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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok getting Bhallas to Abhishek’s house and looking for Shagun. Abhishek asks whats happening, get out. Ashok asks for Shagun. Abhishek says this is my home, I can arrest you. Bhalla family looks on. Ashok looks for Shagun everywhere and asks Abhishek where is Shagun. Abhishek says she is dead. Raman says stop it Ashok. Ashok says Raman, she will be at Prateek’s house, Ishita is fooling you. Raman says enough and leaves with his family. Ishita stops and taunts Ashok. She says you lost one chance, and you won’t be able to do anything in remaining 3 chances too, as wrong fails always, you are doing mistake wish you all the best. She leaves. Abhishek holds Ashok. Ashok angrily leaves.

Vandu meets Suraj at the café and asks did you talk to Ashok. Suraj

says yes, Ashok said he likes Mihika. Vandu says what, please explain him. Suraj thinks she feels I really met Ashok, this time I will just act as I m helping her. Bala and Khosla come there to same café. Khosla asks Bala to wait, he will greet Suraj and come. Khosla greets Suraj and assumes Vandu is his wife. Vandu says I m not his wife. Bala says Vandu is my wife, and introduces Mr. Khosla to her. He says Suraj has big business empire and still doing masters degree, my wife is helping him. Vandu excuses herself and leaves.

Its night, Ishita talks to Prateek and says its good you shifted Shagun on time. Prateek says it was Abhishek’s idea, I will shift Shagun to hotel. She says but that informer is giving all news to Ashok. Ashok will be trying hard, we have to be careful. She ends call and says she won’t let Ashok win.

Vandu and Bala have a talk about Suraj. He asks why did she meet Suraj. She says I met him for Mihika’s sake, what happened to you. He says I don’t care for Suraj if he knows Khosla, I will decide for my business as you decide for home. He goes. She thinks why is Bala reacting like this.

Ashok is on the way and wonders where did Shagun go, he will make Ishita say the truth. He asks driver about the traffic jam. The driver tells about tantric Baba who is at some nearby home, so people gathered to see him. Ashok says what happened to everyone, what are they believing, you park the car, I will go and see who is this tantric.

Ishita goes to meet Shagun and smiles seeing her. She apologizes for shifting her. Shagun asks what did Ashok do, did he call. Ishita says I m waiting for his call, we will not talk right now, were you listening songs. She says yes, Mantras and Shloks, I was feeling restless so. Ishita calms the baby saying both mums will take care of baby, and asks baby to be happy. Shagun says baby got calm by hearing mum’s voice. Ishita gets glad. Shagun says both mummies can’t stay together and raise baby, this can’t happen. Ishita says its possible once baby is born. Shagun says I decided, I will go away when the baby is born. Ishita says we know you want to settle with Manoj, you can stay close, we will buy home for you in this same building. Shagun says no, don’t know how will everyone react knowing I m alive, they may not like this. Ishita asks why, when they know you made many sacrifices, I m sure they will love you, this family will become like yours. Shagun says no, this can’t be true, its not possible. Shagun cries. Ishita says we will prove this right, when you marry Dr. Manoj, we will come from bride’s side, all Bhalla family. This baby will make everything fine. Shagun says we will take care of baby together. They smile.

Ashok goes to that house and sees the tantric. He asks the man whats happening. The man tells about the Baba getting spirits out of people. Ashok sees the tantric freeing the possessed girl by the spirit by doing some puja. The girl falls. Her family thank him for making the girl fine. The man gives money. Baba says I don’t want money, I do this work for Lord, take her, she is fine now. Ashok says this Baba looks miraculous.

Ashok tells the man he wants to meet this Baba. He thinks he looks genuine, I have to expose Ishita’s lie and this Baba can help me. He says get ready Ishita, my step 2 is ready.

Baba tells Ashok that when someone dies accidentally, their desires don’t get fulfilled and they get someone’s body, I have power to free such unsatisfied wandering souls. Ashok calls someone and asks for that Swami’s details.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. but abhi bohot din ho gaye yar ishruh scene nahi dikhaya……want to see their love scene…..waiting too much…..

    1. Yeah nimrit I m eagerly waiting for that may be today we can see them after a long while…..

  2. Prince jst as a frnd saying widout knowng any gal how can u jst get inro her and tease her if she z syng NO…..nd plz don’t tke dis 2 ur heart..itz jst a advise plz don’t react 2 much

    1. Hlw Miss.Sakhsi me kab Jhanvi ko tease kiya ??? kisi ko teaser bol ne k phle thoda soch lena…
      Feelings k liye kiso ko jan ne ki zaroorat nehi padti…
      I hope Jhanvi mujhe galat na samjhe…
      Jhanvi ko pata hai me tease nehi kiya…
      Us ki “No” mujhe samajhme aaya…
      Me srif Jhanvi ka comments padne ki liye aaya Hu…
      Unnecessary fight karne k liye provoke maat karo yrr sakhsi…
      I’m sry if I hurt you …
      Bye bye …

  3. Ohh i m also sry i said 2 much but smjha kro dat was jst was for ur gud……nthng don’t tke it to ur heart.

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