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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling their plan about knowing Ashok’s secret informer present in Bhalla house. She says I wanted Ashok to believe I m Shagun and then tell me who is that person. Prateek calls it a great plan. Ishita says Abhishek helped us. Abhishek says we could not arrest Ashok without proof, and know that member, then we needed Prateek. Ishita says they planned everything to show big fight between me and Shagun, and made family scold Shagun. She says Shagun left from home, saying she will never give this child to me.

Shagun says I have sent video to show where is she, and everyone see her fake death. Ishita says then Raman, Mihir, Abhishek and I reached there to save Shagun, I stopped them and went to terrace again, so that they should now know the drama, then

we had shown a real fight, Shagun jumped down. Abhishek says Shagun jumped from 6th floor and my team got her landed on the net on 5th floor, I did not let anyone see down from terrace, after they have gone seeing Shagun dead, I took her from there safely. FB shows Abhishek asking Shagun to come to hospital, he will get a body to replace and then do final rites, lets go. He takes her on stretcher. FB ends.

Ishita says Shagun was dead for the world, I had to make her alive to save Raman. Prateek says she has bear a lot. Ishita says she can do anything for Raman, Ashok’s plan broke her, she loves her family and trusts them, and now she is doubting them. Raman did not believe this. Shagun says so we got Prateek in this drama. Ishita says we started this drama same night, Shagun messaged me after coming Bhalla house, I went to kitchen to get water, I opened the door for Shagun and got her inside.

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Ishita to reveal Sarika and Ashok’s link…

FB shows Ishita asking Shagun to sit, and disappear when Raman comes there. Raman has seen Shagun, I did drama to faint, and till then Shagun went silently, when he turned, he did not see anyone, Raman did not believe, I took Raman to Manoj’s house, I started drama there. She locked the door and when she heard he is going to get keys, she opened the door and sat normal, she did drama to prove Shagun’s soul is wandering and is after her.

She says she was sitting in possessed state in compound, then he got confused what to believe, I have hurt him a lot. She says she does not believe in all this, she heard ghosts are scared of Lord, so she did acting to prove Shagun is in her, she scared Sarika, when Sarika called family and came back, I made the room proper to confuse her, we did mistakes too. Shagun says that night we would have got caught, when Shagun came to meet me at night. Prateek says that was risky. Ishita says Shagun felt there is someone, I diverted Sarika, Shagun left from home, Sarika got more scared after that.

Shagun says then we started phase 2. Ishita says it was tough for me to have Shagun’s body language and mannerism, to convince Ashok. Shagun says Ishita did it perfectly, then I told her Ashok’s secrets which just Ashok and I knew, then she used it perfectly. She says Ishita is brave, she did not hurt anyone in her life, but many people have hurt her. Ishita says I have hurt many, I m hurting my own family to save them, I scolded Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and others. She cries.

She says Ruhi’s friends came, I scared all of them, I shouted on Ruhi, Ruhi was scared of me. My kids will not forgive me. Shagun says no, they will understand you when you explain them, they are your kids. Ishita says I had to convince myself for this drama. Prateek asks how did sindoor turn black, Amma was sure Shagun has possessed you. Ishita says Amma is literate and yet believes all this, I know she will get active seeing me like this, I kept an eye on Amma. She looked for the things hidden in her room. FB shows Ishita gets the sindoor and understood pandit gave this to Amma. She asks Abhishek to arrange any black powder, and replaced the sindoor with black powder.

Ishita says I don’t understand how people believe in ghosts and spirits in this age, Amma believed this, but we had to win the bigger fight.

Ishita says we have to find out who is helping Ashok. Ashok says Ishita will kill Raman, and will be blamed, my game will be done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well planned

  2. Ab achha lag rha hh yhm nice episode ab bus ye clear Kr de Ki vo nonveage kaise kha rhi thi.shagun ko Ishita ka sath dete achha laga Mai bhut khus hu shagun ko positive role m dekh k

  3. Hi jhanvi ,diya , rithu n all actually u guys r write this track is not soo bad actually I enjoyed today’s episode hope k sab ghar walay ishu ko samjay aur use maff kar denn

