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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun seeing Ishita behind her and leaving by excuse. Ishita smiles seeing Vandu’s baby shower function going on. The MD gets angry knowing there is no petty cash and 5 lakhs is missing. He scolds the staff and asks him to call Iyer, and is angry on Raman too. The man says Iyer is Raman’s father in law. The MD says did Raman forget the company rules. Raman talks to Bala and smiles. Ruhi says she wants to gift as well. Amma says its for married woman. Ruhi asks Ishita to do rituals as well and insists. Everyone smile. Bala’s mum taunts Ishita to be infertile and doing godh bharai of her bahu.

Ruhi starts scolding her as she has explained her last time too, Ishita is not a Baanch and she is her daughter. She asks can’t she see her, and Ishita will have

a bigger function, you got old and your memory went, please remember Ishita is not Baanch, do not repeat that again. Tere dil se…………..plays………….. Ishita smiles. Ruhi goes to Ishita and asks her to sit, and she will do her baby shower function, which did not happen at her time. Teri bechaini ka……………..plays…………. Simmi keeps another stool and Ruhi makes Ishita sit. Raman and everyone smile.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Ruhi does all the rituals and makes her parents proud. She makes Ishita wear the bangles and she cries happily. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Shagun gets irked. Amma wipes her happy tears. Ruhi asks Raman about she being Ishita’s daughter. He says yes. Ruhi says then make me sit in her lap. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………….. Raman makes Ruhi sit in Ishita’s lap and they look a perfect family. Shravan says your baby is very big and jokes.

Simmi takes their pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………….Everyone smile being touched by what Ruhi did. Shagun thinks so much drama, nothing can happen for them. The inspector comes asking for Vishwanathan Iyer/Appa and says its FIR against him, for 5 lakhs rupees missing from his office.Bala’s mum taunts them. Raman says its misunderstanding, you did this report. MD comes and says I filed the FIR, the petty cash is missing. Amma and Amma defend. Raman says its function going on, I will transfer the money. MD Malhotra says its not about money, its about discipline and rules. Raman says there is no money in this house.

Ashok takes 5 lakhs from Suraj and says his informer called me and said Iyer is blamed for theft of Rs 5 lakhs. Suraj asks will you give him money. Ashok says yes, I will give money to Appa to favor Mihika. He says he won’t leave this chance. Suraj thinks and says he has gone mad, I have to do something to stop Ashok, else we will come on road. Bala’s mum says I have seen Appa keeping money in drawer, how can Raman say he does not have money. Bala asks her to be out of this. Appa says its my money. The inspector checks it and they get the bag and cash in it. They all are shocked.

Shagun thinks how did this money come, perfect, Lord is on my side. The inspector says its 1 lakh, where is remaining. They all ask Appa about money. The inspector says come with me. Ashok makes an entry and stops inspector, saying you can’t insult my father in law like this, and gives 5 laks to Malhotra. Malhotra says its my office matter, don’t interfere. Mihika says Ashok you don’t know anything, I will explain you. She takes him away and scolds him. Ashok says I just want to help. She says you came to make more troubles, Ishita and Raman will Appa, they don’t need you.

Ishita and Raman ask Appa to say about money. Appa cries and says about having no savings, and he has sold Amma’s jewelry to make necklace for Vandu, he is not a thief, this money is of my wife, and shows receipt from jeweler. Malhotra checks it. Appa breaks down and says I did not ask my wife before selling her jewelry. They all cry. Appa apologizes to Amma.

Romi is in Panipat and worries if anyone doubts on him about money theft, Raman won’t call police. He calls Puri asking about tests. Puri says I have all reports, relax before surgery. Romi thanks him for changing his life. Puri says you are welcome and breaks the sim, saying now you and your Bhabhi see this matter.

The inspector apologizes to Appa. Bala’s mum taunts Appa and Raman scolds her. Raman requests all guests to leave and takes down Malhotra by defending Appa. Malhotra says it was Iyer’s responsibility. Raman says it was my duty, as I hired them, you should have spoke to me, not come home. Malhotra reminds that its his company and he has run it as its his personal property, he gave three contracts to Ashok, and hired his relatives.

Raman says I did a big mistake to regard your company mine and kept relatives as I trust them, I forgot I m your employee, I end my relation with you and your company, I choose to resign. They are shocked.

