Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi telling inspector that there is no case against her and she can’t stay in police station. Raman’s lawyer says you are lawyer, you know everything, you can’t leave this country as case is going on you. Niddhi asks what case. Raman tells Niddhi that her case is on fast track and she will see them in court. Ishita says evil can be bad, but just goodness wins over evil. Niddhi cries.

Raman calls Ruhi and asks her not to disconnect call. He says I know you are very annoyed, but I m very sorry, I know you will agree to come home soon, Niddhi is provoking you. Ruhi asks are you done, I will never come to your house. She ends call. Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi is not agreeing. Ishita says she hates us, not Niddhi, we have to deal with love, take me to her

hotel, I have to meet her once. He says she does not want to see our face. She says just once, I will get peace. He says fine.

Niddhi is angry and comes to hotel room. Ruhi asks why are you angry. Niddhi says this is because of your dad, police snatched my passport, I was wishing to kill him. Ruhi says you can’t say this about my dad. Niddhi asks will you teach me now and slaps Ruhi. She gets the whip to beat Ruhi. Ruhi says no, I did not mean it, please don’t beat me. Ishita comes and stops Niddhi. Raman holds Ruhi. Ishita says how dare you beat my daughter, and beats Niddhi angrily.

She asks Niddhi to say how much it hurts and beats Niddhi a lot. Niddhi screams. Ruhi runs and stops Ishita. Raman and Ishita get shocked as Ruhi starts scolding Ishita. Ruhi defends Niddhi and says she kept me for 7 years, she can beat me a lot, she has a right, this is our personal problem, you stay out of it and mind your own business. Ishita asks what are you saying. Ruhi asks Niddhi to beat her, this is my punishment for being Ishita’s daughter, for trusting Ishita, I did big mistake to make Ishita my Ishi Maa, beat me so that I understand step mom can never be own, Ishita just loves her own daughter, not me. Ruhi asks Raman and Ishita to get lost.

Ishita asks shall I slap you, you are just 15 year old, don’t behave like elders, Niddhi has spoiled you, I will always be your mum even if you don’t believe, Raman will be always your dad, you are my daughter Ruhi. She says you are saying about that decision, Raman and I decided that by thinking well, we did mistake and we have bear punishment to be away from our daughter, who are you to decide you will stay with us or not, your mum and dad will take your life’s decision, you might be a star, but you are still our daughter, I m going now, I will come back to take my daughter. Niddhi looks on.

Ishita says I don’t want you to be with this cheap woman, you have to come with us, remember it, I m your mum. Raman leaves. Ishita gives the last warning to Niddhi and says if you touch my daughter again, you have seen my good avatar, I will become such Chandi that I will get knife next time, not a hunter. She asks Ruhi to fight with her and have hatred, but remember, don’t come in anyone’s words, don’t lose your identity, the day your identity ends, you will end that day. She kisses Ruhi’s forehead and says I will come back. She leaves.

Raman talks to lawyer and says Niddhi should be behind bars. Lawyer asks him not to worry, Niddhi will go jail, and Ruhi will come home, you don’t lose temper tomorrow, you need to be calm and composed. Shagun comes. Raman introduces the lawyer and says Pathak is not here, so he has sent him. The lawyer leaves. Raman holds his head. Shagun tries to massage his head. He asks her what is she doing. She tells him about father’s day. He says I have something else tomorrow. She asks him not to get irritated. He says I will go on a walk. She says fine, I will get coffee for you. He goes.

Amma consoles Ishita and says how can Niddhi beat Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi was with Niddhi for 7 years, I have seen just one day torture, Niddhi would have tortured little Ruhi, now Ruhi is not understanding anything, Ruhi is Ruhaan the rockstar, she is very talented, she is a slave. Ishita cries. She says now I won’t let Niddhi do this, she has given wounds to Ruhi and I will get her punished. Amma says don’t leave that Niddhi. Ishita says if Ruhi does not come to us back… Amma says Ruhi is angry with you, its her love, love is suppressed by that torture, I have seen her, she loves all of us, when she was staying there, she took Pihu to hospital. She consoles Ishita.

