Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Adi to have food. He says no, I m worried for work. He gets a call from factory. He smiles and asks what, workers came back, I m reaching there. Ishita asks how did this happen. Adi says I will go fast, else they can go back. The ladies come and say they won’t go back now, everyone is unemployed here, I told my husband to work, as you guys are good people, we all told our husbands, they will come on time, Ishita treated my Golu’s tooth pain, can’t I do this. Adi says I was wrong, I need you. The lady says child can grow up, but always needs a mother. Adi says yes, I will come back and have food. Ashok gets angry on Gagan. He says you said big things, all workers went to work. Gagan says don’t get angry, I will see them, Adi is giving them much money.

Ashok says your village women did this.

Gagan says now its about my respect also, I will see who goes on work. Ashok says do this soon, I can’t see Raman’s son succeeding. Ishita thinks to call Neelu and tell her to make Rajma for Raman. She gets Raman’s call. She says I was thinking of you, tell Neelu to soak Rajma. He says I m not Neelu’s assistant, I m your children’s father, tell me what did you go there, how is Adi.

She says workers did not come today. He asks why, did they see your real face, you scared villagers, you ruined Adi’s career. She says don’t say that, you will get shy after I tell you what I did. He asks what did you do. She tells him everything. He says its good I got to know you are not fake dentist, I knew you will do good, I took Ruhi’s class today. She asks why. He tells everything.

She says I really hope one month ends soon and their targets end, we are more happy when we are together. After 12 days, Shagun is seen doing arrangements. Aaliya says I m so excited, can we wear designer clothes. Shagun says yes, don’t tell this to Mani. Aaliya calls her mumma and shows her the new looks. Shagun looks at her. Aaliya asks what happened, did you not like the look. Shagun asks what did you say before that. Aaliya says mumma and smiles. She says why are you shocked, you legally adopted me, so you are my mumma. Shagun hugs her. Aaliya asks her not to get emotional.

Shagun says I have a makeup artist, I will call her, take a trial session with her. Aaliya agrees. Ishita asks Adi to have parathas. Adi says no, you made me eat so much, I will vomit if I eat more, I feel you made me eat food of entire Bhalla house. She asks what work I have than cooking. He asks her to watch tv. She asks him to take fruits. She sees his nails and says wait. Adi goes out. She stops him. He says I will cut your nail, don’t you understand. Adi says I have grown up. She says there will be germs there, your health will get bad. The men look on and smile. Ishita asks why are you laughing, did your mum not teach you about cleaning nails. The man says no, my mum was busy in cooking. She asks Adi to cut nails on the way. Adi leaves with the workers. She says Adi and Ruhi did not grow up till now.

Ruhi asks Shweta to make note of all the meeting. Shweta worries as the pen does not work. She misses to note down things and goes out. Peon asks what happened. Shweta says pen is not working, Ruhi told much and I could not note, I don’t remember, she will get angry now.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come to meet Shagun and Aaliya. They all hug. Shagun and Aaliya say we will get coffee. Amma says sit, we don’t want coffee. They surprise Aaliya with herbal products. Aaliya says tan look. Shagun says yes, all products are good, your skin will glow. Amma says I will get bowl to mix this. Mrs. Bhalla says apply this from today itself. Amma gets bowl. Amma mixes the paste. Aaliya asks Shagun to tell them. Shagun says don’t mix this now, we have meeting with designer, there is much heat outside, pack won’t work, we will finish it and come and then apply. They ask her to apply later. Shagun says I will get coffee. Mrs. Bhalla says no, we have to shop for Adi. They leave. Aaliya asks what’s all this, what about my tan look. Shagun says relax, Ishita will manage them, call her.

Raman talks to Adi and says Ruhi is misbehaving with staff, you were here and it got covered up. Adi says I had to tell you what’s happening here. Raman asks did Gagan do anything. Adi says no, Ishita treats me like a kid, she cooks so much food, she got after my nails. Raman smiles. Adi says she got overprotective, if I reach late, she gets restless. Raman says her love used to get divided before, now she is with you. Adi says i will become dhol, call Ishi maa back, else I will run away. Raman says its not easy, I will try, promise. Adi says try soon, I m tired.

Raman says I will call her back, you focus on work. He ends call and thinks how to call Ishita back. He gets an idea. Raman asks is meeting today, did you inform suppliers. Ruhi says yes. She asks Shweta about meeting. Shweta says meeting can’t happen today, I forgot to note down and thought how to ask you, I could not inform suppliers, sorry. Raman and Romi talk that Ruhi will not leave Shweta now. Ruhi laughs. They get puzzled. Ruhi says I did not know you are so scared of me, relax, I won’t eat you, everyone do mistakes, go and call suppliers now. Raman and Romi smile.

Ruhi says I understand everything. Raman says I m glad. Romi says great, Ruhi got so calm. Raman says I explained her, we need to work as team. Romi calls him great. Raman says I will become great after I do a work. Ishita gets message and says what did Raman buy by credit card, such big transaction. She calls him and asks what is he doing. He jokes. She asks him about credit card usage to book ticket. He says yes, I m going for meeting. Romi asks shall I go.

Raman says no, sit. She asks where are you going, tell me. Raman says I m going Phuket for a meeting, I have no one here. Ishita says no, you won’t go. He says you stay with Adi, be with him. He ends call. She gets angry. Romi asks when was this planned. Raman says cancel the ticket, its refundable, I was teasing Ishita, she will come running. Ishita packs bag. Adi looks on and thinks my work should happen.

He asks what are you doing. She says I m sorry, I have to go. He smiles and asks but why. She says Raman would need me. He says what about me, I m get sad, I got habitual to you. She says fine, I won’t go. He says no, I mean go, Papa needs you, Pihu, Ruhi and everyone are there, I will manage. She asks will you stay alone, will you cry. He says I won’t cry. She asks him to get taxi for her. He goes.

Ishita says you lied to get me back. Raman says Adi will manage there. Adi scolds Ashok. Someone follows Aaliya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, Priyamvadha, Khushi, Parichary, Susan, Ja, Sayyeda and many more YHM fans whose names I can’t remember much already.

    I am glad that in these few episodes at least Ishra are always handling things together. It does not matter to me much if the serious romantic element is not present in them much. Their funny nok jhok is good. As someone mentioned they can’t have the same kind romanticism like what they had before the leap. I agree because Adi, Ruhi and Aliya are grown up and working adults. So now they have to focus on the new generation breed and as parents Ishra have to help their children face challenges. Both Adi and Ruhi have to understand they need their parents guidance and they can’t accomplish this on their own. I suppose the children will also come to understand you need both right and left hand together to do things. I think both will win the challenge equally or maybe Adi will help Ruhi with her issues with Ashok and Ruhi will help Adi with his issues.

    As for Ishra, I guess this is how much their romantic element will be and I don’t think it will go anything further than this. If Pihu is shown then I hope they will involve just Ishra and Pihu for some episodes. The cvs have to develop Bala’s character, Adi and Aliya, Shagun and Mani etc. I understand that they can’t just show Ishra.

    My only request is if the cvs want to show the romance element in Ishra, at least they should show that without any interruption. