Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun calling Ishita. She thinks she should go and meet Ishita at her house. Raman is called for the dance performance. Raman says I can’t. Mihika challenges him. Rumi says its an insult, come on. Everyone cheer for Raman. Mihika says its not classy, we can’t fall to your level. Raman says come to our level first. Amma asks whats your dance type, filmi? Now your son will dance, which one, filmi? Mrs. Bhalla says yes, filmi dance. Raman agrees for the dance. Everyone enjoy the dance. Raman dances on the song Tauba mai Pyaar karke Pachtaya…… Ishita looks on.

The Bhallas start dancing with Ishita. The Iyers also join the dance. Everyone loves Raman’s performance. Shagun arrives at Ishita’s house and says jewellery box, Oh God I forgot

the car keys inside the car and the box too, Ashok is right, I m so careless. She calls out a guard and asks him to open the car. He says I can’t open it. She says try it please. He says I can’t. He says I will bring some tools. Mr. Bhalla says come on, lets go home now. Sardar ji asks everyone to reach Kalyan Mandap at 9am morning. Mrs. Bhalla is drunk.

The guard says its not opening. Shagun says try hard. Mihika gets the Vodka bottles and is shocked. She smells and says vodka in prasadam. It means they are cheaters. She hears some drunk man talking to Mihir. Even Mihir is drunk. Mihika sees Mihir and thinks about her moments with him. She cries. She drinks the Vodka. Mihir sees her drinking and stops her saying its wine. Mihika says I know, if everyone are drinking, why can’t I. She says don’t touch me, go to your brother Raman Kumar. You are always with him. Mihir asks what do you want, I apologize to you every time. He says I love you a lot. She says I loved you. He says even I did, your problem is you don’t trust me. She says you broke my trust, I m not important to you, you only love Raman, you don’ love me.

Mihir says you are everything to me Mihika, its my mistake, I m sorry again. Mihika gets drunk. He says can I hug you. She says why, go and hug Raman Kumar. He says fine, I will go. She stops him. He says I did not make that MMS. She says I love you, now you can hug me. They have a cute hug. Rumi sees them and thinks whats going on, he tried to make them apart but they are still in love.

Raman looks at Ishita. Shagun’s car finally opens. Shagun meets Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you come here. She says did you come here to find out whom is Raman marrying. Mrs. Bhalla says when you come to know the truth, you will be shocked. Mr. Bhalla stops Mrs. Bhalla from talking and takes her with him. Mrs. Bhalla says do you know with whom is Raman marrying. Appa comes to meet Shagun. Shagun says I came to meet Ishita to gift her on her marriage. Appa says yes, tomorrow morning, come inside. Shagun says look at the Bhallas, they are so unethical, don’t know who is giving their daughter to them.

Appa brings Shagun home. He asks her to sit till he calls Ishita. Ishita comes to meet Shagun. Shagun says you look so gorgeous. Ishita asks how come you are here. Shagun says I came to wish you. Ishita says I m sorry for not inviting you. Shagun says I came here to give you a small gift. She says keep it thinking its from Ruhi’s side. Ishita accepts it. Shagun says your mahendi is so dark, it means your husband will love you a lot and his family too. Shagun asks her to open the gift. Ishita sees the costly diamond gift. Ishita says its very expensive I can’t take it.

Shagun says keep it, you are doing a lot for us. She asks for sweets. Ishita goes to bring. Shagun sees the best mom trophy which she thought Ruhi bought for her. She is shocked seeing it. Shagun thinks about Ruhi’s and Tannu’s words. She checks the photo and looks at the trophy. Shagun understands everything about Ishita and Raman. She thinks about Mrs. Bhalla’s words. She understands that Ishita is getting married to Raman. Ishita offers her sweets. Ishita asks what happened. Shagun takes the sweets and leaves silently.

Shagun thinks this trophy was for Ishita, Ruhi bought it for Ishita, no this is not possible, how can this be, whats going on. She goes to talk to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks why are you still here, go from here. Shagun asks whom is Raman marrying. Mrs. Bhalla says I won’t tell you. Shagun taunts her and says I know Raman is marrying Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, he is marrying Ishita, you made us cry, now you see what I do with you, I will see how you take Ruhi, you lost. Mrs. Bhalla laughs. Shagun gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla shuts the door on her face.

Ishita’s and Raman’s haldi ceremony is going on. Raman tears his vest. The Bhallas and Iyers are very happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. I just luv this serial,ishita & raman r soo cute,mihika n mihir also vry sweet,salute to ekta kapoor ji fr making such a awsme show

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