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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting the couple contest form. She checks Raman’s entry and thinks Raman wants to participate with me. Raman comes and asks Neelu to give juice, I have to go for jog again. Ishita looks on and works in kitchen. Raman tells Simmi that he needs some beautiful and smart partner, I m participating in couple contest, Romi feels his body is better than mine, I m participating to make him lose, someone beautiful and smart is needed to make Mihika lose. Simmi says Ishita is there, beauty with brain. Raman says she is there, but beauty and brain are absent.

He taunts on Ishita’s fashion sense. Ishita says I have won many fashion shows. Raman jokes. Simmi says you both want to participate together right. Raman says yes. Ishita also says yes. Raman says

leave it, I will get someone. Simmi says you both always fight, don’t make me mediator, you have to talk. She goes. Raman asks Ishita shall we go shopping. She says yes, women love shopping.

Appa lies to Amma about Murli’s farewell party. Amma asks who made the food, his wife or caterer. He says bhabhi ji made the food, that too a wide variety. Amma scares him and beats him for lying to him, in her imagination. He asks her to give pillow. He pulls pillow and she falls. She says you could ask for it. He asks where are you lost, and thinks what happened to her these days, I have to talk to counselor friend again. She thinks why is he lying, did he get anyone in laighter club, I have to find out.

Its morning, Raman comes downstairs and sees Romi doing pushups. Adi counts and prepares Romi. Ishita asks Raman to have parathas. Raman says people drink protein shake before workout. Adi says you won’t like the taste. Raman says I had it before and asks for it. Ishita sends protein shake for Raman. Everyone smile. Raman drinks it. They laugh seeing his face.

Ruhi asks Raman how did he like it. Raman says no words, I will show push ups to Romi. Mihika says he will win. Ishita says he is doing anything for competition. Raman and Romi do push ups. Adi and Ruhi clap for them and cheer. Raman gets tired. Ishita looks on. Romi smiles. Ishita reminds Raman about the call. Raman says oh yes, I have to make a call, you keep doing Romi, I can fly. He goes. Ishita and everyone laugh. Ishita goes to Raman.

Raman says what did Romi make me do, I got ache. Ishita smiles and asks is showing off over. Appa gets ready. Amma thinks so much preparation before going for walk, my doubt got clear. He goes. Amma thinks to follow him and see her Sautan. Ishita says you should not become hero if you can’t do this. He says I was a born hero. She applies balm to him. Romi comes there. She hides the balm. Raman stands well and makes excuse. Romi says I m getting balm smell. Ishita says Raman was applying balm to my aching shoulder. Romi smiles and says if Raman’s shoulders are hurting, I can apply balm to him. Raman says no, I m fine. Romi asks Raman to come for walk, they will go office by walk today. Raman says yes, come. Ishita says no, I need a massage. Romi says fine, I will go then. Ishita laughs and asks Raman to sit.

Mr. Bhalla tells Amma that Appa did not come for walk today. She gets angry and doubts Appa has an affair. Shagun tells Kunal and Ashok that I m sure Ishita made Aaliya do this, thank God Pihu did not say anything, when I asked Aaliya, she smartly admitted she took Pihu to counselor and its better for her. Kunal says next time Raman will go, its risky. Ashok asks her to make Pihu refuse for this. Shagun says I can’t refuse. Mani and Aaliya have to be on my side. Kunal asks her to meet that lady, afterall you are a mum, know her conclusion.

Amma gets tired finding Appa and says where is Vishwa. She sees Appa talking to someone. Appa says I don’t know what to do, will she understand me. Amma says I will catch him red handed. Appa is on call and says okay Maya, we will meet tomorrow and discuss. He goes. Amma says Maya…. I have seen who is my Sautan Maya.

