Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying I m Shanaya, not Ishita. She tells Raichand that they all are weird, she will not marry Ashok, but they all should remember she is Shanaya. Ashok leaves angrily. Raichand apologizes to Bhallas and says Ashok said Ishita’s face matches to Ishita, he did not say Ishita is Raman’s wife. Raichand and Ishita leave. Simmi thinks who she is, but she is definitely an angel, as Raman’s marriage stopped.

Suraj and Vandu reach the place. Ishita gets shocked seeing Vandu’s state. Suraj holds Vandu and gets shocked seeing Ishita. Raichand asks Shanaya to come. They leave. Suraj says Shanaya, the one was Ashok was saying.

Raman says this time nothing bad should happen, once its proved that she is Shanaya, nothing will happen. Niddhi fumes and asks

Raman whats this, how did Ishita come back when you said you pushed off the cliff, I m seeing what you can’t see, she is Ishita, she came back to separate us, you stopped marriage and she won. He argues and says you are doubting me, I pushed my wife down the cliff and did not mourn for her, and you are saying this. She calms down and asks him to understand. He says I will meet Raichand and find out if she is Shanaya or Ishita is playing any game. Suraj drops Vandu home. Bala worries and asks where were you. Amma cries seeing Vandu. Amma takes her. Suraj says even I was shocked seeing Vandita in that state, please take care of her. He leaves. Bala recalls how Suraj traumatized Vandu and slaps him. He says you came to say sorry, you ruined Vandu, you might be very happy. Suraj says I really want to say sorry, I did not know this would happen. Bala beats him more and asks why did you do this. Appa scolds Suraj and stops Bala. Bala cries and says I m ruined. Suraj leaves.

Raman comes out of his house and sees Bala crying. Appa consoles Bala and takes him. Raman says I can’t even help them, don’t know how Ishita did ghost drama for so many days, I salute her, but till I expose Niddhi and get Ishita back, I will not sit.

Raman meets Ishita and Raichand. Raichand praises their love. Raman thanks him and says real test will begin now, you have to be careful. Raichand says don’t worry, I made her fake papers ready. Ishita says we are not safe, Abhishek took me today for tests. Raman says its good, now we have to make everyone believe you are Shanaya, not Ishita, all reports will show you are Shanaya. Raichand says why are you not going to police. Raman says Niddhi is very clever, I can’t take any chance. He says we have to do this drama till we get that cctv footage, we have to maintain Niddhi’s confusion. Raichand wishes them good luck and goes for his imp meeting.

Ishita says it was strange day, Ruhi hugged me and I could not answer, my family was there infront of me. Raman pacifies and hugs her. Ruhi asks Simmi about Ishita. Simmi says she is Shanaya. Raman comes and Ruhi asks him. Raman reacts angrily and tells Niddhi that everything got ruined, this marriage can’t happen. Simmi gets happy and dances. Raman thinks I know why is Simmi happy, none knows I m most happy. Simmi says Shanaya got happiness for us.

Raman and Niddhi go to room and argue. Niddhi asks are you confused now, you said… he says yes I told I pushed her, if she is saved and came back to take revenge then, we did not get her body, what proof will police go, you are big lawyer and know all this, till I don’t find truth, I will do anything, I will go close to her and get friendly, I have bear her for two years and I will catch her if she is acting. She says I m getting embarrassed infront of your family. He says they hate both of us. She tells about marriage.

He says marriage does not matter, we are together here, I was marrying you, if my family uses Shanaya to hurt us, what will we do, the solution is that chip, family thinks I lost that chip and Ishita went to jail, I don’t have that chip, if they knew we missed that chip intentionally, they will trouble us, they hate me. You get friendly with Shanaya. She asks are you mad. He says if she is Ishita, she will hate you, else she is Shanaya. She says I will go mad. He says just for my sake and smiles seeing her worrying.