Romi comes to some hospital asking about Dr Puri and he came for operation. The lady says there is no Dr Puri here and Romi thinks what is this new drama.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. even i am also from karnataka.

  2. Ab to kal ke special IshRa scene ka intejar hai……& baad me MD Raman se haath jodkar maafi bhi mangega……

  3. Aap sabhi South India se ho siway mere & Palak ke….

    1. Where is palak from?? So now there are 3 from karnataka

  4. Lekin romi ko batana hi chahiye na.. Shagun ne ye doctor me bola tha aur idea bhi usi ne diya tha… Waise rinky ke wajah se Shayad romi ki galti sabko pata chalegi… Shagun fuss jaaye bas…

    1. Doctor ke bare me

  5. Agar Romi Dr. Ke bare me bataye to apni problem bhi batani wo nahi chahta….ab to jagga jaasus Ishita uss ka pata lagayegi…….

    1. Haan… Shagun ka drama itni jaldi khatm nahi karenge….

  6. Me Gujarat……Palak Rajsthan se hai……

  7. Par romi ko hamesha pitwate hi rehte haiN
    . Bechara… Somehow I like him… Can’t see him saD… He is very good as a funny guy…

  8. Ok Good Night Guys…….sweet dreams……dreams me bhi cute IshRaRuh hi aaye……

  9. Where r u mizun??

  10. Ruhi dear u made cry .eventhough it is a drama it looks real. !I feel joy ,sad and proud for ruhi as I am also a mother of 2 kids..heart touching ishitaji and ruhi ka pyarr

  11. luv u ruhi <3

  12. hi guys.grd mrg.sweet wednesday guys.have a superb day.

  13. and guys waise bein may be we all r form diff state and country bt one thing common with us that is we all r die hard fans of ishraruh.iam proud to say this.wt guys iam correct right.

    1. Yes priya u r absolutely correct we all r die hard fans of yhm and most importantly IshRaRuh….

  14. 100% correct Priyaroli……..Dil humara ho yaa aapka Dhadkata to IshRaRuh ke liye hi hai……hum different states me rehte hai par humara dreamland to same hi hai….. …….YHM……& dreamland ke rehwasi….IshRaRuh & unke dia heart fans…..

  15. Raman you are too good yaar………..too good………..The best son in law ………..not only son in law……….but the perfact Man…………..& the most important thing is… are best Human being also…………..

    Ek ladki ko apne liye & parentd ko daughter ke liye aur kya chahiye!!!!!!!!

    Kaha gaye wo sabjo thode dino pehle Raman ko bura keh rahe the.???????

    Ruhi baby ke kaaran to sirf aankho me aansu aaye par Appa ne to pura rula diya………..

    Yeh Malhotra kaisa aadmi hai…….Raman ne uski company ko apni samaj kar apne biwi bachche ko chhodkar apne din aur raat de diye……….

    Ab kya wo apna ek din bhi apnu family ko naa de……….

    & yeh cheap Shagun & Ashok dusro ki majboori me bhi apna faayada dhundhate hai…………………

    Ab to aajke IshRa scene ka intajar hai…………

  16. Hey FB par ek onlocaation video hai..kisine dekha ho to batana…

  17. Ruhi baby too cute n gud made us heart touching. keep supporting ur ishima. Hope Shagun will be thrown out soon. Ab Romi ka kya hoga bechara shagun ke batho mein ake pas gaya. I think Rinki give clue to every body.

  18. Hey guys i am new here my name is mona and iam abig fan of yhm and ishraruh

  19. I am from maharashtra

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  26. Now everyone else is planning for IshRa’s
    anniversary… Mr. Bhalla has even booked the
    honeymoon suite… ab except for ishita and
    raman, all are planning their big day.. seems
    kuch toh hoga ‪#‎fingerscrossed‬

  27. hey mona ur welcome here.and guys any news of ishra.

  28. Hey priyaroli upper main post kiya hai. ……..ishra ki anniversary ki planning chal rahi hai

  29. wow mizun thanks.and even i got the news.romi wala drama is so sad.bechara romi getting beat form hamara angry young man ka for his elder bro raman kumar sad of romi yaar.

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