Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok getting Bhallas to Abhishek’s house and looking for Shagun. Abhishek asks whats happening, get out. Ashok asks for Shagun. Abhishek says this is my home, I can arrest you. Bhalla family looks on. Ashok looks for Shagun everywhere and asks Abhishek where is Shagun. Abhishek says she is dead. Raman says stop it Ashok. Ashok says Raman, she will be at Prateek’s house, Ishita is fooling you. Raman says enough and leaves with his family. Ishita stops and taunts Ashok. She says you lost one chance, and you won’t be able to do anything in remaining 3 chances too, as wrong fails always, you are doing mistake wish you all the best. She leaves. Abhishek holds Ashok. Ashok angrily leaves.

Vandu meets Suraj at the café and asks did you talk to Ashok. Suraj

says yes, Ashok said he likes Mihika. Vandu says what, please explain him. Suraj thinks she feels I really met Ashok, this time I will just act as I m helping her. Bala and Khosla come there to same café. Khosla asks Bala to wait, he will greet Suraj and come. Khosla greets Suraj and assumes Vandu is his wife. Vandu says I m not his wife. Bala says Vandu is my wife, and introduces Mr. Khosla to her. He says Suraj has big business empire and still doing masters degree, my wife is helping him. Vandu excuses herself and leaves.

Its night, Ishita talks to Prateek and says its good you shifted Shagun on time. Prateek says it was Abhishek’s idea, I will shift Shagun to hotel. She says but that informer is giving all news to Ashok. Ashok will be trying hard, we have to be careful. She ends call and says she won’t let Ashok win.

Vandu and Bala have a talk about Suraj. He asks why did she meet Suraj. She says I met him for Mihika’s sake, what happened to you. He says I don’t care for Suraj if he knows Khosla, I will decide for my business as you decide for home. He goes. She thinks why is Bala reacting like this.

Ashok is on the way and wonders where did Shagun go, he will make Ishita say the truth. He asks driver about the traffic jam. The driver tells about tantric Baba who is at some nearby home, so people gathered to see him. Ashok says what happened to everyone, what are they believing, you park the car, I will go and see who is this tantric.

Ishita goes to meet Shagun and smiles seeing her. She apologizes for shifting her. Shagun asks what did Ashok do, did he call. Ishita says I m waiting for his call, we will not talk right now, were you listening songs. She says yes, Mantras and Shloks, I was feeling restless so. Ishita calms the baby saying both mums will take care of baby, and asks baby to be happy. Shagun says baby got calm by hearing mum’s voice. Ishita gets glad. Shagun says both mummies can’t stay together and raise baby, this can’t happen. Ishita says its possible once baby is born. Shagun says I decided, I will go away when the baby is born. Ishita says we know you want to settle with Manoj, you can stay close, we will buy home for you in this same building. Shagun says no, don’t know how will everyone react knowing I m alive, they may not like this. Ishita asks why, when they know you made many sacrifices, I m sure they will love you, this family will become like yours. Shagun says no, this can’t be true, its not possible. Shagun cries. Ishita says we will prove this right, when you marry Dr. Manoj, we will come from bride’s side, all Bhalla family. This baby will make everything fine. Shagun says we will take care of baby together. They smile.

Ashok goes to that house and sees the tantric. He asks the man whats happening. The man tells about the Baba getting spirits out of people. Ashok sees the tantric freeing the possessed girl by the spirit by doing some puja. The girl falls. Her family thank him for making the girl fine. The man gives money. Baba says I don’t want money, I do this work for Lord, take her, she is fine now. Ashok says this Baba looks miraculous.

Ashok tells the man he wants to meet this Baba. He thinks he looks genuine, I have to expose Ishita’s lie and this Baba can help me. He says get ready Ishita, my step 2 is ready.