Ashok asks Suraj why did you go there and get beaten by Bala, could you not beat Bala, did you fall for Vandu again, what do you see in her. Suraj says stop it Ashok, its not like that, I did not feel good seeing Vandu like that, I m human and did not become animal like you, I did that in anger but I did not mean to make her alcoholic, I m ashamed, I ruined a woman’s life, you won’t understand anything. He sees the mark on his face and asks what happened, something would have happened at Raman’s house, tell me. Ashok says Shanaya slapped me as she could not slap police. Suraj says good, even I want to slap you, get out of Raichand and Shanaya’s matter. Ashok says stop it, I m waiting for police forensic report then I will take a decision. Suraj says Ashok won’t get sense ever.

Ruhi recalls Ishita and talks to Shravan. He asks her to come for dinner. She asks do you think she was Ishita or not, I feel she was my Ishi Maa. She touched me, it was same touch, eyes… Niddhi thinks can Shanaya be Ishita, I can’t let her ruin my life, I will expose Ishita, if she is Ishita, her weaknesses will be same. She says Raman was right, I should go close to you to know your truth, I have that evidence to prove your innocence, none can save you.

Raman tells Niddhi that they have to do this to clear hurdles. He introduces Niddhi to Ishita/Shanaya.

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  1. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi and all yhm

  2. The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring in turmoil in Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi’s (Ruhanika Dhawan) life as Ishita will be back as modern Sanaya.
    In the upcoming track, Nidhi will get Ishita aka modern Sanaya with her at Bhalla house. Bhalla family will perform puja and will be shocked and excited to see Ishita back.
    However, Nidhi will inform everyone that she is not Ishita but Ishita’s look alike Sanaya. Sanaya will be modern and trendy woman, but will take part in puja at Bhallas.
    Later Ruhi will return from school and again feel that Ishita is back. Ruhi will be informed that it is Sanaya and not Ishita. Ruhi will hug Sanaya and instantly feel that the lady is Ishita only.
    Let’s see if Ruhi investigates the matter.

  3. Ragu

    God let these problems get a solution soon…..,so that at least I can see my ishra together on the screen. Waiting for that moment………..,?

  4. Meeru

    don’t understand what is d reason to show chip. how shanaya can b proven as ishitha if they show chip?

  5. SIndhu

    Very nice episode. It is so good to see Raman and Ishita together. Poor Ruhi. She is hoping to feel her Ishimaa. I only hope Ishita does not get very emotional. She just loves her family very much and understandable. If she becomes emotional, oh my NIddhi will find out. She is sharp. Very strange with Suraj. He insulted Vandu so much and still has soft spot for her. He is not really an animal as Ashok. But I must say that Ashok really acts well. He really is the comic element as of now. It is funny to see this side of Ashok. Hope soon they are able to expose Niddhi and the family is united once again. I wonder whether Abhishek does know about this drama acting and trying to help Ishita. Previously they showed an episode where Abhishek says that Ishita would not have killed chaddar as she is not even able to kill an insect. Don’t whether Abhishek is helping.

  6. Loved it………ISHRA is back………By seeing them together feels I am at cloud nine……..Soooooooooo Happy…………..Isko kehtai hain “MOHABBATEIN”….. But so sad for Ruhi…………

  7. ude

    Luv this part very much. And also luv the plan of ishra. 2day i knew that needhi is such an idiot. She beleives in raman poor needhi.

  8. Starbucks

    Wow Raman good plan but pls end it soon
    We all want to see the yhm without these sarika and niddhi

  9. uss ashok ko show mein bewakoof dekhke accha lag raha hai . woh toh pagalon ki tarah sherwani pehenkar hass raha tha aur ab bewakoof ban raha hai . lekin woh shayad sarika se aur naaye plans kar bhi saktha hai bhalla family ke against.

  10. jab ishitha/shanaya bhalla house mein aathi hai toh ruhi ke saath adi ko bhi hona chahiye . aur ab adi show se gaayab hai .itnee interesting episode pe adi mihir mihika sab gayab hai .

  11. I think first the makers have to confirm whether suraj is good or bad or a bad turned good .they are showing him as a mixture of bad and good . and nobody knows who he is bad or good.

  12. agar niddhi ishitha ki
    saadi apni bag mein dekh legi toh
    usse zaroor raman pe shak hoga
    aur shayad woh ishitha/shanaya ki
    sacchayi jaan le .aur agar iss se
    leap hua toh .

