Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir and Bala dancing on the dhol beats. They really look funny. Shagun smiles and says so sweet. Ashok says thank God, they brought a smile on your face. Mihika comes and stands with them. Shagun thanks Mihika to change Mihir, as he has never danced. Raman and Ishita come and see Mihir happy. Raman says yes, I came to see my wife’s marriage. She says no, you are related to her via Mihir, Mihika and me. Simmi waits for Parmeet. Bala talks on mic and says you all know I m Adi’s teacher, and you all have to do as I say, so I welcome you in this Sangeet night, and thankful to Ashok and Shagun.

Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer come dressed as MJ and dance on the song Abhi to party shuru hui hai………. Everyone smile being amazed. A Delightful one…… Everyone

clap for them. Simmi looks pretty and waits for Parmeet. Parmeet comes saying my family is here, lets spend some time today with family. He hugs Simmi and says mum really danced well. She asks how is he. He says he was lost in her thoughts, did she tell family that he is back. She says no, I thought…. He says you think a lot, whats there to think if I m back, you can tell them I m busy in work. He says I missed you a lot and Ananya, where is she. She says she is with mum, now you have come back, so she will be happy.

Bala says the marriage is unique, so the starting should be unique too. He says my best student Aditya is coming next. Everyone clap for him. Shagun says you are going to dance. Adi says I did not prepare, this one is for you. Bala says we won’t leave Adi alone, Raman will be dancing along, his dad. Raman feels proud to get this chance and asks him to come. Adi stops. Shagun holds him and asks him to go on stage. Adi refuses and says he won’t dance. Ashok says let him go, its ok. What was the need for Raman to do this, my clients are here, and why would Adi dance with him, he does not want to see Raman’s face, he is doing this intentionally, he can’t force a kid.

Ishita says why is Adi doing this, ignoring Raman infront of everyone. She says Raman took a step towards me, now its my turn. I will not leave Raman alone. Raman comes down stage. Bala says its ok, kids get afraid sometimes. Ishita says I won’t leave you alone Raman and holds his hand asking him to come on stage. Bala says see like a good wife never leaves her husband alone, how can she leave him alone on stage, welcome them. Parmeet says great romance, that she is dancing in her Sautan’s sangeet. Ishita and Raman dance on the song Mannva lage lagere saware…………………

Ishita looks very elegant, and Raman dashing as ever. They compliment each other in this dance act and look superb. She touches his face and he feels something changing his expression. Everyone clap for them. Mani and Ruhi like their dance and compliment them. Ishita stands closer to Raman and Mani says I think I should excuse myself. Adi gets angry and holds the curtain crushing it. Parmeet sees him and says he has to ignite his angry, its much time to see Ishita in problem. Parmeet comes to Adi and does the fueling work. He says its good you did not dance with Raman, see he danced with Raman, Ishita can’t see Shagun happy and want you and Shagun to be apart. Adi asks why will she do this. Parmeet says why will I say wrong, Ishita has made your mum cry a lot and doing this with you now. Simmi hears them standing behind.

Bala announces the beautiful performance of the evening, and welcomes Shagun. She looks super hot in her western style clothes and dances on the song Kamli…………. Simmi asks Parmeet why is he doing this, why is he dragging Adi in this by making him against Ishita. Parmeet tried to defend himself and says you feel I m always wrong, I m supporting the child, he is feeling alone, his mum is remarrying, his father is with Ruhi and new wife, he is running between real and step father, and you are thinking I m wrong, you are strange, you trust your brother, not husband. He leaves. She says how to trust you, my heart has always supported you, but I don’t know about your mind and heart.

Adi thinks about Parmeet’s words and gets angry. He says I have to teach Ishita a lesson, now she will know. He asks the servant to get hot water. He asks why. Adi says I have throat pain. Adi calls police and says his step mum makes him work, he did not work today and she burnt my hand, giving his and Ishita;s name details and asking them to come soon. The man gives him hot water and asks him to be careful, and mix some cold water. Adi says my mum is everything, I won’t let Ishita spoil her mood, I will burn my hand and blame Ishita, so that police takes her. He takes the hot water glass and sees the fumes.

Ishita says I wanted to show the world that you are not alone, I m with you and…. Raman stands closer and says what, say it. She says I wanted to tell you that I….. He says tell me, I want to hear it. She looks at him being shy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yaar everything was going well btw ishra after a long time per this adi came inbtw.arey adi y dont u act like a kid.kid hai tho be like kid.this adi is spoiling himself and other also.ishra dance was awesome.they r looking really cute together.and sad to hear that ishita go to jail.and wase bein promo is really sacry and i hope ishra never separate.

    1. Hi Priya how r u

    2. Hi priya hw r u? I alwys lk ur cmmnts. Bt i cant undrstnd hindi much wl. So pls put them in english. I wl be grtful 2 u

    3. What were u expecting Priya? …if IshRa unite then serial ends they are dragging. But I find it nice …

  2. wat da hell is rong wid adi i realy hate him seriosly

  3. i wish tmrw ishra confesses their lov i hope so

    1. With a lovely kiss

  4. For divyanka tripathi(ishita)-
    In today episode u r looking gorgeous in blue saari…
    Acting-your acts is ” heart touching ” in yhm serial
    Dancing-your dancing is awesome on super hit song manwa laagr re….
    Rating-out of 5star for ishita….

