Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi asking the nurse to do the paternity test, she wants to know the truth and bribes the nurse. She gives the sample and fills form. The man says result will come in 2 days. Raman comes there and talks to nurse. Simmi hears them that he is father of Shagun’s child and sees him signing the form. She gets shocked. Raman sees Simmi there. Appa dresses in cool clothes and asks Vandu how does he look. She thinks its good way to tell him the truth. She says maybe you will feel bad, you are not looking good, this shirt looks bad on you, I m your daughter, you are looking joker in this. He goes. She says what happened to Appa, when did he become so sensitive, hope Amma spoke to Bala.

Simmi confronts Raman and asks how can he cheat Ishita. He says its not like that.

She says I heard nurse telling you are Shagun’s child’s father, your silence answered me, Ishita has loved you a lot, she trusted you, you are ditching her for this woman who gave you just pain. He says I will tell everything on right time. She says how will I tell Ishita you cheated her. Shagun comes and says Raman did not cheat, don’t belief half truth. Simmi says I m not talking to you, stay out of it, this is all because of you, Raman has cheated Ishita and our family too.

Shagun says listen to me. Raman says I will talk to Simmi. Shagun says let me tell the truth. Simmi asks what truth. Shagun says my pregnancy is my personal issue, its complicated for a single woman, I m pregnant and my child does not have father’s name, the baby will need a father’s name in society, Raman said he would help me, that’s all, he is helping me. Simmi asks do you think I will believe you. Shagun says I don’t know, but trust Raman. Simmi says after seeing this, I don’t know whats true and not. She leaves. Raman thanks Shagun. She says I did wrong things before, Bhalla family thinks I m bad, don’t think about me. He thanks her for all this. She says you did so much for me, don’t say thanks.

The nurse asks Shagun to come for tests. Raman says he will wait. Shagun asks him to carry on. He says I can wait. She goes for tests. Amma comes home and thinks what did I see, Bala with some boy, what shall I tell Vandu, Mihir comes and asks about Mihika. She thinks to share with him. She asks can I ask something, its little embarrassing. He asks her to ask. She asks about love relation between two men. He thinks and says it happens, I went to USA, marriage is allowed there between two gents, India is also allowing, its okay. She worries and says fine, I just asked for knowledge. Bala comes and greets Mihir. Mihir likes his new look. Bala says I m feeling tired, exhausted. Mihir asks him to rest and leaves. Bala asks Amma how was your day. Mihir gets Varun at the door and brings him. Varun says he has to talk to Bala in private. Mihir goes to meet Mihika. Bala takes Varun to his bedroom. Amma says what is Bala doing, what will I tell Vandu.

Mrs. Bhala and Shaila talk to Ishita. Shaila says she does not want anything, she wants Sitaphal icecream. Ishita says its my fav too, I will get it. Simmi comes home and thinks she can’t tell Ishita. She goes to her room. Ishita goes after Simmi and asks what happened, is I related to Raman and Shagun. Varun tells Bala that her GF’s brother has beaten him. Amma comes there and hears. Varun asks Bala to do something, he can’t bear this distance now. Simmi tells everything to Ishita and asks what does she think.

Ishita says I don’t know, Raman’s behavior changed, I wish to believe Shagun is saying right, I m getting strange thoughts. She says Raman could have told me and I could have helped Shagun, we can’t tell this at home, Shaila has come, we will see this later. Bala asks Varun to have patience, they can’t decide in hurry, I will talk to her, she will understand, trust me. Amma gets worried and thinks I will talk to Vandu before Bala talks to her. Amma says Bala is such a bad man, Vandu’s heart will break, and thinks.

Abhishek comes to meet Mihika and Mihir tells him that Mihika went to office. He asks about Mihika falling in any legal problems. Abhishek asks him not to worry. Appa hears them. Abhishek gets call and says he will call later. He tells Mihir about internet dating scandal, college going girls chat with old men and call them to meet, then they blackmail the men for money, we are tackling this racket. Appa says oh, I will get that girl caught before she traps him, I will help police.

Shaila asks Ishita to call Raman and ask him to bring icecream. Ishita says he is busy in meetings and asked me not to call. Shaila says you are imp for him, I will call him. Raman and Shagun are on the way. He asks her to take care. She asks for Sitaphal/custard apple icecream. Shagun sits having icecream. Raman smiles seeing her. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to bring sitaphal icecream. He looks around for Ishita. She asks him to get it. He asks does she also want to have sitaphal icecream and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

Ishita cries and talks to Simmi. She says I want my husband to just see me, but Shagun has given him the kids, I can’t become his first love and first wife. Simmi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. gyzz just hang on… it is the only serial in star plus whch we were able to watch but nowadays you have spoilt it completely.. due to these types of serials many other youth shows have ended like NAUC DYM and now BD.. jst shut these types of shws and bring BD on starplus from hotstar…