Shagun gets shocked seeing Ishita massaging Raman’s back and comforting his pain.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ruhi

    Best serial ever the latest gossips or upcoming story is that Ruhi will turn lawyer and fight for Nidhi provoking Raman and Ishika even my name is Ruhi Bhalla.

  2. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita started to stay at Bhalla house which makes Shagun jealous. Shgaun was ruling at Bhalla house since 7 years and now Ishita’s reentry makes her insecure about her place in Bhalla house. Shagun and Ishita work in kitchen where Shagun does not find chocolate powder and asks Neelu about it. Ishita tells Shagun about powder can be there and Shagun tautly tells Ishita that now everything has changed in Bhalla house. Ishita finds the chocolate powder at same place which makes Shagun tensed. Ishita realizes Shagun’s jealous feelings for her. Shagun falls in love with Raman again while Raman’s inclination towards Ishita gets increased. What will be result of this triangle love story of Shagun Raman and Ishita?

  3. Tara

    Awesome epiosde . …ishita was like a tigress fighting for her kid….and the style wich she was talking to ruhi was awesome hope nidhi understand that her drama is over now.


    Today’s Episode Was AWESOME.
    Who Said MS.DHONI is Not Bating?
    Today I Have Seen MS.DHONI IN ISHITHA.
    Ah I felt Very HAPPY.

  5. Khyati

    I dont believe what nonsense is ruhi doing. She should go to bhalla house and live there,even if she hates ishra, atleast she can be away from that vamp and her tortures.

  6. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.i think that mani must marry shagun. And let ishra unite and live their lives with their children.

    • Kitties

      What a great idea ! Mani is not that bad for shagun! Together , they will make a perfect couple?



  8. Sweety

    Hai all yhm fans.! I didn’t see the episode.i read the written update but amena didn’t finish it they wrote upto shagun told to raman i will get coffee to you and raman goes.what is the next scene and precap.plz tell me any yhm fan

  9. Sweety

    I didn’t see the episode but i read it there is no precap plzz tell me any one of yhm fans

  10. Kimberly

    Who the hell is Ishita to poke her nose into Ruhi’s matters . Ruhi doesnt considers her as mum . Why she doesnt understand ? Niddhi is guardian of Ruhi , ok I know that her beating Ruhi isnt right , but why Ishita has to interfere .

    • sumera

      NIDHI is Not Ruhi’s guardian Kimberly who told you that Ishita is Ruhi legal guardian!! I think you haven’t watched this serial for last two years so you don’t understand the story Ruhi Belongs with Raman and Ishita that is real story of YHM! NIDHI is a vamp who needs to be punished and soon!!

  11. Sona

    Episode is gud but I don’t like word ruhi used to say against ishita. Ishita lot of love ruhi as real daughter how ruhi can forget the love n care for just one mistake n help niddhi who is responsible for whole situation. If pihu is with niddhi n ruhi is with bhalla family n ruhi came to know from ishita that niddhi want her in exchange of pihu n ishita doesnt take ruhi to niddhi so ruhi blame to ishita for not saving her sister. Why can’t ruhi understand that ishita never leave her but situation arise by niddhi which separate them from one another .ruhi think that ishita love pihu more than her but she can’t see ishita is separated from her family after that incident for 7 yr n when she came to know that ruhi is alive ishita came back to her family again.ruhi believe niddhi word but can’t even listen to ishita n Raman. Ruhi get a chance to get back to her family but she miss the chance because of her rudeness n misunderstanding n trust with wrong people.

  12. Very nc boroplus gold awards ishitha raman shagun ashok mihir won awrds in their respective categories in yhm rocks.

  13. In boroplus gold awards ishitha raman ashok shagun mihir won awards in their respective categories in popular category. So yhm rockz.i love this show very much.

