Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla reads the chit to Raman from Ishita. Ishita says she did not give any gift. Raman says liar. Mrs. Bhalla sees the bangles and laughs saying bangles for Raman. Raman says she is mad, ask her, she wants to say I should wear bangles as I did not do anything for Ruhi. They argue. Amma comes and looks on their fight. She says she has ordered this online, she ordered cufflinks, how did bangles come. Raman says don’t take her mistake on you, I know she feels I m a bad father, tell her I m bets father for Ruhi, I will get her back for myself, not anyone. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to see her son and goes. Amma says this is worst from bad, Appa was right, I should have not interfered between them.

Shagun tries to get ads for Ruhi, and talks on phone. Ruhi plays

with Muttu. Shagun gets irked. Raman comes in compound and is irritated on Ishita. Sujata comes there and talks on phone, saying Ishita trusts me, I solved problem as you told me, she has blind faith in me, this is what we wanted. Raman says with whom is she talking and goes to confront her. He says I should understand no one can be so great, tell me, for whom do you work. He says he heard her, what does this work, that they wanted this. She asks him to control himself and be in limit.

He asks for whom does she work. She says I run NGO, keep your doubt to yourself, I don’t have just Ishita and Ruhi’s case, I have much work, I work fro many women, as world suppresses them a lot, so you are annoyed. He asks you think I don’t think for Ishita. She says let me do my work and leave. She leaves. He says I know what work you do, I have to know for whom it is, I will find it out. He leaves. She comes back again and calls someone. She says I got saved today, but I have to be careful, so more lies to hide one. Shagun asks Ruhi to freshen up, she has to go school tomorrow.

Ruhi says 5mins please. Shagun scolds her and sends her. Mihir asks her why is she shouting, talk with love. Shagun asks him to see her room state and asks Ruhi to tie Muttu with chain. Ruhi says I won’t, else his uncle will come and take fine, I will inform Ishita. Rinki smiles. Shagun says why did Ishita send Muttu here and goes. Ishita asks Raman why will Sujata plan against us, she can be good, she is helping us and Mihika too, she is running NGO since years. He asks what guarantee. She says it will be foolish if we don’t believe her.

She says its evident you have problem with Sujata, he is impulsive. He says I can see everything. They argue more. He says Muttu is smarter than her and goes. Its night, Rinki takes milk for Ruhi and Mihir. She says plain milk for Mihir and stops. She takes some packet and says mum told me to put this in milk, for Mihir’s strength, what to do, shall I out or not. She add the powder and takes it for Mihir.

Rinki looks for Mihir and says where did he go. She goes to Ruhi to give milk. Mihir comes and sees the milk cup. She asks Ruhi to come, milk is ready. She comes back to room and asks what happened. Mihir says Muttu made it fall. She says I will get another. He says I don’t want, and goes to work. Rinki messages Mrs. Bhakka. Mrs. Bhalla says Muttu’s family planning will start before Rinki’s, I need to do something else.

Its morning, Shagun calls Raman to complain about Muttu and asks him to come fast. Raman tells his dad that he is going to Mihir’s place. He goes to her and she complains about her designer sarees ruined. Raman asks Muttu to tear more, and jokes on her. She asks him to take him along. Raman asks her to get friendly with Muttu. She asks did he come to taunt her or help. He says he is helping. She says I can’t take it, take him along. Raman asks Muttu to tear all designer sarees.

Ashok gives an interview and talks to Tanushree, speaking bad about Mihika’s character. Tanushree says she blamed you for attempt to rape. He laughs and says she just wanted money and freedom from this relationship, I was trapped. They see some ladies coming in between and protesting against Ashok. He asks Tanu who are they. Tanu says sorry. Shooting will go on. Mihika, Sujata and the ladies come. Tanu says I called them. Mihika says Tanu is also a woman. Tanu says Ashok deserved this, he was using me to bring disrespect to some other woman, and asks them to record everything, this clip has to go live. The ladies beat Ashok and make him wear slipper garlands.

