Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun shouting and crying. Mani consoles her. He gets Aaliya’s call. Amma says Aaliya would be waiting for you. Shagun thinks Pihu might have reached there. Aaliya tells Mani that Pihu has come here to meet Shagun, I don’t think she told anyone. Mani asks what, fine. He tells everyone about Pihu, she is at his home. Everyone get relieved. Shagun feels proud of Pihu. Ishita says how did she go alone, maybe someone has sent there. Raman says we all will go there and meet her. Ishita thinks Shagun has risked Pihu’s life by sending her by taxi, just because I refused to send Pihu with her, how can Shagun be so selfish.

Shagun enters Mani’s house and looks for Pihu. Aaliya says aarti…. Adi says Shagun is worried for Pihu. Shagun meets Pihu. Pihu asks Shagun

not to leave her. Shagun asks Raman to let Pihu stay here for few days. Raman says yes, it would be better if she stays here with you. Shagun thanks her. Aaliya tells Pihu that they will have fun. Shagun says thank God, we got Pihu, else what would I do. She tells Mani that she will freshen up and come for rituals, Aaliya did all preparations. Aaliya feeds sweets to Mani. Shagun sees them and goes. Aaliya feeds sweets to Adi too. Ishita goes after Shagun.

Ishita asks why did you do this Shagun. Shagun asks what did I do, whats your problem. Ishita says you act well. Shagun says I like when you compliment me, so thanks, you caught my acting late, I got what I wanted. I challenge you to expose my acting, can you do this. Ishita says I trusted you, I can’t believe you changed, why, you had complains with me, you kidnapped me, you should have taken revenge with me, you call Pihu your daughter, why did you involve her.

Shagun asks will you teach me, who are you, Ishita Devi, you made the family mad, they are my children and after you. How did you feel when no one trusted you, I wanted to see this. Ishita says you used Pihu for this. Shagun says you used Ruhi and Adi, whats wrong if I manipulated Pihu, I raised her in my womb. Ishita says I did not use them, they got against you by your behavior, not because of me, when they know your truth, no one will support you.

Shagun says none will believe you, you had proof today, you could not stop my marriage, you can’t make Pihu away from me, you made everything easy for me, your goodness is your biggest enemy, you settled my life by making me marry Mani, I agreed to marry Mani, single mother fighting for custody is shaky, now I have a settled and secure businessman, he is a good husband, he loves children, its easy for me to get Pihu’s custody, my position is strong now, you snatched Ruhi from me by marrying Raman for Ruhi’s custody, now I married Mani, I challenge now, Pihu is just mine.

Ishita says there is no comparison between us, I did not do this, I did not snatch Raman and Ruhi, you left Raman with a six month baby for other man, Ruhi did not know mother’s love, I loved Ruhi, I connected with Raman by love, it’s a love relation, not hatred, Adi and Ruhi chose me, they had choice, you did not give choice to Pihu, she does not know I m her mum, your children knew you are their mum, you cheated, you did not go on right path. Shagun says yes, you are good, you came back after 7 years, you snatched Raman and everyone, why did you snatch my family, I did everything for you, I became surrogate mother for your daughter and raised her, I m mother of three children, you snatched two, I won’t let you snatch Pihu. Ishita says I won’t snatch her, she will be always yours, believe me, Pihu has two mothers, you are feeling insecure.

Shagun says she is my daughter, what did I get by goodness, you snatched everything, I pushed me to this extent, I had Raman, family and Pihu, now I have nothing, you snatched everything. Ishita says you gave 7 years to that family, Raman was your husband, everyone changed after I came back, because they did not become yours, you wanted to get them, you changed if things did not work in your favor, I did not snatch, they gave me everything by their wish, once they know everything, even this love will be gone. Shagun says Pihu will never cheat me. Ishita says cheater gets cheated, Pihu has my blood, I challenge you, Pihu will leave you and come to me. Shagun says we will see.

Simmi says its good we got Pihu, I was so worried. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel bad for Shagun, she did a lot for us, we forgot her when we got Ishita. Ishita hears them and says I want to talk about Shagun. Raman says stop it, whats your problem. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, this time my heart does not agree to you Ishita. Ishita says listen to me. Mr. Bhalla asks them to listen to her once. Ishita asks show did Pihu reach Mani’s house alone, did you all take her before, did you give her Mani’s address, did she see Mani’s house, how did she know address and money, she does not get pocket money, did anyone of you give her money. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you are right. Ishita says how can little girl take big step to leave house and go to any address, she never did this before, I m sorry to say, I think Shagun did this.