  14. Prisha

    I’m starting to hate Ruhi now because of her attitude, Ishu was right, Ruhi is still a kid and Niddhi should be in jail and I hope IshRa gets together..

    • Mino

      You are right Prisha, she is only a kid the way she behaves is outrageous for a 15yr old kid. i understand she is hurt but where is the respect the up bringing she got . she was very matured for her age she can’t forget that. calling the dad by his name was a bit too much. my sentiments too i too am starting to hate her. she is no better than Niddhi. Ishu was good as a mother she put her in her place. but in court she talks the same way & insults both her parents. i am not in favour of this as this is not a good example for the kids who are watching too. sorry to hurt anyone who loves Ruhi.

  15. Nivedha

    My ishra is back… yayyyyyyy I m really happy… Shagun please agai n you don’t hurt yourself… I know you turned good… But what you did when ishu acted as dead… you slapped Raman for his decision to marry Niddhi… you made Ishitha to sit in godhbaray… I felt happy on you and thought you have changed… but the reason is Manoj was with her that time… Now…. So let Manoj to come in her life again…
    Ruhi…. Also first time when shagun cheated her custody She felt angry on Ishitha only… Now also…
    But the truth is No one can separate Ishra…

  16. Kimberly

    I also didnt liked how Ishita emotionally blackmailed Ruhi to call her Ishimaa . Someone should knock sense into Ishita that Ruhi hates her and doesnt wants to come back to her .

    • vp

      Hello …Kimberly … you can have your own comments … but this yhm is based on Ishitha and Ruhi and she has all the right to bring her back from the torture …. Most of the fans here afire their chemistry and bond … request all the fans just ignore the comments of Kimberly …. will b better … this is a healthy discussion site

      • Mino

        Yes ur a right VP who knows whether she has the same situ. so we have to excuse her. may be she thinks differently. i also say to ignore her completely, no point wasting ur time to explain.

    • Khyati

      i dont understand why u write such negative comments. either u dont understand the situation or u have not seen the serial so far. Plz try to understand the bonding between ishita and ruhi. Sorry if it hurts u

  17. God.. what is this Ruhi doing ?? Even though she hates Ishita and Raman she should go to Bhalla house.. She will be safe there… What if this Niddhi sell her to some man for money if she turns into her teenage.. That Niddhi is capable of doing this to take revenge from ISHRA

  18. disha

    what is your problem kimberly why you talk bad for ishita use side of nidhi. i hate nidhi&you


    Sweety Good Evening!
    Precap is
    Raman’S Back was Paining And ISHITHA MASSAGES HIS BACK AND SHAGUN Sees it And Gets Shocked.
    Sweety if You Want to See This EPISODE
    The Starting SCENES.
    Watch It.

  20. raven

    i was not going to comment cause my exams are this afternoon but i had to have a last look before i go cause i have some issues here how in gods name can Kimberly ask who the hell is Ishita are you for real honey if so you would not have mention anything nasty about Ishita Ishita was the only mom Ruhi ever knew Shagun had no time for her children even Aditya was out of control Ishita was the one who took care of those two kids ant show them the right way and Ruhi is being rude to her Ishi Ma because of what she saw all those years ago it has been etched in her mind and if you call Niddhi her guardian then something is definitely wrong with you cause there is no way a guardian will beat a kid like that you mean she is a witch na and Ishita has all right to scold her i know you mention beating Ruhi is wrong but dont say Ishita has no right to interfere i am sorry if i sound sarcastic but i did not mean any harm and if i am wrong to some of you the viewers i stand corrected cant check any comments until next two weeks will be busy with my exams bye guys

  21. liyana

    i hate ruhi and nidhi!!!! both are cowards and fools. i cant believe that ruhi behaves this way . this is a fake ruhi!!!! we miss the old ruhhi

  22. vp

    Hi all Episode was good to watch Dts performance … brilliant .. stunnig … fabulous … the way she beat Nidhi and her expressions … with Ruhi and Amma amazing …Gifted actress … Shaghun has no shame or self respect … even with Pihu her bond is limited … Ramans mood is better now … i strongly feel he will be not in anger … realized his anger was the readon … court scene is coming … Nidhi must have blackmailed Ruhi to talk … how well Ishitha understood Ruhis suffering with Nidhi … The character Ishitha is a good moral to the public …

