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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman thanking Suhail. He asks Romi to go and check Suhail’s godown. Suhail says I will send address. Adi angrily goes. Ruhi sees him. Suhail greets Ruhi. She says I have to talk, can we go for coffee. He says sure. Ishita meets Abhishek and asks for Vikram Behl’s clinic address. He says you could get it on phone, why did you come. She says I had to thank you, you have been always helpful. He gives her address. She says don’t tell Raman, he feels I interfere in other’s work and gives me lecture. He says don’t worry. She thanks him. Adi recalls Raman’s scolding and says how could I forget such imp work.

Adi recalls Romi giving him papers and says Aaliya called me and I went as she was crying on phone. He goes to meet Aaliya. She shows the pic and

says my parents died on this day many years ago, I got their pic, I m feeling lonely. He hugs her and says I m with you. She says never leave me. He says I m always with you. FB ends. He says its all because of Aaliya, Papa scolded me infront of staff and Suhail, I won’t be careless now.

Ruhi asks Suhail why did you not tell me about your company. He says yes, its my company, we were approaching Ruhaan and he refused, my days are bad. She says Ruhaan will go your concert now. He asks what, do you know him. She says yes, I m Ruhaan. He asks what do you mean. She says I m Ruhaan I will do your concert, tell me whats the plan. He says no, I don’t want to do concert for the favor, you are saying as I helped your family, manager told me Ruhaan refused for concert to have family time, I understand now, I don’t want you to lose family name. Ruhi says I will do this concert. He holds her hand and thanks her for big favor. She smiles. She asks what to do, tell me plans. Ishita and Shalini come to Vikram’s address. Ishita sees pastry shop and says Abhishek gave me this address. She asks shopman about clinic. The man says sorry, I don’t know any clinic. Shalini says I m getting late, I have to go, my mum in law doubts me. Ishita says I know another counsellor. Shalini says not today. Ishita says you can call me later. Shalini thanks her and goes.

Ishita says how did Suhail lie and give wrong address to police, its big lie, I have to tell Raman. Adi goes to meet Aaliya. She says what a pleasant surprise, I was going to call you to meet, I love this surprise. She asks what happened, is there some problem at work, Raman scolded you. He says yes, you are having fun right. She asks whats problem, tell me.

He says you did all this, I became careless because of you, my life’s focus shifted, my duties increased after engagement, I have to take you for dinner and shopping, you need caring shoulders as you always cry. She says wait, I did not make you do this forcefully, don’t you enjoy shopping. He says I do, as I have no option, Papa scolded me, I left lease papers as you called me and you were crying. She says you easily blamed me, how will I know problems, you become responsible. He argues.

He says I have much pressure, you make me feel guilty for little things. She says you meet me as you feel guilty, I don’t want to meet you, we can sort problems, I will come to you if I have any problems. They both argue. He says next time, I will say I m busy and can’t talk. She says how rude. He goes.

Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to get ready for movie. Mihika’s friend Arundhati comes there. Amma greets her and asks how did you come here. Arundhati says I thought to surprise Mihika. Amma says she is at my home. Arundhati says then she will get late. Amma says my house is here, wait she will come. She sends Neelu to call her. Arundhati says great, Mihika’s Maayka and Sasural are together, she is lucky. Amma hides her to surprise Mihika. Mihika comes. Amma says I will show you magic, close your eyes. Mihika says I m doing imp work. Arundhati surprises Mihika. She sees Mrs. Bhalla and says wow, your Dadi saas is still alive. Mrs. Bhalla asks who is this girl, is she mad. Mihika laughs and says she is my mummy ji, she is young and active. Arundhati says sorry aunty, you look mature, I will come later Mihika, I came in conference break. She goes. Amma laughs on Mrs. Bhalla.

Ishita comes to Raman’s office and says sorry, I had to talk to Raman in private. Raman says of course, work can happen later. Romi teases Raman and says I had to discuss imp thing. Raman says we will talk later, come understand, Pihu made it tough for me to meet Ishita, go, make sure none disturbs us. Romi says understood and goes. Raman hugs Ishita and says I wanted this hug, I knew you also wanted this hug. She says its something serious. He asks what happened. She tells about Suhail giving wrong address of his dad’s clinic, there is pastry shop, how could be lie big. He asks what. She says he was always there to help us, was it coincidence, we had many friends who were our enemies, are we doing mistake by trusting me. He says we will find out, come with me.

