Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman going out and crying. Bala comes to police station, and sees Raman shattered. He says nothing will happen to Adi, come. Bala goes to Adi and sees Ishita. He gets shocked and says Ishu, so many years….. Ishita hears its Adi and sits near him. she sees his face and recalls meeting Mihika’s wedding planner AB. She thinks I met Adi and could not identify him. She says AB, Aditya Bhalla. Adi cries. Raman looks on.

Mani comes there and slaps Adi. He asks how dare you touch my daughter, I will not leave you, you will be in jail forever. Raman looks on. Ishita shouts leave him Mani, he can’t do this, he is my Adi. Mani gets shocked. Mani asks really, just because he is Aditya Bhalla, your son, you think he can’t do bad. Ishita says he can’t do bad. Aaliya

hugs Mani. Raman says my son can’t do such thing. Mani says Raman Bhalla…. I m not surprised he is your son, you never respected any woman, what will your son respect someone. Lady inspector says Aaliya has to come with us, inspector wants to talk to her. Mani sends Aaliya. Mani tells Raman that I will make sure your son is punished. Raman says I will stand as his shield, you do anything you can. Mani leaves angrily.

Raman and Ishita see each other. Ishita thinks Mani is worried for Aaliya, and Raman is worried for Adi, Aaliya and Adi can’t be wrong, what to do, whom to support. She leaves.

Mihir and Pihu come to society. Pihu asks did you tell everyone that I m back from Australia. Mihir says no, they will scold me if they know you came alone, why did your mumma not come along. She says I don’t know, mumma gave a letter for you. Mihir reads Shagun’s letter, she apologizes and thanks him for picking Pihu, she is finding some truth, she will come back after knowing truth. He asks did mumma meet someone there. Pihu says no, she became detective, she was calling hospitals and was asking for some denstist, we enjoyed a lot there and we will go Australia again. He says sure. She says I have to shock everyone with my entry. She goes. Mihir says what is Shagun finding in Australia.

Raman tells inspector that his son is innocent. Inspector asks him to leave. Raman refuses. Inspector says it’s a girl’s molestation, that girl took Adi’s name. Mihika comes and says Adi is innocent, you can’t detain him like this. Bala tells Mihika that Ishita is alive. Mihika says I know. Bala and Raman get surprised. Mihika asks Ishita not to worry for Adi. Raman scolds Mihika and asks whats wrong with you, you knew this and did not tell us that Ishita is alive, did you do this on Romi’s saying. Ishita defends Mihika. Raman says just my son is imp for me, I will take him and leave. He goes.

Pihu comes home and surprises everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihir about Shagun. Mihir says Shagun did not come, she has sent Pihu with some lady, Shagun said she has imp work, she has sent letter. Mrs. Bhalla reads letter. Pihu says I want to cover up my fav serial episodes. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t understand this letter, why did she stay there. Mihir says she was finding some dentist. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu did she have tooth pain. Pihu says no and goes. Mrs. Bhalla wonders why was Shagun finding dentist.

Vandu tells Amma that Bala did not answer her call. Pihu comes and meets them. Pihu hugs Amma and talks to her in dramatic way. Pihu tells them that she has seen someone in Australia, don’t tell anyone. She tells them that she has seen photo aunty. Amma asks what are you saying. Pihu says I have seen her in Australia. Amma asks is she sure. Pihu says yes, I m sure. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and gets shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla tells this to Mihir and others. Mihir asks what, did Pihu see Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I think Shagun is finding Ishita, as you said she was finding dentist, maybe Shagun has seen Ishita there. Mihir says Ishita died 7 years ago. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, maybe someone like Ishita.

Inspector asks Mani to sit and talk, once Fir is written, Adi’s life will get ruined. Mani asks him to file FIR right now. Raman and Mani argue. Ishita says I don’t think Adi did this. Mani gets shocked and says Ishu, you got on Raman’s side. Ishita says Aaliya is my daughter, I have been with her for 7 years, she calls me Amma. Raman says you can doubt Adi then. She says no, I raised him. Raman says you are dead for us and have no relation with us, relations ended 7 years ago. Ishita says Adi is still my son. Mani says bad happened with my daughter. She says Aaliya is my daughter too. Mani says no, she is just my daughter. Adi is your son, you decide on whose side are you. Ishita says I m with the one who is true and honest, I know Aaliya and Adi can’t lie, someone else did this. Raman and Mani argue. Inspector asks them to stop it.