Ishita says Shagun has put this thought in Pihu’s mind, she gave her money and address, so Pihu reached there. Raman does not agree. Ruhi says I feel Ishi Maa is right, we should get Pihu back. Raman says why will Shagun do this, when I told her to take Pihu. Ruhi says but if Ishi Maa is right 1 % then, think. Adi says we all know Shagun can do anything in anger. Raman says fine, we will go and get Pihu. Ishita thinks that she convinced them to get Pihu, as Pihu is not safe with Shagun.

Ashok tells Niddhi that Shagun is taking Pihu to Mani’s house. Niddhi gets glad and says Ishita loves her children, she saved Ruhi from me, lets see how she saves Pihu.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Naz

    This tym i feel shagun is helpless. She luvs pihu so much.. all of a sudden how can ishita think pihu is not safe with shagun.. Not fair. same thing happnd before when ishita took ruhi with her when shagun came to take ruhi’s custody..

    • VP

      What Naz …. she is brain washing Pihu for her happiness … Ishitha is telling Shaghun always remain her mom … how was Adi with Shaghun ? Pshychic he was .. Do you want Pihu too go that trauma …

    • Parichary

      Naz, Shagun does not love Pihu and Shagun is using Pihu as a weapon like she does with her son Adi when Adi was 11 years old. Shagun supposed to marry Ashok but end up in the garabe because Ashok doesn’t deserved her so he get Mihika and planned to trapped Mihika to break Shagun heart then She start revenge on Ishita and Raman. Ishita will never let Shagun to barged her and Raman marraige. Pihu is not safe with Shagun. Ishita took Ruhi for safekeeping and married to Raman. Ruhi need mother who can give lot of love and protect her like a shield. Ruhi found suitable mother for herself andbest wife for papa (Raman) Ruhi is the one who bring Raman and Ishita closer. Pihu will changed slowly and see Ishita loves for all the children equally. Pihu will realised her mistake for hurting her real mother Ishita.


      You are right and Ishita and Raman don’t want their children to become trauma so that Ishita had to protect Raman and children away from Shagun.

  2. pradishma

    First of all,Raman-What is ur problem..
    Always shouting ,blaming, asking to shut up.. duffer..
    Use ur brain more man, not ur mouth..why non-stop shouting shouting…cheiiii

    Waiting to see Raman Slapping PIHU..
    PIHU deserves this tight slap from Raman.

    • Parichary

      Ayliaaaaaaa!!!! LOL

      Pradishma, relax and chills. Raman only did it in front of Shagun to make Shagun happy. Raman don’t want that and he know that he loves Ishita only so he want Shagun to leave Bhalla house. Pihu have disrepect Ishita and Raman dislike of how Pihu behave with Ishita so a father have the right to slap Pihu and make her understand. I think that Raman should not slap Pihu so he should slap Shagun instead of Pihu. Like Raman did to Ishita that he slap Ishita for Ruhi or Adi. Than Raman know his pain when he slap Ishita. Children will be helpless when Raman shout and thrown Ishita out and now Children are now grow up and Raman will never rise his hand on Ishita because fo Adi and Ruhi. He is only allow to shout at Ishita like a real husband so violent is not the solution. Ishita is right to stop Raman from slapping Pihu andlet Pihu see Ishita love her. Raman was hoping to get punishment from Ishita like an old time. Raman still love Ishita alot.

  3. Aastha

    Wowooo ishooo well said… u jst showed that stupid drama pass shagun her rytt position… shagun never will b agree.. but its necessary she should now thr diffrences btwn she n ishu…ishu never snatched anu thng frm anyone.. wot she got she really deserve it.. in my view she nvr get how much she deserves… shagun got always more than she deserve

    • VP

      True Aastha … Ishitha said it what was going thru our minds … well said and decently and maturedly delivered … Shaghun , her cheap style … Iseeeetha .. the way she calls , felt like beating her .. but acted well … somehow todays episode revealed a lot . Adi and Ruhi knows about Shaghun , they opened up … Now this challenge will go in a good flow .. loved Ishitha today …She will bring the truth out ..

  4. Aastha

    And feel so happy aadhi n ruhi vth ishu… thy ready to believe ishu.. bt this stupid arrogant egoistic raman y she ddnt think any thing agnst shagun.. feel so shame on him… poor ishu she nvr get her husbat’s support whn she really need it… he always want to blame ishu…

    • Parichary


      Raman want to play out as bad husband to Ishita and support Shagun but they may never know that Raman still love Ishita and feeling bad when he shouting. Raman want toreturn his jhani Ki Rani back so Ishita get her Jhani Ki Rani avart back then she will bring Ravan back in Raman. Raman is willing to support Ishita and will show his love for her and depressed to kick Shagun out. Ishita planned to get Shagun to get marry and Raman get relived but hoping that Shagun will leave his life forever and waht Ishita in his life again.

