Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanny feeding Rohit and getting irritated with his cry. Mrs. Bhalla sees how badly she is handling Rohit and scolds her. Ishita looks on. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rohit from her. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get lost. She cries and gives Rohit to Neelu. She says I have headache, feed him and get some good Nanny, this lady was mad woman, she did not know to manage baby, its matter of few days, then Rohit will go to orphanage. Ishita gets shocked and cries.

She says Sarika did wrong with this baby, its injustice happening with her. Sarika asks did anyone come to meet her. She cries and misses Romi. Suraj asks Ashok not to do anything now. Ashok smiles thinking about Mihika and Romi. Mihika is going clinic and Romi helps her being her friend. Someone takes their

pics. Doctor treats Mihika. Romi tells santa banta joke to divert her mind. They come out. She says it was such funny joke. A man clicks their pics. Romi says I have surprise for you and blindfolds her. Romi brings Mihika to chaat stall. She gets surprised and they eat chaat.

Mihir comes there and says great, so they both are here having golgappas, I will catch them. He asks them how did they come here when they went to hospital. Mihika says Romi have me surprise. Mihir says I will win in golgappa competition.

Mihir and Mihika sign each other and lose, to make Romi win. Mihika hopes Ishita knows Rohit’s mother and Romi’s life becomes cheerful again. Ishita goes to orphanage and asks about manager. The lady says manager is busy, you ask and come, why did you come again. Ishita asks for his personal number, I think manager is avoiding me, you are not listening to me, I will not go till he come. The lady says fine, its time to shut office, wait outside.

Ishita says I will wait here, where will manager go, he stays here. She gets Raman’s call and says she came to orphanage to meet manager, he is avoiding me. He says we will see him tomorrow, come home, Rohit is missing you. She says fine and ends call. Someone looks at her and throws a stone at her car. She gets shocked seeing the window broken. She gets a note and throws that stone. She reads someone asking her to stop finding Rohit’s parents, and not come again in this orphanage.

She thinks who will wish this that I don’t find Rohit’s parents, who are they, whats hidden from me, she looks around. She shouts who is here… she leaves. She comes home and shows note to Raman. She says why will anyone wish so. He says forget this, maybe his mum and dad are not married, we should not waste time, we can’t lose Rohit, Romi loves him a lot. She says I feel we should sort this out soon, we have to do something of Romi. He says he will be fine. She says I think there is one way.

Romi comes home and is glad that Mihika’s mood got fine. Rohit cries and Romi stops. Romi takes him and hugs him. Raman and Ishita see this and smile. Romi sees them and says Rohit was crying. Ishita says we did not ask. Raman says Rohit is with his dad. Romi says I don’t have time. Ishita says none has time to manage him, you got him from orphanage. Romi says I will leave him at any day care. She says fine. Raman asks do you think this plan will work. She says 100%. Raman and Ishita leave.

Its morning, Neelu gives society papers to Raman. Adi says holidays got boring. Raman says we will plan after I come back from office. Adi gets a call and tells Raman that his friend needs his sleeping bags, there is nothing exciting. Raman thinks to ask his friend about this. He says I will give the sleeping bags, I m going that way. He leaves.

Bala tells Khosla that I know you and Suraj trapped me, but Suraj will play same game with you. Suraj comes there.

Bala says Vandu said right, I should have not trusted Khosla, I wish I was cautious. Suraj says you were blind seeing so much money and spending it, don’t blame us for your mistake. Bala says you think I can’t repay loan, and throws 1 crore cheque. He asks for his house’s papers back. Suraj sees the cheque and says this is principal amount, where is the interest. Bala asks interest?

Suraj says it means you did not read contract well before signing, fine, read it now. Bala reads the terms. Suraj says read carefully, its written that if you don’t pay the amount, you will pay 20 times interest daily. Bala gets shocked and worries. Suraj says get 3 crores rs and take your house papers. Bala thinks how will I get 3 crores, and leaves.

Sarika tells Mr. Bhalla that she won’t leave, she is his bahu, she is Romi’s wife, Ishita knows the rules, that a bahu can get family arrested if she wants. Bhallas look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  2. Episode is not bad. But ashok Suraj sarika. We can’t trust them. Anyway Ruhiiii. I miss you babyyyy.