Sujata and Mihika look on. Mihika goes to him and slaps…. One upon another. Ashok fumes. Mihika warns him. Sujata calls Ishita and asks her to see tv, Ashok got a lesson, Tanushree agreed. Ishita says I m so happy, Tanu did good. She calls everyone and shows the news. They laugh seeing the news. Mrs. Bhalla says Ashok deserved this. Simmi calls him a donkey. Romi says now he can’t think to tease anyone. Ishita says Sujata ji is great. Bala asks someone why is he calling him so many times, he is not interested, he will do not this, he told outside icecream shop too, why should he lie to Ishita, I have to tell her the truth. Sujata comes and says you have to do this work, else you will regret all your life. She leaves. Bala gets worried.

Ishita says Sujata did all this. Amma says Mihika’s name got bad, was there not any way. Sujata says Ashok needs a lesson in his own way. Raman looks on. Mr. Bhalla thanks her. Bala comes and looks on. Raman says what did she do. Romi says she did so much. Raman says you all can’t see what she is going to do next, keep an eye on her, and be away. Sujata says I will leave now and asks Ishita not to worry, they will get Ruhi back, have some patience. Ishita says I totally trust you. Sujata asks Raman is he upset seeing Ashok’s state, don’t worry, we don’t do anything with men being in limit. Romi asks Raman whats the matter. Raman says she is upto something. Mr. Bhalla talks to them and Raman still thinks.

Romi keeps an eye on Sujata and hears he talking on phone that she is going to meet Ruhi, its her essay competition tomorrow. Raman reads and calls everyone to say Ruhi has written her Papa is superman. Ishita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Inayah woh sab rumour thi. .karan kyun itna popular show chode ga. .karan divyanka Ruhanika se toh yhm hai agar in me se koi bhi replace hoa toh show bandh hojaye ga koi nahin dekhe ga. ..toh don’t worry karan show nahin chode ga….

  1. Mrs Bhalla ne aaj jo kiya uss se ek bqat to achchi hui…….Muttu ne Shagun ko pareshan kar diya…..very good Muttu Very Good …keep it up……

  2. Yeh Sujata Bala & Subbu ki relative lagti hai…….. yaa phir dono ke pehle se jaanti hogi….jo bhi ho bas negative role me naa ho………

  3. plsss raman dont quit the show we will stop watching pls raman nooo dont QUIT u and ishitha are perfect jodis instead of u subbu is bad

  4. Are yaar………pehli bar samjh nahin aaraha hai. .hume pata hai ki. .woh Subbu hai. .par phir bhi. .confusion bahut hai

  5. Aaj starting me jo IshRaRuh la dress tha wo hi wo new person ki entry wale scene me tha……but wo scene aaj aaya nahi matlab wo promo hi hoga….but yeh promo kab telecast hoga????

  6. TSA ki date abhi bhi nahi aai…yaar ab aur kitna wait karvaoge hume IshRa ka dance dekhna hai….

    Ok bye Dinner ke baad baat karenge……

  7. Ganeshi

    I think subbu is using sujatha to make raman away from ishita ,convincing ishita to trust her.

  8. Haan yaar one month se zyada hogaya hai. ..abhi tak nahin aaya TSA. ..hum ne soncha tha ki exams se pehle aajaye par ab toh exams bhi khatam hogaye hai. ……yes IshRa dance dekhna hai. .hume

  9. nice episode but patha nahi e NGO women kyom in logom ke piche padi hai……..muje tho lagtha hai ki subbu ne us aurath ko kuch galath info diya hoga raman ke baare me iss liye vo raman se iss tarah ka bartaav kar rahe hai……..unki ankoom me raman ke liye bahuth gussa/nafrat dhik rahi hai kya kehthi ho. guys…….. par muje bahuth bura laga jab ishu raman ki bath par barosa nahi kiya na

  10. Bahot confusing hai yaar……
    Yeh Sujata negative role me hai yaa positive role me………….

    Yeh positive role me hi hogi…..
    But lagta hai……Ruhi ki custody dilane ke baad Ishita ko blackmail karenge……

  11. akku

    what’s diz ..too confusing.anyway sure ishita won’t leave raman since they have a such strong bond between them.

  12. akku

    what’s diz ..too confusing.anyway sure ishita won’t leave raman since they have a such strong bond between them.hope karan won’t leave the show too.

  13. ka

    Sujatha works for subbu…his entry will take place …his wife will leave him…he will come between ishra..