  23. vp

    Gold awards … some where wrong … best jodi and best popular can only Raman and Ishitha …,Nobody else is talented as they are and nobody has that chemistry .. Negative actor … fine Ashok but how come Shaghun …, not at all fair for 2015 ….my opinion …

  24. Farha khan

    I think ruhi ko ajana chaiye bcoz ishita bht pyr krti h ruhi se nd raman or ishita fr se mil jye

  25. Sonal Khan

    I’m so glad that Yeh hai mohabbtein has written episodes, I live in Pakistan and yeh hai mohabbtein is now banned in Pakistan!!??

    • Siddhi

      No I also live in Pakistan but yhm is not banned what r u saying even it also air on Urdu one

      • Sneha Dolui

        R u sure? was even given in news dat Pakistan banned d show bcoz dey felt d two leads were doing sum indecent actions together..(bt…I dont know which act dey talk abt)

    • Sanu

      Hi guys! I’m from Sri Lanka…
      I’m new for here….
      Today epi. is very nice…
      I love it…

  26. saneen Ghayas

    I lovee dss seriall lotss…bt my ramadan is going on dts why I can’t see … I can read written story of ye h mohabbatein……nd 2dy episod is awesome…nd I hope ruhi is undrstnd ishita’s feeling nd sentiment ..nd finally she will go back to own home..

  27. Monique

    I’m so glad that Nidhi got a beatingbfrm Ishita.She showed her that she is not one to mess with her”still waters run deep”.But I’m more interested in tomorrow’s episode bonding time with Ishita and Raman.I saw the clip on Twitter….. She is doing a massage but it looks more than she is playing piano. And to top it off the look on Shaguna nd Mani’s face was priceless. Real love is hard to forget.Ishra4everever!

  28. v.s.

    today’s episode was good,now best thing is that ishra are togeather and soon they will unite….and finally after few months yhm is comming back on right track and in upcomming episodes it will nice to see that how ishra will deals with ruhi becoze she hates them and today ishiita said a line to ruhi and that is “””” don’t lose your identity, the day your identity ends, you will end that day “””” i liiked this line most becoz it is true and applicable to each and every person………….

  29. Miss Alli

    Niddi is going to blackmail ruhi, and I think ruhi is going to fall for it, later ruhi will change her mind she will also remember the good times they spent together on how ishita loves are her unconditionally. I really love the old Ruhi, I want her to come back to are senses so that the love story can begin and happy home. Ruhi come back for the sake of ishita ur brother and sister n ur Raman, for the whole family sake

    • summi

      Khoob mari mardani ye to Jhansi Ki rani hai .So finally Raman’s Jhansi Ki rani is back to get back her Ruhi. I know Ruhi will take some more time as she hurt by her Ishimaa to whom she love n trust more than anything in this world, right now she thinks she did biggest mistake to believe Ishimaa n wants to beaten by Nidhi as she wants punishment for being Ishita’s daughter, it means she still loves her Ishimaa n believe that she is Ruhi Bhalla Raman n Ishita’s daughter. Today Ishita done great job.

  30. Super girl

    Hi guys, do u remember when ruhi court case was going on how ashok black mailed ruhi.well niddhi going to do the same where ruhi speaks bad bout ishita and raman. Truth always prevails.


    Sorry to Hear This From YOU.
    But Why Did Pakistan Ban This SHOW?
    What Could Be The Reason Behind This BAN?

