Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla reads the chit to Raman from Ishita. Ishita says she did not give any gift. Raman says liar. Mrs. Bhalla sees the bangles and laughs saying bangles for Raman. Raman says she is mad, ask her, she wants to say I should wear bangles as I did not do anything for Ruhi. They argue. Amma comes and looks on their fight. She says she has ordered this online, she ordered cufflinks, how did bangles come. Raman says don’t take her mistake on you, I know she feels I m a bad father, tell her I m bets father for Ruhi, I will get her back for myself, not anyone. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to see her son and goes. Amma says this is worst from bad, Appa was right, I should have not interfered between them.

Shagun tries to get ads for Ruhi, and talks on phone. Ruhi plays

with Muttu. Shagun gets irked. Raman comes in compound and is irritated on Ishita. Sujata comes there and talks on phone, saying Ishita trusts me, I solved problem as you told me, she has blind faith in me, this is what we wanted. Raman says with whom is she talking and goes to confront her. He says I should understand no one can be so great, tell me, for whom do you work. He says he heard her, what does this work, that they wanted this. She asks him to control himself and be in limit.

He asks for whom does she work. She says I run NGO, keep your doubt to yourself, I don’t have just Ishita and Ruhi’s case, I have much work, I work fro many women, as world suppresses them a lot, so you are annoyed. He asks you think I don’t think for Ishita. She says let me do my work and leave. She leaves. He says I know what work you do, I have to know for whom it is, I will find it out. He leaves. She comes back again and calls someone. She says I got saved today, but I have to be careful, so more lies to hide one. Shagun asks Ruhi to freshen up, she has to go school tomorrow.

Ruhi says 5mins please. Shagun scolds her and sends her. Mihir asks her why is she shouting, talk with love. Shagun asks him to see her room state and asks Ruhi to tie Muttu with chain. Ruhi says I won’t, else his uncle will come and take fine, I will inform Ishita. Rinki smiles. Shagun says why did Ishita send Muttu here and goes. Ishita asks Raman why will Sujata plan against us, she can be good, she is helping us and Mihika too, she is running NGO since years. He asks what guarantee. She says it will be foolish if we don’t believe her.

She says its evident you have problem with Sujata, he is impulsive. He says I can see everything. They argue more. He says Muttu is smarter than her and goes. Its night, Rinki takes milk for Ruhi and Mihir. She says plain milk for Mihir and stops. She takes some packet and says mum told me to put this in milk, for Mihir’s strength, what to do, shall I out or not. She add the powder and takes it for Mihir.

Rinki looks for Mihir and says where did he go. She goes to Ruhi to give milk. Mihir comes and sees the milk cup. She asks Ruhi to come, milk is ready. She comes back to room and asks what happened. Mihir says Muttu made it fall. She says I will get another. He says I don’t want, and goes to work. Rinki messages Mrs. Bhakka. Mrs. Bhalla says Muttu’s family planning will start before Rinki’s, I need to do something else.

Its morning, Shagun calls Raman to complain about Muttu and asks him to come fast. Raman tells his dad that he is going to Mihir’s place. He goes to her and she complains about her designer sarees ruined. Raman asks Muttu to tear more, and jokes on her. She asks him to take him along. Raman asks her to get friendly with Muttu. She asks did he come to taunt her or help. He says he is helping. She says I can’t take it, take him along. Raman asks Muttu to tear all designer sarees.

Ashok gives an interview and talks to Tanushree, speaking bad about Mihika’s character. Tanushree says she blamed you for attempt to rape. He laughs and says she just wanted money and freedom from this relationship, I was trapped. They see some ladies coming in between and protesting against Ashok. He asks Tanu who are they. Tanu says sorry. Shooting will go on. Mihika, Sujata and the ladies come. Tanu says I called them. Mihika says Tanu is also a woman. Tanu says Ashok deserved this, he was using me to bring disrespect to some other woman, and asks them to record everything, this clip has to go live. The ladies beat Ashok and make him wear slipper garlands.

Sujata and Mihika look on. Mihika goes to him and slaps…. One upon another. Ashok fumes. Mihika warns him. Sujata calls Ishita and asks her to see tv, Ashok got a lesson, Tanushree agreed. Ishita says I m so happy, Tanu did good. She calls everyone and shows the news. They laugh seeing the news. Mrs. Bhalla says Ashok deserved this. Simmi calls him a donkey. Romi says now he can’t think to tease anyone. Ishita says Sujata ji is great. Bala asks someone why is he calling him so many times, he is not interested, he will do not this, he told outside icecream shop too, why should he lie to Ishita, I have to tell her the truth. Sujata comes and says you have to do this work, else you will regret all your life. She leaves. Bala gets worried.

Ishita says Sujata did all this. Amma says Mihika’s name got bad, was there not any way. Sujata says Ashok needs a lesson in his own way. Raman looks on. Mr. Bhalla thanks her. Bala comes and looks on. Raman says what did she do. Romi says she did so much. Raman says you all can’t see what she is going to do next, keep an eye on her, and be away. Sujata says I will leave now and asks Ishita not to worry, they will get Ruhi back, have some patience. Ishita says I totally trust you. Sujata asks Raman is he upset seeing Ashok’s state, don’t worry, we don’t do anything with men being in limit. Romi asks Raman whats the matter. Raman says she is upto something. Mr. Bhalla talks to them and Raman still thinks.

Romi keeps an eye on Sujata and hears he talking on phone that she is going to meet Ruhi, its her essay competition tomorrow. Raman reads and calls everyone to say Ruhi has written her Papa is superman. Ishita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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