  3. episode was good .its good to see romi taking care of rohit like a father . i thnk he will accpt him whole heartedly very soon .so does mrs bhalla .. her reaction was so genuine whn she saw the nanny misstreating rohit . ishra is really doing a grt job by trying to reunite rohit nd romi . god knows whose kid romi is ..but i thnk they shld stop findng his actual mom nd instead adopt him legally . tmrw the new vamp of the show will again make an entry from the jail . raman’s concern for adi is good . but i thnk he shld not interefare in matters with his frndz . but whr is vinnie she cn give him a company nyway . nyway waitng fr tmrws epi.

  4. Hi all and by the way good episode

  5. Damn shit precap

  6. aaj ka episode boring tha,ashok ko koyi nahi hai jab dekho raman ke khilaf plan manata hai,woh kya kam tha ab sarika bhi,uuf

  7. OMG, can’t wait for next episode, what’s gone happen next?

  8. What the hell that sarika ghost came back to bhalla house seriously they are testing our patience…….. poor bala trapped in suraj’s chaal and I am really feeling sorry for romi, don’t know what’s going to happen in rohit’s matter hope mystery will reveal soon, I am really feeling bad that nowadays there’s no ishra moments they don’t even get quality time to talk 🙁

  9. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys……
    Epi was good. Actually yhm is good going nowadays.
    I think that baby belongs to romi. But not for sarika. Mother may be minister’s daughter. Hope, you all remember. Romi was flirting with lots of girls. Romi and minister’s daughter have an affair in the beginning of the yhm. I guess, that girl is going to enter to yhm. She will be new enemy.

    (we had a Funaral. So I couldn’t come here and I couldn’t watch on tv for 4 days. Now I watched online )
    From SL

  10. I can’t believe the recap. I just don’t know why Sarika is coming back into Bhalla’s house. This is preposterous. I already hate Sarika now. I rather Romi and MIhika get together. Mihika will definitely make a good mother for Rohit. She will be just like Ishita. Sarika came back because of the money. She knows Raman is very rich and she can drain out as much as she can. Why can’t she just go and ask Ashok for money? I think maybe Rohit is Rinki’s son or Ashok has a hand in it. Maybe Ashok really knows who doe Rohit belong to. He is really playing dirty. As for Bala I think he was so egotistical when he started business with Kholsa. Vandu already told him to check with Raman whether it was a good idea to start business but Bala wants to also be like Raman and be rich and see what happened to him. It was his ego that got him into trouble., Who has to help them? Raman and Ishita again…. The Iyers have problem Raman and Ishita have to help. The Bhalla family members have problem, Raman and Ishita have to help. Shagun has problem, Raman and Ishita have to help. Poor couple….they never have a breeze in their lives. There is always lightning and thunder in their lives.

  11. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Who took that photos of romi and mihika…..?

  12. Sarika should get a tight slap… Such a disloyal bahu… ?Ishita is far better than Sarika ‘cos she thinks abt the family?..

  13. Epic was OK but the precap was shocking (never thought she would come back to the house if she have shame)???

    1. I mean episode not epic


  14. hey…i am nw in dis grp…hi evrybody…hoping evryone is goin gud…

  15. sarayu (honey)

    episode was very good.

  16. We have an exciting piece of news for Star Plus’ daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) fans.
    Good looking actor Lalit Bisht of shapath fame is all set to make a special appearance in the soap opera.
    The young man, we hear, will don the role of a young lawyer in the series.
    A source shares, “With Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) truth being revealed, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) are now willing to adopt the young, orphan lad Rohit. Lalit will enter the show as Raman’s lawyer, who will help the couple to adopt Rohit”.
    But, we hear that there is a small twist in tale. Lalit’s character will have some past connection with Rohit, which will be revealed in the daily, later on.
    When contacted, Lalit confirmed the development.
    We wish the young man all the best for his new venture.

  17. Nice epi…
    Nice ishu ra talk..
    Who took photos of romihika Nd y…??

    I think that minister’s daughter is only rohit’s real mother…. Nd romi is d father….

  18. Hiiii everyoneeeeee…

    Where r u guys….??? Rithu , sidhhi, Diya Nd all…..

  19. Hiii everyone this episode was really good I think rohith maybe That minister’s daughter’s son if that is true everything will be fine and sarika will be kicked out

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