Shagun calls Dr. Dixit and says I m Pihu’s mom, I know she is coming to you, I want to discuss something imp and come with her. The lady says why not, it will help her, I m going out for 15 days, you can come after that. Shagun says sure thanks. She tells Ashok that I will find some plan and make excuse that Pihu does not need to go there. Lady says its good Aaliya warned you, and you told me, I lied to Shagun and I will not meet her till we know what is happening with Pihu, Shagun is making Pihu lie, how can she be a good mum. Ishita thanks her and goes to Mihika. She says counselor is on our side and told Shagun that she is going for 15 days. Mihika says yes, now Shagun will get busy in contest. Ishita says but we should not let Shagun doubt on us again.

Raman checks clothes and talks to designer. Ishita comes home. Raman asks her to select the clothes. She thinks to tell him about counselor, his mood is good, I don’t want to spoil his mood. He asks her to check fast. Romi and Mihika come home from shopping. Raman asks Romi to see clothes. Romi says Mihika and I did shopping. Adi says wow full on shopping. Ruhi says this contest will be fun. Adi and Ruhi like Romi’s clothes. Raman says whats cool in it, its dull color. Romi jokes on Raman and says we are young, you are old, see your selection. They all laugh.

Amma gives couple contest form to Appa and says we have to participate in this. He says its not for old people. She says I m not old, I understand fashion, you ask me to try anything new, why are you not signing now, we will do this. He refuses and goes to see news, asking her to serve food. She says I know why he refused, he wants to meet his girlfriend tomorrow, I will take his sign, if he is in contest, he can’t meet that girl. She dresses in a red saree and takes roses. She dances on Raat akeli hai… Appa gets shocked. She makes him sign on the form and thinks how will he go to meet Maya now, I will show my Maya.

Its morning, Raman asks Ishita to come. Ishita says I have headache by stress. He says you are worse than kids, how can you neglect doctor’s words, he asked you not to take stress, no contest is imp. She says we have to go. He says we know we are perfect couple, our love is perfect, whom do we have to prove, this contest does not matter, take care, I can’t get a perfect wife than you, I will send a doctor. She says sorry. He says fine, I will settle scores. He goes.

Ruhi asks Aaliya will Pihu come with me. Aaliya says yes, you take her. Ishita gets Ruhi’s message and says she did not write clear, I really hope Pihu meets doctor well and tells everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello to all today epi is good and funny and pihu should reveal truth but this is not going to happen because writer’s want something more to furstrate to all yhm viewer. In every show that happen but in yhm only wrong thing happen

    1. Yes, I agree with you, Magic.

      This is very frustration story.

    2. I like your comments magic. You are great

    3. I agree with you magic

    4. YHM is always like this

  2. Frustrate*

  3. Shivani is better than magic shivani is better than magic and i don’t need your help you fool

    1. madhu Please stop that!!!

      You are going to irriated me with what you are saying to Magic. I don’t like that.

  4. Hi parichari
    Im sorry if I hurt u.Pls don’t feel happy sweety.ull be blessed 4 ur good deeds

    1. HI Wish

      I am not hurt. I am fine.

  5. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Supergirl, Padma, Siddhi, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Bhagya, Monique and other YHM fans.

    Magic I agree with you that writers will always find something to frustrate us. The cvs have nothing better to do than frustrate all the fans. It was a fun episode but how long will this fun remain. Tomorrow something else will happen and all of us will get irritated with the episode. At least I wish for a few episodes there should be an uninterrupted moments without Ashok, Shagun and Kunal.

    VP thanks for your kind words yesterday. I am really warmed with your words. I wish I can see sooner than expected. Please let me know when you are in Singapore I will be very happy to spend a few days with you showing you some nice cool places.

    In fact if I go to Melbourne I would love to meet Mino. I am planning to go to Melbourne next year. Hope Mino would welcome and have tea with me.

    Siddhi how are you? You don’t come often but I am very happy to ready your comments on and off.

    I wonder what happen to Khushi, Monique and Kiran, They use to give comments as well and miss them too.