  5. shahabana

    Im glad that adi and ruhi are supporting ishitha.but this raman he is really unbearable.plsss end this shagun drama soon. Plssss brng bach old yhm.

  6. Juhi

    Thanks Mino. Todays episode was too good. Well said ishita. Precap is ok. Finally ishita convince family. Ab hum dekh sakte h who’s good and who’s bad. please stop that Comments about shagun

  7. Juhi

    Welcome Mino. Todays episode was too good. Well said ishita. Precap is ok. Finally ishita convince family. Ab hum dekh sakte h who’s good and who’s bad. please stop that Comments about shagun

  8. Nandu

    One thing ishita didn’t indulge any grudge against shagun in children she always told to respect her. But her deeds made her children to hate her…n here ppl r saying shagun is helpless …what helplessness she had I agree she raised pihu fr7yrs she has right on her…k but at tym of ruhi custody the way shagun is different she jst want ruhi to take revenge so ishita dn wanna indulge ruhi in dat so she ran with her…here even if pihu know ishita z her mom nt shagun pihu vl nt go 4m shagun she should have trusted her love 4 pihu instead of turning negative…instead of revenge on ishita …she should take revenge on bhallas 4changing their colors😂

    • Parichary


      I think that there is some missing and what you are saying is right. Ishita want to share her right on Pihu because she is Pihu mother. Yes, Pihu had been carry in Shagun womb for 7 month not 9 month. That is totally before Ishita had 3 to 4 month pregnant and had miscarriage during bus bomb and abuction by Ashok’s driver to kill women and Adi. Ashok is responsible for Raman and Ishita unborn baby death. Raman should not take Ishita outing for a long vacation during her pregnancy time. He should think about Ishita and unborn baby safety. Raman should send family to go and only him, Ishita and children will be safe at home without hurting the unborn baby. What is Raman fear is that Ishita will get hurt several time and he don’t want to lose her. Raman should ask Mihika or Simmi to help him and Ishita to have baby not Shagun. But why Raman did not ask Ishita if she want baby with Shagun or not. Ishita will never want Shagun to carry Raman and Ishita baby and know about Shagun negative and revenge. Now Shagun tell others that Shagun is Pihu mother not Ishita. Ruhi and Adi knows that Ishita is Pihu mother not Shagun.

  9. Sia

    First of all ishu is not trying to snatch pihu but this Shagun is using pihu…and this thing she told her self… Sorry I m commenting first time as I couldn’t control..

  10. success

    Raman is a fool wasn’t it the same shagun that killed his first personility.and impression on life and women. Shagun don’t play fair games she’s a cheater, she doesn’t no how to love . Her children left her becuz of her selfish and stupid irresponsible reasons. 🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫💍💍mani married her becuz of ishu she so negative. 😈😈😱😱boring yhm .ishura romance a little 💏💏💑💑👫👫👪👪👰👰💋💋

  11. Katee

    Shagun doesn’t love pihu… not at all. Just using Pihu to complete her greedy blo*dy selfish mission.
    Ishita….. She better marry mani…Raman always blaming ishita. Hate him to the core.
    Little Pihu… still young to hurt someone and ishita always treatin her very nicely but I don’t know why she hate ishita… I know Shagun brainwashed her but she can understand the way how ishita treat her.
    Adi and Ruhi….Always supporting ishimaaa. Love to see the trio bond.
    Mrs Bala. …dump haha

  12. ragini

    Oh plz.. Why shagun is always doing wrong with ishitha.. But matter is that shogun loves pihu very much.. After all she take care of pihu for 7 years.. Where was iahita @ that time???.. Shogun is not a vamp.. She is just insecure abt pihu..

    • starbucks

      you may have a point shagun could have thought twice about telling pihu to run away you dont just go and tell a little child to run away

    • Parichary


      What are you saying about Shagun that she is not vamp. Shagun feel that she is insecure of Raman why because Raman don’t want Shagun because she will dump him for Ashok again. So Pihu like Ishita when they first met but Raman insult Ishita snd warn her to stay away from Pihu then goes and slap Adi for irresposible. Raman should know that Pihu is his and Ishita daughter not Shagun. Raman should expalin to Pihu and make her understand. Ishita is so lucky to have Ruhi who can make Pihu understand and explain. Shagun becomes insecure when Pihu call Ishita “Ishma” and get angry on Ruhi. Shagun does not want to become like Yosanda who gave Krishna to Devika for safekeeping. But Ruhi had explain tho Pihu about Krishna and his 2 mothers. Ishita explain that to Ruhi during her younger time. Ruhi remember all the story because Younger Ruhi is much mature than Pihu.

