Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita confronts Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok asks where are they. Ishita says I m sure they will come. She sees Bhallas coming. Simmi asks where is Shagun. Aaliya says she is shopping. They see Ashok and Ishita. Simmi thinks she reached here also. Aaliya gets glad. Ishita meets them. Simmi says I need to talk to you and takes Ishita. Ishita says you don’t greet me these days. Simmi asks her what is she doing here. Ishita asks what drama are you doing, you ruined Raman’s business, Ruhi and Raman became rivals, I heard Simmi is managing everything, what happened that everything got ruined, I have come this way if you manage like this.

Simmi asks do you feel that family is yours, you lost the family now, the day you took my daughter’s life, you have got the doors shut, you chant Raman’s name,

he hates your face now, he was helpless to come for this meeting. Ishita says you don’t know what’s in Raman’s heart. Simmi says he is my brother, I have right on him, I have managed him, why are you arguing, you are a murderer, get scared of Lord, you thought the house will break if you leave, I m joining it since 2 years, I m head of the family, its all in my hands, Raman doesn’t eat food without asking me, I have won everyone’s trust, you can never come back in family, you are just a business investor, you and Ashok are similar, maybe Ashok’s money can help the family, don’t expect anything else. She goes. Ashok comes and asks what did she say. Ishita says same thing, I have no hopes from her, I will go and find Raman, maybe I can talk to him. He says fine, I will keep an eye on Simmi.

Appa refuses to eat. Amma says we don’t need to be hungry for what Ishu did. Kiran gets a courier for Appa. He checks the divorce petition. He shows it to Bala. Bala says Mihika has sent divorce papers and asked us to deliver this to Bhallas. Appa says why did she do this. Bala says she can’t give divorce. Amma asks why, what did Romi do with her, Bhallas support their children, not bahus. Bala says Pooja trapped Romi, can’t he get a second chance. Amma says mistake is a mistake, have food. Bala thinks Ishu would have solved this problem.

Aaliya and Adi spend some time shopping. Ashok looks for Simmi. He says Simmi changed Bhalla family. Ishita thinks where is Raman. She sees Raman’s sketch made. She asks the artist about Raman. The man says I have just drawn his eyes, he was in rush and went towards the church. She asks can I buy it. He says I give it as a gift. She thanks him.

Bala meets Romi. He says you accepted mistake, how to explain Mihika. Romi says she would have talked to me once before sending divorce papers. Bala asks him to think. Romi says she is my wife, I will go Chennai and talk to her. Bala says you are spoiling things more, you can’t avoid this divorce. Romi says she is my wife, I love her, I can’t live without her, I have to go. Bala says sit, this matter has gone ahead, we have to think out of the box, we can do one thing, courier the divorce papers without signing, say its wrong, tell her to rectify the papers, you will get time, you can meet her and convince that you love her, we also don’t want this divorce, I m with you, don’t worry. Romi thanks him.

Ishita looks for Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She sees him sitting in church. She sits beside. She shows the sketch. She says its your pic. He says its of no use to you. She says this pic tells a story. He says incomplete story. She says sorry. He asks why. She says for your incompleteness. He says its not so bad, I have a family, they all love me. She asks do you love everyone. He says there is a difference, you don’t expect anything in love. She says because love is not selfish. He says no one loves, they just want, do you know anyone who loves selflessly. She smiles seeing him.

She says Jesus Christ, he gave a sacrifice for love, love doesn’t end, love is around us, we have to identify it. She thinks of his words. She prays and thinks something is wrong, you are not normal. He sees her praying and prays. She thinks I will find out what is it. She sees him and smiles. They leave. She says I can’t get my sight off from your two eyes, it seems like your eyes are finding something. He says yes, but don’t know what. She asks don’t you know. He says memories get fading. She says when dear one goes away, life looks so incomplete. He holds her hand and says for the first time, someone understood me, thanks. Simmi comes and sees them. She asks Raman to come for lunch. Ishita says I m also much hungry, shall I join you. He says you are our investor, you can have lunch together.

Raman asks Ishita is she married. She says yes. He says great, whom did you marry. She says my husband is very arrogant. She asks Ashok to get the medicines tested in lab.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved today’s Ishita Raman conversation.
    Good to see that Ashok has changed for good, but for how much long??
    I think Raman has forgotten his ladylove Ishita.
    I loved today’s Raman Ishita conversation. It gave so peace to my mind. Wonderful conversation.

    Many are asking where is Nikhil ?? Guys watch last few minutes of 4 November where Romi tells bala that Nikhil have left Ruhi due to which Ruhi is broken. So they will not show any flashback of Nikhil.

  2. As a roman catholic I was surprised and In big agreement with ishu when she mention , Jesus as a person who loved selflessly … Its so true and apt for her to say that …

  3. ishra was amazing today…divan nailed it and this track is so much interesting..

  4. Abhiay Chandratre

    Today’s episode was awesome.Loved the conversation between Ishra.I liked the character of ashok.First.