  4. Oh sorry I wrote write instead of right

  5. rubiya shaikh

    Thnx fr d fast update

  6. Ishita is so brave

  7. Nishama Vilochana

    fantastic game by ISHITHA,SHAGUN,ABHISHEK & PRATHEEK….It shoul be admire……

  8. Firstly they show all this nonsense things… n now by showing it as a master plan they are foolibg viewers again… I know this is fiction but please at least it should relate to viewers to some extend… disappointed…

    1. Agree with you ….
      Narrating the plan for what ….simply dragging …..whatever said and done the ghost track was beyond imagination . Ishra separation will be there for some time , both of them blaming themselves for not telling each other … Who knows tomorrow Shaghun will give the baby ? Totally ruined the story line from what it was , Acp is always like a tail to the Bhalla family, as if he has no other work , he could find out . This is just to fool us … This is my opinion , expectation was very high on Yhm , lost it completely …. Now not easy to bring the charm and beauty it had …. I how is this episode mind blowing …. Two wives saving funny . Ishitha looks very fatty ..,. Plane sarees with borders with sleeve less blouse is better … I was so attracted to this serial …. Now not watching regularly

  9. waooooo….

  10. OMG…..!!! Mindblowing, awesome, supper cool,fantastic…….!!!
    It’s a team work guys…… There’s no degraded character……!!!
    And I told this, they show every reasons behind ishita’s behaviour……. !
    Tomorrow they’ll show , how did ishita eat chicken and how did she lift raman……
    But now, ishita is worrying like raman. Coz she hid everything from raman as he hid surrogacy.
    But I hope to the core that there’s no ishra separation.!!!!!
    Eagerly waiting………!!!!!!

    “A successful drama(plan) in the successful drama(yhm)”
    This is the best way what I can say……!
    From SL

  11. Thanks amena.

  12. Guyz what you think… Jo insaan ashok se mila h vo Sarika hi h?????
    Kya Sarika ka bachche adopted h romi ka nhi

  13. Fake fake fake
    How can they be so fast to trick others.
    And it will be better if they reveal sarikas truth and show reality and stops this drama.

  14. Plan was OK but I don’t like surrogace drama and I think only shagun fans are watching this stupid serial (ekta u r ghost of the serial)

  15. Hi siddhi and all…… Ya I also told it before and I told that don’t blame unnecessarily. But I know, if someone blame to yhm before and if now they appreciate this track, he/she true yhm lover…….!!! Yes,Sometimes we blamed,coz sometimes we couldn’t tolerate this AT ALL…….. And now, reminding that bad words……. God,I can’t control my laugh…….!!!

  16. waste serial & wste of time

  17. I hate u shagun I don’t no u have changed or not but it is very difficult to see surrogace drama for fans

  18. their plan is mind blowing!!!!! wow!!! but they got 2 days to narrate the story….they will get 2mrw also…they ar dragging it too much!!!! bt still i lv it!!!!

  19. Yhm has again came on right trak. Liked shagun ishu bond. Amazing…….

  20. Yaar what will happen when everybody will know the truth . How will raman react . Will it lead to ishra seperation . If that will happen .seriously yaaar that will be a suck.
    But lets wait and watch .
    And makers please no ishra seperation

  21. Definitely dis tym yhm wl b top in trp… Wowowoooowww… Superbb plan… Dint evn made viewers to get a lil track f diz plan…wawawawa…

  22. ishita believes that bhalla family forgive her but they are very selfish the did not mind their family members did any mistake with others like rinki,romi if others did any thing against their family means they never forgive and tolerate that mistakes so definitely they scold ishita also like what they did with shagun and iyer family also wont accept this especially amma,bala and vandhu they may be scold adhi and ruhi are children the cannot understand those things in this age raman also selfish only so definietelly ishra seperation will happen
    but writters please it wont be too long one year is enough same time there is no other partners for ishra if seperation time also they should live with each other memories please we dont want other partners for ishra

    1. true…………………………….

  23. Superbbbb planning…..awesome

  24. Awesome episode.. Nice track.. Waiting fr the next episode

  25. if shagun n ishitha wer doing drama den wat was d need for ishitha to act lik dat in front of neighbors adi n ruhi n scare them.. because this may have bad effect on ruhi and adi n they ll b worried abt their mom.. n wat was the need for her to eat chicken she could ve done somethin else.. this show is becoming more n more ridiculous nowadays..

