Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita plans a romantic date for Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Munjal saying Raman is going through an emotional turmoil, he needs you, do something for him. Ishita asks shall I get him for therapy today. Dr. Munjal says no, you can plan something at him that he feels special, you have to be strong and keep patience. Ishita says fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did she say. Ishita says she said its normal, he is like a kid, we have to pamper him. Aaliya asks whose movie tickets are these. Ishita says I have booked movie tickets for you all, even Raman will be happy. Mr. Bhalla says its a nice idea. Mrs. Bhalla asks can you handle him alone. Ishita says yes, and thinks I can plan a date for Raman. She goes. Aaliya says I will stay with Ishita. Simmi says she is sending us purposely, she wants to spend time with Raman. Rajat’s

phone rings. He says what if Ruhi tells my truth to everyone.

He sees Sudha’s incoming call and answers. He says I m fine, when are you coming, next week, wow, great, thanks for good wishes for the surgery. He ends call and goes to have a drink. Doctor stops him and says you have to do a complicated surgery, you know what mistake you committed last time, I request you. Rajat drinks. He goes. Everyone leaves from home. Raman sits sad and goes. Simmi and Aaliya stop. Simmi says Raman was doubting on us. Aaliya says before he knows Ishita’s plan, we shall leave. Raman says no one asked me if I want to come, why will I ask if I refused. Ishita gets clothes for him. She says I want to take you on a romantic date. He says I can’t go anywhere now. She says my happiness is with you, just for my sake. He gets ready.

She says good boy, you look good, smile for my sake. He asks what to do next. She says go to hall and wait, I m coming. He goes. She says such a Sadu. She puts phones on silent. Raman sees the candles and decorations. Ishita comes. She says its our romantic date night at home, we don’t need to go out. Raman says we can’t go out. She says I haven’t taken permission from doctor. He turns to go. She stops him. Pal bhar….plays…. She smiles and holds him. He turns to go again. She checks the door and asks did you plan this surprise Raman. She gets the bouquet. He asks who is it. The man enters the house and asks did you recognize me. She asks what do you want. The man says you thought you will get saved, sign on this paper. Raman asks who are you. The man holds her neck. She refuses to sign. Raman says leave her. The man pushes him away. Raman falls down. He says leave her. Ishita says leave me.

The man says sign on paper, I will kill you. Raman says Ishita just sign on papers. The man says he is more sensible. Bala gets police. Police takes the man. Bala helps Raman. Inspector says you didn’t receive my call. Ishita says I have put phone on silent, this man threatened me on call. Inspector says you should have informed me. She says I forgot, we had emergency at home. Bala sends them. Ishita asks Raman are you fine. Raman comes to room and shuts the door. Ishita knocks the door. She comes in. He says if you want to see me fine, just go away. They cry. She says look at me, you are strong. He says the fact is, I m paralysed, I can’t become a normal person by this positive speeches, I have become helpless, manager was cheating me, goon was molesting my wife and I was helpless, just leave me. She says you can’t end this way, you can’t get me in your life and make me out whenever you want, I want to be with you, this gives me happiness, my husband is a hero, I m so proud of you, I won’t go anywhere ever. They cry. He holds her.

Dr. Munjal tells Aaliya that Rajat is doing surgeries under influence of alcohol. Aaliya gets shocked. Ishita says Rajat is in city, he lied to me. Doctor says he did wrong surgery. Raman asks did he make any mistake in my surgery too. Doctor asks did Rajat do your surgery. Raman says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Back again Thank you CVs for a beautiful episode . where there is unconditional love between couples … physical appearance or disability is not an hindrance . And Kp and Dt portrayed it brilliantly . words in the dictionary are not enough to explain their talent of acting ..Before the cave episodes starting .. I was watching yhm just for the sake of seeing … and in fact from the cave episodes … till here story line is excellent ! Loved it . Now if you are bringing medical negligence … its really good as many incidents and deaths are happening purely becoz of doctors negligence . Hope Raman gets back his confidence , and Ishra together without any sideys does a wonderful job ! If the story writer is changed …. good …from surrogacy track cvs cud have taken into a defferent level . Any ways past is past …now enjoying every bit of it … and the Ishra is just living real … they always do …No more negativity please … I know serials move for drama sake and without negativity it cant …I mean be very sensible … to show what is realistic .Thank you Ekta and CVs

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