    1. Hi ur welcome only thing let me know going to Florida & Houston Next year & Hoping to go back home .. just let me know early . would have loved to see u.. bless u

  6. One can see how much Ishita cares for Raman when he was doing the push ups. She knows he will end up having aches and pains. Such a dutiful wife and tried to help him out. Again, Raman is going to end up shouting at Ishita because she did not tell Raman about Pihu going to the counselor and when Raman finds out from someone he is going to get mad at Ishita again and shout at her for hiding such a truth. I only hope Ishita does not in her enthusiasm end up rushing to Dr Dixit’s clinic to check whether everything is fine with Pihu. If Raman finds out she went to the child psychology clinic and not participating in the contest he will get furious with her. I hope cvs will not align the storyline in this way. I really hope Pihu discloses everything to Dixit and Ishita tells Raman and Raman understands everything then. oh cvs please no more shouting and scolding from Raman towards Ishita…

  7. What non sense story shagun cares a lot pihu since seven years ishita coming shagun will show up a bad mum

    1. Shaghun cares Thanu ? Before 7 years leap how was Shaghun with Ruhi and Adi … any idea … Shaghun cant be nice at all … she loved only herself …

  8. Shivani rithu magic sindhu vp parichary shreya mino bhagya you all are same fool and don’t know about yhm taking the show very seriously and rithu and shivani don’t think you both are great ok hehehe

    1. “You can’t change some one frustration who doesn’t see an issue in their action (comment)”

      1. Wonderfull comment magic and madhu just stop your bakwas ok

    2. Madhu!!! Please leave this site if you don’t act like grow up.

      1. If you don’t know how to be a mature and growup. Then no necessary for you to give your stupidity dialogue to all my friends. Get it!!!

        You have no respect of Magic, Vp, other of my friends in this site. You had since join our site in the first day of November and we welcomes you and you behave like arrogant and idiot.

    3. Thank U Madhu For the compliment If That is Ur Opinion . i can’t change can I???

  9. Hi Sindhu … Let me plan my trips for next year … I have relatives there but def I will spend at least a day with you ..I cant be out of my business for a long time …

  10. I missed the episode.episode was ok . precap was ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya b(oth the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli siddhi and all yhm friends.

  11. Episode was not boring … ok ok average episode … Todays Ishra plans are pre alert to us … be assured he will shout at her …she is sick … will get up and go to the counsellor … we cant blame her .. he is not informed about the counsellor .. he can get angry … again not telling the truth …Dt is soooo beautiful … back to her perfect brilliant acting .. Their love too is true …Why is that Mr and Mrs Iyers scene ? quite boring .wish If Ishra had gone for competetion … Hi Magic how r you .. ? Rithu its true without Rithu and Shivani … this site can not be complete … very good comments … always … once I remember telling you both when thanked me … not to say thanks and all .. I dont have place to store the thanks … I was just joking … I felt bith of you had taken it seriously … It was my starting in this site … but girls … if it hurt you that time I am v sorry … I was appreciating your efforts on updating us.. First time I have become a fan in my whole life of one serial and Dt … I am very happy being with you all …

    1. Am Fine VP mam how is your health? We also happy that you are with us

  12. 1. Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

    2. Naagin

    3. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Kumkum Bhagya,

    4. Udaan

    5. Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Bramhrakshas

    6. Siya Ke Ram, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

    7. Sasural Simar Ka

    8. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah

    9. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    10. Swaragini

  13. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi guys nothing much to comment now a days hmm sometimes raman shouting and sometimes u r best wife oh god i can’t understand raman’s behaviour why everytime only shagun wins main lead is ishu and not shagun why ekta prefers shagun morethan ishu ?

  14. No real comment .if every episode could be like this fun, but the fun will be short lived because you got 3 villains so there will never be peace , fun or happiness .guys I threw Ekta and her writers in the ocean in Australia. Well I kept all the actor’s except fir shaggy who drowned with them, ashok fell of his horse and died and Kunal had a heart attack after he heard shaggy drowned. So my new and qualified team of writers u can go ahead and grab the actors and take yhm forwards. Good luck team,.