Baba tells Ashok that when someone dies accidentally, their desires don’t get fulfilled and they get someone’s body, I have power to free such unsatisfied wandering souls. Ashok calls someone and asks for that Swami’s details.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Actress Divyanka Tripathi, who says she is a
    mountaineer, says she is happy to keep her
    “adventurous passion going” even while doing a daily
    She recently shot a “risky” sequence for the popular
    show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.
    The last few episodes of the show featured Ashok
    (Sangram Singh) trying to kill Raman (Karan Patel),
    while Ishita was seen saving her husband. The
    sequence was shot in a real location in Mumbai near
    mountain areas and both Karan and Divyanka decided to
    do it on their own.
    “I feel blessed to keep my adventurous passion at peak
    while doing a daily soap. The most difficult part was to
    look stressed out and scared, but honestly I enjoyed it,”
    Divyanka said in a statement.
    “Not many know that I’m a mountaineer and my love for
    adventure will never die. I’m also a gold medallist in
    rifle-shooting, so I’m always up for any kind of
    “With daily soap, I had lost touch with sports and thrill
    in life but I’m glad that being a normal ‘bahu’, I also get
    to do such stunts in the show. so I’m happy that I’m in
    constant touch with both my passions — acting and
    adventure,” she added.
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, which airs on Star Plus, also
    features Anita Hassanandani and Ruhanika Dhawan.

  2. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabtein will
    show that Raman gets
    Ishita’s pregnancy
    reports and her
    Raman gets broken
    recalling as he can give
    happiness to Ishita and
    Ishita is surprised seeing
    Raman crying badly.
    Ishita consoles Rama and
    brings smiles on his face
    but herself gets sadness
    recalling her
    Apart from this, Raman
    gets Ishita’s mangalsutra
    in Ruhi’s room and doubt
    on Ishita as she is behind
    Ruhi’s attack.
    Ishita is surprised when
    Raman asks her about
    mangalsutra and behaves
    weirdly with her.
    Furthermore, Ashok
    exchanges Muthhu
    swami with other dong
    and it cats Adi in front of
    Ishita and Ruhi.
    Raman is shocked seeing
    Adi’s injured hand while
    Ishita also tensed seeing
    Mutthu Swami’s different
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates,

  3. aish

    Ohh god thiz is draaaaaggggiinggg…. becaming boooring nw… these days im lazy to go n watch this in tv… jst reading.. writersss plz wake up us sooonn…

      • rishi

        Im sorry sorry to think that varikas comment gave me hope as u crushed it! 4months i bet u .u will be phenomenal after 4months and u know why cos sabar ka fal meetha hota hai.dometimes i think ure makng us wait to satisfy ur ego as earlier u were angry as ur readers didnt comment!
        Anyways im just angry with myself n venting it on u!

      • tia

        Bhgi sorry girl! Bt i miss strangers alot.and i dnt knw i kinda felt betrayed when i saw u here and my mood was so time i wont hurt u.infact i will maintain distance! God im becoming so rude.i sincerely apologise and please dnt mind me

  4. maine kahi par dekha lekin shayad woh sach na ho .last week yhm ke trp 4 tha toh iss week 3.7 hai aur top five mein nahi hai .agar kisi ko trp mile toh plz post kariye guys.

  5. Today’s episode was ok ishu and shagun conversation was pleasant, and ashok I don’t know what to say a intelligent idiot or a vampire who’s in desperate verge to suck ishra’s blood and in precap the way he listened to that baba was like a baby hearing rhyme his reaction was too funny!!! Now he will ask that baba to come to bhalla house and then…….”baba ji ka tulu” hoga ha ha!!!! And the upcoming episode make me feel so sad about ishra …. na jane kya hoga

  6. Misty

    Epi was ok ok..poor Ashok. Ha ha ha
    Shagun ishita talk was so nice.I hope will happen what ishita said. Everything will be fine after baby’s birth. Y is ishita hiding this from Raman. First Raman did surrogacy and hide from ishita .now ishita is doing d same mistake. Now Raman will doubt on ishita .but why ?? He knows how much she loves Ruhi..

    Too much dragging ..stop this dragging plz.

  7. diya

    guys the trp of week 48,
    1- saathiya 4.8
    2- kumkum bhagya 4.1
    3- sasural simar ka 3.8
    4- ye hai mohabbatein 3.7
    5- diya aur bati hum 3.3

    top 5 shows .
    i hv xcluded naagin as it is weekend show
    nd ek se bhale do cz it is a old show .
    i thnk the trp of the current shows r main.