  14. madhuri

    aiyo yeh kya huva hai mihika ke saath. bechari ne kitna saha hai. ashok ko tho saza milna chahiya

  15. wow aaj ka scenes superb tha.shagun,muttu aur raman ka scene tho bohot funny tha.muttu u did a good job which no can never it.bus hamaza aise kare naa.

  16. Rakesh Kumar Om

    I hear Ishita will have another male character oposing her… cant wait for the 3 way triangle love. It will more interesting than stupid shagun and custody tracks they always do.

  17. usha

    Raman n ishitha r d cuteeee was boring this week bt expected to b intresting after subbu ishitha is oly to one.can come between.i lov this show a lot

  18. romi

    Nice episode! Iss mihir k saath vaqi kuch problem hai because rink I was looking stunning in red gown but he left her for work.very shocking
    Daal mein much kala hai%

  19. Hey Friends….new promo nahi aayabut aane wala hai…aisa lagta hai…..YHM starplus FB ka cover photo dekha….wo new promo ka pic hai…..shayad….IshRa kitne sad lag rahe hai…….

  20. No Inayah……..Karan show nahi chhodega…….wo sirf ek romour tha……
    Karan to sirf 15-20 days off le raha hai…….Shaadi ke liye……Iss liye uss ke scenes thode kam honge…….

  21. Must Read about spoilers
    *** This post is to clarify that most
    of the latest spoilers are fake
    just to create hype. Specially
    the spoiler of Ishita getting
    married to Subbu or Mani and
    Karan Patel leaving the show. As we already published
    earlier that it’s just a filler
    track to go through till Karan
    return after short leave of one
    or two week. N this track is
    very important as it will end all the insecurities Ishra have
    in their marriage coz
    somewhere they still believe
    that they are together for their
    kids. N this track will bring
    them together n will make their relationship stronger. So it’s a request to all of u to
    not believe on any of the
    spoiler coz if u remember we
    got lots of fake spoilers when
    Mani entered the show but
    nothing turned true n this time too it will happen same coz
    we have confirmed news that
    Ishra are meant to be together
    n they will stay together n CVS
    also knw this fact that people
    love YHM for Ishra so they will not separate them n Karan will
    not leave the show till last

  22. sandra s thannickal

    yhm was the super serial in star it fell down.all the ishra fans r awaiting 4 a twist.ektha mam plz rejoin mihir and mihika.rinky isnot suiting with mihir.

  23. Prayu ..yhm fb par jo cover photo hai woh new promo ki nahin hai. promo pehle hi aagaya tha. .pakistani channel par. Ye tab ka hai promo jab ruhi ki custody shagun ko mil gayi thi. .iss mein raman kehta hai ki. .jis ne hume mila ya woh hi aaj hamare sath nahin. …Kaise rehenge ishita raman ruhi k bina. ….ye maine fb par dekha tha. ..tumne nahin dekha. ….lekin star plus par abhi tak ye promo nahin bataya. …

  24. Nahi Mizun maine nahi dekha tha Promo………& muje pata hai ki wo Subbu wala promo nahi hai…..& starplus par aaa gaya hoga promo…uss pic me dekho…starplus ka hi hai….

  25. Angel kya karon hamare yahan light chali gayi hsi. ….
    ..par sbb &sbs k headlines mein toh yhm k bare mein kuch bin nahin tha. ..

  26. Good afternoon viewers,
    We are here to inform that this site is only to discuss about serial. We have to warn you if you discuss any personal,social,political or religious issues. Please maintain the harmony of the site. So keep reading the updates and comment only about the serial.

    Your’s Sincerely,
    TU team.

  27. nimrit

    hey aaj sbs me divyanka & unki mammi ka interview tha….sooo cute…..& yeh bhi kah rahe the ki karan & ankita ki shadi 3 may ka hai isliye unki sari taiyyariyan chal rahi hai….unke wedding costumes dikhne k liye sab set par hi aate hai & ankita roj shopping keliye jati hai aur wo sari shopping kp ko dikhane roj set par hi aati hai……….kp apni shadi & nach baliye ke kaaran yhm ko jyada time nahi de pa raha hai……isliye ishita ki life me pehle mani ki entry decide ki thi leekin baad me is ke liye subbu ko hi final kar dala……ab ye track kp ki yhm me wapasi par depaend ho sakta hai……….i hope kp apni shadi se jald hi wapas aa jaye

