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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi asking Ruhi did she take decision. Mrs. Bhall scolds Niddhi and asks her to get lost. Judge walks in. Everyone get worried. Judge asks Ruhi how is she. She says I have come to meet Ruhi, 30 days are getting over now, just 2 days are remaining, no one to take decision by any pressure, you know what you wanted by staying with family, tell me your decision as formalities will take time. Ruhi gets thinking. She says I have taken decision, I m going back with Niddhi. Everyone get shocked. Niddhi smiles.

Judge asks are you sure Ruhi. Ruhi says yes. Judge says I m really sorry, I m helpless to accept this decision. Ishita says you know she is young, do not listen to her, she is a kid. Judge says I understand, but decision is made now, you have to cooperate. Judge

leaves. Ishita tells Ruhi that we are united, you are part of this family, how can you go. Raman says Ruhi tell us this is a joke. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can you give us sorrow. They all cry. Niddhi shouts asking them to stop this drama, she decided she will come with me, no use to cry now. Mrs. Bhalla says you stop nonsense, what happened Ruhi, tell us, you wanted to see us together, see we all united, why are you leaving us, don’t go.

Ruhi says you all united now, where was this family when I was given to Niddhi, everything changed here, nothing is same, I have bear pain in seven years, you think it will change in one month, I can’t trust my mum and dad again, I never trusted them, I will miss you all. Amma says we all love you. Ruhi says I know, but no one can guarantee what happened 7 years ago will not happen again, if they give me to Niddhi again, its better I go myself, I don’t need you all.

Mrs. Bhalla says you don’t trust us and trust Niddhi. Ruhi says no, I hate Niddhi, she is very bad and behaves bad with me, atleast I know what to expect from her, I don’t know what to expect from you all. Niddhi says Ruhi please, no use to explain them, pack your bags and come with me. Ruhi says not today, I have to spend time with Pihu, don’t know we meet again or not. Niddhi says fine, I will collect our passports from police station and do formalities, be ready. Ruhi agrees. Niddhi leaves. Romi, Mr. Bhalla and Adi come with sweets. Pihu comes from school. Raman throws the sweets and goes to his room. Everyone cry. Shagun takes Pihu with her.

Pihu asks Shagun why is Papa so angry, what happened to him. Shagun says Papa is angry as he lost his valuable thing, he is upset. She explains Pihu. Pihu says we will find a doll for Papa too. Raman breaks the mirror and throws things. He cries. Ishita cries seeing him and asks him to control himself. He holds her neck and says its all because of you, my daughter is going away, I thought everything will get fine, my daughter will go today and you will go tomorrow, I will be all alone. He hits on things and cries. Ishita cries and hugs him. dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays……….. Shagun sees them crying and says I have to do something, I have to find Raman’s doll. She cries and leaves.

Shagun tells Pihu to stop Ruhi. Pihu says I know Ruhi is Papa’s doll. She goes to Ruhi and asks her not to go. Ruhi says I have to go. Pihu says that aunty is so bad, and we all are here. Ruhi says you are also here, I don’t want to leave you, but I have to go, I will have your memories. Pihu asks her not to go. Ruhi says I stayed here for your sake, I have to go back now. Shagun hears them. Ruhi says my life and work is there, I have to go. Pihu says I know you will forget me. Ruhi cries and hugs her. She says I have stayed here just for your sake, I will miss you a lot. She hugs Pihu. Shagun cries.

Ruhi and Pihu sit for dinner. Mrs. Bhalla is upset and angry. She asks Ruhi to have all vegetables, children should eat all vegs, people sleep hungry in the world. Mihika asks Ruhi did she not switch off geyser. Ruhi says sorry. Romi says fan was also on, who will pay bill. Pihu asks them not to scold Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says if we love her, can’t we scold her, don’t know when will we get her to love and scold. She asks Neelu about Ishita. Neelu says she is not at home.

Aaliya shows the food to Adi and asks him to taste the wada. Adi is angry and in pain. He asks her to just leave. She asks what happened. He says Ruhi will go with Niddhi, and Ishita will go with you, that’s why you came here to joke. Mihir comes there. Adi hugs him and cries. He says I don’t want anyone to go far, stop Ruhi and Ishi Maa, try once. Mihir consoles him. Adi says I want to stay with family. Mihir apologizes to Aaliya and says Adi is very hurt, so he behaved that way. Aaliya says its okay. Mihir takes Adi.

