Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to meet Ruhaan. Nancy makes excuses so that Ishita does not meet Ruhaan. Ishita says I treated him, I know what medicines to give him. Ishita knocks the door and asks Ruhaan to meet her. Ruhi gets tensed and tries to cover her hair. She lies down with blanket covering her head. Ishita comes inside and sees Ruhaan covering himself with blanket. Nancy says he likes to sleep like this. Ruhi wishes Ishita leaves. Teri bechaini ka…..plays………….. Ishita holds Ruhaan’s hand. Ruhi takes her hand away. Ishita says I m Dr. Ishita, Aaliya’s mum, I know you are in much pain, I got your medicines, take it. Ruhi asks her to leave, and behaves rude. Ishita says I m keeping medicines here. Ruhi worries that Ishita can see Ruhi and Niddhi’s pic. Ruhi asks

her to leave right away. Nancy asks Ishita to come. Ishita leaves. Ruhi says you are not my mother, why did you come here.

Mihika tells Romi that she is very happy today. She says we should celebrate for our success. Romi says whatever I m today is because of you, your support, when the world left me, it was just you who stood by me, thanks. He gets a call from Ashok. Ashok congratulates him for getting business excellence award. Romi says its your partnership award, congrats. Ashok says Raman would be jealous hearing this. Romi says I don’t care, I m glad I won, I will talk to you later.

Mihika says Romi, I know you joined hands with Ashok to expand business, but you know Ashok is not a good man. He says I know this, I will handle him, once business gets stable, I will sideline him, Ashok supported me in bad time when no one was supporting me, I know he is a creep, but he did not humiliate me, he did not beat me, he did not show he is a better man. He recalls Raman and his fight. He says Mihika I have to tell something, I was waiting since long, finally I have succeeded and I think we should take our relation ahead. He shows a ring and proposes her, asking will you marry me. She smiles and says yes, ofcourse. He makes her wear the ring.

Ashok calls Raman and passes some taunts. He says you are my fav always. Raman says I think committee did right, I have won many awards, I don’t need more, we should encourage new talent. He ends call. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to sit for sometime and talk to her. She gets a call from Romi. Romi says mummy ji, I know you are away from me, but I know I m in your heart, you still love me as ever, you always agreed to me, I had to tell you something, I finally proposed Mihika, she said yes, I want you to come in my marriage, will you come to bless us. She cries. Raman asks whose call was it. She says wrong number. Raman says no, it was Romi’s call. Romi hears this and ends call. Raman gets annoyed and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Shagun that Raman’s anger is not getting less, I m worried for him. Shagun says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Mrs. Bhalla leaves.

Raman comes and asks about kids. Shagun says kids are fine and asks Raman to share his pain, he will feel better. He says that Raman is dead who used to get hurt by others pain, its night, go and sleep. He recalls Ruhi’s death and scolding Ishita. He sits drinking and Shagun worries seeing him. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to leave Raman alone for some time.

Niddhi talks to Nancy. Nancy says I could not give injection to Ruhaan, a doctor came. Niddhi asks who. Nancy says some dentist, I don’t remember name. Ruhi looks on. Niddhi says I told you no one should come in this house and meet Ruhaan without my permission, did the lady meet Ruhaan. Nancy says no. Niddhi goes. Ruhi worries and says its good I told Nancy to lie to Niddhi about Aaliya’s mother. Niddhi should not know that Ishita is Aaliya’s mum, I have to end all connection with my past.