  5. Ishira dance was amazing but adi could not do this. I hate adi so bad serial week promo so sad plz ishira dont separate our fans big request.

  6. Adi being an idiot is missing a great step mum… Plz see her & get good lessons damn adi

  7. Dis adi pagal ho tum.he vil come monthly once he vil create a problem b/w ishitha&raman.

  8. Oh gd it ws so lvly 2 see ishra dancing. Bt poor Adi he hs been poisoned by tht ashok,shagun & suraj. Nw parmeet 2. Bt i wsh ishita wl make raman and adi join.

  9. What the ………?
    Why is this adi doing like this what’s his problem. I hate him
    Ishra was being close now a days but this adi is spoiling those cute moments…………!

  10. Tum sab ne promo dekha jisme Raman soti hui Ishita ke pas apna braclete rakhkar kehta hai ki mere karn tumhari khusiya kam nahi honi chahiye is liye me rishta yahi khatm karta hu.
    Are koi Raman ko samjao ki Ishu ki khushi Tumse dur rehme me nahi tumhare aur Ruhi kw saath rehne me hai.
    Hey Ekta mam itne achhe scene dikha kar IshRa ko alag mat kar dena sabhi fans ka dil tut jayega.

    1. Where did it show that?

    2. If that happens Imma cryyyy. It’s not fair I was expecting a lot that they willmckmfess their love n will be together like a happy family

  11. The problem with this series is kids r not acting like kids and I guess thats not a good message to public

  12. Prayosha! I m agree for u

  13. Adi iz doing tooooo….much

  14. wowowow..!!!

  15. a very entertaining episode. i just really hate that spoilt brat adi and that kameena loafer param. ishitha is soo good nobody could ever think that she could do something like that.i mean burning adi’ s hand. bloodly hell those shagun adi ashok sooraj and param . aree bhad me jaaooo yaar. ishra you both are soo cute and always some blo*dy people come inbetween. hope everything goes fine. as per the sources ishitha will soon comeout from jail as raman got know about adis evil plans. but what happen to raman yaar woh ishitha ko kyo chodna chahtha hai . plz reunite.

  16. Rithishree Raman ko lagta hai ke Uske aur uski family ke karn har bar Ishu musibat mai fas jati hai is liye Ishita ki khushi ke bare me soch kar wo Iahita ko chod na chahta hai Pr wo ye nahi samajta ki Ishu ki khushi Raman aur Ruhi ke saath Rehne me hai . Hope Mani Ishu ya aur koi bhi Raman ko samjaye ki IshRa aur Ruhi ku khushi saath rehne mai hai aur Hamara buddhu Raman samaj jaye aur Ishu ko khud se dur kabhi na hone de.

  17. hey sid

  18. i know
    but at the end of it
    ishra will get back together
    it happens in all serials
    the main leads separate and then come back together

  19. In coming episode bad for ishita and ishita fan’s –
    Faashle kitne dur kyo na ho Jaye mohabbatein kam na hogi- Raman ishita ki….

  20. Police will come but everything will be clarified as adi doesn’t stay with ishita so how can adi say ki ishita usse zabardasti kaam karati hain and jab adi ka haat jala tha she was with raman so she can’t be at two places at the same time . And what i think is adi will be in a trap and raman for the first time scold adi for this and adi will go to jail as he lied .

  21. What’s rong with u adi.Parm u r just disgusting

  22. Before Ishita confess her love for Raman, police will come and arrest her.

  23. Ishita raman dance was superb and y is adi doing like this, atleast todays raman confess his feeling on ishita.

  24. I hate u adi and param…….ekta mam plzz don’t do like this

  25. Hey Ekta mam apke har show me hero heroine pehle ladte hai phir pyar karte hai phir romance karte hai aur phir alag ho jate hai pr IshRa ne to abhilove confess bhi nahj kiya aur romance to abhi suru bhi nahi hua to pls IshRa ko alg mat kijiye hame IshRa ko romance karte huye dekhna hai rote hue nahi. Pls stay them togather

  26. I want either is ishita or raman to express their love so that the show gets a new look.we the fans eagerly waiting 4 day moment .Isn’t guys.

    1. Yes ofcourse but at the correct time police will arrive i think so

  27. God..hw. can a kid ..thnk all dis cunning thngs .giv me a brk …pls…dis is vry bad…dey juz wnt to drag evrythng!!

  28. As I wrote it earlier the allegations by adi are false so how can police arrest ishita . She was with raman and moreover adi don’t live with ishita so how can she make him work. Don’t you agree ??

  29. How can ishita be arrested 4 no wrong.plz they have just prepared to propose each other.don’t let this moment go.

  30. I think Simmi will stop adi to burn his hand and ishita would be saved . Police will surely come but nothing will happen .
    Lets hope for the best !!

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