  28. SBS Hot News ( 12th April )
    *** They said karan wont be able
    to give much time to yhm due
    to his wedding n nach baliye
    so subbu is entering ishita’s
    life. –> KP will take off for two
    weeks for his wedding. Subbu
    will lay his evil plan by fooling
    Ishita that time. Once KP/
    Raman is back, bye bye time
    for Subbu. Naach baliye has no connection with KP’s
    unavailability in YHM as both
    are Ekta’s shows.. why would
    Ekta let her top show suffer
    for a temporary reality show
    also Karan is just hosting it so time isn’t a problem. So no
    need to worry

  29. Oh…….means….Subbu sirf 2 weeks ka mehmaan hai………YHM me……..
    But yeh news sach honi chahiye…….
    Pichhle 5-6 months se Shagun ko jhell rahe hai…..ab yeh Subbu ko jhell ne ki himmat nahi hai……are yaar….Karan kk nai nai shaadi ho to Karan ke saath Raman ko bhi Romantic mood me rakhna……..

    • Good yaar Subbu ka track zyada drag nahin karenge. …
      ..waise prayu maine woh story complete kardi. ..bahut achchi beautiful story thi. …..story ka ..end bhi mast tha. .

  30. To usske baad Mizun IshRa os Rememberance ……. padhana……RaRuh bond ki beautiful story hai……sirf Father Daughter Duo ko dedicate hai……..

  31. Hey gyz aaj ka din bohut bura tha aaj yhm nahi aaya isliye aur 3 tyms ki medicine ke liye mere mummy mera mouth pakde aur sis hand bhai pair pakad kar mere muh mai medicine dali yuk chee mujhe achii nahi lagti medicine mai injection lelungi par medicine bilkul bhi nahi jab bhi medicine lena ka tym aata hai ghar mai hungama hojata hai

  32. Aajj ayega na SBS SBB me Raman Ishita ka superman wala …….mera miss ho jayega…..aajj sham ko bhi kitna achcha aayega Essay wala……..wo bhi miss ho jayega…..

  33. hope everything will sort out very soon …. isey itni jldi shadi ki kya jarurat thi …kash ye aur divyanka real me shadi krte…but now thats ok… for karan we will tolerate subbu and wait for raman till he returns back…!!!

    • Yes woh bahut funny lagraha hai. …aur shayad aaj hi bataye ga show may bhi. ..waise tumhe kya hoa hai. ..kyun miss karo gi aaj ka show. ..

  34. hey guys i am really very happy today because my tenth board exams are over today buss result ka darr lag raha hai .but anyhow ab one and half months chutti hi chutti !

  35. Dekha SBS sab kaise dekh rahe hai Raman ko…
    Bechara chaar raste par khada ho gaya & Raman par sab hans rahe hai….maja aayega dekhne me….
    Bahot funny honge aage ke episodes..& Ishita Ruhi ko dhundh rahi hai….pata nahi kya ho raha hai …Ruhi ne raste me kuch clues chhode hai & uss se Ishita Ruhi ko dhundhti hai..

  36. Hey angel. .
    aaj sbs & sbb mein ye bataya. ..
    Raman superman ki dress mein hai. ..woh ruhi k paas jaraha hai. .aur uss car bhi kharab hogayi hai…woh road par khade lift mang raha hai…raman bahut funny lagaraha hai. ……
    aur dusri taraf ishita mihika k sath milkar shagun k khilaf sabhut dhondrahi hai. …

  37. SS

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mizun ,prayosha,rithusree,and angle ………………………….and happy birthday angle

  38. SS

    haa aaj ke episode me sach much me bohot maza aaega ………………….achha kya aaliya iss site me aati hai

  39. SS

    nahi angle mujhe bhi uske bare me kuch nahi pata ……………..maine nauc site me check kiya tha par uska naam nahi tha………

    • IshRa usse hi dhundh rahe the……Ruhi mne kuch clues chhode hai….taki wo use dhundh sake…Mihika & Ishita car me use dhundhne jate hai…..Mihika ko uska Rumal milta hai…….aise clues ke sahare wo Ruhi ko dhundhenge.aisaa SBS SBB me bhi dikhaya tha……

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