  13. baazigar

    ishu is right…. shagun is wrong…..
    and where is that girl… whose mom is writing yhm script…

  14. Manju

    I am happy that Ishita conveyed the message loudly and clearly. Same time I am so angry because Raman have no faith in Ishitha and he cannot think in the same wavelength as Ruhi and Abhi. but worst to come ahead I presseum.

    • Parichary

      As for now Manju!!!!

      I understand that you are angry with Raman that you feel that he don’t trust Ishita. But inside Raman trust Ishita. Raman and Ishita bring Pihu back home and get confused to see why Ishita is angry and see Shagun and Pihu behaviour. So Pihu use photo frame at Bhalla house to throw on Ishita and hurt her on her forehead. Raman get upset see Ishita injured then goes to Ishita to dressed the wound and hug to console her. Pihu comes and break them and telling Raman and Ishita that she is breaking Shagun and Raman relationship. Raman and Ishita get shocked of Pihu behaviour. Ishita tried to explain and make her understand. Then Pihu cut her talking and Raman get bit fumed of Pihu behave. Then Pihu call Ishita Vamp. Ishita get hurt by Pihu dagger in Ishita heart. Raman then slap Pihu for saying this to Ishita and he never want children to disrespect his wife and thier mother. Ishita stopped Raman and ask what is the need to slap Pihu. Raman tell Ishita to understand and then he confession his love for her.

  15. selfish ishita

    What the hell is going in yhm. ! I want the ishita character dead….she is acting over smart. ……shagun had gave birth to sarogate mother. ..doesn’t ishita knew how much patience and pain have to suffer to birth a child…and shagun has raised pihu for 7 yrs…I mean to say.. agar itni hi worried ho rhi hai ishita to wo tb kha thi jb pihu was born…khud to chod k chali gayi aur ab achanak se use lagta hai pihu ko usi ki maa se khatra hai….selfish ishita. ……wo hamesha sochti hai bss wahi sahi hai or puri duniya galat hai…all of this is because of that dumb ekta. ….iss serial ko hi band karwa dena chahiye…I am jst stopping watching this mahabakwas serial

    • Parichary

      Oi selfish Ishita….

      Don’t blame Ishita as selfish person. In the past Shagun was a wonderful person when Ishita share children together but now when it come to Pihu and Shagun start to behave like selfish not Ishita. Ishita dod not snatch Ruhi and Adi from Shagun. Ruhi and Adi get so much love from Ishita and children hate Shagun. Pihu think that Shagun will love her but it is not true. Shagun is using Pihu to get Raman. Raman hate Shagun but acting sweetly toward Shagun and hate Ishita. As you said that Ishita doesn’t know how much patience and pain to have duffer when giving birth a child. And Shagun rised Pihu for 7 years. Raman was lifeless and couldn’t spend time with Pihu because he lose Ruhi and Ishita. But now Ruhi and Ishita return back to Bhalla hand Raman life and now Raman have his life back. Ishita share Ruhi and Adi with Shagun then why Shagun does not want to share Pihu to Ishita.

      Then I had to make this clear that Shagun is much bl**dy witch for wanting everything from Raman. Raman don’t want Shagun because she was gold digger and does not love Raman. Ishita is different from Shagun because Ishita is not gold-digger and she always put family first not money.

      Please think carefully before you make the comment…..

  16. Shravya

    Hi am new to this group.but I love this serial.frim few days am not watching coz of this stupid can he shout on can he forget what she did to family.atleast once he shud think abt ishud words.

  17. Awesome

    Why is Shagun using pihu….I thought she is a good mom…but now I don’t think… atleast now ruhi beleives ishita…Hi everyone
    How r u all?

  18. Shravya

    Adi and rubi ushud always support ishu. Raman ur really brainless.ur waste .ekta stop all this non sense and make Raman to support ishita against Shaun.and we want back the old yhm.r else plz stop the serial.

  19. Ruhi

    Well done ishu.i am happy for ishu.and this Raman my god doesn’t believe ishu.what the hell he says shagun took care of him and his family for seven years unbelievable doesn’t he remember that bhallas and other family were fighting like cats and dogs and after ishu came they were united .and what about this arrogant Raman always shouting. I am sorry guys I don’t know why some people are supporting shagun. I think those people should see the old yhm.

    • Mino

      Yes Ruhi I agree with u .. those who support Shagun has not watched from the beginning. what a wicked selfish dramatic.foolish conniving woman she was with Ashok ,Made Raman;s life miserable. that fool of a Raman has forgotten all. even her kids she left them to die in the fire. So selfish she will make poor Mani’s life a hell..I think all who are for Shagun must watch the old ones to see how much loving she is to her children. even with Ashok she used Ardi to get favours from Ashok.. sorry to hurt all who are in favour of Shagun.
      Ishu must move in to her mums house till she proves that Shagun is the culprit for all the troubles. So that Raman & the entire Bhalla family eat their words & go down on their knees & ask for Forgiveness as Raman sure owe her an apology..

