday.. Have a great Party..

  8. Roselyn Dada

    Ekta Ma I Hope You Realize That We Have Small Chidren Watching The Show Turning Ruhi Negative Is Bad Children Have Started Hating Her Pls Do Something

  9. rithushree

    Episode is worst.precap is also worst and the serial has become a crap.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha mino Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna priya bhagi mansi bhagya disha juhi siddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl Monique d az and all yhm friends.
    Small ruhi was very much far better than Pihu .and the show has got down to the same story when it started but the difference is ishruh bond was good to watch and shagpihu bond is horrible to watch because ishruh bond was the main reason to watch this serial shagpihu bond is the reason to not watch the serial.its a vampish bond.

    • VP

      Totally true Rithu … agree with you … Ashok claims he wrote the letter … and he is not arrested … what unrealistic things are going on … this show cant be seen with children … mother forcing 7 year old child to do wrong things ad in serials … my request children please stay away from this show .. Shaghun how easily gets her things done .. hope very soon truth will come out … Ishithas character is only to suffer …

      • Mino

        Yes VP, I have been telling every time that this is a bad show for kids as they pick up the wrong vibes & Values. But the CV”S think people are enjoying what nonsense is this. we already have a bad values the young kids are up to. Why can’t they give good values. this EKTA person has gone Bonkers.

    • siddhi

      I agree with u agree small ruhi was much much better then pihu miss her so much n also ishru bond I really don’t like pihus behavior but v can’t do anything that’s why I was against leap n I don’t like pihus character not ruhaanika I love ruhaanika n her acting but not pihu she was so cute as small rooh

    • siddhi

      mujhay samaj niii ata k kya shagun sahiii may pihu say pyar kartiii hai ek taraf to us ko khartay may daalti hai aur dosrii taraf kehtiii hai k I love her ye kasa pyar hai I don’t think that k kisi maa ka pyar asa ho ga I just don’t want to see any court case yhm ki trp pehlay hi bohot gir giii hai I wonder why these stupid ppl r not telling pihu about ishu ruhi hamesha kehtiii to hai k pihu ko bata dena cahiye k us ki biological mom kn hai par batatiii Thai everyone is so dumb in this serial the serial has completly lost its charm n beauty abhi to hamay aliya n mihir ki love story Bhi dekniii hai kya ruhi ko parhai likhIii niii karnii I think cvs bhol gaye hain ye baat

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      True rithu, vp, siddhi
      Pihu is horrible… Bt nt her fault. She is in an age when children can easily get misleaded.
      Shagun luvs pihu sincerly bt cant justify her action of venomising her ming against her own people.these all happens only bcose of shaguns insecurity.
      I wonder y aftr all theae crimes ashok always escape smartly. Inreally want to see him in jail. This is nw too much
      Openly going to meet shagun nd no body witnessing them together
      Not convincing at all

      • VP

        yes Khushiaravind … how Ashok and Shaghun meets … And little Pihu we cannot hate or blame atleast think of her acting skill as Ruhi and Pihu .. great .. No mother in the world will be like Shaghun … These types of negativity shoud be censored by censor board ..It show as truth never wins …

    • jaz

      Yeah rithu you absolutely right that’s why I’m not watching now days isharu bonding was very nice to see but shagypihu mann kartha hain apna tv phod doon.I hated shaggy so much

  10. twinkie

    Shagun ke sath galat hua ishita pehle to chalk gayi or an madam a gayi shagun kya pagal hai itne salo se usne sabka khayal rakga or an sab ouch ishita ko de de

  11. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    guys i cant understand one dialoug from ishitha.ishita says”i trapped mani in shaguns plan” what does it mean ?

  12. kutty

    These days i am not watching yhm because they show us all the nonsense
    They made mani and shagun married .tat devil shagun only desrve stupid ashok
    Pls make pihu love ishima
    Ruhi only can do dis because her characters main purpose is to unite family
    Here ruhi’s character is main not pihu’s
    Pihu s character is similar to adi character
    Pls unite pihu and ishu as early as possible
    Nowadays i am not watching yhm becz always ishita fails and get insult
    And mani is being cheated so i dont like the serial once pihu comes to ishma ill watch the serial thanx for reading my comment

  13. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Hope u guys are all well.well just many many twists in the serial.but I think pihu will figure out who her real mother is and what a vamp shaggy is.lets wait en watch!

