Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhallas celebrate Karwachauth

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet telling Ishita that he asked a broker to show house to Nikhil. Ishita thanks him for helping, when its not his duty, it will be tough to manage in one BHK. Parmeet thinks if Simmi saw the message or not. Simmi and Ruhi see Nikhil and greet him. They come home and ring bell. Ishita says I will see. Parmeet says no, I will see. Ishita goes and opens the door. Parmeet worries and calls out Ishita. He acts to be hurt. Ishita stops and asks what happened. Simmi sees her and they leave.

Ishita asks how did this happen. He says table corner has hit. She goes to check at the door. She says there is no one here, how did bell ring. He says kids are naughty, they ring bell and hide. She asks him to take care and leaves. Simmi, Nikhil and Ruhi hide and look on.

Ruhi says I don’t feel right to hide this from Ishita. Simmi says hide and seek is fine in love, go now, they should not know we were together.

Mr. Bhalla and Appa come home. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla about sargi items. He asks Mihika to make tea. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma went to her sister’s house, is she fine. Appa says yes, she told me to get sargi items for Kiran, I don’t know this. She says your bahu is mine, send her to me, I will explain her. Appa says I don’t know Kiran will keep fast or not. Kiran comes and asks do you think this about me, I love Bala a lot, I got you all, I will surely keep the fast. They smile. Appa blesses her. Raman, Romi and Adi come. Romi asks do we have kitty party. Mrs. Bhalla says its Karwachauth preparation. Raman says men can have other ways to show love for wives. Kiran says we will keep fasts. Raman asks her to think well before keeping fast. She says even Ishita will keep fast. Bala comes and asks what is she saying, she is keeping fast, then he has to keep fast as well to show he loves his wife, Raman also keeps fast.

Raman says I do this as dad does. Romi asks Bala not to trap him. Mihika says Romi see they are keeping fast. Aaliya says even Mani keeps fast, but Adi gets work home, he can’t keep fast. Raman asks Adi is his wife upset. Ishita comes and asks Adi to keep fast for his wife. Romi says no, I get much hungry. Ishita says its test of love, you have to do this Adi, its your and Aaliya’s first Karwachauth. Adi says its blackmailing. Ishita says I m your mum and have this right. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to sleep and wake up at 4am.

Aaliya talks to Shagun and asks her not to worry for anything. Adi says all women keep fast for their husband’s long life. He holds Aaliya and shows the new earrings. He asks her to wear it tomorrow. Aaliya says fine, shall I go now. He asks her to leave anger now, he spoke rudely, sorry, will we fight on Karwachauth day. She says its okay, I was not annoyed with you, when I get angry on you, I don’t like it, I have to get mehendi applied now. He says listen, you have food when you get hungry. She says so sweet, but I won’t do this, I will follow all rituals, even you will follow, else I will tell Ishita. Adi says I will die hungry. She asks what. He says I was saying, I will die if I cheat and have food. She asks about moon sighting timings. He says its at 9. She wishes him all the best.

Everyone eats the sargi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to feed Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla feeds Kiran. Mr. Bhalla is glad. Raman says feed us also, we are also from this house. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to keep fast, her BP gets high, she is his life, her smile and health increases his life. They smile. Ishita says he is right. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to have food well, he won’t eat anything in day. Parmeet comes there.

Simmi asks you here… He says I got sargi for you. Simmi says I kept fast for Ananya, she was asking me seeing you all. Mrs. Bhalla says you did good. Parmeet asks can we have food in room with Ananya, she will be glad. Mrs. Bhalla sends them. Simmi says this is Ruhi’s room, she would be sleeping. Ruhi opens the door. Simmi compliments her. Parmeet gives the sargi to Ruhi and says Nikhil has sent this. Ruhi thanks him. Simmi asks how will you break fast. Ruhi says women break fast by seeing photo when husbands are not present. He gives sargi to Simmi and asks them to take care. He goes out and hears them. Ruhi says he changed a lot. Simmi says it happened because of Ananya, he has become my good Param ji, I feel Nikhil is also a good man, he is Riya’s dad, child’s love can change a person. Ruhi says I wish everyone thought so. Parmeet thinks Simmi doesn’t know what I added in sargi. He goes.

Ishita comes to Raman. He asks her to close eyes. She laughs and says you got gajra for me. He gives her gajra. He says sorry, I didn’t get any other gift. She says I m happy that Ruhi is happy and busy in work, you are happy, that’s my gift, thanks. He hugs her. Mihika comes and says sorry, did I disturb, I came to say Romi planned some games to pass time, come downstairs. She laughs and goes.