  8. Prince

    Hlw Misty, diya, Rithshree,Diya, Zaraa nd all buddy… Where R u Jhanvi …??? At least listen to me 🙁

  9. Misty

    Hi everyone. Epi ws ok ok..
    Ashok fool.Shagun ishita talk was good.ishita is hiding the truth from Raman. Don’t know why ? Now this Ashok will try another plan. Enough yar .
    First Raman did surrogacy and hide this from ishita now ishita is doing the same… What is this yar.??

    Too much dragging. Enough of this Ashok drama.

  10. Sara khan

    Hi everyone

    I’m a regular reader of these written episode of yhm. ..
    I can’t watch 7:30 episode due to work

    but always get updates from here
    I love ur comments too

  11. Resh

    Trp ratings for the week 48
    Naagin (5.2)
    Saath Nibhana Saathiya (4.8)
    Kumkum bhagya (4.1)
    Sasural simar ka (3.8)
    Yeh hai mohabbatein (3.7)
    Diya aur bati hum (3.3)

  12. Siddhi

    Hey rithu , jhanvi , fayhi fathi faya diya diya dharshika Misty zaraa Sabrina n all n welcome bhgi episide was OK woke after fooling ashoke ishita smile was very mazaydar n also shagun ishu part was nice

  13. Siddhi

    Omg ssk beat yhm ask is just a crab un k life se to problems kabhi finish hi niii hoti yhm is on 5 only coz they r dragging too much

  14. zaraa ali khan

    Agar aap thik nahi hoge toh aap comment kaise likho ge. Aur hum sab ko kaise hasaoge…..
    Never mind prince just joking…..

    • Jhanvi

      Wo only Sunday ko ata hai Na aur us time slot me koi aur show nahi hota Na…..aur tumhe to pata hai tamare country me nagin. , dayan, aur chudail ka raz chalta hai .


  15. exactly sahi keh rahe ho siddhi .trp sirf dragg karne ki wajah se kam hua hai .lekin ekta ko toh khushi hi rahi hogi kyunki uski serial nagin weekend show ho kar bhi 5.7 top most trp laaya hai aur kkb aur yhm bhi trp mein hai .toh veiwers ke saatha aur khelegi aur dragg karegi zyaada iss track ko yhm mein.

  16. shagun and ishita’s conversation is nice to watch also ishita is believing lot about bhalla family may be raman if they know about her soul drama whatever reason behing that they only get angry and even iyer family also dont understand ishita this is very true bcos bhallas are selfish people they deserve like dil sarika only not ishita

  17. Ekta hats off u r showing ishu n ramans character so dumb yrr Raman is doubting ishu for attracting rrrrruuuuhhhiiii omg soooo lol soooo dumb yrrr soooo dumb ufff I don’t have words n is hu why r u not telling Raman truth

    • Jhanvi

      Totally agree with u sidhhi….. Ishu is hiding this from Raman ., Raman is doubting on ishu.. Ashok is mad bout bhallas
      Suraj is mad bout iyyers
      Romi is mad bout sarika
      Sarika is mad bout money
      Simmi is mad bout param

      God knows what will happen next….

  18. Prince

    Itz ok Zaraa … Agar mere baat se aap logo ki haasi ati hai dil thoda sa khush hote hai toh mujhe vi accha lagta hai… BT I’m not comedian 😛 …
    I’m sick BT I came here 4 someone special… ♡♥

  19. Jhanvi

    Nice epi.. Poor Ashok….!!! Bevkuf kahi ka…

    Ishu- Shagun part was nice but ishu-baby talk was jst awsm… How sweetly ishu talk yo baby Na….same lyk Raman when he was scared on Rakshabandhan…. That Raman- baby talk was so superb…. Oh God..
    Superb dilougue ” kash Raman ko bata pati me, kash Raman yaha hote. ” fir bata do Na use yar….I m waiting for his reaction..

    Poor vandu Nd bala…..!!!!!
    Still we have to wait for d real culprit…!!!
    Nd dnt know how many times we have to say this too much dragging now…

    Raman hide surrogacy from ishu . ishu always says that they r couple they shld share everything.. Nd look now she is also hiding..

