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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Adi to tell her if there is any problem. Adi says okay, I will take care, you go. She hugs him. He smiles. She leaves in taxi. He calls Raman and says what did you do, she left, thanks, I love you. He goes to factory. Gagan says you all won’t get anything to work here, meet him, he is minister, if you all refuse to work here, he will give you double money. Adi comes and slaps him. He asks how dare you two come here. He says Gagan said Ashok is minister, he is a criminal, he supported criminal and lost his name. He scolds Ashok. He asks why do you always come here, if you are seen around, I will not leave you, I can call police and take action, I have no waste time, so just get lost. He says I came here to work, I will give salary to workers, I have no

enmity with them, let me work, stay away from Ashok, else I will not hesitate to call police. He asks Ashok to leave.

Ashok and Gagan leave. Gagan says he did not say right, he slapped me, I will not leave me, just tell me once, I will kill him. Ashok says no, you won’t do this, till I give order, you won’t do anything, we will see a chance and then hit, I know what to do till then, that kid is threatening me, I know in whom is his life. He calls someone.

Aaliya and Shagun come near home. The car tyre punctures. Shagun says its good we happened near the house, come we will go, guard will come and take car. Aaliya says send guard, take the packets, I will get car repaired and get it, Mani would have come home, go and prepare for dinner, I will join you guys. Shagun says I will send guard soon. She goes. A man sees Aaliya. The bottle falls. She turns to see. He hides. Aaliya goes to see guard.

Mrs. Bhalla says this dupatta is for Aaliya. Amma says I got this kurta for Adi. Mihika says you did good shopping, but let them buy clothes by their choice. Mrs. Bhalla says I know, I got this for puja and small functions. Mihika talks to them. Ishita comes home. Mrs. Bhalla says you came back. Ishita asks Mihika to pay cab driver. Mrs. Bhalla gives change. She asks why did you come in cab, I would have sent Romi or Raman to get you. Ishita asks where did Raman go, did he go with suitcase. Neelu says I did not see him. Ishita goes to room and checks cupboard. She says his clothes are here, will he buy new clothes there. She checks his suitcase. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened.

Ishita asks did Raman ask for your suitcase, he is going Phuket. Mrs. Bhalla says he did not tell me. Ishita says he booked ticket by our joint account. Mrs. Bhalla says it maybe misunderstanding. Raman comes. He asks what’s going on. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you going Phuket. Raman asks will I go somewhere without saying me, my son’s marriage is there, stop this rumors, come and give me food. They go. Ishita says he is acting, why is he hiding, he made it confusing.

Aaliya thanks mechanic and gives him money. The man says its our work, thanks. He goes. A man looks at her from far. Guard sees him and asks who are you, whom do you want to meet. The man asks for water. Guard says I will get water, stand here. He gives him water. Aaliya sits there and talks to Adi. She says Shagun’s choice is so good, I got dress for sangeet. Its really awesome, I got heels also, just few days for marriage, I m really excited, why are you not saying anything. He says thank God, you realized this, you are telling me about shopping, I m happy seeing your excitement. She says yes, we will get married and then we will be together forever. He says yes, we will be together forever. The man walks to her. She turns to see and does not see him. He hides. Adi asks are you there, what happened. She says nothing, all okay. The men say your car is repaired, tyre is changed. She thanks them. She says I will call later Adi and ends call. She takes her purse from car and goes. The man looks on.

Raman lies to sleep and says I m much tired. Ishita asks him to say, why did he lie. He asks what could I do, you would have not come back. She says you lied to call me, Adi will manage, who will manage home without you. She says Adi got alone. He says he is going to get married, you are groom’s mum, there is much work, mummy and Amma started shopping, who will do everything. She says we have to renovate Adi’s room, Aaliya will be coming here else she can’t have place to keep clothes in cupboard. He says you are taunting me, I missed you. He flirts. He asks her to grow up, he is going to become Sasur. She asks shall I call interior designer tomorrow, work will be over before Adi comes. He asks her to think for him also. He says there is some imp work and holds her. They laugh. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Its morning, Ishita says this room should be redecorated, it should look couple room, fix floral wallpaper. Raman says Adi is son, not daughter, Aaliya is coming here as bahu, no floral wall paper. She says it should be floral, Aaliya will like it. He says why should men bear always. The man asks them to see designs.

Shagun checks the wedding card samples. Mani asks is repainting needed. Shagun says yes, come. She calls Aaliya to come and see. She shows samples to Mani and Aaliya. They like it. Shagun says we have other options too. Aaliya says its good, but its expensive. Shagun says its your marriage, don’t think of cost. Mani says yes, don’t worry about it. Aaliya says Ishita may get upset.

Shagun says I forgot you are Ishita’s daughter first and then mine. Aaliya says nothing like that, did you get angry. Shagun says no. Mani gets Ishita’s call and says its perfect timing. Ishita asks about Shagun and Aaliya. Shagun says we are here. Ishita says I have come back home, you all come here, I called pandit to get marriage date. Mani says we will come.Shagun says perfect, we will take this wedding card and confirm it if Ishita likes.