Mani says Aaliya, see this ink stain, I did not know when ink leaked. She says I will get shirt. He asks are you fine, I think we should go out and have lunch. She cries and hugs him. He asks what happened. She says Adi and I fought today, he was much angry. She tells everything. He says relationship issues, its okay, it happens, don’t worry about it, its wrong that Adi blamed you for this, I will talk to him. She says no, I don’t want to involve you. He says fine, when elders get in children’s fight, it spoils matter, you sort this, smile and give me a hug. Shagun hears them adn says sometimes elders have to get in children’s matter, like Ishita does, I will do same now.

Adi says I m mad, I got angry on Aaliya, she would be crying now, I will call her. He gets Shagun’s call. Shagun asks were you expecting someone else’s call. He says no. She says Aaliya is busy complaining about you to Mani, she said about the fight, is everything okay. He says I don’t trust you. She asks if I was lying, how would I know of the fight, I felt bad and called to ask you. He says I will call later and ends call. He says is Aaliya stupid to tell Mani about our fight. Raman goes to godown and asks is this Suhail’s godown.

The guard says yes, he informed that you are coming, so its being vacated. Raman and Ishita check godown and ask guard about Suhail’s dad. Guard says I did not see his dad ever. Ishita says I don’t see any work going on here, he said his dad is psychiatrist, his clinic was not there. Raman says yes, but this is legitimate, we can find on net about his company. He says its just his basic info given on net. She says he gave us 10 lakhs cheque, and guard said his company is going in loss. Raman says I m sure he has some motive behind this.

Ishita asks Ruhi what does she know about Suhail. Ruhi says he is a nice guy, I m going to work with him. Raman says no way, Suhail is a liar, he is cheating us. Suhail comes and asks what are you saying, you were thanking me in morning and calling me fraud now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello to all and the best thing the cvs are showing us daily is the statue of lord hanuman in karol bagh new delhi in the show

    epi was ok and precap is also good but shagun is still trying to create rift between both young character

    vp why aren’t you commenting just say hello to all fans

    1. I know Shagun is trying to separate the two cute couple Adi and Aliya… She should not do that… I want them together…

    2. Ya magic, I am missing vps cmnts. Shagun is too much though. Why doesnt she die and go to h**l.

    3. Hi Magic how are you my boy ? Studies ? Daily I see your concern on my comments … Thank you dear its nice to know some one is missing this old lady … in fact very busy with work … year end … went to cochin … and so then the way the story drags hates it .

  2. What I like about today’s episode is just one thing. When Ishita found out that Suhail gave the wrong address, I was glad she went and looked for Raman to tell him what happened instead of trying to play detective and solving the problem herself. I am happy at least the cvs made sure that both Raman and Ishita are together figuring out about Suhail. This is what I liek to see in YHM and not solving on their own. However, I get a feeling like someone who mentioned that the sort of ghost drama is going to start again. If Shagun is going to plot to murder Ishita then Raman is going to try to protect her every minute so there will be a repeat story of how Ishita tried to protect Raman then so now Raman will try to protect Ishita.

    1. Yes very good point sindhu this time ishita handle this case with raman otherwise she handled all old case herself alone and than got the trouble

      and i hope susan will like ishita’s wisdom this time and susan i am expecting a joking ans this time hahaha

      1. Lol Magic. Yes finally she had the wisdom to involve Raman. By the way. That hug ! ! ! Certainly not Raman and Ishita hugging! Very disappointed. Clearly not Raman’s hairline from the back and not Ishita’s hair from the back (too many curls and too black). Did I mention that I am a bit obsessive regarding the use of body doubles. I hate it.

    2. Good point sindhu, u r right that ishita told raman and remember when ishita didnt tell raman abt the plan she made to save ruhi and pihu, and raman blamed her just because she didn’t tell him her plan. If she didn’t tell raman abt this then raman wouldve been angry with her.

    3. I also pointed out the same point as u did……it happens occasionally with ishita…lolzzz

  3. Rithu is the rocket of this site
    shivani is the nice girl of this site
    magic is the magician of this site
    vp is the mother of this site
    sindhu is the bone of this site
    and marin priya riya shreya bhagya parichary ridika leele pinku and all are excellent commentater’s of this site i like you all and i am lucky to be friend of you all this time i wont ask for sorry bcz as magic said saying sorry is the good habbit but implement on that sorry is the best habbit so now i will implement myself and i promise you all by today i wont irritate to any one pls can we all start our frindship again?

