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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita meeting Shagun at the hospital and taunting her. She says Raman and her relation became like husband and wife completely, and passes taunts to her. Shagun gets glad. Ishita says you would be glad that Raman has shown very well that he loves me a lot, and you said I m not his type, he told me that he does not like any other type except me, he don’t want to go away from me. Shagun says whatever. Ishita says I realize I m sounding cheap, you understand such language, so I have to clear you concerns, I m not Raman’s well wisher and kids’s Yashoda Maiyya, I m his wife, Raman has shown this.

She says I love Raman, best part is he also loves me a lot, I want to advice to focus on yourself, my life will be beautiful, it will be good for our family, better

stay away from me, my family, my husband and my kids. Ishita leaves. Shagun says finally, my bitter words have affected, I m so happy for Ishita, that Raman and Ishita united, I will take your advice and stay away from you all.

Amma comes and takes Vandu’s baby. She wishes Ishita’s baby. Vandu and Mihika say her wish can get true. Amma gets surprised. Ishita comes there. Amma hugs her. Ishita says Amma gave good surprise. Amma says you surprised me, Vandu told me everything, your and Raman’s good news, you became real husband and wife. Ishita says I m getting embarrassed. Amma asks did she tell Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says I m shy. Amma says call her here now.

Suraj comes home and Ashok makes drinks for them. Suraj says I got ministry call, they are keeping press conference and want us to go there, Raman will be coming. Ashok says we will go, to show our big contract. Suraj asks him not to lose confidence. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why did she call her. Amma, Vandu and Mihika hide and look on. Ishita says Raman and I…. Mrs. Bhalla asks what?

She asks did you both fight again? Ishita says Punjabi and other ways to tell her. Mrs. Bhalla asks what. Amma comes and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Amma says Ishita has to tell imp thing, and tells her. (Muted) Mrs. Bhalla gets happy and hugs Ishita and Amma. Ishita says she met Shagun, and replied well about this matter. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it, she will be upset. Ishita says she did not reply anything. Mrs. Bhalla says what will she say, don’t tell this to anyone. Ishita asks them not to have big hopes. Mrs. Bhalla says Lord will see everything. Vandu asks her to be positive. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………..

Raman and Ishita come in the press conference. Ashok sees them. Everyone see Raman. Ishita gets angry seeing Ashok. Raman sees Ishita looking at Ashok. They all are asked to take their seats. The press conference starts and media is allowed to ask questions. The media asks Ashok can they handle the contract. Ashok says ofcourse, and clarifies. The reporter asks Raman will he do joint project in future with Ashok. Raman says why not, we can. Ishita gets upset.

A lady comes there and says Ashok is a criminal. Everyone get shocked. She calls him a rapist, and accuses him of rape. They all get stunned. Ashok says I don’t know her. The lady asks how will he accept his crime himself, and says she will bring his truth, he took her to Jhakad’s room during party at Jhakad’s house, he threatened to kill me, he tortured me, I was in hospital for 2 days and came today to tell the truth. Ashok says what a liar, I don’t know her, I was with…… He stops. Ishita looks at him. The lady asks him to say where he was. Suraj asks Ashok not to say you were with Ishita, else they will not leave him.

Raman says its criminal case, so police will handle this. The police comes there. Ashok asks who called police. The lady says she has called police. The inspector asks him to speak in court and arrest Ashok. Ashok says she is lying, I did not do anything. The media clicks his pics. The media asks ministry about giving contract to Ashok. The minister says he did not know it before that Ashok is related to crime, and now he is taking it back, and giving the contract to Raman’s company. Suraj and Parmeet get worried. Raman and Ishita smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….Ishita says its good Ashok got arrested, but if he tells my name infront of police and Raman gets to know, then Raman will break.

Ashok argues with the lady and admits his crime. Raman says he wanted to hear this, and scolds him for spiking drink of Ishita. Ashok fumes. Raman says that lady came from NGO and I made Ashok admit his crime. Ishita asks was this your plan? Raman says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ritushree Nd mizum thanks…

  2. seriously u guys..!!
    this show is showcasing that u can tell whole world including your mom and Saas that u had s*x with your hubby yesterday and than celebrate happily..!!!
    how many of u guys will do that..loving a serial and supporting its hogwash craps is two different thing as its a family show and often its too embarrassing…!!
    but u guys r supporting this..!

    1. I too felt the same . Love this serial very much . But as you said not only your mom , mother in law and sisters ……. There was no need to declare it to Shagun . Very cheap …. That too from such a character like Ishitha. …creators kindly avoid such things. By words or action good people will not hurt anyone or taunt . And if surrogacy part is there by Shagun then the serial is gone case .

  3. If this happened their wedding night, I don’t agree with that discussion. But it happened after the long long time. And if ishita can share her pain,sorrow with her mothers’ , sisters’…., why can’t she share her happiness with them…. And yes. Ishita should not tell about her life to Shagun.. I don’t like that scene.(and I’m not against anyone. I only said my own idea) From SL.