Ishita asks judge to help her and stop Ruhi. Judge says I understand your problem, but Ruhi took this decision. Ishita says we tried our best, Ruhi is not agreeing, we tried out best. Judge says maybe Ruhi has to learn more lessons. Ishita says I was living in guilt that my daughter died because of me, but she was living with Niddhi in that hell, I can’t let this happen, postpone the date. Judge says no, I can’t break laws, I m sorry. Ishita says suggest some solution according to law, I can’t let my Ruhi go. Judge says there is provision to postpone decision, there should be solid reason, like any trouble at your home or anyone is critically ill, then we can postpone the judgment, its not like that, so we can’t do this.

Ishita is at Amma’s place and worried. Raman calls her. Amma and Appa ask her to answer call and talk to Raman. Ishita says he is not in frame of mind to think anything, I have to think, Amma do something, we don’t have time, when will you talk to any judge Appa. Amma and Appa calm her down. Ishita says judge told me that if anything happens to me, if there is medical emergency, this way is right. Amma says don’t say this. Ishita says then Ruhi will stay, something should happen to me. Raman hears Ishita and asks are you mad, I will slap you if you say this nonsense, I used to do this madness and you used to stop me, Ruhi and you won’t go anything. He holds Ishita and consoles her.

Raman talks to Anil. Ishita asks Raman are you sure, why did you not refuse there. He says I m sure to marry you for Ruhi’s sake. She asks what about Shagun, atleast talk to her once. Shagun comes and asks what is there to talk Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi VP aditya jaz Sindhu shivani mino jaz n all yhm fans.

    Today’s episode was quite emotional. Though I could see Raman’s pain, but I find his way to vent out to be very aggressive and uncivilized. Felt really bad for ishita.

    Loved Raman’s affection for ishita towards the end of episode. The way he hugged her and said he won’t let her go.

    Precap was fine. But again Raman started shadi Ruhi k liye. Waiting for upcoming episodes.

    Could someone please tell me what happened when there was an IT raid in romi’s office. I mean between him n Raman. I missed few episodes and that part seems to be unclear in written updates.

  2. Wow nice episode.

  3. Raman (Karan Patel) gets restless not finding Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) anywhere in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that both Bhalla and Iyyer family prepare for Raman and Ishita’s marriage.

    Raman and Ishita agree for remarriage getting Ruhi back forever.

    Everyone gets tensed seeing Ishita taking time to return and Raman goes in search of Ishita along with Romi.

    Raman and Romi return to home and tell family that they are failed to find Ishita.

    Ruhi tells that Ishita was gone to meet judge so it might be judge knows something about Ishita’s whereabouts.

    Shagun (Anita Hassanadani) belives Ishita got missing intensionally

    They talk to judge but she tells them that Ishita does not share anything about this matter.

    Apart from, Shagun indirectly tries to provoke Ruhi against Ishita by telling Ishita purposely went somewhere as she can do anything to get Ruhi back.

    Bhalla family also take Ishita’s missing lightly but Raman feels something happened with Ishita.

  4. i think shagun will agree for ishra’s marriage…

  5. pls stop this drama ruhi’s behavior very bad

  6. Hi EVERYONE….. Rithu VP Mino Sindhu Jaz Aditya Shreya monique d and all other YHM fans….

    I loved today’s episode especially the end part…you are right Az..the way he reacted when ruhi told her decision was very aggressive…specifically when he hold ishitas neck… but i really felt sad for raman….anyways ishras mohabatein is back on track….

    1. yes Shivani and Az , last scene how Raman hugged and consoled was good … agree to that … Totally emotional episode … Raman started all the problems , let him find solution also … Always his problems are solved by Ishitha … Please bring Raman as a strong man … not a cry baby … always failing infront of Ashok … we want good wins over bad intentions ..

  7. After 7 years of leap, Pihu thinks that Shagun is her mother but actually Ishita is her mother and she is unaware of the major thing.We reported earlier that Ishita will go missing as goons kidnapped her. Raman will be seen restless and Pihu will ask Raman regarding why he is so frustrated after Ishita gone missing. Raman will reveal the truth the Ishita isPihu’s real mother not Shagun. This break as a shocker to Pihu and the little kid will get depressed.Let’s see what Pihu will do after learning the fact and will she accept Ishita as her mother?

  8. In the coming episode, Pihu will say Raman to marry Ishita again in order to get Ruhi back to home. Interestingly,Pihu will make the announcement of Raman-Ishita remarriage in-front of the Bhalla family.Shagun will be heart broken and let’s see what Shagun will do to get Raman back in her life!