  26. Parvathi.. Raman is not selfish .. nd if bhalla family only mrs bhalla was like this but now she also supports the right person. Nd they r doing all this drama to get evidence against that person i.e , sarika .. mrs bhalla never liked sarika nd if not sarija but whoever it is they have to blv it whn the evidence will b shown. I dont think seperation will happen. Yes…they will definately shocked nd angry on ishita nd shagun ..mostly ishita but they will forgive her. Ishita is going through a lot just bcz of protecting raman , adi ruhi nd her unborn child . Nd no one can deny that anyhow. Plz thnk positive nd hope that the real namak haram of bhalla family along wid ashoke gets arrested.

    Now lets come back to today’s epi… it was again kissilicious… ??
    What a plan!!! Well excuted …i mn they r fooling us from such a long time nd we nvr evr doubted it.
    ishita i salute u for what u r , wht u have been .Nd also for ur brilliant actingg.. cz divz is a actor not ishita…??
    Shagun u also did a good job..
    ishita knows she is hurtng her family ,raman nd her childreb a lot ..
    divz u did a grt job today …
    I hope they dont hurt her in future..
    nd understand her
    i also dnt thnk seperation will happen
    sorry ekta kapoor for bashing u soo much nd thnku for not making our fav show another ssk. Now finish this track soon nd bring back the romance in it.

  27. Hi guys…….

    Feeling good now ……nice epi nd their plan is jst awesome…..!!!!!! Good going….

    Happy to see Shagun ishu’s friendship…actually really…, . I was expected this friendship before surrogacy when Shagun changed nd wanted ishra’s happiness… BT it could nt happen at that time. Nd now they r showing their frndship. …BT now it is good going….
    First they were fighting for children nd now they r nt ishu’s or shagun’s children…. They r their children..!!!! Now both r become each other’s strength nd support… Happy to see this…. Nd THANKS writers for dis…..

  28. I like this track in first sight.. After they showed too much deeds of ishu I started hating this I m enjoying dis… BT actually I can’t enjoy this full coz of Raman.. I really scared bout him.. That’s y I m worried nd can’t enjoy this.. It will be more fun if Raman will be a part of this drama.. We can enjoy this without any fear …fear like separation… BT I really hope nd pray that Raman will dfntly understand this nd children nd families also…nd there won’t be any separation.. Nd if it will happen all dis drama they did will become useless …so pls writers don’t do that.. Nd make Raman realize ishu’s condition..nd ya specially a strong lesson to that b****y Ashok Khanna …nd send him to jail for a long time so he can’t come back to harm Raman…. Nd ofcrse d member helping Ashok.. May be it’s sarika …pls reveal her truth soon..

  29. Ya Darshika…., I am also feeling d same ..we scolded d team so much Na yar.. BT actually sometimes they torture us so in frustration we do that… I m also laughing at that words…ha ha ha…

  30. AMAZING EPISODE!!!Can’t wait to see next episode

  31. Did Abishek know about the plan?then why in the flashback is he saving shagun?

  32. Anyway I missed the episode in tv but watched online and read the updates, thanks to Amena.
    I think this the longest conversation which took place in YHM since beginning. It is more than 3 days now and the plan is SUPERB!!!!

  33. Superb story.

  34. Sorry guys I forgot .., it’s DIWALI Na…

    So HAPPY DIWALI to all my YHM frnds. Enjoy bt be careful..!!!!!!

  35. Happy Diwali ????????????????

  36. what rubbish. the writers scribble off anything that comes to thier mind. and one fine day they try to corelate their ecstatic ideas into the main story line after confusing the viewers for weeks. how more will the viewers be fooled. such a big nonsense drama to find out the black sheep? cant an able police officer or detective agency do that work? what the hell …….. if ishita is so much concerned about the family, why such acts that hurt all of them.. even the children. how will anyone trust ishita hereafter. she has played with everybodys emotions.

    1. That’s what I am also of opinion . Totally agree with you vidhya ….rubbish they ar showing

  37. Whatever twist they are showing but why have they suddenly ignored rink is murder totally?? Mihika is totally lost somewhere and not seen at all!!! Now they are just focusing on showing flashback and the plan execution!! Forget about Mihika abhishek Mihir track?!?! No logic then why did they show a lady giving money to the man who replaced gun at balloon stall to trap mihika!! Weird story line

  38. What about Raman hanging like than in air …how they done that

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