    • Nithu

      N guys do u no the yhm name in telugu MANASU PALIKE MOUNAGEETHAM…i no serial name cause im frm telugu state

  32. snaakht

    wow ….nice episode dude….ishita done very well with nidhi…i think ruhi will come back soon to her house…excellent job all yhm members.;-):-)


    GOOD Morning to ALL The fans of YHM.
    Why Not Sristi.
    You Can Join Here
    At Any Time. Good Morning

    • jaz

      Gd morn Adu..kitne din hogaye tumse baththey karkar I miss you so much my friend Adu.I’m busy now days RAMzan ka MONTH hai Na isliye SORRY Adu.I’m not watching now days tv because of roza rakrahi ho I mean (FAST) my daughter also today fast Adi.

  34. rithushree

    Court will give the Bhallas 20
    days to convince Ruhi to stay with
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has recently
    seen some happy and many shocking
    moments. In the coming episodes, we
    will see Raman (Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) pulling
    Nidhi ( Pavitra Punia) in the court to
    get her punished and jailed. But
    Ruhi’s testimony will shock everyone.
    Raman and Ishita will accuse Nidhi of
    having kidnapped Ruhi and kept her
    away from the Bhalla family for seven
    years. They will demand Ruhi’s
    custody. However, Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia )
    will shock everyone by supporting
    Nidhi. She will tell the court that Nidhi
    took care of her for seven years when
    Raman and Ishita had abandoned her.
    They had traded her for their other
    daughter Pihu. She will even disclose
    the fact that Raman had been living
    with another woman whom he was
    going to marry, and Ishita hadn’t been
    staying with the Bhallas for seven
    years anyway. She questioned the
    judge how she expected her to stay
    with such a dysfunctional family.
    Ishita and Raman will shed tears and
    try to argue. Even Mrs. Bhalla will
    throw a chappal at Nidhi and give her
    an earful, but the judge will call the
    court to order. The Bhallas will be
    finally given 20 days’ time to
    convince Ruhi to live with them. And if
    that does not happen, Nidhi will be
    given Ruhi’s custody permanently.
    Now that’s definitely an important
    decision for the Bhallas as well as
    Nidhi. Let’s see if Raman and Ishita
    can make Ruhi understand their side
    of the story. Keep reading for more

  35. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman and
    Ishita prove into the court
    that Nidhi kidnapped their
    daughter Ruhi.
    Ruhi confesses into the
    court that Nidhi did not
    kidnap her and asks
    judge letting her
    permission to ask
    question to Ishita Bhalla.
    Ishita comes in the
    chamber where Ruhi
    accuses her for
    exchanging her with her
    (Ishita) own daughter
    Ruhi’s bitter question
    shattered Ishita and she
    tells Ruhi that she is
    understanding wrong but
    Ruhi clears to judge that
    she will not go back to
    Bhalla house at any cost.
    Ruhi will try hard to help
    Nidhi willing her custody
    case so she purposely
    hurt Raman and Ishita.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  36. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino and all yhm friends.

  37. rithushree

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  38. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    most successfully running show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness
    some high voltage drama.
    It was earlier seen that Raman
    (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will get Nidhi (Pavitra
    Punia) arrested on kidnapping
    However Raman and Ishita will get
    shocked when Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia)
    will support Nidhi.
    Ruhi will try to prove in front of the
    judge that Raman and Ishita willing
    gave her away to Nidhi in
    exchange for their new born
    daughter Pihu.
    She further added that Raman and
    Puhi are not good parents and she
    wants to stay with Nidhi who has
    made her a rock star sensation
    Ruhi will insult and humiliate
    Raman and Ishita in the courtroom.
    Keep watching this site for more

  39. Fathima Rameeza Rafeek

    Hi, YHM fans. Nice episode. Here what I have to say is ”Like father Like daughter.” In the start of YHM Raman had a confusion whether Ruhi is his daughter or not until Ishita came proved it to him by doing a DNA test. At present he doesn’t need any proof to prove it when you see the behavior of Ruhi. Earlier it was Raman who said Ishita is not worth enough to become a mother but she is a step mother and hurt her. Now it’s the daughter’s turn to say the same dialogues to Ishita. Is this what you called Punjabi attitude or arrogance? No thankfulness at all. This family doesn’t show any gratitudes to Ishita at all. How many times she took risk to save this family specially this children from disastrous. First time she saved Ruhi from meeting an accident, then from the earthquake, then from bomb in the vehicle and she lost her own child in her womb,and then from terrorists at the police station and etc. Don’t Ruhi and Raman remember all this. For one mistake they take revenge. How can their be love when your heart is full of hatred, anger and vengeance. If she does anything to the family they accept her and praise her that she was the God mother of their family, but if something goes wrong she is been used all kinds of damn cheap words. What kin of people are they? This is what you call Punjabi style.