Aaliya is brought there. Ishita asks Aaliya to recall well, what happened with you. Aaliya says Amma, he came to our house, he held me and threatened, then someone attacked, after that a man came there and shouted, that attacker went. Ishita asks did you see attacker’s face. Aaliya says no. Ishita says it can be anyone Mani. Mani says Adi has threatened her, I feel he is the culprit. He takes Aaliya. Raman asks Ishita not to pretend her care, he will prove Adi innocent, get away from our lives. Adi is taken away. Raman says I will take Adi. Ishita thinks how will this get solved.

Ishita sees Abhishek and gets shocked. Abhishek too gets shocked and says Ishita ji, you are alive, Raman…. Raman says don’t talk to me, I lost my daughter because of you two, I m not related to you two now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Puja Ghosh

    Amena di u r too good!!!♥♥♥bcz of u none of d episode of my fav yhm doesn’t get missed…

  2. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Santoshi gets address from Emraan Hashmi of that girl who took Raman with her in hotel. Santoshi reaches to the same hotel meeting that woman and knocks the door. Ishita opens the door which makes Santoshi completely shocked. Santoshi is completely confused whether Ishita is alive but later she believes and hugs Ishita. Ishita and Santoshi have emotional moments where Santoshi scolds Ishita for going away from their lives. Santoshi tells Ishita coming back to Bhalla house and makes everything perfect. Ishita refuses to go there because she cannot come back without Raman’s wish. On the other hand, Aaliya plans to bring Ishita in Romi and Mihika’s wedding so that she would see how both Iyyer and Bhalla family have become enemies of each other. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  3. shivani

    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein: Santoshi turns cupid uniting Raman and Ishita

    Santoshi and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) shocking and emotional confrontation in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Santoshi gets address from Emraan Hashmi of that girl who took Raman with her in hotel.

    Santoshi reaches to the same hotel meeting that woman and knocks the door.

    Ishita opens the door which makes Santoshi completely shocked.

    Santoshi is completely confused whether Ishita is alive but later she believes and hugs Ishita.

    Ishita and Santoshi have emotional moments where Santoshi scolds Ishita for going away from their lives.

    Aaliya to take Ishita at Romi and Mihika’s wedding

    Santoshi tells Ishita coming back to Bhalla house and makes everything perfect.

    Ishita refuses to go there because she cannot come back without Raman’s wish.

    On the other hand, Aaliya plans to bring Ishita in Romi and Mihika’s wedding so that she would see how both Iyyer and Bhalla family have become enemies of each other.

  4. Mona (ash)

    After seeing yesterday’s precap I was waiting like hell for today’s epi but it turns out to be nothing. ??
    All were waiting Ishra milan anxiously and expected that it would be a power packed episode but it was not emotional at all.
    I thought that I will find some ishuadi bond today but there was nothing…
    All are happening because of Ishita itself.
    Usually Raman was the one who do some stupid things assuming things are in a particular way but this time Ishita did it.

    Ishita knows well about Raman’s anger and she know that he himself will feel bad after few days. But it’s true that she was much broken down at that time and suicide attempt was justified.
    But she stayed away from everyone 7 yearsss
    Raman’s anger is completely justifiable in today’s epi because Ishita didn’t even looked back at her family once.

    Really felt Ishu believes Alia more than Adi.

    The only good thing in the epi was Pihu’s coming back

    I who stopped watching yhm a lot before started watchibg it again after the leap but I make it decision that I will not watch it again with just this one epi. Really disappointed in yhm

  5. Ishita will bail out Adi and Mani will be left furious with Ishita. Later Adi will devise plan to unite Pihu and Ishita. However, Raman will catch Adi, Pihu and Ishita together and will slap Adi. Furious Adi will decide to leave Raman to be with Ishita. It is heard that Ishita will send Adi back to Raman.

  6. lavanyabai

    what to say..feeling happy that everyone knowing that.ishita is alive..but..raman hatred towards ishu is same…even after 7 yrs…atleast stop he should stop shouting on ishu..and now… ishra wil be together only after knowing that ruhaan is ruhi…I wish truth is relieved…

  7. Cham

    As yeaterday ,I have to tell the same! Raman is hiding his feelings and mostly gives his anger out! First he ran out and cried as well as smiled! That means he’s happy to see Ishitha alive!
    Isn’t that true guys???