Raman goes to kitchen and takes water to drink. He recalls the past and breaks the glass holding it tight. His hand bleeds. Adi comes and asks Raman to come with him. He makes Raman sit and cries. Raman says I lost my daughter and then my wife, I m a loser. Adi scolds him and asks him to let him do dressing to his wound. Raman sleeps and takes Ishita’s name. Ishita realizes that and says Raman……. Yeh hai mohabbatein….. Mani asks what happened Ishu. She says I felt… he says till when will you miss Raman, its 7 years, its long time, you did not try to meet him, till when will you run from this truth, it was fate what happened with Ruhi, if you want Raman to be away from you, you have to move on. She cries

Ishita makes Mani taste some dish. He says its yummy. She asks what will I get. He says I will kiss your hand. She smiles and says Mani…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. loveleen

    ohhh no…finally its romika..i wanted it to b abhika (abhisekh n mihika )….n where the hell is he ? did he leave the show ??

  2. Siddhi

    How dumb this ekta n CVS r why not ruhi is thinking that how can aliya be ishus daughter she didn’t think anything she didn’t think why ishu is living in Australia what is this ekta knowns fully how to spoil a persons character what is she doing with Mani Mani knows how much ishu loves Raman why is he trying to be chippkooo how difficult it will be for a person after knowing the person whom she is living with loves her ruhi has the right to be angry with ishita but pllzzz don’t do it for a long time as ishru is the base of this show just fed up with this shagun devi go to hell I think the main victim is ruhi what kind of life she is leading niddhi torture her she believes that her family don’t love her according to her she is alone if I was in her place na honesty I committe
    Suicide she suffer for 7 yrs she life with her how difficult it is I just hate this leaaaaaaappppppppp

  3. Meghana

    Hey rithu hw r u.m nt fndng u these days i mean aftr leap.m also irritated vth this leap.ishu raman separation is the worst thing.hate this ektha w8tng for raman nd ishu reunion. Hope it comes fast.nd mihika vth romi is disgusting.firstly she loved mihir nxt married to ashok nd then abhishek nd finaly vth already married romi nd whrz sarika…wat an irritating concept of ektha…!leave the show n go to hell.

  4. Siddhi

    If ruhi hate ishu she should tell this to ishu so that ishu could explain her why she is bearing torture from niddhi she beats her with hunter I know ruhi suffer a lot she lost precious childhood but she should talk to ishu v can’t ruhi hate her ishimaaa

  5. Siddhi

    I felt very glad when raman didn’t give any importance to shagun he tell that no one can take ishus place

  6. Siddhi

    What is this Mrs bhalla problem with mihika I think raman on mrs bhalla always blame others why is she blaming mihika

  7. Hi I just read the updates on FB & this Once in away. As i lost the taste for YHM , What a beautiful story it was at the beginning. I am not Indian & not from India. This was the first ever show i watched & got hooked on to thinking what lovely stories u guys hv, but after the Ghost & Surrogacy the whole thing got messed up & glad i stopped watching it, by reading the updates it has become such a sick story. giving bad vibes & lots of revenge .actually it has to go the opposite way so that people in this cruel world will have some hope by doing good. poor Ishu did not have a chance at all after doing so much good to her family etc. now she has become a bad person & they are trying to take revenge from her. anyway Raman was very unfair in accusing her etc.
    No point commenting as it is so sad this good show went down the drain.. Good luck all.

  8. Vins

    Saw the episode.. The last part ishitha’s realisation and calling raman that was superb… I enjoyed that feel and her expression… splendid… I don’t like romika pair… The entire character of her was ruined… now totally four guys in her life… They should at least make it abhika…. romi with ashok is disgusting… unbearable…. I feel like they can leave that ashok character after the leap….