  14. Meera

    I am eagerly waiting for pihu’s love for ishita.By the way I like this serial more if Raman’s looks will change

  15. jaz

    Hey Adu how are you dear friend,how is your vision now..kya karo adu jab b mein serial yah movie dekhthi ho tu dilse dekhthi ho..koyi hurt hotha hain tu muje rona aajatha yaar.ishu kitna hurts hothi hain os shaggy ki waje se..muje DT bahot pasand hain.. mere favorite actor ya actress hurt hotha ya phir rothe hain na muje dukh hotha hain no I like sharuk but in devdes movie ends mein sharuk ki death hojathi hain NA. Mei kitna royi ki meri haanki hi that’s why I’m not watching this show.sabke sab ishu ke khilaf hain..bus update comment badthi ho sabke.

  16. jaz

    Hey Adu monique khushi salley susan vp mino super girl salley pihu sindhu siddhi jeni rithu shivani mino az naaz saritha aliya and all members of yhm fans HELLO EVERYONE GUYS..what’s up guys

  17. susan

    Akkiata. Loved your comments. More positive point of view. So true about Raman’s character. Yes some of us hate Raman. But I believe we do so with love. Getting impatient for him to realise the truth.

    • Akiatta

      Thank you! I am glad you liked them. Yes, we do hate him with affection. And i am actually pumped to see the news about Raman supporting Ishita and the two loving each other just as before.

  18. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj,bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma and all my dear frnds…
    Sorry if i missed out any names
    I thnk yhm is back to track slowly
    So all might be happy
    Vp thank you for reading ff

    Shagun nd ramana both are fools. Shagun believing ashok nd tellng him dnt harm pihu evn while she knws he can stoop to any level for harming raman. Unbelievable.
    Raman without paying heed to ishus words lettng raman venomise pihus mind. Such a dumb he is.
    Feelng vry sad abt mani. How innocent nd caring he is. By marriting shagun aliya nd manis wil be lyk hell.
    She is tryng to manipulatr mani.
    Omg when this will stop. Will shagun evr turn positive again. I want her to be positive nd live peacefully with mani. He is such a nice person
    When wil this egotic raman say sorry to ishitha.
    I thnk there will be some romantic moments bt no use other day he wil again start yellng.
    Mp misusing his power nd meetng criminal in jail frequently. Unbelievable.
    Nd nidhi still didnt get any jail uniforms. Is she in jail or in any resort. Unbelievable

  19. khusi

    jo bi shgun ko vamp kah rhe to pls ek bar khud ko wha rkh kar thoda reality me aakar soche ki who is wrong ye ishita bdi mahan bani firti hai usne phle dusro ke matter me pad kar apna ghar tabah kiya sab ko chhor kar gyi phr mani ko bi chhor diya aur jb use phr se uske bachhe mil gye to aliya ko bi chhor ke aa gyi apne bachho ke pas. aur bate badi badi karti hai bato se koi ma nai ban jati ab use aliya ko chhorne me ek min nai lga becoz she don’t loved her ever but shagun pihu ko bhut pyar karti hai aur wai uski ma hai devki nd yshoda me palda hmesa yashoda ka hi bhari rha hai par ye indian serial wale kuch bi dikha sakte hai so this tym ishita is behaving like a vampire

  20. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, khushi,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj,bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma and all my dear frnds…

    Hey Jaz …..Missed you here.
    Hope you are well.
    I’m good…..not getting time for my FF but trying to make time.
    Did you say its your daughter’s bday Sunday or was but a very Happy birthday… her all the way from Wellington,South Africa.

    • jaz

      Hey monique how are you dear what going on in your life..monique you comment on ishqbaaz I read I am also watch daily ishqbaaz but not comment ting there site bcoz I don’t no kuch tu rok raha hain muje .I now reason but kaise kaho tumse..thoda personal hain..os site par mishiri naam wali ladki se problem hain muje..that’s why I’m not coming there site..o mishkant verma ki fan hain ..mein taher ki fan hoo..yeh dono actors (nauc) serial mein they log taher ko bhala bura bolthey they aur uski insult karthey they..isliye muje waha acha nahi lagtha .. becoz I’m huge fan of taher..

      • Monique_D


        |Registered Member

        Hey Jaz
        I’m always good.
        I like the show and I don’t even take note of most comments.
        You got me a little lost in translation as my Hindi isn’t that good.
        On any site there will always be bashing but I don’t even worry about them,some can be mean but that’s their opinion and I have mine so for me it doesn’t matter.

        YHM is a little bit boring now but I still watch religiously as its my 1st love but Ishqbaaz is close second.
        YHM have got a great cast but they are under utilizing their asset like KP and DT.
        They are slowly bringing the leads together and for that I’m grateful for that.

        That is the fresh ideas I want to see in a TV show that’s in the 21st century .
        All the actors compliment the show and for me being from outside India its difficult to understand the reasoning in some cultural elements,but its entertaining.