They all come for the game. Ishita smiles seeing the family. Ruhi joins the carom game. Romi feels hungry. Mihika asks Adi to play. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ruhi and asks her to have fruits. Ruhi thinks how can I eat, but everyone will know if I don’t eat. She says I feel acidity, I had cold milk, I will have it later. Ishita asks will you have medicines. Ruhi says I have to make presentation and goes.

Ishita asks Ruhi did you keep Karwachauth fast and lie, you are meeting Nikhil. Ruhi says I love Nikhil, I will meet him and keep fast, do anything you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no words,this is so stupid and parmeet did’t change still such an idiot!!
    few scenes r funny and cute.but what ruhi is doing is not correct,nonsence karwachauth it seems and that to for nikhil,this is seriously taking heights.pls stop spoiling her character and making her married to nikhil.nonsence!!!!

  2. Precap is too much

  3. Shreya Shetty

    Exactly!!!whats wrong with our little girl who s now grown up teen ruhi??I hate to admit but shaggys point of view only one is correct,she has fallen madly in love with Nikhil a bit too much and also has crossed all its limits
    I am damn sure that its that param the kutta kamina whos guiding ruhi and simmi the wrong but secretly false path of loving life.he instead is planning to use ruhi against raman and ishita and fulfil his goal of spoiling the reputation of the bhalla family,i knew it.hope that he gets his dirty face exposed soon and be kicked out of the family forever I knew that he can never nor he will really change doesn’t he,nasty man!!
    Yes I agree 1234 and aadhira,Precap is completely on the loose this time ruhi keeping fast becoz of her intense love towards that Nikhil,she should forget about all these and listen to her ishimaa wisely and start studying for her future and career not by working as a business woman in this age and falling blindly in love with boys like this.cvs,we are all begging of u to stop ruining and butchering ruhis character please

  4. Ruhi rocked ishra shocked iam very sure Kal fir se is iski wo apshagun thappad maregi bich me akar

  5. Oh please for God sake!! Stop this nonsense!! This ruhi doesn’t no karwachawth completey and started saying husband, photo, wives blah blah blah… how can teen girl can be mom of her sister age!! Grow up man!! Or else change ruhi’s character and show her as 40years women!! She is kiddo !! After ishimaa next in pipeline ruhimaa!! I don’t understand wat message they are giving to viewers!! So pathetic ?????

    1. U r right…

    2. Yes Simi Pathetic is not the word to say ! Censor board should ban this show . sad that KP and Dt are still acting ! They should leave the show . Ruhi should be taken to an pshychologist ! She is confused !

  6. Oh please for God sake!! Stop this nonsense!! This ruhi doesn’t no karwachawth completey and started saying husband, photo, wives blah blah blah… how can teen girl can be mom of her sister age!! Grow up man!! Or else change ruhi’s character and show her as 40years women!! She is kiddo !! After ishimaa next in pipeline ruhimaa!! I don’t understand wat message they are giving to viewers!! So pathetic ?????

  7. Relations and close friends can spoil a child’s life and Ruhi is facing it. Nikhil is job less divorcee and has a child of her daughter’s age. Ruhi must be in the height of stupidity for fall in love for a such a man. Raman is correct in trying to protect her daughter. Ruhi who had been living in Australia is more conventional and observing rituals inspite of health risk of being a young girl of 20.

  8. Ruhi should hold on to her ishima s values. After all she gave up everything to give love, happiness ,care and a stable life. to Ruhi. Ishra should make a smart move and bring out Ruhi out of this mess. How can she mother a child who is half her age. Nikhil is useless. He cannot even act. Of late Ruhis s acting also is very disappointing, not what was expected. Parmeet simmi also have a daughter, anything can happen to her. No parent would like their children to repeat the same mistake, what they have gone thru.

  9. Wasn’t Ruhi a singer when in Australia (when grown up Ruhi was introduced) ? What happened to that ? She was quite popular I believe

    1. It’s nothing, the writers have completely forgotten ruhi’s profession

  10. What the hell is going on in this serial……i mean it is hell torturing for viewers….ruhi is a teen n she is keeping karwachauth????
    The writers are out of their mind…
    Star plus stopped serials like ipkknd 3 and love ka hai intezaar..
    Why don’t they do crap serials like yhm off air…..?????
    Ipkknd 3 and love ka hai intezaar were good….n infact better than yhm…???
    Star plus should finish of serials like yhm….

  11. Good to see everyone is celebrating karwachauth , and more good is even man has kept fast for their wives.

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