Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman waiting to meet Ishita. Ishita is brought there. They see each other. Constable says you can’t talk here. Ishita smiles seeing Raman. She signs him about the missing/broken button on his collar. She is taken inside the court. Raman calls Suyyash and waits for him. The man says judge would be coming, how much time will your lawyer take. Raman says he will be coming. Suyyash comes and Raman says thank God you came, come. Suyyash says I can’t fight your case. Raman says this is not time to joke, what happened suddenly. Suyyash says you did not ask my full name, I m Suyyash Chadda, I m Amarnath Chadda’s brother. Raman gets shocked. Suyyash says I have come to fight case for my brother, whom your wife killed, I played this game so that you don’t get

any other lawyer, I will win this game, I will get Ishita punished. Raman worries.

Amma and Vandu come to court. Amma says I told Mrs. Bhalla to be at home with kids. Vandu says its good, someone should be there with kids. Raman says I thought you are helping me. Suyyash says no way, I made you busy so that you don’t find any other lawyer, no one will bail out Ishita now, none will help her. Adi and Ruhi cry and pray for Ishita. Sarika gets Ashok home and shocks everyone. Ashok greets Mrs. Bhalla and gives her sweets. He says its not about Ishita will get bail, its because Ishita will always be in jail. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him. Ashok says you get angry in petty things, the truth is Suyyash is our setup, he is Amar’s brother. I wanted Raman to hire him, Raman did that and got trapped. Amar’s brother will not free his murderer, so it means Ishita will be hanged. She drops the aarti plate and cries. Sarika says you did abshagun, it means now Ishita won’t come out of jail ever. Adi and Ruhi cry. Sarika laughs. Ruhi asks Adi will Ishi Maa not come back…

Amma asks Vandu will she help us. Vandu says trust me, everything will be fine. Amma waits for Pallavi. Pallavi reaches there. Raman says you think your brother was a great man, he used to torture his wife, Ishita saved Pallavi and accidentally Amar got killed. Suyyash asks what was the need for Ishita to interfere, a husband has all rights to treat his wife that way. Raman scolds him. Suyyash asks him to do social service after Ishita gets punished, I will take revenge for Amar’s murder, no one can stop me from winning this case. Niddhi comes there and says I will stop you.

Amma asks Pallavi to speak truth in court, her statement will get bail for Ishita. Palllavi says I will say truth. She goes. Amma cries. Niddhi says when I got to know you are taking this case, I knew you are here with cheap plan, I decided I will fight this case. Suyyash asks her did she forget how she lost to him last time, even then she came. She says yes, that’s why I took this case to make you lose, and reminds he lost last time, even this time he will lose. Raman smiles. She says this time its war, I will win, I will free Ishita from jail. Suyyash says I m standing against Ishita, till she gets hanged, I will not sit quiet. She says we will see.. and goes. Raman gets glad and says I will tell Ishita that Niddhi is fighting her case.

Bala likes the sweets and asks Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla to have it. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you go mad. Ashok says I think you lost your mind. Bala says no, I m fine, I want to thank Ashok, your and Suyyash’s game… it got new lawyer for Ishita, Raman called me and informed me, Niddhi Chabbra took Ishita’s case, Niddhi declared that she will get Ishita out of jail. Ashok and Sarika get worried. Bala says Ishita would come back home till evening. Mrs. Bhalla eats sweets and thanks Ashok, sometimes a bad man does something good, great, do such mistakes. Ashok leaves. Bala asks Adi and Ruhi to come, he will drop them to school. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla thinks I heard this name Niddhi Chabbra before.

Ishita asks what, Suyyash is Amar’s brother? Raman says it does not matter, Niddhi is taking your case. She says so sorry. He says Niddhi surprisingly took your case coming to us, and gives her tiffin sent by Mrs. Bhalla. She smiles and wipes her tears. She asks is there parathas. He says see it. She sees idli sambar. He says think mummy made this. A lady asks them to come, Niddhi wants to meet Ishita. Ishita says I will have food at home now.

Ishita and Raman go to meet Niddhi. Niddhi gives her salad to eat. Ishita thanks her and says want to go home, I m worried for my kids. Niddhi says I don’t like this. Ishita says please try to prove I m innocent, I did that in self defense. Niddhi says everyone says this. Ishita says its true, Amar wanted to kill Pallavi, I went to save her. Niddhi asks why did you get in between them, I m sure Raman stopped you. Ishita says that day Pallavi would have been murdered, he was torturing Pallavi. Niddhi asks did he torture you. Ishita says would I leave Pallavi like that. Niddhi says oh, you get fun risking yourself for others, you did this for Pallavi, will Pallavi help you. Ishita says yes, she promised me that she will give statement in my favor. Niddhi says I did not know case would be so simple, I would like to talk to Pallavi, I don’t want to take risk, I have to get you out of jail. Ishita thanks her and smiles seeing Raman.

Pallavi gives statement against Ishita and asks judge to punish Ishita. Raman cries. Ishita looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shocking drama is going
    to unfold in Raman and
    Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai
    Nidhi gets successful to
    bail out Ishita from jail.
    Ishita gets happy as she
    is with Raman on their
    marriage anniversary
    Raman decorates room
    for Ishita and gets
    romantic with her.
    Raman showers hi l ove
    on Ishita and Ishita enjoy
    the moment with Raman.
    However, Ishita’s
    happiness gets turned in
    to shock when Raman
    points a gun towards her.
    Raman turns an angry
    man and shoots Ishita.
    Why Raman take this
    drastic step against
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

    1. what are you saying raman will shoot ishita? but why?

  2. What a joke of the episode. The lawyer for Isshita does not know ABCD of law. By losing temper and bad behaviour does not make a good lawyer. Talking to the client rudely. Only winning matter but not the client. Should stop this track right here.
    A good lawyer studies the case thoroughly before proceeding. Procecutor comes when he feels like in e court. Who wrote this track. Total nonsense track

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