  9. SIndhu

    HI Rithu, Ananka, VP, diya, SIddhi and many faithful fans of YHM. These episodes are dragging and they are getting a little worse than I hoped for. I am sad watching YHM these days. The whole show looks so disconnected. Eversince MIhika Verma quit the show, it does not look good with the new Mihika look. The new Mihika is so plastic and she can’t really act with all those expressions. I wished Mihika Verma did not quit. They would not have made a look that old. Look at Toshi. She looks young and vibrant. I just don’t understand why Shagun is suddenly showing so much care to Raman. She became the goddess in Bhalla family. For goodness sake Ishita, she should come back to Raman. She is the only one who can reunite the family as in Romi and Raman and Raman and Omprakash. Ishita is the only one who can set things right between the Iyers and Bhallas. I wonder when will that happen. Ishita seems to enjoy Mani’s company very much. I don’t know whether she still remembers Raman and still has the same deep love for him. The way the writers have written the story, they have completely destroyed a beautiful love story of Raman, Ishita and Ruhi. Ruhi became violent and hates everyone. Pihu on the other hand adores Shagun. Adi is trying to reunite the families but to no avail. If Shagun was really like a goddess, she would have told Pihu the truth that Ishita is a real mum and not hide the truth. I think Pihu has the right to know. After all teh bhallas told Ruhi that her mum was Shagun even though Shagun left her when she was 6 months old. Why can’t they tell Pihu that Ishita is a real mum who loved her so much that she had to sacrifice her older sister Ruhi and she committed suicide herself. They should tell the little girl and also Shagun should have told Pihu that her papa loves Ishita very much that no one can take her place. The fact that Shagun did not reveal all these to Pihu shows one thing she is waiting for an opportunity to enter into Raman’s life. Again she is using a child to ruin happiness. I know Raman told them not to mention Ishita’s name and Pihu should not know but Shagun should tell her. I don’t think Pihu is too young to understand anything. She is Ishra’s daughter so she must be very smart. I don’t how long more before both Raman and Ishita will meet. Please no marriage arrangements between Raman and Shagun and Ishita and Mani. I will strangle Ekta and the writers.

  10. lavanya

    Raman is so much in pain..when wil ishra reunite .. they are dragging the show:|why romika…abhishek,mihika pair is so good..I think he is busy with kavach..his new serial..

  11. sk

    Every1 is so single in this soap.. raman,shagun, ishita, mani, romi, mihika,mihir, simmi, the lost ones pratik, abhishek, manoj n d villains nidhi, ashok n suraj.. !! they could hav at least settles a few marriages among the aboves within this leap of 7 yrs.. turning into a supid plot!!

  12. ishani varma

    Ekta is leading the fans to the peak level of bitter disappointments..wat stupid tracks are introducing? Raman-shagun remarriage, ishu-mani marriage, ruhi hates her ishima…she has turned a beautiful family show to an absolutely rubbish one…how can Raman remarry shagun?? If it happens then i wil call Raman as characterless..whatever is the reason marrying shagun is not will prove that his love for ishu was not at all sincere…and wat about ishu mani marriage?? We can understand that Raman agreed to marry again becos for him ishu is not alive and pihu needs a mother… i m sure if he knws that ishu is alive he never agree to marry again….but ishu ?? Did she forgot that raman is alive? How can she accept mani’s proposal ..i think watching this show is wasting of time..New yhm is not at all interesting….

  13. shivani

    Wow….raman remembers his love( ishu) was just awesome….i hope this love won’t turn into hatred wen he knows that ishu is alive….

    • Resh

      Yup i also hopes the same…When raman came to know ishita is alive,sometimes there is even chance for love to become hatred if he think that she again fooled him and given him this much pain in the last 7 yrs….I want ishra together….They were the soul of the show

  14. Jess

    Ofcourse “sk”. Raman is in pain. Ishita is in pain. Ruhi is in pain.Romi is in pain. Balla s and Iyyers are in pain.They suffer with themselves and we suffer watching this. Dont like to see how Ruhi hates Ishitha. I will stop watching this until Ruhi stops hating Ishita and both of them reach Ballas. All are messed up. Ishita dsnt knw abt Ruhi. Ruhi dsnt knw wht actually happened 7yrs before and ballas and iyyers dnt knw abt ishita and ruhi.Raman knows nothing. Pihu will only make us smile. thats also until she gets to knw abt her real mom. What a show this is.Just waiting to see an episode full of fun, romance,happy and togetherness soon….May this hatrance and Sadness will flush away. Isnt that so?