Gagan says I was against you before, now when I got to know the men are working and earning living, I understood you are a nice guy, I came here to help you, they will end work in 15 days if I tell them, you have to give me one chance. Adi says like you behaved with me, you think I should trust you, you joined hands with Ashok. Gagan says I did mistake, not forgive me. Adi says I will think. Gagan goes. Adi thinks of Raman’s words to forgive someone if he apologizes. Adi says if Gagan really gets work done soon, my challenge will complete and I will go home early, would Raman give second chance to Gagan being in my place.

The man gives some samples file to Aaliya and holds her hand. She asks don’t you have shame. Everyone hear Aaliya and go out to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    if gagan is good or bad don’t know may be he is acting hi guys how r u all sindhu rithu VP magic priya isuri adithya shivani Susan and all yhm frds how r u guys

    1. Hey bhagya .how are you?after many days you came.

    2. Yes Gagan is pretending to be good.

  2. I am really feeling sorry for ymb loosing prime spot of 7.30pm. 6.30 is difficult time and more over they have taken away 11pm slot as well. So if you miss it very difficult to have it compensate on the second round. Anyway story line is improving and I think ashok want to place his man in the factory to jeopardise the work.

  3. I missed the episode .the episode was ok.precap was bad.
    Hey guys darshi ka vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya(both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya sindhu siddhi aliya naz shreya priya Monique D unique angel bhagya Mino jassi madhu khushi mansi jaz jeni Supergirl saba ankita parvathi Tia ridhika aisha ahs and all yhm friends.

  4. Perhaps Gagan is pretending to be good to snatch Adi’s business by Ashok’s saying. Ashok can’t wait to take revenge from Raman. Awww Raman and Ishita are cute in their nok jhok. I think Adi and Aliya’s marriage will not happen easily as Aliya is going to get kidnapped by the man before everyone comes there. It’s a guess…. let’s see what happens. Raman and Ishita’s role is perfect in doing their duties as father in law and mother in law. I know it’s a second generation of yhm but cvs, please do show us Ishra scenes equally as the serial became a hit because of these two.

  5. Yeh hai mohabbatein on star plus have been getting into many situations where upon Alisa’s kidnap is the latest of all twists.

    Aliya have been kidnapped by none other than ashok’s goons.

    This kidnap have been tremendously affected adi along with raman and ishita.

    Now,through the medium of adi,Ashok seems to blackmail raman and ishita to lower the business count or else aliya will get killed.

    On one side ishita and raman ask adi to stay calm and think of some outcome whereas adi thinks that raman and ishita are not at all worried about aliya.

    Adi keeps on thinking than ishita and raman are selfish and only care about their bussiness and profits and not about aliya.

    It would be interesting as to how raman and ishita try to save aliya along with their bussiness?

    Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

    1. Hi Rithu after a long time updates . Thank you dear .. Hi all … as yhm is losing its charm this site all are missing . Its very defficult to regain that charm though cvs are trying I feel watching the last three episodes . There is no peace at all in the storyline … not giving a small time for the family to have a nice happy time . Mainly from Surrogancy track to give AH the importance , cvs twisted tottaly in a disgusting way . Now the trp is lost , they are trying to bring back the charm … watching SU , Wow , what a beautiful way Raman , Ishitha and Ruhi … cant compare to the nonsense what we are watching now .Ruhanika as Pihu also not upto the mark . Ashok is super villain .. I really like his acting .. Mino how are you … long time .. just say hello .. Magic shivani Sindu .. trust all doing good

      1. Hey VP. how are you?

      2. I totally agree with your comment.

  6. Hi all of you after a long time Hi bhagya I miss today epi so I read it
    And I see your comment how are you dear?
    today episode nice because ishra I liked their part

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu dear hi isuri dear iam fine actually my engagement happens recently that’s why iam little busy but iam back dears

    1. Hey Bhagya . Congratulations to you !!!

    2. Hello Bhagyashree super congratulation for your engegment and for your wonderful future my friend do good be good

      hello to all of you vp yeah am fine actually v busy in study and hope you and all are also doing fine shivani rithu sindhu mino isuri priya susan and shreya and all am sure you all fine

    3. Hi Bhagya Congratulations !! God bless you dear

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys very gud mrng to all yhm frds

  9. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  10. Good morning all of you
    Congratulation for your engagement bhagya

  11. In the upcoming episode of star plus’daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show major turnover.

    Adi is working hard in his khandpur project where he has to manage to open the factory and start to work there which irks Ashok.

    Ashok’s business is taking up loss because of Adi’s khandpur project and thus warns him to shut the factory down with the help of gagan.

    Adi refuses to bend before anyone and thus gives strong fight against Ashok.ashok now gets revengeful and plans to play huge game.

    Ashok kidnaps Aliya thus blackmailing ado to work as he says or he will kill Aliya.

    Adi is stuck and seeks Raman’s help in this matter saving Aliya from ashok’s evil trap.raman and Ishitha both are tensed for Adi and Aliya.

    Stay tuned for more updates and information.

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic iam fine dear thanks for your wishes magic rithu and isuri

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys very gud aftn to all

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thanku VP mam

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