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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi being tensed as Chand keeps on staring at him. Ishita and Raman ask Adi to have something. Adi says that driver is staring at me, I m feeling scared. Raman sees Chand Mishra staring at Adi and asks him to stop the bus. Chand asks what happened and stops the bus. Ashok calls at Bhalla house and wishes someone picks the phone. He says he has to find out about Adi. Raman asks Chand whats his problem, why is he staring at Adi. Chand denies. Raman asks him to say. Chand sees a bag and says my son was of Adi’s age, he was ill and we did not have money to get his operation done, he has died, I recalled my son seeing your son. Raman says sorry, its okay. Chand does not let them see his bag.

Ishita asks Chand not to worry and drive well. Ashok calls Adi’s school

and asks about him. The teacher says no, his mum sent a note that Adi is going out with family. Adi says thanks. He smiles and says Chand thinks he will harm me by harming Adi, he is a fool and does not know I don’t love Adi, and I just hate everyone linked to Raman, now Ishita will know, I will win by whatever Chand does. He recalls Ishita slapping him and says I told Ishita her slap will pay, see what Chand does, I will just wait and enjoy.

Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla not to worry and asks the family to play dumb charades. Chand looks at Adi in the mirror. Ishita asks Raman to join them. Raman says I will just come and thinks. He calls Manoj and Shagun takes the call. Raman says sorry to disturb you Manoj, I had to say Ishita is fine, are you getting my voice. Shagun says Raman, Manoj went for shower, I will ask him to call you back. She asks him to tell Ishita to take care and ends call. Raman says after so many years, finally Shagun changed, good.

Raman joins the game. Shagun tells Manoj about Raman’s call, I picked it by mistake, Raman thanked you and asks him to call back Raman. She asks Manoj why did he let Ishita go. Manoj says Ishita is responsible, she is not ill, she can take extra care. Shagun gets broker’s call and says yes, I want to see the flat. Manoj hears her saying she wants to stay alone. He leaves.

Abhishek asks the inspector about the driver. The inspector tells about Mishra, whose son died. Abhishek asks him to go to Mishra’s house and get some clue. Ruhi shows the fruits for Ishita. Chand recalls Ashok’s words and drives rough. Mr. Bhalla asks him to drive well, ladies and kids are also there. Raman says be careful, we are going for Mata’s darshan, not to personally visit Mata. Ishita sleeps on Raman’s shoulder. Ruhi tells Romi not to disturb Ishita and Raman. The bus stops. Mr. Bhalla asks Chand why did he stop the bus. Chand says I have to go bathroom, here is some dhaba, you all also freshen up and have some food. Ruhi asks Raman not to leave Ishita alone. The family gets down the bus. Raman wakes up Ishita and they talk. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……..

Chand calls his wife and says he will take revenge. She asks him not to do anything. His wife gets worried. He says he won’t leave Adi and goes. Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment. She says we will go. He says we will be here. She says it won’t look good. He asks for a kiss. She says no. He insists. She says here in bus, no… Ruhi comes and asks are they kissing. Raman says your Ishi Maa. Ishita says no. Ruhi says Dadi made fruit chaat there and asks Ishi Maa to come and have food. Ishita says I m hungry, your Papa is not letting me come there. Ruhi says very bad Papa. Raman leaves. Ishita asks Ruhi to come.

Chand checks the bus. Mr. Bhalla asks him what is he doing. Chand makes excuses. Mr. Bhalla leaves. Chand sees the family at Dhaba and fixes the bomb under the bus. He says you all are in hurry, when the bus speed increases over 60, the bomb timer will start and it will be blast when speed falls down below 60. He looks at Bhallas.

Shagun talks to Abhishek and asks whom will Chand harm someone linked to Ashok and asks Chand’s wife what did he say. His wife tells what Chand told her. Shagun asks did he say about Adi and worries. Raman runs after the bus……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope ki ishu aur babyko kuch nahi hoga
    After leap they vil be back to Raman

  2. I want leap nt that surrogate mother track

  3. it is really true ishita will persumbly die and come back with a child after the leap this means ishra could not enjoy some unforgettable movements in her preganancy time also
    also bhalla family and raman should think ishita die means shagun may be get back to
    raman’s life but this is not good however always ashok wins so good people always suffer
    they never be happy bad people always be happy. all the hindi serials like same story
    recently DABH like also this type of story

  4. woesy irritating tracks ever.all ekta serials are like this only if any accident takes place the leads come with a make over or memory loss only after a leap and memory loss is the main problem of the makers i think because only in ekta serials in every serial they show memory loss as in matsh and now they may show in yhm.they had even shown in a serial of karan patel only called kasturi where karan had got a memory loss there. i also think the worst makers who dont have any brains to create a new story and produce something new to veiwers will always stick onto only memory loss which i think have undegone.

  5. now a days yhm is not going good at all.hate the bomblast track and such a memoryloss type monotonous leaps and tracks.

  6. i dont know then why did the news of actor akaashdeep saigal to enter yhm and create differences between ishra came.

  7. Ishuram looking awesome today

  8. But if leap happens

    We vil miss Raman nd ishu scenes

    Hopeki they vil show scenes

  9. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Ishita, aka Divyanka Tripathi, will
    soon be seen driving a bus to save her family including
    Ruhi and Aditya. Adding to the trouble, the bus will be
    rigged with a bomb, which will set to blow if the bus
    reduces speed. Ashok would have planted the bomb to
    kill the family, especially Ishita, but the latter’s efforts
    will ruin his plans.
    The climax scene from Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
    will be adapted into Karan Patel and Divyanka starring
    Star Plus show – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Followed by the
    news about Ishita’s pregnancy, the Bhalla family decide
    to go on a trip to Mata Rani’s temple in a bus.
    ITA Awards 2015 Complete Winners List: Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Meri Aashiqui., Saathiya Shine!
    The happy trip turns a nightmare for Ishita, Ruhi, Aditya,
    Santoshi, Simmi and Sarika when they realise the driver
    has jumped out of the driver seat and that the bus is
    rigged with a bomb which will explode if the bus travels
    below a speed limit.
    Ishita jumps to save her family by taking the driver’s
    seat and drives the bus as instructed by people outside,
    including Raman, Abhishek, Romi and other police
    officers. Ishita manages to save her family after which
    the bus will explode into thin air.
    This upcoming track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will shock
    the viewers this week followed by which the suspense
    about Ishita’s pregnancy will grip them. It is confirmed
    as of now that Ishita will lose her pregnancy, but
    whether it is take place due to this disaster or not is yet
    to be seen.

  10. If leap happens story vil be interesting

  11. i wonder how only ishitha will not be saved when sarika and others got saved.even ishitha could have jumped from the seat and ran like the driver.

  12. Shagun should marry manoj
    Acp nd mihika pair is gd
    Even they shd marry

  13. Yhm Rockss always….

  14. nice episode. ISHRA bus romatic scene is super duber.

  15. Guys kya kise ko pasta Thai leapbkitne time ka ho ga

  16. Bat to wahi a GI kuch days behle Bhi Jo leap k news I thi us me Bhi ishra seperation thi aur shogun ki wapse thi kya makers name pagal samaj rage hain

  17. hi doston….. ek doubt….ek driver jiske paas apne bete ko bachane ka paisa tak nahi tha vo kaise bomb khareedega?? ithna intel b nhi hoga ki vo khud bomb bana saktha hei..writers hame ullu bana rahe hei…har ekta ki serial ki tarah iss me b memoryloss …leap ayega..ishita vapas ruhi2 ko leke ayegi. ruhanika hogi ruhi2. shagun phir se raman k lif me…..oh god……

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