  8. sanju

    soo sad for adi and aliya….episode was ok…raman is soooo kadus abhi bhi…hamne jitna socha tha utna react hua hi nai raman toh ishu ko dekh kar….and pihu’s part was nyc.waiting for ishra reunion….

  9. Hi to all the yhm fans… Tomorrow is a bip day for me… My 10 standard board exam results r coming out…tomorrow…. So wish me luck…..

  10. only pihu part is nice. raman expression is very nice when he sees ishitha.but he turned angered when mani beats adi. ishitha is equally justified as a mother. any way episode is nice and precap is nice. i hope ishra will sort their misunderstandings soon and re unite .

  11. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Siddhi, Anakha and many other YHM fans, this episode is not as great. Everyone is blaming everyone and Mani is an idiot. Can’t he find out the truth before accusing. Mani just hates Raman to the core and he thinks Adi is the same. This is typical. A young girl like Aliya wearing mini skirt and walking alone at night. Sh is an easy prey to any prowlers on a typical night in Delhi. That man was so mascular in yesterday’s episode and bigger in size. Definitely is not Adi but more like Abhishek to teach Aliya a lesson or really some lunatic.

    • vp

      Hi Sindhu I also had the same feeling about Alia …. walking with short skirt and all …. Abhishek knows what happened to Shravan and he heard about Adi talking to Shrawan regarding Alia … that time he had advised Adi to contact his friend … and find out who is that girl . so def Acp only must have caught her or arranged some one …. let the truth come … Ishitha believes on truth only … she is not siding alia nor Adi she knows for sure both of them cant be wrong … Ishitha Adi scene superb … but Raman in the beginning was beyond words … soooo happy to see Ishitha , the way his mixed emotions … superb …it is very defficult to live on guilt and he was living like that … His anger knowing she was alive and did not come back can be justified … episodes to move on … if they unite Ishra … there will b nothing … again we will watch their hatred to love like beginning … but what is shaghun upto … we have to watch and see … plus Manis pain understandable he is angry with Raman only becoz of his behaviour towards Ishitha … he always feels Raman hurts her … he is not a bad man … somehow Pihu is not digesting to me … Good news is that Mrs Bhalla is happy meeting Ishitha reason being she knows her son is a living dead person without Ishitha … Hi Rithu … Shivani and all yhm fans

    • Kitties

      Yes I too agree with you guys ! For so many episodes she is in the same skirt ! Can’t she even change it ????
      I was laughing and laughing seeing her in mini skirt and wrap in dupatta ! She was like AJOOBA ?

  12. SIndhu

    What I did not realise that Mani can turn angry at both Ishita and Raman. How dare Mani slapped Adi. He is trying to help everyoen and he gets beaten up for nothing. Aliya is so mean. Ishita should just live alone instead of living with Mani. She should not even have Mani and Aliya in her life. Raman has shown his hatred towards Ishita. Where there is hatred, there is love. So that hatred will develop into love again when Subbu makes entry. Raman has to feel jealous of Subbu. I think Raman will try to rekindle his love for Ishita. After Ishita saves Pihu, she will try her best to get connected with Pihu. I don’t think she will leave Australia at all or Shagun will do a drama and make Ishita leave to test Ishita to see whether she still loves her parivaar. It will be interesting to watch if they more scenes of Ishra, Adi and pihu.

  13. Yaaaaaaa episode is ok bcz i expected more. But its k. I hope there is lots of fun in the upcoming episode. Plsssss unit ishrarudipihu soon. I reallyyy felt very bad for adi. He is really good. Aliya is an idiot. But i think adi and alia become new couples. But i really like yhm a lot. This is my favret sereal always.

  14. Jess

    What will Shagun do ? Will she tolerate this? today epi was not emotional as I guessed. Anyway with their meeting we will be able to watch nice scenes ahead. May be anger or love. just love to see them together. I dnt think it is easy to unite them so soon. it will take more time as I guess.Because there are so many misundestndngs, cmpliated relationships, answerless questions and also longtime angers. We’ll see wht happen. Although it seems like nothing and so dragging I still love watching this. I dont know why. I hope their reunion will happen after having Ruhi with them. if they settled down all before,then Ruhi will feel more anger. I hope their unioun will be togeher as a family. Any way I cant get the actions of Ashok and Romi. Will they make this story more amazed? else Whts da importance of this Mihika and Romi marraige. wht has happened to Manoj ? Sareeka? how she left the house? will she enter in the future? do Subbu is coming between Ishra? Reunion of Ishra, finding Ruhi, Romi and Iyyer s union, with Ballas.Attacks from Nidhi, Ashok. Abhishek matter, Adhi+Alia. never ending curiosty and so many questions ahead… love alws… YHM.