    • Parichary

      Ruhi and Mino

      Raman want to see Ishita hurt but know that Ishita has broken heart. So Raman does this to make Shagun happy. Raman had forget that Shagun is the only one responsible for telling Raman and Nidhi about Pihu born and ask him to bring Ishita. Why didn’t Shagun ask Raman if he is with Nidhi or not so that they had to plan careful about Ishita. Now the plan get flopped and kidnapped Pihu and exchange Ruhi and fled to other country. Raman and Ishita geot separation because of Shagun and Nidhi.

  20. Aastha

    Ishu was rytt.. ruhi n aadhi have choices… thy can prefer shagun or ishu .. bt thy chose ishu… bcz thy no who can give real love to thm not only shows lyk shagun… btt pihu dnt any thng… ishu was always cares in their safety … she was alwys do anything for her childs.. she never let ruhi suffer mental agony bwn family prbs.. evn she take care aadhi very well… once she choose aadhi regreting ruhi for his mental relief… but look shagun she nvr cares abt her child’s evn pihu… she nevr bothered her stupid gyms how will be impact on pihu…. and never cares abt her life… how can she took risk sending pihu alone to mani’s home in taxi… thts y ishu thinks pihu not safe vth shagun… its true.. she s a self centered woman.. she never give imp to anyone than her selff…

  21. Ro

    OMG… How dare shagun does this!!!!😠😠😠 Ishu is so right but shagun is manipulated by nidhi… otherwise she would not have done all this bad stuffs…

    Ishu must record shaguns dramebaaz dialogues…. Then only that raavan Kumar fool will understand the real…

  22. Megha

    Episode was okk…..glad to see that adi nd ruhi r supporting there ishimaa…..nd Raman never listens to ishita nd always shouting on her nd never listens to her nd when he comes to know the truth he apologizes…. nonsense….now I think that shagun Ashok nd Nidhi will pair up nd trouble ishita nd Raman

  23. Megha

    Pihu has hurt Ishita by hitting photo frame at Ishita’s forehead. Ishita gets sorrowful. Shagun has filled poison in Pihu’s mind. Pihu tells Raman that Ishita has come to separate Shagun, Raman and her. Pihu insults Ishita and also curses her. Ishita breaks down hearing such bitter words from her daughter. Raman gets angry and slaps Pihu. He makes Pihu leave from the room.

    Ishita tells Raman that Pihu does not regard her as mother. Raman consoles her and tells her that they all love her. Adi comes with medicines and takes care of Ishita. Raman worries seeing Ishita upset. Raman acts to be in tooth ache and Ishita turns house dentist for him. She gives medicinal tips to Raman. Raman tells her that he is not kid to brush twice. They hug and spend some sweet moments. Raman acts just to make Ishita smile. Ishita is worried because of Shagun’s manipulations. What will Ishita do now? Keep reading.

  24. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Atlast confrontation is over. Ishitha shld hav act lil smart either recird the conversation or make bhalla family or mani witness their convo then shaguns plottings would have exposed then nd there. Bt cvs will nt shiw that bcise they want to drag the scene yo court nd many more episodes.
    Nd evn if ishitha managed to record that brainless man raman is nt goin to believe her. He will juz shut her up yellng at het nd will nt see the proof. Such a dump guy.

  25. Aliya

    Hii guys thank god that adi and ruhi support ishu. this shagun is so selfish .raman always blame ishitha. but raman is creating the main problems in that bhalla house and put the blame on others

  26. Krishna

    Ue ishita tapasya karke sau baccho ko prapt kar le
    mother india banne ka bada shaukh hai
    jitni innocent log use dikhate hai utni hai nhi
    kabhi mani ko use karti thi aur ab 7years baad aakar shagun ka family bigaad rhi hai


    Good Evening Rithu!
    PLEASE tell Me The PROCEDURE to Search for Future STORY of Any SERIAL.
    For Instance
    You Post The STORY of Coming Episodes of YHM.
    Please Show Me
    Because I Want to Know The Future STORY of “HUMKO TUMSE HOGAYA HAI PYAAR KYA KARE”.
    PLEASE tell

  28. VP

    Hi Rithu Mino .. Shivani .. Sindhu .. Khushi .. and all … Dt nailed today … Shaghun was very cheap and ugly too the wway she was with her arguements ..Back again Nidhi ans Ashok … how can an MP visit in a jail like this ? or was he arrested yesterday ? Raman is slowly opening up her eyes …, Poor Ishitha has become victim for the entire Bhallas enemies …But the war and challenge will go well and hope truth will win unlike the cvs dont want to destroy the serial