  5. Awesome episode today ! This is Divan! It was priceless watching Ishitha searching for Raman . And Raman so cute in the church .The church scene was very good ! Really worth watching fir Ishra . The dialogues all brilliant ! Hope they bring back old unique yhm in a defferent way . He is lost without his Ishitha ! Not getting his heart and head connected . Ishithas look yearning for his love feeling sorry for his loneliness … wow cant express . Marvellous actors both Dt and KP . Tomorrow we may get Adi with Ishima and then Ruhi ..Shaghunless and Ruhilesd !

  6. Why is Toshi being high and mighty…she so selfish..forgotten Ishita’s sacrifices and support she gets when she is I’ll.Toshi needs to open her eyes and not her mouth..can she really not see Simmi and Param have ruined Rama’s business..why is Romi and Adi letting Simmi and Param run the business.Where is senior bhalla who has more sense.Where is Ishitas best friend Mani?? Where is Pihu?What’s up with Ishitas mum…does she not know her DTR yet??? Stupid mother’s who don’t think before insulting their daughter.Romi and Adi be a MAN

  7. Many are already liking the new twist: just what the writers want, of course. Doesn’t ever need to make any sense, no logical explanation. Just keep showing the lead couple romance, because thats what everyone needs. Some are even suggesting to watch previous episodes to find answers, so nikhil who was burning with revenge just left ruhi! Just like that, really!
    Ok, fine. Lets move on 2 more years with so called leap and everyone in a rebooted new avatar but with same old stupidity, and of course, ishita is here to save the day! Because evryone else including toshi bhalla, Mr. Bhalla, the Iyyers, Bala, Romi, Adi, Raman, everyone is useless. Again, Mihika and Mani conveniently disappeared. People keep cursing shagun, but ekta is doing the same with all characters. They keep appearing and disappearing without any purpose or need. And where is pihu? How can a mother (ishita) ever abandon her child like that. Even after coming from jail, would she not immediately go to her youngest child. But no, she keeps leaving to end up in australia, budapest etc etc. no issues! Just keep enjoying the romance of evergreen couple. They never get old or responsible, do they , even with their kids getting married and being in their 20’s these characters ishita and raman will behave like they r in their 20’s. No problem!lets all Enjoy the lovely track!

    1. Hi VP, isn’ that what I said: the show has no meaning, but lets all enjoy the gorgeous ishita and raman and their romance. Don’t know for how long the makers of the show will keep people hooked to it with the “hotness” of the lead couple. lets forget they are the parents of 20 plus year old adults!!

  8. isra a lovely couple. Ishu looking so graceful, gorgeous and raman handsome as ever. These are the best in this episode. loved it so much. Episode was very good.

  9. mindblowing episode…ishra/divan was awesome and specialy kp my god r they acting or it was real they r living their roles…

  10. haha still some fans finding sense in yhm…not now it was missing since ghoost track i think it was missing since October of 2015… don’t foget it is a typical long running serial if anyone wants to everything look so perfect for them they can watch serials which end with 100-200 episodes…

  11. Where is pihu……they don’t showed where is she

  12. Hi Fedupofyhm and Kiran ! Its not that the audience wants to see the romance of Ishra !
    The storyline is completely gone from Surrogancy track ! Bhooth like that so many finally where Nikhil and Ruhi . We may watch how Nikhil wentt off like that ! The track which changest drastically is becoz of Nikhil and its not open to us .If you go to see no logic at all … simply repetitions . Evil wins over good . How all of them coming together to Budapest is mystery . Pihu is yet to be revealed . I think Ashok has some purpose … he is helping Ishitha with some agenda ! Somebody is behind Ashok . Plus Ruhi is securing Papas business .True Kiran Its a typical Indian masala long serial ! Here we are descussing about Kp and Dt and their deliveries to the best in whatever they show . Thats all . Its spoiled to the core now bringing back is not saying ! Its pleasant to watch these two days episodes than before . As simple as that . My opinion !

    1. Pinku

      Hi vp do u remember me?? Hru wrz our yhm batch no one except u here…. rithusree mano n all where have they gone

      1. Hi Pinku how are you ! I am fine dear ! Missing old commemters …remember you v much . I have no other work so commenting . Not watching any other serials too

  13. Tejaswini Reddy

    What about pihu they aren’t showing after this leap

  14. M.N.Hanumantharao

    congrats to the dialogue writer for the way Ishita brings smile on Raman’s face and a beginning for her plan to come back to her family.

    1. yes M N Hanumantha Rao . vert true . Totally the dialogues were good . To be complimented .

  15. How many of you think after everything gets sorted out simmi might kick param out of her life and move on with ashok

  16. Wat the hell my comment is missing OK coming to the point how many of you think simmi might kick param out of her life after knowing the truth and move on with ashok if he has really changed for good.

    But I’m not totally convinced of his character no smirk, monologue ntn…….
    Somewhere I feel he has planned something bigger and worser I wouldn’t be surprised if such episodes become a turning point of the show

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