Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni apologizes to Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla saying this is your room now, Pihu will come back and stay in Ruhi’s room. Amma asks Roshni to take some rest, her leg has swelling. She asks Kiran to get massage oil. Aaliya comes. Mrs. Bhalla says massage will ease you. Aaliya says I m here to take care of her. She asks Roshni to have coconut water, her BP is high so she has swelling in feet. She asks them to rest, she will look after Roshni. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla go. Kiran gets oil. Aaliya says you also go, I will apply the oil. Ruhi asks Raman to vacate the cupboard, this section will be for Ishita. She says Ishimaa, he always does this, he did the same when you both got married, we forced him that time. He says yes, that’s why I had give in that time, but not now, enough….

Roshni says

I want to say sorry, I never wanted to come between you and Adi, I don’t know how I felt weak in that moment, trust me, I want to apologize to you by heart, sorry, forgive me. Aaliya says I won’t forgive you, you snatched Adi and Ishita, Ishita has chosen your baby, when I needed her the most, she wasn’t with me, she was with you, you have snatched my loved ones, guess what, its my turn now, like you took away Adi, I will take away your baby, but right in front of you, I will shower much love on baby, he won’t see anything else in front of my love, I will do it openly and with love, I want you to experience the same pain, just call me if you need anything. She goes. Roshni says what you want will happen now. She asks the baby to see Aaliya, she is his mum now, she will take much care of you. Ruhi says Ishimaa will be with us like before.

Raman asks what. Ruhi asks them to come for dinner. She goes. He says I can’t behave normal. Ishita says its tough for me also, we have to do this, we will tolerate this till Roshni’s deliver, I will try not to come in your way. He says fine. He says you told me you won’t come in my way. He goes. Simmi talks to Parmeet on call. Neelu comes. Simmi goes out. She calls Pooja and asks for the face reader Vijay Diwan. She says please fix my meeting with him, thanks. Amma hears her and says Vijay Diwan. She goes to Kiran and asks her to search and give her all details of astrologer Vijay. Kiran asks why. Amma says I m getting late, just do this. Kiran gets the details for her and asks her to say now. Amma calls Vijay.

Ishita sees Aaliya in kitchen. She says I wanted to talk to you, I m sorry, I know you feel I betrayed you, I didn’t wish to support Roshni, I was helpless, I had to support that baby, I couldn’t leave Roshni alone, I didn’t wish her to come here, but we were helpless, we didn’t want to hurt you, I m really sorry, do you trust me. Aaliya says I know, the baby isn’t at fault, you have come here for the baby’s sake, I accepted this, I have no problem with it, its better not to discuss this again, trust me, I m okay with it. She asks Neelu to call everyone for dinner. She says its less often that everyone dines together. She asks Roshni to sit.

Raman says Ishita can’t come here, what should I tell her, I will say this is my room, please… no why am I requesting, I will say, you can’t stay here as this is my bed and I don’t want a woman sleeping on my room, no its so cheap, I can say, its my room, look Ishita, I can’t sleep with you, no… its looking really cheap to say. Ishita comes and looks on. She says I can’t stay in your room, we both won’t like it, I will sleep in hall after everyone sleeps. She goes. He says I was saying the same. He rests to sleep. Ishita sleeps in the hall. Raman wakes up and checks for AC. He feels hot and thinks where to go, all the rooms are occupied. Ruhi sees Ishita and says why is she here, dad would have done something. Roshni says let her sleep, we have to give them more time. Raman comes there. He says this is called heaven AC. He sees Ishita and says this is hell. He jokes on her and lies on the sofa. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Ishita says you know you develop backpain when you sleep on couch, have this balm. He says I don’t want to. She gives him balm and goes. He says she is right, I have backpain. He tries to apply balm. She looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    This aaliya is certainly not GOOD AT ALL,100% blame goes to shaguns upbringing of an adopted daughter
    what were u all telling before,that shaggy was right and ishita was wrong huh?
    well then,heres the proof!!Aaliya has transformed into a characterless,widowed and bikhari type ladki who seeks revenge from that roshni(who later realized that she was wrong before) by not forgiving her for her past mistake
    i knew this would happen that so called no-good DIL of the BH can never learn or change and has no good values taught by Ishita for 7 long years!!i am just so surprised,that everyone values only shaguns sacrifices and mothering the kids including her biological ones but even more in it,shes going too far in telling ishita to stay away from her nurtured daughter accusing her for destroying her life?
    i tell ya she once again has turned negative and taught all these to aaliya so that she can sabotage ishita once and for all
    And coming to ishitas part,she has no self respect at all there in that chameleon color changing,disgusting and hellish stupid family of BH would have been much more better if roshni changed her decision that she is ready to hand over her child to them and let them rot there only and leave Raman(ramu kalia) suffering all alone with no happiness there
    Other than mihika,ruhi,pihu,bala and kiran it seems even the iyers too have started to pretend so well by forgiving ishu for her past horrible deed in killing adi and then later they too will turn like those BH members
    i have nothing much to hate and describe about the P and S,because already i hate them to the hardcore currently,but now mani and shagun have crossed too far in breaking relations with ishita for such a small mistake of roshnis choice at the court and needs to be forgotten by her
    sometimes i dislike ishita s over positive attitude of hers instead of fighting for what she really wants,ever since she got married to that buffoon Raman idiot her life has been completely destroyed thanks to her EVIL in laws plus Mrs iyers stupidest choice to keep her younger daughter happy.
    Anyways,because of this stupid Ekta the moron and producer of this nasty crap filled with shits and butchered characters created by those brainless cvs,even in this site not just everyone but me too have started picking fights with attention seekers is completely pointless
    i guess i will have to sort out these problems of fighting with many people in this friendly site by myself and try my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again because of my MAD behavior
    That’s all i have got to say in my comment about the present track of this serial and my view in friends group here