  2. ohh… crap . raman is really really dumb. simmi ko to sach pata chal gaya abhi to sab sacch bata de . kaya yaar . simmi ko to bl hi sakta tha na !!!! serial nhi mazak ho gaya . playing mind games. i really love this serial a lot .. plz do not spoil it . but i was thinkng ki agar thore bohut twists nd turns , melodrama nehi rahega to serial boring ho jayega . sirf happy moments se serial nhi chalta hain nd serial ko age le jane k liye ehsb zaroori hai par itna bhi high voltage drama nehi chahiye boss . pichle 3 weeks se ehi ho gaya hai ..i hope sare misunderstandngs clear ho jaye nd firse light momnts wala pyaara sa yhm dikhne ko mile
    nd plz … NO LEAP.. NO LEAP ..NO LEAP .

  3. from starting you finished all the tracks without clear ending now you are taking long time
    to solve the problem now you are focusing only ishra’s problem and seperation
    what happened mihir.mihika , abishek and rinki murder stories undetailed ending
    without any mistake mihika should always feel quilty on rinki’s murder
    Ishita and Raman bonding was due to ruhi’s sake just she is badly feeling for without
    having a baby by her own preganancy due to this surrogacy why always cring movements
    for ishita no more happy movements
    If there is a women cannot have a child by her own preganancy due her health condition
    means is she does not cabable for good things like husband’s love etc your showing that way only.

  4. first time title song played on shagun…. not comfortable and unbearable to see ….the CVS are playing with fans emotions that we can’t quit the show so they can do anything…. better show the ” THE END “….

    1. I agree with you gopu.I’m also saying that this should end by now, otherwise there will be more fans because the upcoming tracks are going to be worse.So the better way is to save the ones who are still with it.

  5. Its to clear the show be end plz ekta change the track we are not able to see Raman and ishita separation

  6. Dont wanna comment on all this crap . Nothing to say to makers bcoz they are not respecting our feelings. They are playing with us

  7. Look! even there are no comments more than 10.Otherwise there will be about 65 comments at this time on the other days.
    Guys I’m not totally against the leap track,and if they want, it’s OK but why 10 YEARS! MY GOD IT IS A LONG PERIOD OF TIME! I would like to suggest that a leap of about 10 months is really enough and its OK if Ishra will get separated as it will compel Raman to think that he made a mistake on hiding things to Ishitha,BUT ONLY FOR 10 MONTHS!!!!!!! IT IS REALLY HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THEIR SEPARATION IS GONNA BE OF 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Think meaning of this serial is THIS IS LOVE. May i ask where is the love or have they change the title to this is sorrow and pains. Can the writer and the producer throw more light on this meaningless serial from Nigeria

    1. YES Ekta wants to show the love of Raman towards his unfaithful ex- Shagun. Shagun always wanted more than 1 love at a time, earlier Raman and Ashok now Raman and Manoj
      What a great example YHM carries to its viewers

  9. please no seperation for 10 yrs it may be 6months to 1yr is enought that also within this
    period writter should create the situation Raman character to prove his love on Ishita
    he did a mistake it is because he loves too much ishita this was proved by him by within
    6 months also wants make clear about mihir,mihika,abi relationship and rinki’s murder

  10. please be careful about this story ..cos now u are going wrong way…who is writing this story ,,very bad,,,,,,what is this….?

  11. friends….. Yes I understand. We all are speechless……!!! We have nothing to tell.
    Yesterday I watched after the week….. But how do I watch today ishita’s pain…..???
    I used to love raman….. But now,how do I love a dog…..!!! He can’t see his own wife’s pain. But he sees his ex wife’s happiness……! Hate you core raman.
    Raman should learn lesson. But if they separate, ishita also will be suffering from big pain. Because of raman’s fault why should ishita go into a pain.That’s why I can’t see their separation.
    But if raman behaves continually like this, it’s better to separate ishra forever…..!
    Ishita should live with adi and ruhi.

  12. kal ka episode bilkul worst tha .kya time aagaya dekho ab shagun pe nhi title song play hogi .stop this crap ekta plz .

  13. we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    plzzzzz….. ekta and makers .plzzzzz…..

  14. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh hai Mohababtein will
    show that Ishita is
    completed shattered
    knowing as Raman is
    father of Shagun’s baby.
    Ishita is ready to leave
    Raman’s house as she
    thinks that Raman does
    not need her anymore.
    Raman tries to explain
    Ishita about the matter
    but Ishita is not ready to
    hear anything.
    Ishita just knows half
    truth as Raman is baby of
    Shagun’s unborn child
    but the truth is that
    Shagun is surrogate
    mother of Ishita and
    Raman’s child.
    Mihir and Mihika also try
    to stop Ishita but Ishita
    tells Mihir about
    Raman’s reality.
    Ishita finally makes exit
    from Raman’s life and
    Raman is helplessly
    watches his family is
    getting destroyed.
    Will Raman and Ishita
    unite again?
    Stay tuned for further
    excited update.