  20. Jhanvi

    Aur Ashok to aise sab kuch sun raha tha jaise ki use bhi baba hi banna ho age Jake…
    Kal fir se tamasha karega….

    What ???? Raman doubting on ishu for killing Ruhi… How ??? But here is ishu’s fault. She is hiding that’s y this all is happening.. She can tell everyone not Raman… No logic
    Anyways I m eager to see AdiRuhi with ishu….

  21. diya

    the part of ishita shagun was very nice nd emotional .frm dushman they hv turnd into bestiees …
    nd the way ishita was interactng with the lil one was sooo adorable .
    i hope wtevr ishita said comes true .
    nd thy dnt dragg it ny more …

    now that the trp is falling
    i thnk they shld end the track asap
    as ppl r getting bored .
    nd wt is this new trantric drama .
    well this one is going to b a epic fail
    cz ishita no more acts like shagun
    so she is no more affected . ( accordng to the family members)
    this times also ashok k band bajeegi .

    but ishu said that she is feeling bad that she is keeping raman away frm the baby nd the truth .
    well who complld her to do so?
    she can easily tell raman evrythng.
    if she can tell that to simmi or bala’s mom
    dn why not raman????? he deservz to know the truth yaar .
    maybe ishita is thnking that that raman will not b able to handle the truth .
    but still she shud …

    nyway … after many days i heard manoj’s name in the show .i wonder manoj will react whn he will get to know that shaggy is alive.
    either too shocked or too happy
    OR both ..
    i really want manoj nd shagun to marry .

    u know what after all these truth expose nd all they shld take a 5 mnths leap nd show us the god bharai nd finally the baby ..dn manoj nd shagun’s marraige …

    i still think the khabri is romi.
    i hope they xpose this by this week only nd dnt drag it like a elastic nymore .
    i thnk seperation wont happn.though they r mild chances. whn the promo of seperation was shown it din’t . nd thr was similar spoilers evrywhr . they changed the track seeing the protest against surrogcy nd seperation #ripyhm

    i thnk ekta will not again try to mess up wid the fans . hey bhagban ekta ko sadbuddhi do .

  22. Jhanvi

    Hi everyone .. How r u all ??
    YHM’s trp……

    What ???? Kya kehna chahte ho Ap….?? Me sun to rahi hu apko kya mene kuchh kaha apse …???
    Pls don’t waste ur time on me….

    • Prince

      ♡ is a waste of tym …nice song 😉 …so no worries …
      aap xm leke bz hai janta hu…
      I just want to be honest …
      I don’t know what happened with me…
      I just crazy about you…
      D Way of ur talking made me fascinate …
      Jhanvi ji aap mujhe bad boy think karthi hoo …???
      Plz make me ur frnd… Frndship karne k baad agar app ko lage me bad boy then bloke karke dejiyega …
      🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 …
      Royal princess …

  23. diya

    guys thr r sm ppl in fb says that seperation will happen
    is there ny of u who thinks the same ?? plzz tell .. ny commnters who thnk it may hppn .??

  24. Misty

    Ohhh….. Get well soon Prince…..

    Totally agree with you Jhanvi ,rithu, sidhhi, parvathi.hope everything will be fine soon.. And will not drag this too much…

  25. diya

    guys thr r sm ppl in fb says that seperation will happen
    is there ny of u who thinks the same ?? plzz tell .. ny commnters who thnk it may hppn .??
    agar app mei se kisiko ye lagta h to ye acchi baat nhi h yaar.

  26. zaraa ali khan

    Prince ji , i know ke aap comedian nahi ho. Is liye maine pehle hi likh diya tha ke ” never mind i am joking” ok. Anyways (sorry)

    & ye kya horaha hai serial bilkul boring hota jaraha hai..
    Just just just stop it ok. Too much is too bad…!

  27. zain ali

    Hi zaara ali khan,
    Tumhara naam bahuth accha hai.
    Aur commenting style bhi.
    Tum bangalore ki ho na.
    Mai bhi bangalore ka hoon.
    Can we be friends please?.

