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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to the lady. Ashok argues with the lady and admits his crime. Raman says he wanted to hear this, and scolds him for spiking drink of Ishita. Ashok fumes. Raman asks inspector to arrest Ashok. The inspector says they did this plan to make him accept his crime, this lady is from NGO and she helped Raman. Raman thanks her and she leaves. Ashok gets angry and Raman scolds him. He says he would have beaten him for spiking Ishita’s drink, but inspector will beat him. Ashok is taken away. Ishita worries that Raman can know she was with Ashok, if anyone fills Raman’s ears then.

Raman comes and she asks about Ashok, did he get punished or not. He says he is in jail, did you think I won’t know that Ashok spiked your drink, I came to know everything,

I would have beaten him, that lady was from NGO, she helped me, they made Ashok accept his crime, he tried to touch you, if he did anything wrong, it was about her respect. He says Ashok will not see any woman now, why did you not tell me. She says you still came to know. He says he can read her eyes, he saw her and understood there is something wrong.

She smiles and says you are saying sweet lines, and they romance. They hug and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays………. Its mornig, Suraj comes to meet Ashok and sees him beaten up. Ashok is much hurt. Suraj talks to him. Ashok says they have beaten me all night, where were you. Suraj says he was arranging lawyer, its rape case, you might have done something with that lady. Ashok says I did not do anything, this was setup, and tells him everything.

Suraj says again Raman Bhalla, he always does so, I told you not to see his wife. Ashok says I did mistake, free me, they are beating me. Suraj asks him not to worry, he will arrange a lawyer soon, Raman trapped you and snatched contract from us, we have to tell him we are more ahead of him. Ashok says do anything, take revenge. Suraj says he will do something, and asks him not to react more, media will notify it, he will take revenge, and Raman can’t sleep peacefully tonight.

Ishita wakes up Raman and romances…..Ruhi comes there, asking her to make her hair pleats. Ishita says yes, I will make pleats, I was removing dirt from Papa’s eyes. Ruhi says they will get new baby soon and hugs them. She says my friend said when parents hug, they pray for a baby. Raman asks who told this, this does not happen. Ishita says baby comes by prayers and takes Ruhi.

Mr. Bhalla and Appa have a talk about the 15th august program. The neighbors say about Ashok getting the contract. Mr. Bhalla says my son got the contract. Appa calls Raman and Raman hears Mr. Bhalla praising Raman. Appa smiles. Raman gets teary eyed.

Raman comes home and thanks Appa for calling him and making him hear his dad. Appa says yes, parents can get annoyed, but not leave loving. Amma asks them to have breakfast. Mihika says she are thinking to keep Shitija’s formal naming ceremony. Ishita asks Adi and Ruhi not to fight. She asks them to do cycling.

Shagun comes to the hospital and nurse says Dr Mukherjee will come in some time, check records soon. Shagun thanks her and checks the records. Shagun calls the NGO lady and tells about the surrogacy scam. Shagun says they use helpless women for surrogacy and give them less money, I will get some info about them. Manoj comes there and says excuse me. She looks at him. He asks her what is she doing and shows his Id card, saying he is a doctor and works here. She says she wanted some info.

He says so you are the one about whom I heard, why do you question nurse and wardboy, you have to give me details and then come to this record room. She says I m not a criminal, I m not answerable to you, I did not see you before. He says its usually night shift duty. She does not answer him and leaves.

Adi and Ruhi relax in the compound. Adi helps her in cycling. Pammi sees Sarika and meet Rohit. She says she is annoyed as Vandu did not invite her in naming ceremony. Sarika says Iyer aunty was not here, and naming ceremony till now. Adi asks Ruhi to do cycling alone. Rohit’s pram gets moving and comes on the road. Raman sees Ruhi is about to hit Rohit and runs to pull the pram back. Ruhi hits the car and falls. Ishita and Raman pacify her. Ruhi cries. Sarika says Raman has seen Ruhi losing balance, and saved Rohit instead Ruhi, thanks. Ishita says Rohit is also ours. Raman says no need to thank. Sarika thanks Ishita. Ishita says don’t say thanks, Rohit is like Adi and Ruhi for us. They smile.

Ishita hears Raman getting beaten up and calls Simmi to inform her. Simmi asks Ishita to speak up and say what happened to Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ya bhagi Raman’s expression was so nice….loved it…..ishra scene was nice Nd ishra ruhi scene was superb…. Ishu ne kya jhuth bola aur Raman k expression was very lovely…

  2. Pehle romi aur ab sarika ….dono ko apni galati ka ehsas hua ab bs Mr. Bhalla ki bari hai..
    Ab dhire dhire sab thik ho raha hai…..

  3. Is bar Raman ne soch samajkar jo kiya WO bhot sahi kiya…. Ashok ko achha sabak sikhaya BT kal …..

    Raman akela aur WO gundey itne sare…. Yar ye kamine Bhai…

  4. Wishing our man quick recovery love so much from Nigeria

  5. are yar kuch bhi karke iss ksmeena bhai suraj ko bhi jail me daal dijiye ga he deserves it……..aur param ko bhi e theenom kameenom ka sahi jagha hai vo……..

  6. Precap was not good.

  7. I read above that Ishita will be the owner of the company till raman gets well. isnt this rubbish. ishita doesnt know abc of business. then how come. mihir should have been brought back and given power of attorney or something like that in raman’s absence. at least rinki also would have been happy to some extent.

  8. yar mihir ne tho koi chutti manabe thodi na u.s gayi vo tho project head ban kar ek badaa project handel karne ke liye u.s gaya hai vaise tho ishu thodi na kuch karegi she is just helping her hubby……aur e rinki ko tho koi pagal khane me bhejna chahiye

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