  15. ab ishitha ko bhi mamers negative banaa rahe hai .woh kaise ruhi aur adi ko bhool ke chod ke jaa sakthi .ek baar bhi ruhi adi ke baare mein nahi socha . what the hell is happening and going to happen .

  16. dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    plz makers and ekta .dont seperate ishra for ruhi and adi atleast. want ishruhadi to be together for ever.

  17. Top 10 shows (TRPs)

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4.7 (5.1)

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4.5 (4.6)

    Kumkum Bhagya 4.3 (4)

    Swaragini 4 (3.8)

    Diya Aur Baati Hum 3.9 (3.5), Sasural Simar Ka 3.9 (4)

    Udann 3.7 (3.7)

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.7 (2.8), Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.7 (2.7)

    Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 2.6 (2.7)

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2.4 (1.2)

    Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1.9 (1.9)

    Reality Shows (TRPs)

    Dance + 2, (1.8)

    Dance India Dance 1.4, (1.5)

    Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 8 2.3, (2)

    The Anupam Kher Show 0.5, (0.5)

    Comedy Super Stars 0.4, (0.3)

  18. upcoming……
    Ishita ‘s sitting on a bench. Simmi with her. Raman comes and tries to consol her. Ishita pushes him away. Mihir and mihika arrive at that place. Ishita tells them that shagun is pregnant with raman’s baby.

    I think mihir and mihika get angry. Raman shouts mihir too.

    The reporter say,raman is trying to tell ishita the truth. But she is so hurt. She isn’t wiling to hear anything. Raman tries to pull her.but she doesn’t listen.

    KP SAYS, I can convinces her,only if she will listen.
    DT SAYS, shagun is pregnant with raman’s child and it’s not a good feeling for any wife.
    He has betrayed me and I will not forgive him at least I have no such intention as of now.
    KP SAYS, unless there is separation there won’t be any feeling of coming together.
    (jab tak dooriyan nahi hogi pass aane ka ehsaas bhi Kaisay hoga. )
    then reporter say,hope ishita won’t go to point of no return. (ithney ddor na chali jaye ki wapas aana mushkil ho jaaye.)
    reporter say, Ishita should think of adi and ruhi at least.

  19. Makers are full of confident with the viewers.. they know whatever they make/telecast viewers are ready to watch it with or without any comments.
    I too was crazy to watch ONLY because of Ruhi n Ishita but have stopped watching since Adi and Winnie’s crazy track. Now I read the episode here and there mainly to find out the viewers comments.
    I hated Shagun from the day one and didn’t like Raman much either.
    Now I think YHM is much better only for Raman and Shagun’s fans, just like the maker, Ekta

  20. I think the character Ishita also stupid enough to believe and put up with that disgusting Raman just like the viewers who keep on watching this crap YHM

  21. Omg…I hate Raman…they are showing that ishitha will leave raman and bhallas house because Raman cheated her…but how can ishitha leave ruhi she married Raman for ruhi..she can’t leave ruhi

  22. And I think. First time they played yhm theme song for blo*dy shagun.

  23. Agar ishita ruhi ko chor kar Cali gai to I don’t like her us me aur Raman me kya farak ho ga

  24. Ishita ne ruhi k liy e Raman se marriage k thi aur ab WO Raman ko more importance rahi Thai it means ruhi does not matter just stop this crap

  25. Ishitha can’t take Ruhi and Adi . If she takes the whole family will be broken . She can’t see others pain …. Day one even I did not like Shaghun . Though not fond of Raman , the Ishra chemistry was amazing .instead of taking care of Ishitha after miscarriage husband is running for surrogacy . No problem in this but should not be Shaghun . If not Shaghun Ishitha wide have accepted ..I really don’t know what they are making out of this . Bhalla family all children divorced …. Simply pulling on ….. If the leap is done becoz of Ruhi leaving the show , then I think creators you don’t know how to make a good positive serial which every body cud watch . Yhm was like that …, one unique story ….. Our fate is to wait and watch . Shaghun will never get sympathy from anyone , and the truth is that she can’t act well positively . This serial has taken fans love , millions really involved in the story line …. That becoz of old Yhm … cud have taken it as a serial only , why to upset , but we can’t , and so creators are playing with their emotions . Hundreds of old people are enjoying this serial watching it only for Divyanka Tripathi ….so naturally they are upset when Ishitha is upset ….,Ektha madam some old people are sleepless and falling sick too . Please understand and take a good move ..,

  26. Ya how can she live without ruhi nd Adi…??? Nd for 10 yrs..????

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