    • vp

      Raman I agree to some extent with you …Fathima … but Ruhi is black mailed for the court seen by Nidhi and Ashok .., or Bala must have explained to her what happened for which the word disfunctional family ishe is mentioning .If she hurts Ishitha and Raman seperately she believes this will hurt them and they will unite .. And above all what she has gone thru each day once she is in Nidhis hand … is something that we cant imagine . Ishitha understood it well …Raman for sure … I agree with you … always his approach to Shaghun was something defferent from that to Ishitha … His reaction to Ishitha is immediate … senseless … now realised his anger only caused all this …

  40. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita learn about
    Ruhaan being their Ruhi and
    request her to return to Bhalla
    In the mean time Raman files
    police complaint and case against
    Nidhi stating that she had
    kidnapped their daughter Ruhi
    seven years ago and is making her
    work to earn money for Nidhi.
    Raman and Ishita also enlightens
    that Nidhi used to torture Ruhi for
    her own self benefits.
    Onto everyone’s shock in the court
    Ruhi will accuse Ishita for
    swapping her with Pihu.
    Ruhi will deny all charges against
    Nidhi which will leave Raman and
    Ishita shattered.

  41. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
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    Mrs Bhalla who was in London
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    She will throw shoes on Nidhi and
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    Her entry will create a lot of
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    Santoshi will see Ruhi (Aditi
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    Hi JAZ!
    It Was Very NICE to See You HERE Again.
    Ya RAMZAN MONTH is Going
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    JAZ PLEASE DO Me ONE Favour.

    • jaz

      Of course Adi I will pray for you my friend.and what happened Adu tumari tabiyat thik nahi hai kya mei zaroor Allah se dwa maang goghi tumare liye,Adi. don’t worry every thing bi al right.ab namaz time hochoka hai mera first kaam ALLAH se tumare liye pray karna.

  43. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Bhalla and
    Iyyer family accuse each
    other for losing Ruhi.
    Ruhi claims in the court
    that she does not want go
    back in that house where
    people used to fight.
    Raman and Ishita get
    tensed seeing their fight
    and Ishita tells them that
    if they will continue their
    fight then they will never
    get Ruhi back.
    Ishita tells them that if
    they want to give tensed
    filled environment to
    Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyyer
    finally resolve
    between them for Ruhi.
    They ask Ishita to do
    whatever she wants to
    bring Ruhi back as they
    are with her.
    Ishita gets family support
    and now she will make
    plan to collect evidence
    against Nidhi so that Ruhi
    would to save Nidhi in the
    Court gave 20 days to
    Raman and Ishita for
    persuade Ruhi coming
    back to house otherwise
    they will give Ruhi’s
    custody to Nidhi forever.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  44. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that Raman-
    Ishita files police
    complaint against Nidhi.
    Raman wants to rescue
    her daughter Ruhi from
    Nidhi’s torture and thus
    takes police help in it.
    While Ruhi goes against
    her family for Nidhi and
    supports her over Ishita-
    Ruhi blames Ishita for
    exchanging her in return
    of her real surrogate
    daughter Pihu.
    Ishita-Raman are
    shattered hearing this
    from Ruhi and tries to
    console hwr but Ruhi is
    not ready to listen to
    Court takes Ruhi’s credit
    and gives twenty days
    time to Ishita-Raman to
    convince their daughter
    to come back to them.
    Let’s see what will Ishita
    and Raman do now to
    convince Ruhi to come
    back to her family.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  45. rithushree