  9. Hi VP. Shivani, Sindhu, Rithu, Jaz, Moniquie, Adithya & All MY YHM Fans .. Not bad getting somewhere with the names. ha ha.. Hi Rithu All the Best For Ur Exams. That is more important as it is ur life not like Fiction.. Study & Do well dear.
    Oh This Episode was like a bit old times sake one. very good & so emotional. Shagun Even in crying is like fake. why . Either they make her positive or negative. she is neither here or there. why is she showing concern from one side & being mean from another side. Actually they should let Ruhi go now that she has had a taste of love from the family & when she is getting bashed from Niddhi she will realise the value of family life , & know how much She misses their love. Raman Raman as usual so dramatic. when in angry he will even kill someone. Poor Ishu. But only she can control & Only he listens to her . though he has so much love for Ishu he is afraid to show after Shagun’s First betrayal. If Shagun poison Ruhi’s mind against Ishu she won’t succeed as Ruhi knows who Shagun is. remember how she went at her for using Pihu. Hope they won’t put Pihu against Ishu. as now enough is enough of so much hate & anger. Pls find a good man for Shagun after all let he be also happy as she even tried to be nice for seven years. Anyway How can she expect Raman to marry her she knew he was not genuine. just to hurt Ishu he did it. But she doesn’t care just to be in the family she will go to any length.. Shagun is not one of my favourite ones but it is better to get her settled with someone & not interfere in Raman & Ishu’s life. They both deserve some happiness . Pls give them some happiness & now focus on someone else. we are sick of both of them suffering.. from day one they had to go through so much exp Ishu. What do u guys say.. ??? hope i did not hurt Sahgun lovers as there are a few who likes her..very sorry if i did…

    1. Mino … nobody will feel hurt … we sre discussing about the roles …. You said it right … from beginning if you see Ishitha is deprived of any happiness in her life … except for the fact getting Ruhi thru that accident and thru that married Raman … who is really very loving and caring except for his senseless behaviour at times . He is a CEO , but poor decision maker … we will watch and see …

  10. Episode was emotional …. back again Raman caught Ishithas neck and telling she is responsible … I did not understand why ? But he bursted out and it was crystal clear he is scared of Ishitha leaving him to . Raman acted so well … superb … just living to the role both Raman and Ishitha . The way Ishitha broke out with judge was also really brilliant acting ..Adis all gone good … how this going to take a turn …. cant assume … Shaghun , I feel cvs want to make her positive … positive or not … please move out from the Bhallas house . Ifelt Ishitha is keeping a big distance purposely not to feel hurt ..later on . Back again marrying Ruhi ke liye .. I think cvs have banked Ishithas role till Dt comes back ..Hi to aa .. Rithu , Shivani , Mino , Sindhu , AZ, Jaz, Aditya Kiran … all yhm fans … the episode did not deliver that great as we expected …

  11. Hi all yhm fans. Congratulations divek. Episode was soooo sad. :…-((((.I hope that they all unite. Have a lovely evening. Mwah.

  12. Hi ol yhm fans….the episode was emotional nd again Raman nd ishita r marrying “ruhi ke liye”…..I hope ishita will get kidnapped intensionally to postpone the dates of d court….nd hope shagun shuld agree for ishra’s marriage nd also she shuld be in +ve role..
    Plz now enough of this track plz end it by uniting our ishra family happily….

  13. I saw divyanka wedding pics!! So beautiful??? woww!!! Its so lovely to see her in her bridal attire ❤

  14. Monique_D

    Hi everybody.
    Jaz Rithu VP Mino Sindhu Aditya Shreya Shivani all other YHM fans….

    Tonight’s episode was really emotional and i loved it.Ishita would even give her life on order for Ruhi to stay.

    Raman I tears with the thought of losing Ruhi and Ishita ,heart touching indeed .I don’t want to be alone like i was 7 years ago almost had me in tears.
    But my fav part when he said “Ruhi isn’t going anywhere and you aren’t going anywhere.”