  29. indira

    Shagun wanted to remarry Raman and since he doesn’t to marry her
    she still wants to stay in the family .She sacrificed her 7 years well what sacrifice lol
    mothers love their kids unconditionally
    Shagun had it all and messed it up
    How stupid everybody believes Asok wrote the letter lol how dumb
    woman like Shagun are just pathetic
    She didn’t need to look after Pihu Mrs Bhalla could have looked after her and Simmi

  30. starbucks

    epi was ok but not the part where the family did not beileve ishu but also i dont know why i kinda feel for shagun that she is helpless
    BUT she is wrong she just always misunderstand other people i think she needs to talk with ishu without making crazy plans and trying and using small childern as a remote control


    Hi JAZ!
    Don’t Go To Your in-laws House.
    You HAD A BAD And SAD Experiences in Your PAST
    I know That They WILL NOT CHANGE.
    If You even Stay in A Rented House, Let it Be.
    But Don’t Go THERE.
    Whatever Happens Let That Happen
    Take Care of Your CHILD HUSBAND And Yourself.
    GOD Bless You And Your Family Members with Good HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.
    If Possible
    GOD Bless You

  32. susan

    Okay so now we will be doing some time-pass with Ashok and Niddhi for the next few episodes. 24 minutes to be devided between 3 households and 1 jail. I can just smell the dragging coming on. Why do I feel that Karan is still not back on set. It is becoming too obvious or is it just me. Finally Ishita will take away Pihu from Shagun. This was not her intention but Shagun has challenged her. Whoooowhooo. Sorry all Shagun sympathizers. It is just that I still remember what Shagun and Ashok did to IshRa.

  33. susan

    I don’t think Raman will ever slap Pihu. Ishita will not forgive him for that. I also saw that clip. But if you look closely you will see that it is a combination of a few scenes. Watch Pihu’s clothes. And there is also no sound. But then again I could be wrong. You never know with Ravan Kumar.

  34. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma
    And all my yhm frnds… Hope all r doing gud?
    Adi hws lyf going?
    Vp, mino, monique, jaz, shivani he ru guys doing
    Being frustated with the way how shagun nd ramans role shaping up in yhm in had started writing an ff.
    first episode with reunion of ishu with amma nd sec episode with ramans emotional distress nd mrs bhallas mindset knowing ishitha alive
    Pls read it if u hav time

    • VP

      Khushiararavind ….. frustrated … yes with cvs … but todays episode was something which I liked after a long time . Ishitha nailed it .., And I did read your ff really very nice beautidully written .. Go ahead .. I read almost all ss and ff only yhm ..Good writers are there … better than yhm writers .. Congrats

  35. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    In todays episode ishitha nailed the scene of shagun nd hers confrontation. Anitha nd ishu acted well. Anitha portraying neg role vry well. Cnt believe mani changd so quickly. Hope he is acting
    Raman is disgusting. Adi nd ruhi as always they supported ishu. Mrs bhalla is nw realising she subside shagun. She always does this.
    Poor pihu is gettng instrumental to shaguns wickedness. Y she is doing this if she luvs pihu. She is doing this only bcose of his wicked mindset. She only wanted het place in bhalla hse nd ramans lyf.
    Cant compare pihu’s nd ruhi’s conditions bcose pihu hav her dad beside her. Evn if shagun wasnt there bhalla family would hav took well care of her. Bt in ruhis case she was all alone. Evn her dad didnt lyk her. Only aftr ishu coming to her lyf she got both her dad nd mom. So ishus sacrifice is valuable than shaguns.

  36. siddhi

    hi everyone just fed up today is hu answered not only shogun about also all the ppl where were supporting shagun shagun is very cheap just don’t want to talk about her I just want her to die ruhi n adi knows shogun I wonder if adi n ruhi can see the truth that how can bhalla family can’t see the truth Raman is dumb it feels really bad to see Mani supporting shogun the person who is know for a very less time n just got married to her n our stupid Raman not supporting n trusting ishu ishu shield leave this bhalla family n go away somewhere else with adi n ruhi now in the coming episode pihu will hurt is hu I saw a wound on ishus face n pihu also insulted ishu n Raman slapped her cvs r soooo disgusting to turn a small girl sooooo negative

    • VP

      Siddhi … I felt Raman wanted somehow that Shaghun to get out of his life so that he can be with is JKR . And Mani is playing a game with Shaghun …

  37. doru

    shagun is just a shameless woman just feels jealous to ishita and that raman does not deserve to be called ishu’s husband,well done adi an ruhi keep on supportng your ishimaaa not like other members of bhalla family esp Mrs Bhalla

  38. sonya

    We have technology, Ishu should record Shagun and then the family will believe as they all never leave their cell phones down for a minute. I feel Alia will talk to Pihu and get it out from her and record it and let the cat out of the bag……hey, just my version of the story….LOL!