        Oh and Don’t forget to wish your daughter a Happy Birthday from me…..

        Miss you yaar…miss your comments

  21. hauwatuyusuf

    Eagerly waitin…. for pihu love for ishita.
    So sorry guy hi am new here so can we be friends if u really never mind

  22. hauwatuyusuf

    So am very so sorry guy’s to say this, raman anger is justified, just bcx ishita said that shagun kidnapped her why will he believes that at a spot, let look back when ishita left the family who took care of them,who make them happy, who take care of all their responsibilities, who insure proper care of the children,who all did that is SHAGUN, so they will hardly believe that shagun will do such a cheap deed to stoop very low for that,

  23. hauwatuyusuf

    So guy’s let just stop blaming RAMAN for no reason, let just hope raman get to know about it and be of some help to ishita, by then the really awesome awaited show moment will be started

  24. hauwatuyusuf

    By the way let talk about ROMI ,for romi am really not in support to be spared by mihika if she caught him red handed

  25. hauwatuyusuf

    And when ishita successful expose shagun, ishita should not spare shagun she should take her to an earful tasks including romi


    JAZ it is A Very GOOD NEWS.
    Farah Jasmine’s BIRTHDAY.
    WE ALL WILL BLESS LITTLE CUTE Attractive innocent CHILD Farah


    JAZ And Rithu Aap LOGON KO Kal COMMENT KI 10/8/2016 YHM 10th Aug.
    Help Me Rithu.
    It is For You ONE COMMENT.

    JAZ if Am Not Wrong B.R.Ambedkar Also Born On Aug 14?


    JAZ ONE Thing I Understood
    Even You Are EMOTIONAL Like Me.

  29. SALMA

    Watching to night episode I must admit so far I have enjoyed the serial but not tonight’s episode .Should a child be used to such an extreme just for entertainment .What has happened to the lovely child playing the role of Ruhi.Should we as viewers be watching this and call it entertainment.Is there no limit to how a child is used for our selfish entertainment. I was cringing watching tonight,s episode.Common the child is talented but she is still a child and everyone do enjoy watching a sweet innocent child not a revengeful ,conniving monster which is going to happen soon

  30. sonya

    Very episode – interesting story. How people can use children for their own benefit. It is so true.

  31. deepa c

    Ishu was forced to leave. She did not want to live. She was abused by her husband so badly that she attempted suicide, but was saved. Please do not teach wrong values to a small child. I love Ishu, her beauty is seen by her heart. Mani should join with ishu and help get back her daughter.

  32. Juhi

    Good morning everyone. Here is falt of situation not raman or ishita. so please don’t blame raman or ishu. Just injoye. And agree with ankita nd siddhi. I also don’t understand shagun’s love about pihu

  33. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE….totally agree with you all , rithu Akiatta vp khushi….
    Hi Jaz thank you for the invitation….we wish her a very happy birthday in advance…

  34. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    m silent reader .ruhanika has lost her charm bcoz of vamp role as pihu .ruhi was too cute and innocent .it is due to ekta her innocense lost .shagun is ryt at some point but she can’t give such values to a child .no doubt she had given 7-years but ishita had not snatched pihu .shagun is dumb.

    • VP

      hi Shivani missed your comments .. we cant blame any actors its only cvs and Ektas .. They just play their roles … we have to appreciate how they act …but this story from what it was started and attracted millions ……. is now living with the beauty and charm of yhm before leap … infact all are frustrated

  35. shreya shetty


  36. shreya shetty

    I request that please remove ruhanika out of this show and include only adi and ruhi in this show.u know guys what,these ******* villains should be kicked out of this show also including that wretched black beauty ugly chipanzeee moron monkey shagun to be kicked specially out of this show.seriously firstly I felt very bad for pihus ruined childhood but now her rude bullshit behavior towards ishu has crossed its limits.discipline is the only way to mend kids and not to give them tooo excessive love and bonding towards parents.they should also learn how to respect even if they re bad or not or whatsoever,parents are like gods and so they are the permanent jewels to safeguards their young jewels of delicacy.sorry if I tried to oppose the comments about ur opinions people,actually I was totally out of on the loose on observing little vamp pihus rude attitude reflected towards ishita.ishita must leave back to Australia all alone that would be the best descision shes ever taken to maintain peace and prosperity in the family.shagun should be thrown to bars for harassening the emotions of a little girl like that for life time!!!!!!!

  37. Sanaya Vashisht

    Yes, Shreya Shetty you are right dear because Shagun is big enemy of Ishita and Bhalla family. Pihu is also doing like her but she is child so this all is happening due to Shagun because she encourages to Pihu and then she do this all. But in the coming episodes Ishita will handle to Pihu.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.