  4. Ys….guys totally agree there was no need to declare it to shagun..that too from such character like ishita…. It was embrsing…if we are thinking with our point if view… BT I also agree with darshika…

  5. guys i know ishu ko shagun ke saath discuss karne ki koi jaroorath nahi hai par phir bhi jis tarah se shagun ne ishu ke sunaya na us samay ishu ke paas koi javaab nahi tha use palat ke dena ka tho usne kuch nahi bola par ishu ke taraf se socha tho uske liye shagun ki beijjathi ka javaab dena jaroori tha………..aur yaha baath ishu ki family ki kushi tho vo log isliye kush ho rahi thi ki kyom unke liye jo kushi aab tak sirf bathom me huyi thi shayad aab vo sach ho jayegi iss liye i mean ishra ki own baby……tho isme galath kya hai

  6. I also agree bhagi… Guys ek bar us ladki ki jagah hikar dekho jisne aj take ssirf tane hu sune hai kabhi banz hone ka aur kabhi incomplete wife hone ka …jo do sal se sirf kehne k liye kisiki biwi hai ..aur apne riste ko complete nai kar payi.. Ek ma ki tarah Socho jo apni bethi ko sari khusiya dena chahti ma ki taeah Sochi jisne apne bete ko rote hue tutte hue dekha ho jo chahti ho ki uska bete ka parivar firse pura ho in bheno k bare me Sochi jo apni bhen ko khush dekhna chahti ho to apko ye celebration galat nahi lagega….

  7. Aur jaha take sabse share krne ki bat hai to usne ladies se hi share kiya hai na WO bhi apni ma aur bheno se jo hmari dost hoti hai….aur rahi bat SAS bahu ki to agar SAS Mrs. Bhalla jaisi ho to ofcrse. Share krna chahiye jis good news ka sabne itna intezar kiya WO itne time k bad suni isliye sab itne khush hai…

  8. Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is making the audience
    hooked to the show with it’s
    interesting twists and turns.
    As we have seen Raman was
    planning to trap Ashok in his own
    plans for making attempts to rape
    Ishita under the influence of drugs
    admitted his crime himself. Raman
    makes Ashok arrest and also gets the
    In the coming episodes,We will
    witness Raman attacked by some
    goons and will be hospitalized.
    While Raman coming to his
    home,some goons stop his way and
    beat him balck and blue.Raman will
    be left alone.Somehow Bhalla and Iyer
    ladies get to know this and they come
    out with sticks and brooms and start
    beating them.After that they rush to
    hospital taking Raman.
    Well,The episode turns into a comedy
    scene when Raman refuses to take
    injection.He hides under the
    bed,while Toshiji and Ishita try to
    convince him.Soon Raman and
    ishita’s nok-jhok’s start again.
    Though it is unsure as to know who
    did it, the popular say is that Ashok is
    involved in this.As he was put behind
    bars by Raman.
    On the other hand,Shagun’s love track
    will start soon and it is a suspense
    that how will she come across the
    person who is staying with her in the
    same flat.
    Is it really Ashok and Param who sent
    goons to beat raman? or Is there any
    new villain going to enter the show ?
    To know more keep reading for more

  9. sbb mein rinki ko toshiji ne thappad maara. hospital ke bahar toshiji ne rinki ko zor se tapad maara kyunki woh hospital mein ishitha ko be-izzath karthi hai kyunki raman ke absence mein woh raman ki company sambhaal rahi hai aur rinki bhi ishitha se batameeI karthi hai.

  10. sbas mein raman hospital mein nurse se sponge aur injection lene se inkaar kartha hai aur toshiji aur ishitha raman ko injection lene ke liye manaathe hai aur raman ko uss halath mein dekhke ishitha ro padthi hai.

    divyankatripathi/ – # instasize

  12. ye rinki pagal hai kya jaha bhai hos me hai aur usko paise aur power ki padi hai pagal ladki use tho ek nahi aur bhi tappad milni chaahiye……..

  13. sbs ki last me kaha tha na shagun uski b.f ke saath aanevali hai raman ko jhatke dene ke liye tho iska matlab kuch galath tho nahi hogi na yar makers plz kharab math karo abhi abhi puraani vali yhm is back plz

  14. gys if u have divyanka ‘s real fb id then plzz give me

  15. Ya right ….Nd thnx ritushree Nd bhagi..

  16. Rinki isi lyke hai…aur kitna giregi….

  17. gd episode
    nice to see Raman nd ishu are
    together nw

  18. Episode is good. hate the precap Rahman doesnot deserve this what has he done wrong. pls we dont want any cut or bruses on his face pls reserve that for Ashok. Sorry abaout the cut on your hand we all wish you quick recovery from Nigeria

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