    1. Ya, sure madhu, still please do not start the comparison and calling every1 fools.
      I would like to be ur friend if u promose to not to call anyone fools.

  4. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, marin, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Madhu and all other YHM fans

    Where is VP ya? VP I am missing your comments. Mino you must be busy with Christmas preparations and singing carols at the church. Please come and write ya Mino. Miss your comments too.

    Rithu thanks for your updates religiously updating them and remembering everyone of us. You are such a darling.

    Amena thanks for the fast update. You are amazing.

    1. Hey sindhu .how are you?

    2. Hi sindhu how r u?

    3. Hi Sindhu … here they showed Ishitha telling the truth to Raman to show us more dangers are on the way in yhm and Ishra together will fight for it .Adi can never be influenced by Shaghun … but he was immature to shout at Alia … both Adi and Alia compliments each other ..Adi is responsible for his own actions . Sohails entry itself ensures he has some connection with Nisha .. he can be her brother … so easily they withdrew the case … but from police dept no investigation on this … Surprising . Sohails wants to impress Ruhi and trap her .. Ruhi is Ishras weakness … back again evil plans by cvs …what message they are giving audience … totally disgusting … they cud have done it much better …

  5. Today epi was good now ishita and raman together will find out sohail truth

    hello priya how are you and shivani rithu magic riya how are you all my friends?

    1. Hey madhu.i am are?

    2. I am fine, how abt u.

  6. Worst episode… How can Adi blame Aliya for his situation?? I want adi and Aliya together because I am watching this serial only for them…. Now, Raman and Ishita are instigating Ruhi to not work with Suhail. Such a nice boy helped Ishita to come out of the jail…. He should not have done that…. I want Ruhi and Suhail together as they both give a nice pair…. Selfish Raman and Ishitha…

    1. He evil this is how it start making him seem nice but I pretty sure that he is faking but 20 episode later he will start to really like her and the person making him do this will be revealed and ruhi and suhil will marry so don’t worry oh and adi and aliyaa will be together but shagun has to go she is annoying.

  7. they r mixing real and reel…today ishitaji went to useless ex acp to thanks him….she behave as like she went to meet her boyfriend….seriously what’s they want to show us…ps scene with romantic bg music….dear divyanka if you can’t act scenes with him..then stop giving these kind of scenes….and creative team…what you guys want to show…for highlight real life couple they r destroying main lead character…and playing with fans emotions…coming to ishra scene after age ishra hug…it’s with body double…if you not interested with ishra or yhm..then stop this serial…I loved this serial most…but now day by day lts loosing charm…I always noticed cvs want give more attention to acp….it’s ok but today divyankas acting with him…that 1 minute scene she destroyed ishitas character….why you mixing real and reel….and whole yhm team stop promoting your favourite people in yhm….

    1. Thank you for also noticing the use of body double in that hug scene.. I thought I was going crazy. I just hate it when they do this. Especially with the lead pair!

    2. Hi yhm …. please dont blame Ishitha or Acp for that scene … we can blame cvs only … They are real life partners … it hurts them … And you are right Ishra scenes are very rare and that chemistry is gone … End of the day DT is also a human being … must be defficult for intimate scenes … last three four episode I am not enjoying Ishitha at all … naturality is missing in the story line

      1. Hi VP. Glad you are back. If a hug is going to be to intimate for DT then they should rather end this show. Their chemistry is the reason I started watching YHM. It seems that Raman always have beg for some attention these days. I think they should create a character for Ankita Patel. Then let the story revolve around Karan and Divyanka falling in love with their respective spouses. Maybe something along the line of IshRa realizing that their families will always be in danger as long as they are together. After a long struggle they find love again. Taddaaaa enter Vivek and Ankita.

      2. Susan … I did not mean for the hug … how natural their hug was in Australia … Ishra scenes are not showing much for a longer time … I am also with the sameopinion …not enjoying Ishitha at all … her dressing too … fully covered once in a while and all ok

  8. Is there any idea to any one pls tell me what’s happening yar dragging again and again fed up yar pls kill that shagun yar fed up with her

  9. Shivani its ok friend i am not asking for sorry just tell me how are you? Because you are my best friend so just want to know you ok and i promise i will implement on my mistake