  13. simmi toh khushi se pagal jab hui thi toh tab uss niddhi ka chehra dekhne laayak tha .ek toh uska hairstyle aur half golden hair mein woh waise hi pagal dikh rahi thi aur jab simmi usse tease kar rahi thi toh woh tab pagal chudail lag rahi thi.

  14. uss suraj ne khud apne muh se keh diya ki woh insaan hai aur ashok jaanvar . ajeeb bhai hai dono .aisa lagtha nahi ki dono bhai hai balki do log hai jinhe ek doosre ki zyaada parvah hi na ho.

  15. I am waiting to see the scene when ashok puts sandals to shanaya .its a revenge when ashok had asked raman to put his shoes in the ghost track and ashok made raman cry miserably.

  16. jab chadda ki caae tha toh fornsic report ki baath tak nahi thi aur ab yeh log show mein baar baar forensic report keh rahe hai . forensic report aur zyaada investigation se court ne theen hearings mein sazaa sunwaa di aur ab yeh baar baar report ka wait kar rahe hai . jab dikhaana tha tab nahi dikhaaya aur ab dikhaa rahe jab uski jyaada importance hi nahi hai.

  17. Darshi

    Hi rithu…n how are you all… awesome epiii… divyanka’s superb acting. .. like it ? hope raman’s plan will work

  18. radhika

    What have they done to YHM…!? I thought it would be different than ekta’s previous genre serials. Atleast it promised in the start but he plot has completely lost it post the shagun’s fake death plot.
    Most hilarious part is ashok and suraj are in the show to just beaten up by Raman and family. And still they do not change?

  19. summi

    Just dragging plz end this track soon, waiting for reports which will prove Ishita as Shanaya . I cant understand how Raman will prove that she is Shanaya. Wow Simmi is happy that Raman’s wedding with Nidhi is cancelled , happy to see Nidhi failed to become Mrs Raman Bhalla. Nidhi looks like a cartoon with her half golden hair. Feel v sorry about Vandu n Bala . I am unable to understand Suraj is he positive right now.

  20. Roselyn Dada

    Appriciate To Read The Comment In English Pls Kindly Help Its An International Show From Nigeria In Africa Nice Show

  21. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness a major
    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will enter the show as a
    spoilt daughter of billionaire Mr.
    She makes the entry so that she can
    take revenge from Ashok (Sangram
    Singh) and Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) who
    were the sole reason behind her faith
    to be behind the bars.
    However a major twist in the show is
    that ACP Abhishek ( Vivek Dahiya )
    knows the mystery behind Ishita and
    Shanaya and is helping Raman (Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita out.
    It seems that ACP Abhishek helped
    Ishita to get her new identity and went
    against his duty so that Ishita could
    get justice.
    Stay tuned for more updates on your
    favourite show.

  22. In the upcoming epsisode, Nidhi and
    Sarika plan to test Shanaya.
    Nidhi takes Shanaya to Iyer house.
    Nidhi will stop the pandit from comi
    home to do pooja to test Shanaya.
    Mrs Iyer cries in front of Shanaya, a
    pandit is not on time.
    It is then Shanaya does pooja hersel
    via Bluetooth!
    Shanaya performing pooja.
    Nidhi doubts Shanaya is Ishita, but a
    the right time ACP Ashok clarifies th
    tests are negative and Shanaya is n
    Raman and Shanaya are happy with
    the results.

  23. Kalyani

    Wish there are billionaires who can help people who helped them.
    The fun thing is Shagun is made to carry all the kids while Ishita gets to enjoy the kids and their love. Hope one day Shagun has her own id who will love her own biological mother.