    divyanka won

  46. rithushree

    Though Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) have finally
    got their long lost daughter Ruhi back
    home on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , it
    seems happiness is not in their
    fortune as soon their daughter will
    fight against them.
    Yes, you heard it right!!
    We hear that Ruhi will go against
    Raman and Ishita in the court and to
    everyone’s surprise, she will be
    supporting Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) in the
    custody case. It would have been a
    big day for Raman and Ishita as they
    had finally got a chance to punish
    Nidhi for her wrong deeds but
    unfortunately, the tables will turn and
    Nidhi will be released of all the
    charges and crimes she committed.
    Standing by Nidhi and fighting against
    Raman and Ishita in the court, Ruhi
    will request the judge to not give her
    custody to an unstable family, adding
    the point that her parents Raman and
    Ishita stayed away from her for seven
    long years and Raman was also about
    to marry his ex-wife Shagun ( Anita
    Hassanandani). On the other hand,
    Ishita had lent Ruhi to someone else
    for her other child Pihu.
    Eventually, the viewers will get to
    witness a heart-wrenching scene
    where Ishita breaks down in the court
    after hearing such harsh words from
    Will she ever be able to win Ruhi’s
    love back? Well, only time will tell!

  47. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that Ruhi
    refuses to return back to
    Bhalla family with Ishita-
    Ruhi accuses them to
    have bad relationships
    and thus she don’t want
    to go in such family
    Ishita is shattered
    knowing about Ruhi’s
    hatred towards them,
    tries to win her heart
    While Iyer’s and Bhalla’s
    again enter into
    arguments and accuses
    each other for Ruhi’s
    Ishita and Raman enters
    just then, sees all this
    Ishita bursts out seeing
    Bhalla’s and Iyer’s
    Ishita tells them that
    because of their bad
    relationships Ruhi
    refused to come back so
    they must live together
    happily so get back their
    Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer
    could understand it and
    thus joins hand together
    to bring back their Ruhi.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  48. rithushree

    Here, we list down the winner list of
    the awards show.
    Best Popular Actor – Karan Patel (Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein)
    Best Popular Actress – Divyanka
    Tripathi (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) and
    Mouni Roy (Naagin)
    Best Actor – Arjun Bijlani (Naagin)
    Best Actress – Devoleena
    Bhattacharjee (Saath Nibhana
    Saathiya) and Dipika Kakar (Sasural
    Simar Ka)
    Best Debut Male – Rohan Mehra (Yeh
    Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)
    Best Debut Female – Ridhima Pandit
    (Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant)
    Face of the Year – Sriti Jha (Kumkum
    Best Supporting Actor – Arjit Taneja
    (Kumkum Bhagya) and Raj Singh Arora
    (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)
    Best Supporting Actress – Jayati
    Bhatia (Sasural Simar Ka)
    Best Popular Actor in Negative –
    Sangram Singh (Yeh Hai
    Best Popular Actress in Negative –
    Anita Hassanandani (Yeh Hai
    Best Actor in Negative – Zain Imam
    Best Actress in Negative – Adaa Khan
    Best Popular Jodi – Kratika Sengar
    and Ssharad Malhotra (Kasam Tere
    Pyaar Ki)
    Best Jodi – Hina Khan and Karan
    Mehra (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)
    Most Fit Actress – Karishma Tanna
    Most Fit Actor – Gautam Rode
    Rising Star – Karan Singh Grover
    Best Host – Jay Bhanushali
    Best Fiction – Kumkum Bhagya
    Best Thriller – Naagin
    Popular show – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata
    What do you think of the winners? Do
    let us know.

  49. rithushree

    Raman is worried for his work.
    Shagun is trying to solve his
    problems. She wants to know the
    reason of his tension. She massages
    his head. Raman gets angry and asks
    her to stay away. Shagun asks him
    why is he getting irritated.


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    Don’t Hesitate to Give Comment.
    Good Evening to ALL The YHM Fans.

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