  15. Siddhi

    I agree with u sindhu ishu should live alone I don’t like aliya n I don’t want her to pair with adi I love adi he is a very nice guy n I also think after saving pihu ishu will try to meet her again coz she is exactly like her ruhi n also she us her pihu I saw a video in which ruhaan throw her pic with pics with her family n

  16. writers have maken yhm a total mess . shagun aayegi aur bhalla house mein naa rehne se woh insecure hogi aur yhm ne toh saath saal leap liya hai aur manoj bhi shagun se shaadi karne ke liye wapas saath saal baad nahi aayega aur shagun ko koun dekhe ga . aur raman toh pagalon ki tarah police station mein chilla raha hai .saari galthi uski hai .niddhi uski dushman hai .uski wajah se sab ko problem hua aur ussi ne ishitha ko ruhi ko pihu ke liye exchange karne ke liye force kiya aur jab usse ruhi ko bachaana tha ussne bachaaya nahi phir baad mein ishitha pe ilzaam daal diya aur ab saath saal baad bhi doosron ko hi blame kar raha hai .kabhi apne baare mein nahi socha ki ussne kya kiya hai .

  17. kk..

    hii every1…u r right rithu…episode was ok…pihu is come back…that’s nyc…I’m waiting for the scences of ishita n pihu…Best of luck Mukti…gn to all of u… : ) : )

  18. Vasi

    Ishu’s acting in today’s episode was very poor. She should have reacted immediately when she saw Adi after hearing Raman’s words from the back. She was very slow in responding. But Raman acted really well.

  19. Siddhi

    I think in cing episodes ruhaan will see ishu with pihu n she will not see her face some how n will hate ishu I saw some pics of ruhaan with family on some function of romi mihika marriage bhalla family was also there ishu was also there but I didn’t see pihu n Raman in pic I think ruhaan will meet her family

  20. anuja

    Why don’t they finish i of the suspens and the twist. The track is going very very slow. Rather watching episode better to read written updates by amena. Just fab the iit’s.
    What about grown up ruhi?? Will she come knw the truth? ? Will ISHRA find identity of real ruhi not being ruhaan. Will they come know that nidhi and ruhi r alive?? Hopefully mani will recognise nidhi and he should try to expose nidhi and he should tell ishita about nidhi or just pic he can show. The trac is very slow compare to prior leap. Aftr leap

  21. Astha Chawta

    I just want Raman and Ishita to reunite, ❤ that can’t happen because Ruhi/Ruhaan won’t let it happen?

  22. Leila

    It all niddhi fault n raman is the one who create this drama n i think ishita will help adi

  23. It’s all Raman’s fault that ruhi died and he is so stupid to blame ishita and abhishek!They tried to save ruhi but because of that niddhi ruhi died.This is all Raman’s fault…He has no rights to blame ishita and abhishek.I just hope this gets solved soon

  24. Ishita can just accept mani’s love.Mani is more caring than Raman towards.Raman is the one who does all the mistake even though ishita is involved in it he is the main cause.And he blames her for everything that he did.He promised ishu that he will save both his Daughter and what he did was just standing there and cry.Y can’t he just understand that ishita called abhishek and the police just to save ruhi because of her love for ruhi.No offence but Raman is so stupid and dumb in this few episodes and before the leap.It is better that ishita married mani and Raman to suffer till the end.Ishita can as well support Aliya and Adi should understand this.Raman just don’t deserve ishita

    • Metalring

      Ishita treasures Mani but doesn’t love him..her heart belongs to Raman
      But he did act like an ass during the car crash incident.Ruhi died it was nobody’s fault (ok she is alive but as per their thinking).ishita wasn’t guilty..Raman was was so angry and frustrated he took it out on ishita

  25. Deeptika

    I also think that Ishita and Mani should be together as Mani has been always there for Ishu. But Raman always misunderstands Ishita and blaming her for nothing. this is too much. Ishita should move on her life with Mani.