  10. I real like yeah hai mohabbatein especially I lav ishra

  11. a well wisher

    Hey r u mad r wt. I am a silent reader of yhm n I also read the comments for others point of view. Bt u guys always fights. I agree some people r really nice n matured. But some criticism r hell irk. Annoying. It’s feels like a war place. I don’t oppose critics but they r involving in others matters. And some r making duplicate profile n fooling us. Disgusting things ever. What will silent readers thinks of yhm’s grp. We have fallen low in others eye. Guys, grow up. If u want to chat then chat in personal accounts bt plzz dnt interfere in episode comments.
    And sry if I hurts anyone

    1. 100% right well said

    2. Well said well wisher .And so I stopped commenting … Serial is v boring too … Hi to my Magic Sindhu .. Rithu .. Shivani .. Susan Ria .. Reading comments daily ..not at all enjoying the show … not at all realistic … Instead of concentrating Ishra and Ishitha and Pihu … dragging unnecessary.

      1. Happy that u r back vp, missed ur cmnts. U r right the serial is v boring, not realistic at all.

  12. Episode is ok.precap was also ok.yhm is not at all interesting nowadays.i think cvs have no good story at all. This seven year leap had brought a big change because all are looking old .
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin madhu pinky Tia and all yhm friends.

    1. Hi rithu, how are u?

  13. Hi rithushree I am fine. Thank you so much for remembering me and all yhm fans how r u all?.episode was ok negative roles ko thode break toh dedo yaar el khatam hua nahi dusara was my favorite show but in these days I saw that yhm losing it charm day by day.I know that this suhail will also become negative role

  14. Can I join all of you? ….. Will you all accept me as a friend?

  15. Me too wanna join…i really love ritus,magics,sindu,shreya,riya and susans comments..♥♥♥

  16. You both can surely join us.welcome aliya and ali hassan to our yhm family

  17. Shreya shetty

    yo guys,i am back!!so whats special is going up here today
    I am having some doubts regarding sohail even though he has helped raman in business but how could he provide a wrong address to ishita claiming falsely that his dad is a pshcyatrist!!
    maybe some of u all are right,hes actually nisha s brother who has come to seek revenge once again from the bhallas by trapping both ruhi and as well as simmi in love I guess
    rammy for the first time believed ishu that shes right on listening her words.sohail is indeed a big liar,even though he has helped ishita bailed free from jail,i don’t understand how can he fall so low in lowering the position of the family like that too in a large extent,hes behaving like a goody shoes in everyones feet and yes nobody doesn’t even know that he s actually very tricky and shrewd

  18. Hi Shreya…How r u ??It’s good that you are back.. Missed you..

    1. Shreya shetty

      hiii main,yeah me too dear I missed u and our friends here too.this show is getting very tiresome that nobody is either interested to watch it anymore.after all theres nothing nteresting to watch in it now

      1. Shreya shetty

        oops sorry I mean Marin,by mistake I typed ur name wrong.heheheheh anyways never mind

  19. I am not liking yhm’s episodes now a days..It is becoming boring..

  20. Hi all yhm fans..Sindhu , Shreya , Marin , Magic , Madhu , Rithu , Riya , Tia…

    The episode was not bad.Marin I am also not liking the episodes.Love Ishita and pihu’s scenes..

  21. Hi all yhm fans.episide was OK. Just worried bout this suhail guy, his definitely up to sumthing.

  22. VP why I can’t blame divyanka….I don’t care about her personal life….I’m watching her as only actress if she can’t do her job sensible way then she should quite yhm….yesterday she is blushing in front of him….am watching ishra love story..not her real life love….what did you say if she can’t do intimate scenes why she continue yhm…it’s a romantic story….why she playing with our emotions…she should quite and let yhm end….VP I understand more than yhm you love opposite for you…you r right if I blame her personal life…but understand am blaming her regarding her profession…..she should understand her work…

    1. hi yhm lover … sorry I did not mean in that way …I meant the scenes are given by the production team …I mean to say its very defficult for anyone …not supported Dt … I always justify to the role or scene … From begining I am also telling Ishras chemistry is gone after the wedding …

  23. That’s the point vp…when she with ssharad she maintain both real and reel nicely…I always admire her…but after her engagement she is totally changed….I don’t have any problem about her personal’s her wish what she should do or not…but now her change behaviour and our mad cvs r destroying yhm…i always blame cvs for their creativity…but divyankas this behaviour hurts me a lot as a yhm fans….ishra chemistry totally lost…i can’t bear my favourite serial going to down….after ishitas miscarriage the tracks r all nonsense…but that time ishra had superb chemistry…now that also lost…cvs and divyanka main reason for this…have to agree divyanka have lot of problems…also her insecurities…but she should manage reel and real both….

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