    • sk

      its an unneccessary drag. a 15 yr or so boy who turns into teen sensation . n no1 knws she is actually a girl.. I mean.. Is this d same media.. who keeping writing abt nayva naveli n suhana khans evryday party gossips :p wat a stupid thing is dis!! n nidhi dint even cut ruhi hairs.. evn more stupid

  15. reshma

    As per the spoilers it is said that RUHAAN WILL STOP ISHRA’S REUNION (Ruhaan will not let Raman & ishitha come across each other)…

    let it be the spoilers or the original track…


    if this doesn’t happen there will be no meaning to this show…
    fingers crossed…

  16. lavanya

    just now I have seen a pic of pihu holding an old photo album…may b she tries to reunite ishra..when she learns about past about ishu and ruhi

  17. Lucky

    Chii….hate romi n mihika pair…..dey r spoiling mihika character…. Still Raman loves ishu….luv d scene….

  18. Lavanya

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  19. Saket

    Ruhaan will deliberately come in Raman’s way on the streets of Australia to stop him from seeing Ishita.
    Although Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has witnessed the much-awaited leap, the twists in the show keep coming every now and then. Of course, the makers too must keep their audience hooked. So, after introducing Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) as Ruhaan (Aditi Bhatia) who has been angry about the fact that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) abandoned her for the other baby, another turn of events is about to take place. While a recent promo showed Ruhaan shooing away the police that Ishita gets to save Ruhaan from Nidhi’s (Pavitra Puniya) torture, the latest promo of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein hints at bringing Raman and Ishita face to face.

    The current track has shown how Ruhaan has recognised Ishita, but she hasn’t realised that Ruhaan is actually her Ruhi. And to add to it, the anger in Ruhaan has just flared up more. Ruhaan wants revenge for his life being ruined due to Raman and Ishita’s insensitive deal. And the recent promo shows the spiteful side of Ruhaan.

    Raman will be in Australia for work. Him, Ishita and Ruhaan will happen to walk on the same street, when Ruhaan will realise that there are chances of them coming face to face with each other. He will quickly come in the way and bump against Raman. The confusion will distract both Raman and Ishita, and they will walk on without noticing each other.

    Well, that was a smart move Ruhaan aka Ruhi! In the last episode, the precap showed Ishita coming to Ruhaan’s house to treat him while Ruhaan hid his face behind a blanket. Will she realise who Ruhaan actually is? Will she meet Nidhi and realise the mystery behind Ruhaan? Keep watching to see what happens next…

    • Isaaq

      I do not understand how ruhi’s character could change so much. She isn’t the same anymore- she is a psycho….

  20. Saket

    It is gd 2 see tht RAMAN still loves ISHITA and the linkage chemistry of their love is not down in between 7 yrs. ……..
    ….. This shows that when RAMAN remember ISHITA in India suddenly ISHITA feels that RAMAN appearance around her in Australia. ………
    But it is bad to see that Ruhi takes the name “ISHITA BHALLA ” .. There is something bad in her mind against ISHITA and RAMAN

  21. Anakha

    Hai rithu,vp,siddhi,sindhu,…how are you all….i don’t like this romi mihika pair and i’m really missing mihika verma….if they want to pair mihika with romi..then what was the need of abhishek’s heroic entry and abhishek mihika moments….even many fans like mihir mihika chemistry but unfortunately mihir married rinki..and after rinki’s murder i thought they will unite mihir mihika..atlast they paired mihika with romi then what was the need of rinki’s murder…now they should search a girl for mihir or he will be single whole life…anyways vivek dahiya aka abhishek ran away to kalash,colors new show from this confusions..may god bless him…

  22. Anakha

    Hai guys…star parivaar awards 2016 has arrived….will raman-ishita remain as international jodi…anyways it’s good that in today’s episode it is shown that raman still love ishita…otherwise raman kumar may have lost a lot of votes in category favourate pati..

