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The Episode starts with Raman saying he will fight with the world for Adi, till he is alive, nothing can happen to Adi, but listen to me, Ishita is very smart and good mother, she will understand us, she will make me help Adi, please let me tell her. She says no, your promised me, I don’t trust her, she is not Adi’s mum, I m his mum, swear on me you won’t tell her. He says fine, I will die but not tell anyone the truth till Adi comes out of this problem. She says nothing can happen to him and leaves. Mihir says I want to talk to you Shagun, please in my cabin. Romi sees her and thinks what is she doing here. Mihir asks her what is she doing.

She says I don’t need to explain you. Mihir says this is office. She says I know its Raman’s office, my husband’s office. He says you

are not his wife anymore, what do you want you. She says you don’t have any right. He says I have a right, tell me what she wants from Raman. Romi sees them fighting and says she won’t change. Mrs. Bhalla calls Romi and says I have sent food with driver, make him eat. He says she reached her. She says did Ishita reach, she went to take Raman’s sign. He says no, Bhabhi no 1. She says stop them from meeting. Romi says Ishita already came. Shagun tells Mihir to go and question Raman, not her. Ishuta asks Romi about Raman and someone says he is in conference room. She goes by lift and does not see Shagun passing by.

Ishita comes to Raman and he signs the form. She starts leaving and he stops her. He says sorry, I could not come to school as I was busy in work. She says fine and leaves. He says sorry, forgive me if possible. Ishita stops the lift and gets in. She meets Shagun in there. She sees Shagun and turns. Romi calls Mrs. Bhalla and says both of them did not see each other. She says thank God. The lift gets stuck and the alarm rings. Ishita calls Mihir and says the lift stopped. Mihir tells this to Raman. Raman rushes for Ishita. Shagun sees the court notice and says I got this, Raman will save me, he promised me, he will fight case for me. Ishita says that’s not needed if you want, you can confess your mistake.

She says you can apologize to Amma, as its not easy to kill anyone. Shagun says I don’t want to talk, my lawyer and Raman asked me not to worry. Ishita says yes, so there is sweat and tension on your forehead. Raman opens the lift and sees both of them together. He gives his hand to Ishita while Shagun was giving her hand. Shagun gets angry. He says Ishita come. Ishita asks Mihir to give his hand and comes out. Raman then helps Shagun. Mihir asks Ishita can he drop her. She says no. Romi looks at Raman.

Mihir stops Ishita. She says don’t ask me anything, I don’t know anything, things have changed in one moment, why is this happening. Mihir says we all are with you, you don’t worry, I always take Raman’s side, but not this time, as he is wrong, I will support you, not him. Ishita thanks him, he says don’t take tension, everything will be fine. She leaves in her car. Simmi talks to Parmeet and says I m with Raman, Ishita has made everyone against him.

Parmeet says what to do, Raman regards me his enemy, he does not know I love that family, don’t worry, I will support Raman, though he did not support me. She says but it will be like supporting Shagun, I hate her. He says you are innocent, sometimes we have to hug enemy for loved ones. She says I wish Raman would see this side of yours. He ends the call and says Raman should know I m doing this for him, as I m his well wisher.

Ashok scold Shagun for meeting Raman. She says see it, you went to Ishita to tell about me, see this court notice, are you happy now, she files a case against me. Your plan went wrong, are you happy seeing me go to jail, you show you love me, come to meet me in jail now. Ashok reads it and says I m sorry baby. She says don’t touch me, I left Raman and came to you, he is helping me, and you are good for nothing. He says I was jealous, you know you are my weakness. She says grow up, your games have ruined my life. He says I will get best lawyer for you. She says I don’t trust you, I believe Raman, only him. She leaves. Ashok gets furious and says Ishita is troubling a lot.

Mrs. Kaur talks to Ishita and says this case is weak, as Raman is supporting her but we have to take truth ahead. Ishita says now we won’t back out. Kaur says I will make Shagun get punished. She asks about the man whom Ashok named his car, if we prove that man can’t buy the car. Ishita says he is handicap, he can’t drive. Kaur says we have to use that man.

Shagun tells Raman that Adi came to know everything about court case. Adi comes and cries saying you are not keeping promise, will you send my mum to jail for Ishita’s mum, I will tell the truth in court that I did the accident if anything happens to mum. Raman says till I m alive, I will not let anything happen to you and Shagun. Adi says all lies and runs. Shagun goes after him. Amma is tensed. Ishita asks is she tensed. Amma asks is this necessary to fight this case, I m fine now, forget what happened, no use.

This case has created a problem in your life, I did this, I m sorry. She cries. Ishita says why are you blaming yourself. Amma says you and Raman were happy and had good equation, Raman turned so good and everything ruined because of me, I came in between you two. I asked Lord to give best husband to Ishita, who loves her and see what happened. Ishita says I have seen love in Raman’s eyes, but not for me, but Shagun, she comes to him when she needs him, she took away everything from him, he is standing against me for that Shagun.

She cries and says its good that Raman knows to love, and its all fate. Love is got by fate and I did not get it, I will bear this and about this case, even if anyone else did the accident, would we leave that person. Amma cries too. Ishita says support me Amma, be my strength, don’t make me weak, you told me relations are tested when problems come. Banenga kisi dil ki rahatein………….plays…………….

Mrs. Bhalla ties a thread to Ishita’s hand and gives her Prasad as blessings. Ishita and Raman bend to touch her feet but Mrs. Bhalla keeps her hand on Ishita’s head. Raman gets tears in his eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Why raman why?u are supporting shagun….and amena your update has some mistakes….be careful…in ipkknd update and many other not regularly but sometimes u mistake…sorry…
    But take a look

  6. Ay well done toshi and amena plz write toshi g not mr.bhallas

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  9. Ishu will win always truth wins
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  11. Ishu will win my vote ishu

  12. My vote ishita raman kumar bhalka

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  14. Ishita 2 are u gone mad watching serial

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  16. Fun of Raman’s taunts & Ish’ counters are way missing now. Really looking like other regular serial. Original flavor is missing. Guys(YHM team) get together and do some good work as before.

  17. I think ishita will withdraw her case when she will get now about adi did the accident Raman just tell her about the truth i am sure she will understand just forget about shagun

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