    1. Agree with you Super Girl. Wish that Shagun should drown in the crusine with Raman, and Pihu. Saw the photo Raman look handsome and Pihu look sweet and Ishita looking hot in read sari with black shawl on boat ride with wind. Lovely family photo of KP, DT and Ruhi then KP and Ruhi photo together was amazing as father and daughter photo are such cute.

      Then DT with Aditi (aka Ruhi) are so awesome when taking photo and share on FB page. It was so lovely but DT missed her real life husband Vivek while busy shooting in Australia. Abhishek (aka Adi) missed Aditi also how cute. KP is in Australia along with his wife Ankita. KP will celebrate his birthday in 11 days with his wife Ankita, Anita, DT, Aditi, Ruhi and his YHM team. While DT celebrate Vivek birthday after she leave for Australia. Vivek celebrate birthday without DT but party with ADi, Mihir, Parameet, Romi and team. Abhishek squash chocolate cake on Vivek’s face and totally messed and others laugh.

    2. Ha Ha Ha Super girl That sounds Great.. At This rate it Might Happen…

  15. Madhu I need to set record straight here. You have called most of us fool. Don’t use such words please. I have been very patient but I think you are not only insulting me but all the dear ones as well. When we comment we are just commenting about this episode. We are only commenting about the plot and Raman and Ishita are only fictional characters. We are commenting about the fictional characters. So please don’t call us fools and show some respect. You will not like what I say and I want to let you know I am not a student. I am 45 this year. So you need to know how to respect one’s age.

  16. Good Morning all …. Sindhu please ignore … Magic your reply was good … that is you Magic …. Magic is really a Magic in this site … Keep up your attitude … Talent and Looks is God Given be thankful … Money and fame is Man given … be great ful … Ego and Attittude . self given … be careful … Good Morning to all …

  17. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  18. The popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbaetin is not leaving us with it’s never ending twists and turns. Recently we have seen how ishitha went to jail and raman scolding her.
    Though the problems solved between them with families help. They even decide to participate in perfect couple contest. But ishitha gets fever and raman cancels to participate. Ishitha again doing the same mistake by not telling raman about pihu. She takes her to a counselor to take with aliya’s help. Shagun gets the doubt that aliya is trying to find out about pihu’s suicide attempt.
    In the coming episode’s , Raman comes to know this and there will be a big fight between both of them. Shagun plans to take pihu and leave the country. Then the show will take a leap of 1 year and shagun will be in Australia. Ishita stays in india with bhalla family taking care of adi and ruhi.

    Ruhi gets doubt on ishitha thinking she is dating someone. Later she checks ishitha’s phone and finds she is chatting with a man named vidhyut. Soon ishitha will also go to Australia to meet the new man. Vidhyut, a sleek and suave guy who will charm and will be a wooer. And his entry will shake things up completely as he will be seen getting close to Ishita.

    Is he a new man in ishitha’s life? Will raman and ishitha meet each other? Stay tuned for more updates.

    1. Vidyut will want Raman and Ishita to reunited but did not know that Raman changed his identity to hide from Ishita. When Shagun tell Raman about Ishita and Raman scold Shagun not to bring Ishita name in this house. Pihu heard this and get sad and see Shagun smirk. Pihu realised that Shagun is not good and want to break the realtionship and see Raman goes to his room. Pihu will be check on Raman and surprised to see Raman holding Ishita, Adi and Ruhi photo with Bhalla family along and breakdown. Pihu will try to cheer Raman up but knowing that Raman will hide his pain from Pihu.

  19. Hello every1…r u all from one place or nearby ??? My name is Dilip i too enjoy your comments and read this updates instead of watching on tv.

  20. Just waiting for the 1 year leap hoping this time good will be conquering evil .just love isra .

  21. Poor Mr Iyer get punishment from Mrs Iyer.
    Raman concern for Ishita is quite nice but later on fight with her in Ishita bad condition. Raman does not concern about Ishita ill and shout at her for Shagun. Shagun and Pihu involved in accident. Raman doesn’t know that Shagun plan this. Raman will be leaving Ishita and Bhalla house by tmw. I hate this episode and leap year.

  22. Sorry to all and sorry to shivani and rithu

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