    Hi JAZ Monique Kushi Rithu VP Siddhi Sindhu AZ Naaz Ahliya Mino Megha SHIVANI Shona Shreya SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Dish Ramchin And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    GOOD Morning FRIENDS.
    GOD Bless You ALL.
    Take Care.


    GUYS PLEASE HELP Me regarding Coming Episodes STORY Procedure.
    Please SHOW

  41. suha

    Shagun is wrong only in using pihu.. but in this matter she is helpless.even if ishitha is in that position she also do the same.. how can shagun leave pihu.she is pihu’s mother.only an ova is ishitha’s & shagun only bears her.i am die hrt fn of ishra.but now i want justice for shagun.she is doing these things to get her right.if shagun dont love pihu, why did she trying this much to get ruhi’s childhood she tried to snatch ruhi bcoz she need to ruin ishra life.but now she needs her pihu only.for that only she married to mani.

    • VP

      Suha … def Shaghun desrves Pihu …but the way how she wants to posses her is wrong ? Her look is only Raman and the family security .. Using Pihu .. the way how Ishitha questioned her was very clear to understand …

  42. Deepti

    This Ishita character is so much of over acting.. Currently whatever is going in the serial I truly think this so called maata Ishita is so selfish.. Shagun has raised this child pihu for seven years.. both of them love each other.. Shagun was changed its a big thing to become surrogate mother of someone..ishita made her evil again how she expect she will get everything where was she for seven years.. somehow I have started hating this character Ishita..I feel shagun is actually is really helpless.. giving birth to child upbringing her..and suddenly she can’t give her child it’s not easy..I will stop watching this if pihu goes to this so called Isse MAa..

    • VP

      Hi Deepti Ishitha no over acting at all .. where as Shaghun though acted well was very cheap and ugly the way she talked . i dont understand one thing .. are you all not focusing on the scenes properly .. Ishitha never wanted to snatch pihu .. now as Ishitha understood she has turned to her old form , she doesnt want Pihu to suffer in her hands .. there is nothing wrong or selfishness in that . Shaghun is shameless no moral values .. her own kids doesnot want her ..,She is insecured after seeing every bodys love to Ishitha .. Seven years staying with then Shaghun could not win their hearts nor win Ramans love .. She is with her cheap game .. wait and see more and more her cheap games r getting exposed . I love this show only for Ishru .. then Developed to Ishraru .. and now Adi too .. yhm started with a good storyline for many viewers to improve in taking care of their own kids ..Ishitha is true fair and never take others hapiness ..I love this character … though the cvs are really made her no self respect …and Dt is my favourite …Sorry if I hurt your views Deepthi … I was just telling about the negative impacts ..

    • Mino

      Sorry to say u have not watched the beginning to say all this.. Shagun is bad & Selfish. no doubt she gave birth. But surrogacy mum have no right to claim the baby… she was only used to have the baby. cos she agreed to . that is where Raman went wrong. Don’t forget Raman chased Ishitha. that is why she left not cos she did not care.

    • NaveenS

      Really Deepti? Shagun and helpless?
      Let me get this straight…….If you give birth then sadly you go into a coma and someone else takes care of your child for 7 years then your child automatically becomes theirs?

      Ishita did not wish to be a part of Ballah family anymore. She was honestly there for Ruhi. She has never been selfish and if she’s being selfish or bold now it’s for the only person she can call her who is Pihu. She is her flesh and blood. Ishita lost her only pregnancy saving Shagun’s children.
      Shagun is an evil selfish disgusting excuse for a friend, mother, sister and woman.

  43. kavitha

    In this issue..i support shagun only. How could anyone give the baby to anyone after seven years brought up. If she married Manoj means then she would got her own family and baby.she did sacrifice for tht baby. If Ishita come back after 7yrs means then y should she give her baby to .this is not justice. Ishita forgot her responsibility towards the baby before 7yrs. Now she no right to speak abt baby’s
    Security. Till date shagun gave good care to the baby. Now she is doing this bcoz of helplessness..she did right now. Wt she got bcoz of her goodness and sacrifices.she got nothing…..

  44. kavitha

    If they given the enough money for shagun survival and the legal rights for pihu means she wouldn’t get her negativity again….

  45. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, Khushi,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma
    And all my yhm frnds…
    Hope all r doing gud?
    Sometimes I just want to take Annika’s chapal(Chameli) in #ishqbaaz and hit some sense into them.