  26. komal

    yes raman har bat k liye ishita ko blame krta he……aur mani without que always support krta he……….ishita aur mani ki jodi a6i he……raman k bcho k liye ishita ne itna kiya par raman ne to har bar ishita ko hi blame kiya…….raman k hi past ki bje se nidhi ayi…….all fault is of raman

  27. shivani

    Poor ishita….mani said to ishita that aliya is only his daughter….and raman said she is not adi’s mom…she has done so many things to both aliya and adi…she loved them as her children…but….everyone questioned her love…I don’t understand how can Raman be so dumb…?? And how can ishu be still in love with raman…??
    Raman is selfish and ishu is selfless….adi said right, raman don’t deserve ishita…mani is also right, raman doesn’t knw how to respect women…

    • vp

      True Shivani agree with you … I too feel Ishitha should not give it up fast to Raman … but Mani can be only her friend ..

  28. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high drama.
    It seems that Mrs. Bhalla will
    come to know from Emraan
    Hashmi about the lady who helped
    Raman (Karan Patel ) when he was
    in a drunken state and bought him
    in the hotel.
    Mrs. Bhalla will go the same
    locker room where Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is staying and
    knocks the door.
    Apparently Mrs Bhalla will be
    shocked to see Ishita alive and
    has an emotional moment with her.
    Mrs. Bhalla will request Ishita to
    come back to Bhalla house and
    take care of her family but Ishita
    will deny doing so.
    Will Mrs. Bhalla be able to get
    Ishita back in the family?
    Let’s wait and watch what happens
    next in the show.

  29. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    major twist and turns.
    It was earlier seen that Mrs. Bhalla
    will come to know that Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is still alive
    and staying away from them
    because of Raman’s ( Karan Patel )
    Apparently Aaliya will try to bring
    happiness in Ishita’s life by
    reuniting her with her family.
    It seems that Aaliya will try and
    get Ishita in Romi (Aly Goni) and
    Mihika’s engagement ceremony
    and show her how things have
    changed post her exit from the
    It seems that Aaliya will try to
    show the bitterness among the
    Iyyer and Bhalla family.
    Will Ishita go back to the Bhalla
    family or not?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  30. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm

  31. The upcoming episode
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    high voltage drama.
    It seems that Adi (Abhishek
    Verma) will get Pihu to meet Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi).
    Pihu gets excited on seeing Ishita
    and tries to cross the road, she is
    about to meet with an accident but
    Ishita will come on time and save
    Ishita will be shocked to see the
    similarity between Ruhi and Puhi
    and gets emotional and hugs Pihu.
    However Raman ( Karan Patel ) will
    see the reunion of Pihu and Ishita
    and gets angry.
    Raman will get furious and
    separate Pihu from her mother
    Will Raman ever be able to forgive
    Ishita or not?
    Stay tuned for more exciting

  32. Raman has got angry on Ishita after
    knowing her survival. Mrs. Bhalla gets
    to know this truth and gets very happy.
    Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that she will
    get Ishita home. She goes to Mani’s
    house and meets Ishita. She hugs
    Ishita and is overjoyed seeing her
    alive. Mrs. Bhalla has missed Ishita a
    lot. She asks Ishita to come with her
    to Bhalla house. Ishita decided to go in
    Romi and Mihika’s marriage, and
    know the tension cause between Iyers
    and Bhallas.

  33. amu

    Pihu jab badi hogi tab b current ruhi k jaise dhikhegi ?? Kyuki abi to wo ruhi jaise dikh rhi h.

  34. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
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    emerging in each passing episode
    and in Raman (Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    The upcoming episode will feature
    Raman slapping Adi for being
    careless towards Pihu.
    Furious Adi will decide to leave
    Raman and to stay with Ishita,
    however, Ishita will make Adi go
    back to Raman.
    On the other hand Mrs. Bhalla will
    reach Ishita’s hotel room as per
    the instructions given by Emraan
    Mrs. Bhalla will get shocked and
    emotional seeing Ishita alive and
    will request her to come back.
    However, Ishita will inform her that
    she will come back only if Raman
    wishes so.
    Later Aaliya will come to know
    about Ishita and Raman.
    Aaliya will take Ishita to go to Romi and
    Mihika’s wedding to bring her in
    front of entire Iyer and Bhalla
    Let’s see how Ishita faces her

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