    Ruhi I understand her in a way especially when she cleared the air and said with Nidhi she knows where she stand and the fact that she hated Nidhi was pointed out.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

  15. Episode was really emotional.. waiting for nxt episode..

    Hi jaz adi rithu vp sindhu shivani super girl mino az Monique simmi prisha bhagi saima and all other yhm fans..
    Its lng enough snce i hv commented.. actually i hv my xamz nxt week and dus so mch restrictions at home.. i miss all of u.. thnx to all who rembr me.. and mention me in deir comments.. i m so glad dat u guys rembr me..will b bck nly afta xamz..on 25th..jaz i saw ur invitation fr ramzan..i missed it..hope u hd a great tim

    1. Monique_D

      Hey Shona

    2. Hi shona

      1. All the best for your xams

  16. Loveleen

    both mihir n shagun r poor bro sis duo who cud nt get a happy married lyf tho they deserve it……mihir is as usual vry humble n nyc n shagun too is nyc n is chngd…..its being too unfair fr her ….y is she given false hopes alwys… though i dnt want isha to separate bt want sm 1 to b wid shagun cz hr charactr is neithr being postv nor negatv…..she is totally ignored….wish eithr her role ends or sm1 opposite to her….n dis ruhi hs becm so heartless tht she she doesnt desrv happiness n love… d charactr fr wich ppl strtd loving yhm hs been ruined….

  17. Hi Shona Pls Concentrate on ur exams & Get through.. These story are fictional.. Ur future is more important. So study well & with God’s Help May U Pass With Flying Colours. God Bless u

  18. Hi JAZ AZ Naaz Shona VP Rithu (The PROTAGONIST of This Comments GROUP) Sindhu Shreyadiya Megha Lisa Monique Super GIRL Ranchin And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Crying Was Another Aspect of RAMAN.
    Very HEART Touching.
    Really Almost ALL The SCENES were EMOTIONAL.
    Coming Episodes Would Be interesting.

    1. Monique_D

      I agree Aditya cant even wait for the coming episode.

  19. Hi Shona!
    ALL The BEST for Your EXAMS.
    Concentrate On Your EXAMS Well.
    Don’t Come to This Site till Your EXAMS.
    Be COOL While Preparing for EXAMS
    Even While Writing.
    Because if We Keep Our MIND COOL
    Then We Can Perform Well.
    Another Big THING Shona As A STUDENT EVERYONE Should Follow
    “Don’t COMPARE Yourself With OTHERS,
    COMPARE with Yourself”.

  20. Shona What Are You Studying?
    I Mean Which Standard?

  21. Athira Ramesh

    Please don’t let Shagun to be in a negative role again. Please. Mani should marry Shagun. Then everything will be solved.
    Or please don’t let pihu against ishu…

  22. Adi (Abhishek Verma) turns angry man accsuing Mani (Sumit Sachdev) for kidnapping Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabtein will show that everyone get tensed finding Ishita missing.

    Ruhi comes to house wear saree which is very similar to Ishita and everyone is surprised to see Ruhi in saree.

    They ask Ruhi about Ishita as she was with her but Rui tells them that she did not meet Ishita.

    Apart from this, Bhalla family realizes that Ishita has been kidnapped which makes Adi very much sad.

    Adi gets her Ishima back after long time and he doubts on Mani and Aaliya behind Ishita kidnapping.

    Aaliya defends Mani in front of Adi

    Adi tells family that Manik kidnapped Ishita because he does not want Ishita and Raman get married.

    Aaliya asks Adi that Mani can never do it but Adi is not ready to accept this as Aaliya herself wants to see Mani and Ishita together.

    Mani is clueless over all accusation as he never thought to harm Ishita in his dream too.

  23. So any different updates..cant keep up! Just hope it all comes together in the end and Ishra live happily ever after. Hope they learn in this new marriage to put themselves first and not wait another whole year before sharing normal husband and wife love.

  24. shreya shetty

    hey guys how are you all???its been quite a while since I ve not still mentioned about my opinion regarding about yesterdays episode anyways I too just hated the way how raman clunged ishitas neck by pressing it to death!!!!!why is he acting sooo stupid I mean,instead of thinking something to retrieve that idiotic brat ruhi back,he cries like a HEPLESS 1 YEAR OLD BABY ACCORDING TO ME.ishitas consouling him and his emotions fearing that even she and ruhi would leave the house when they lose the custody that was given to them limited.THAT NIDDHI DIRTY OLD COW IS AGAIN PLOTING SOMETHING FISHY TO KIDNAP RUHI AND FORCIBLY TAKE HER BACK TO AUSTRAILIA!!!!!!WHY THE HELL ARE THERE SO MANY VILLAINS IN THIS SHOW??????AND THAT POOR LITTLE ADI I FEEL VERY PITY FOR HIM THAT HE LL SUFFER A LOT OF PAIN AND LONLINESS WITHOUT HIS SISTER AND MOTHER,SOOOO EMOTIONAL.this shaggy AKA SHAGUN ARORA must be encouraged in respecting people after knowing that shes being ignored by all since 7 years of taking care of pihu.

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