  28. Mastani

    Please stop dragging this track further.I really can’t see how keeping Shagun’s secret helps Ishita’s plan anymore

  29. Natasha

    Hello everyone!

    episode was good espicially the ishita shagun part. But i didnt understand the matter of ashok and that baba. Can anyone explain me?

  30. diya

    ishita saves shagun frm drowing in the river .
    thn suddenly a crocodile attacks thm
    ishita fights with the crocodile to save shagun and the baby . and in the segmnt it was showm that blood splashes on shagun’s face as she shouts ISHITAAAAAAA .
    I hope ishita ko kuch na ho yaar .
    ishita is a superwomn .if she can win over earthquake debris and bomb in a bus.
    then she will defeat the crocodile also.
    bijay bhava ishita!! 🙂
    god bless you

  31. Misty

    How sweet of you Prince. But nice u understood Jhanvi. And her problem actually she is also not so wrong. But nice u understood her. And respect her feelings. For a girl it’s not easy to trust someone..

  32. Prince

    Actually Misty I don’t lyk 2 force any girl for frndship/♡ …
    I do respect her (Jhanvi) “No” 🙂 …
    Honestly I’m telling u that I’m not actually interested in serials/daily soap…
    BT my little sis used to mah phn 4 reading YHM updates…I also read with her…
    Then Jhanvi’s comments made me fan of “YHM update reader” cz I lykd her way of writing…
    Anyway I understand I’m unknown 2 her…
    Jhanvi Ji aap ki dost nehi ho saka, par mujhe dusman v maat soch na 🙂 …Aap ka comments dekhne ki liye me aatha rahunga “YHM update” pe…
    Agar mujh par kisi ki trust hai toh phir FB pay knock karna … 🙂 …
    Prince Raj (ʚïɞ BäŃńÿ)

      • Prince

        Thnkz Misty …Mujhse choti hai sis 19 …Uska v phn hai par kavi kavi mera phn liya karte the…
        Parents, me nd sis 🙂 …
        Delhi me rehta hu …
        Aap logon se baat karke accha laga…
        sab acche se nd khush rehna 😀 …
        Best of luck 4 u Jhanvi… Don’t worry about ur xm …
        Misty, diya, rithu, zaraa, Diya,
        nd all be hpy n enjoy ur lyf 🙂 …
        Good bye 🙂 …

  33. As we have seen,Ishita gave Ashok
    four chances to prove Raman that
    shagun is alive.First Ashok brings
    Raman to ACP Abhishek’s house
    saying shagun is staying in his
    home.But his plan fails as Abhishek
    shifts Shagun to prateek’s house.
    Ashok will also take the help of the
    Tantrict to bring ishita’s truth infront
    of Raman.
    In the coming episodes,The show is
    going to offer a lot of twists and turns
    to the viewers.
    Ashok who is on a rage will change
    Ruhi’s Muttu Swamy(dog) with
    another dog. The new one will bite Adi
    leading to tension in the family.
    The next target of Ashok is Ruhi,he
    will use his informer to frighten ruhi
    with a knife.When Ruhi narrates the
    whole incident Raman,he finds
    ishita’s mangalsutra near ruhi’s bed
    and doubts on ishita.
    This is nothing infront of Ashok’s next
    plan.Ashok will sketch a new plan to
    harm shagun and ishita for his
    According to a source,”Ishita finds
    shagun drowning in a Lake and jumps
    to rescue her.She will be successful
    but then there comes another trouble
    in the form of Crocodile.They both will
    be shocked on seeing the Crocodile.”
    As we know ishita will put her life into
    risk to save others and seems like
    she will be attacked by crocodiles.
    What will happen now? How will the
    ladies escape from Crocodiles?
    Keep reading for more updates.

  34. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is
    shocked seeing Shagun
    is under water.
    Ishita brings Shagun out
    from the water struggling
    a lot with water force.
    Ishita asks Shagun about
    how she came here but
    they get stuck in danger
    before Shagun tells Ishita
    about it.
    Crocodile enters in the
    water and attacks on
    Ishita while Shagun
    shouts seeing the blood
    in water and her face.
    Will Ishita survive with
    crocodile’s attack?