  46. abhishek

    I dont understand why ishitha need pihu whom pihu doesnt consider has her mum do you guys think pihu will accpet ishitha after knowing ishitha is her real mom i dont think so because pihu loves shagun more than anyone shagun will again play a trick there and ishitha have loving kids already adi and ruhi who always support their ishimaa so ishitha should not run behind pihu better she should bring shagun once again to right path than taking pihu away from shagun if pihu is also go along with ishitha then shagun will completly turn into a dangerous vamp so its better pihu stay with shagun

  47. abhishek

    The serial concept is also love of step mother towards her step children so cvs should focus on that concept rather always fighting for childern custody

  48. Ruhi

    Hi guys.there is some good news. there are some romantic scenes between Raman and cute.and please stop supporting shagun.she is not fit to be called a mother. a mother never manipulate her child. dt and kp together soOOooooooo cute.👌

  49. Siddhi

    Hi guys yhm ki trp 2.5 hai last say last weak 3. Something thi n last weak 2.7 thi n now 2.5 this yhm nay first say second position n now third now I hope cvs n writers will change the track

  50. A

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbetin will show that Ishita is tensed because of Pihu’s changing behavior.

    Ishita plans to keep Rman closer to Pihu so that she would not think about Shagun and asks Raman to become both mummy and pap for Pihu.

    Raman is confused and Ishita tells Raman that he will have to full fill all responsibility towards Pihu as mother does.

    Raman agrees to anything getting Pihu back from Shagun forever which makes Ishita surprised as Raman will agree for it very easily.

    Romance returns in Raman and Ishita’s life

    Ishita tries to go away but Raman pulls Ishita back to him and tries to get romantic with her.

    Raman and Ishita’s romance once a


    Am Fine Monique n Siddhi.
    How Are You Guys?
    Guys tell Me How You Find The STORY of Future Episodes.

    • Monique_D


      |Registered Member

      Hmmm Im good.
      Tonight/Tomorrow is going to be awesome as they will have a nice #Ishra moment .Twitter is on fire as everyone is dying for some #romance

  52. Parichary

    I don’t know what is happening around in this edisope but I am getting dead end laughing. Shagun always behave like a real moron monkey. If Monkey has lost it precious baby then scream and cry like Shagun. (LOL) Sorry for the Shagun fan who like her way. I dislike the way of how she behave. Ishita see Shagun behave then she did not do anything and know that Shagun is playing with her emotional on people and families. Then monkey changed when it had been found. Anyway Shagun get happy that Mani inform that Pihu is in his house. like clowy monkey. Ishita always catch Shagun expression and other did not seed. Ishita want to wake up all the families about Shagun but those family are falling in Shagun darkest trapped so that they cannot get out to see the sun. Ishita is the only sun that get Ruhi and Adi. Raman get surprised that the Ruhi and Adi take Ishita side over their real mother. Ruhi feels that Ishita is her real mother. Adi also feel same way as Ruhi. I am very expression that Mr Bhalla ask families to silent and give Ishita a chance to speak. Ishita give families many question about Pihu safety that Raman did see what mother does for children. I remember when Shagun made Adi ran away from Bhalla house then Raman yelled at Ishita for Adi disappeared then findout that Shagun planned to this purposely and Raman realised that he blame the wrong person without thinking. Raman then agree Ruhi to get Pihu. Raman and Ishita bring Pihu back to Bhalla house and still get posion mind by Shagun.

  53. Lekha

    Hlo everyone……how r u all…….I didn’t watch the serial for seven days as my bp will shoot up…….but I could not resist reading the updates today in one go……I don’t want to speak about Raman as I least expect him to support ishu…..but Mani ….guys am very sad as he didn’t listen to his best friend ishu… could it be possible…….amm feeling very bad…..

    • Parichary

      Cool Lekha!!!!

      Raman only play as bad husband for not supporting and mistrust Ishita to make Shagun happy but family and Ishita does not know about Raman plan to oust Shagun from Bhalla house and want to be much closer to Ishita. Raman want Shagun to married off to Mani so that he can get much romancy with Ishita. You will get to see the romance between Raman and Ishita after bringing Pihu back to Bhalla. Pihu get adamant for wanting Raman and Shagun to be together. Pihu did not know that Ishita is Pihu real mother not Shagun. Shagun want Pihu to revenge on Ishita so Pihu agreed to revenge on her real mother (Ishita) for masti (Shagun). Raman, Adi and Ruhi will be watching Shagun and Pihu and will get to know about their plan to hurt Ishita. Mani and Shagun start romantic together as per plan by Aylia. Mani was about to kiss Shagun and Shagun still think about Raman and push Mani. Mani feel hurt then tells Shagun when you are ready then you will ask for the permission. Poor Mani. Shagun get jealous of Raman and Ishita love blossom return. Ruhi and Adi will be happy that Raman and Ishita are now lovers.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.