  24. V P

    hi Rithu and all yhm fans …. its lovely that Raman and Ishitha back …. but truly speaking these episodes and Ramans planning are quite boring and dragging unnecessarilt . for the past 200 episodes fans are suffering surrogacy track , ghost track murder track terrorist attack plus crocodile , jail what all cvs can add to make this beautiful story worse, they are doing . always we see Raman and Ishitha never succeed in their plans , here also I hope they will be able to succeed in their plan whatever said and done this plan is not convincing at all .. Raman is not able to convince Nidhi … Ishitha with her ghost track was better than this shanaya . Ruhi is awesome so too Simmi … atleast Shanaya could bring little peace and hope to the family members . Vandus scenes are just to drag on . kalyani one thing Shaghun never loved her family , had been very bad , but now changed and its always like this by the time you regret you are too late . same thing happened to Shaghun and Ishitha has spread the love and tailored Ruhi , Raman and Adi together . the beautiful story step mothers upbringing of tgeir children , raman and Ishitha hatred to the strong love was the theme of this story line which is spoiled utterly . see all those comment here are v young , i am like your Grand mom type please tolerate my opinions .i had only watched this serial all thru my life becoz of I really love Divyaka . an amazing actress . she is able to bring joy to her fans . sorry if i hurt anyone

  25. Ishita’s new look as
    Shanaya is going to bring
    in some fun moments for
    viewers of Yeh Hai
    Ishita disguised as
    Shanaya will be seen
    making Ashok do tasks
    like a servant.
    Ishita will make Ashok
    get sandals for her and
    also make her wear it.
    Ishita will also ask Ashok
    to decorate the entire
    house and Ashok will do
    it just to impress
    Shanaya in order to grab
    Raichand’s money and
    However, Ruhi and
    Shravan reach there to
    meet Ishita and Ruhi will
    get upset seeing Ishita
    long with Ashok.
    Ruhi starts to beat up
    Ashok and Ishita scolds
    her for behaving badly
    with elders and asks her
    to go out.
    Later on, Raman too
    lands up there to meet
    Shanaya/Ishita but he
    hides seeing Nidhi there.
    Nidhi finds Raman’s iPad
    inquires about Raman.
    Abhishek saves Ishita
    from giving an
    explanation but Nidhi
    starts to have a doubt on

  26. The upcoming twists in Star Plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will keep
    audience hooked on to their favorite
    Ishita aka Shanaya (Divyanka Tripathi)
    and Raman ( Karan Patel ).
    The storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is focusing on Ishta reappearing as
    Shanaya, a modern and wealthy girl.
    Nidhi, Ashok and Suraj will doubt
    Shanaya to be Ishita but ACP Abhishek
    will keep helping Shanaya out.
    The upcoming episode will narrate
    Nidhi’s plan to take Shanaya to Iyer
    house for puja.
    Nidhi will inform the pandit not to turn
    up for puja at Iyer house so that she
    can test Shanaya.
    Mrs. Iyer will burst in to tears for
    Panditji not turning up for puja.
    Shanaya will get emotional and will do
    the puja using Bluetooth.
    Nidhi will get sure of Shanaya being
    Ishita, however, right that moment
    Abhishek will inform Nidhi about
    negative fingerprints test of Shanaya.
    Abhishek will confirm that Shanaya is
    not Ishita to Nidhi.
    Finally Nidhi’s doubt will get cleared.

  27. Upcoming scene u me t.v. segment
    raman comes to meet ishita secretly
    and she makes him parathas
    he praises nidhis parathas to tease
    her n says ur parathas arent…

  28. I thought yhm is now interesting but now I think they will again drag this track more . if it is gonna get dragged more then its no longer going to be interesting or entertaining.

  29. Kalyani

    Nidhi is not bad looking. Her nature is making her look awful. I am feeling sorry for her. And I know she will become good just like Shagun because of Ishita.

  30. reshma

    Do you all detest the new entrant Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?
    Well, then it is time to celebrate as she will soon find herself behind the bars courtesy Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi).
    As viewers would know, currently the couple is trying to unravel Nidhi’s reality and find out the chip that can prove Ishita’s innocence.
    Raman-Ishita will get Nidhi caught red handed while she will be trying to bribe the judge who handled Ishita’s case.
    Shared a source, “Nidhi will be trying to bribe the judge and hatch a plan against the Bhalla family. Raman-Ishita will get Nidhi arrested so that she gets a taste of her own medicine. They will also decide to get the chip while she is in the jail from her locker.”
    Are you wondering what will happen next?
    Sadly Raman-Ishita will not be able to find the chip and will thus decide to get Nidhi bailed out so that they can get through the chip easily.
    Phew! Too much drama, we must say…
    We tried reaching the actors but they remained unavailable to comment.

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