  35. Misty

    Kyaaaaaa ??? Pata nahi ab kya hoga ishu ka…??? Hope use jyada injury nahi aye… Par crocodile attack hai to thodi injury to hogi hi Na….par Shagun waha kya kar rahi thi.?

  36. arey ishitha atleast ab toh bathaa do raman ko saari sacchayi .i dont want any leap and seperation of ishraruhadi .plz makers aisa kabhi math kariye plzzzzz…..

  37. Top 10 channels
    Star Plus
    Zee TV
    Zee Anmol
    Top 10 shows (TRPs)
    Naagin 5.7 (5.2)
    Saathiya 4.8 (4.8)
    Kumkum Bhagya 4.1 (3.9)
    Simar 3.8 (3.9)
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.7 (4)
    Kumkum Bhagya Mahaepisode (Sat) 3.4
    Diya Aur Baati 3.3 (3.6)
    Taarak 3.1 (2.9)
    SurakshaKavach- BalikaVadhu & Udaan (Fri) 3
    Swaragini 2.5 (2.9), AgniPariksha- SasuralSmarKa &
    Swaragini (Mon & Tues) 2.9
    Top reality Shows
    Bigg Boss Weekend 2.1 (2.3)
    Comedy Nights With Kapil 2.2 (2.4)
    Comedy Nights Bachao 2.1 (2.1)
    Savdhan India Rishton Ki Rasleela 1.6 (1.2)
    I Can Do That 1.1 (1.1)
    Lowest ranking shows
    On Air With AIB 0.1(0.2)
    PKHJD 0.2 (0.2), Parvarish 0.2 (0.4)
    Police Factory 0.3 (0.3), Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Let’s
    Go 0.3 (0.3), Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte Hai 0.3
    Yam Hai Hum 0.4 (0.4)
    Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 0.5 (0.5), Zindagi Abhi
    Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 0.5 (0.4), Mohi 0.5
    (0.5), Lajwanti 0.5 (.5)
    Check this for regular updates on your favourite

  38. Fight with a crocodile!!! Really koi nai Bach sakta!! Bina hath per katvaye. And ishita pagal he ki crocodile she fight Karl rahi he. If they show ishita healthy and hearty with all four limbs after fight it would b stupid. Ye fiction genre nai to kuch bhi dekhau ge.

  39. vidhya

    rubbish incident. ishita is a doctor. as far as it appears from the show, she cant have the strength to fight a crocodile. driving bus, escaping building debris… all this is ok. but fighting against a crocodile. hey come on. if this is shown, ishita will sure be a laughing stock for sensible viewers

  40. nimrit

    i hope ab ye makers ishita ko kuchh harm karke leap na le aajaye yhm me …but very bad & disappointing track of tht crocodile…..hope ishita kuchh na ho jaye…..plzz…..ew dnt want leap ya any other bad track…..& also plz ishra seperation….

  41. nimrit

    i hope ab ye makers ishita ko kuchh harm karke leap na le aajaye yhm me …but very bad & disappointing track of tht crocodile…..hope ishita kuchh na ho jaye…..plzz…..ew dnt want leap ya any other bad track…..& also plz no ishra seperation….

  42. nimrit

    but abhi bohot din ho gaye yar ishruh scene nahi dikhaya……want to see their love scene…..waiting too much…..

  43. Prince jst as a frnd saying widout knowng any gal how can u jst get inro her and tease her if she z syng NO…..nd plz don’t tke dis 2 ur heart..itz jst a advise plz don’t react 2 much

    • Prince

      Hlw Miss.Sakhsi me kab Jhanvi ko tease kiya ??? kisi ko teaser bol ne k phle thoda soch lena…
      Feelings k liye kiso ko jan ne ki zaroorat nehi padti…
      I hope Jhanvi mujhe galat na samjhe…
      Jhanvi ko pata hai me tease nehi kiya…
      Us ki “No” mujhe samajhme aaya…
      Me srif Jhanvi ka comments padne ki liye aaya Hu…
      Unnecessary fight karne k liye provoke maat karo yrr sakhsi…
      I’m sry if I hurt you …
      Bye bye …

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