  23. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all yhm friends.

  24. V P

    Hi Rithu Sindhu Shivani Mini Lavanya Siddhi and all yhm fans ….today I really dont know what to pen … mixed feelings …Ruhaan should understand her Ishimaa cant be the mother of Alia . And Ishimas daughter is not with her . She is still under the shock of being exchanged … she is reacting to her old memories …. not thinking …. Nidhi is too rude …, As for us we think how our Ruhi is tortured under Nidhi for 7 years . Honour to Aditis acting …Ishitha too feels something …. cvs …. dont drag this too much . Ruhi/ Ruhan should know ishima and her papa is seperated ….Heart whelming was Ishras feelings for each other … their heart beats on the same time . Raman is living on guilt …now . he is pirtrayed well … Mani …. cvs dont spoil the true friendship …. when Mani comes to know Ishitha love only Raman , he should move away .Cvs please dont drag on this too much …. what is shaghun devi doing ….Ishitha should deny Mani so Raman to Shaghun . our Mihika was infact the best …. missing her …. 7 years if Romi and Mihika not married it was better to keep them as friends …That would have given better essence … where is Sarika ? I am sure Romis pan is to shake hands with Ashok and throw him to the dustbin … wait and see as usual Karan and Divyanka to be honoured for their acting . From beginning if you watch on the various situation how they are expressed is awesome . They are the best Hope they will be bagged with many awards . ..

  25. Laxmi

    I appreciate and congratulate all the faithful viewers of yhm fr still watchg this creep and commenting superb…and feel pity fr those who never regretted tht commenting in this space is nt reachg Ekta… So as always stop commenting let the TRP cum dwn fr a week

  26. tanvi

    what the hell is going on with this story.Ekta you never give happy ending to any serial.pllzzzZZz stop this idiotic episodes…..please please please reunite ishIta Raman ruhi adi…..u are destroying it completely…

    • Laxmi

      They would cum wen shagun, romi, simmi suicides ??? as mani came suddenly wen ishitha suicides

  27. show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring
    new twist as Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan)
    will finally see Ruhi despite Bhalla
    family’s efforts to hide Ruhi’s truth.
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has taken 7
    years leap and there is massive
    change in Raman (Karan Patel) , Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi’s life.
    Ruhi has turned in to Ruhaan (Aditi
    Bhatia) by Nidhi while Ishita is in
    Australia and is separated from
    On the other hand, Raman and Ishita’s
    daughter Pihu is being raised by
    Shagun in the Bhalla family.
    Bhalla family has hidden Ruhi’s truth
    from Pihu as Pihu looks exactly like
    However, in the upcoming episode,
    Pihu will see Ruhi’s old photographs
    and will question Adi.
    Adi will be shocked and will cover up
    somehow and will push Pihu to
    Let’s see if Pihu finds out about Ruhi.

  28. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some high
    voltage melodrama.
    It seems that Raman ( Karan Patel ) will
    go to Australia for some work and
    accidently come face to face with Ruhi
    who has turned into Ruhaan forcefully
    by Nidhi (Pavitra Punia).
    Ruhi will be shattered and gets
    emotional seeing her father after so
    many years.
    However Raman will feel some
    connection with her but won’t be able
    to recognise her.
    The show will take an interesting twist
    with Ruhi going against her own
    parents to take revenge from them for
    her misery and sorrow.
    It would be interesting to see what is
    going to happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  29. shivani

    Raman and ishita should meet each other before raman leaving from Australia….i cant see them separated….missing their cute fights nd lovely moments

  30. sumera

    I am really missing Raman and Ishita scenes! Disappointed with leap although I love the new characters hate that the family of Raman Ishita and Ruhi are separated! ! I also thought Mani was intelligent but he is proving to be a typical man when he used to understand Ishita before now he is being dumb! I hope Aliya brings Ruhi and Ishita together!! Then our Ruhi will unite her family! Miss old yhm

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