  2. Shreya Shetty

    Lets wait and watch to see if Roshni really deserves happiness and respect there in that dumb headed stupidest family of BH for the sake of her baby,i hopefully expect that no havoc or drama shall arise amidst IshRa and keep them united once more again together
    and as for aaliya who is going to turn into a villain,she needs to be stopped and if not she deserves no sympathy for her pretendingness attitude of hers will not be accepted by ishu especially and needs to be given her own taste of medicine if she ever desired to take revenge on that guilty girl roshni after she decided to apologise for her mistake,This time Aaliya shall not be sparred if she does something harmful to the baby and its mother

  3. 172- b devi house

    Look like u are obsessed with Ishita and roshni. It is a page where anyone can give their views and writing more comfortable by a single person can’t change everyone thinking . And about Aliya I am very happy she should snatch roshni child with love. Roshni can’t give good upbringing. You are blaming bhallas that they only want ADI child but for your kind information Ishita also with roshni only for child . So plz stop abusing Aliya she is justified why should a girl bear everything she went through emotional tramua and I am sure if anything like that happened to Ishita would she have done same I think no . Aliya is an example for today world where when girl losses everything but still she want revenge by giving love. I hope she achieve it . All the best Aliya

    1. Shreya Shetty

      There’s no need for u to tell me not to abuse Aaliya get what if u don’t like my point of view then who cares
      Whatever i feel only about that so called Aaliya only I ve mentioned
      In fact she can never provide a good love for roshnis baby I feel and so
      What do u say about that?

  4. Does ruhi have any other job than counselling ishra. There is no consistency on her character one time she makes her parents go through hell, insults them for every creep she falls for, other time she is oversweet to the extends to look dumb and blind.
    Aliya calm yet hard words is just what is needed. No sugar coated words neither shouting or insults, she just stayed composed and made herself clear. At least one relatable character in bhallah house with romi who is not extremely positive or dark.
    Yesterday raman was abusing ishita, and jagamata was taking all like a shameless women today they are back with nok jhok and tomorrow they will enjoy massage together ?‍♀️

  5. No wife on this planet will forgive her husband and his mistress for cheating on her. Roshni is preganant with Adi’s shild and yet Aaliya is maintaing her cool. I would have died a hundered deaths before supporting my husbands mistress…child or no child. Aaliya is going to get reminded everything all over again when she will look at that child. Children are not at fault but do end bearing the brunt of thier parents mistakes. This whole episode with Ishita, Roshni, simmi and parmeet is just disgusting and unrealistic.

    1. Very well said

    2. very true Devil . How come Raman and Bhallas play with her emotions . Its their plan and this is the only reason Ishitha was with Roshini away from Alia to take care of Adis child .Her character is selfless and self suffering . Now we see her just like a guest in Bhallas house where she was everything for every one .True she has no self respect ….but the situations only changing her . Her affection and care to anyone is not lessened .Cvs really doing a wrong thing by promoting all these crap .we cant even enjoy Ishras nok jhok . If you take any other serials … Ishra/Divan is standing top to hold yhm without falling down . its boring now PARam nd Simmi ..too much is annoying .. if they had exposed them trp will shoot up ..yhm can be healed only if Adi comes back and imposter Adi was Roshinis childs father . Sorry to tell … Roshini to be killed …Aliya invited this trouble to some extent .

    3. No. It is not Adi child. It is Adi lookiliike who is the father of Roshini child. No one knows that Adi is alive. I had post since long and you all are most dumbest people. Real Adi had no emeny on Ishita and Raman. Fake Adi have no idea what he is up to because he is working for Suraj. Real Adi does not like to work for Khanna men as Adi don’t trust Suraj. But Ashok had change and want Raman and Ishita to renuited.

  6. Give it up people. If you don’t like the shoe, stop watching it. It’s a soap opera. Golly. It’s the writers that are creating all this drama. I laugh at the things they come up with. It does keep me coming back for more. If there was no Ishita, Parmeet, Simmi, Raman then, yes, there would be no show. I do agree about the actors and their villinous roles and I do get angry with Santos, Simmi and Parmeet but how else can there be so much drama. There’s such a fine line between love and hate. I love and hate the show but I am dedicated to watching it. And as I am on this now, I want to thank the person who is downloading the updates. I an english and this is the only way I know what’s going on. I never thought I would ever get hookep up on a ‘soap opera”, an indian soap opera at that~ LOL 🙂 Note: You know what a good actor or actress is when you can hate them! — Cheers

  7. Plz! When are you going to stop this serial ekta? Normally people get relaxed after watching a daily soap. But sadly this is what will happen to yhm fans after watching this crap!
    We sit to watch yhm knowing that the writers are never gonna change and they will show the same old bullshit frustrating stuff but in the end something will happen worst and disgusting than anything we’ve ever imagined which will led us to loose our minds! Then we keep waiting eagerly for Amena to post this update so that we can vent all of our anger and frustration on this page, begging and pledging to stop this serial, lol ??
    Story of a (so called) true yhm fan! ?✌️

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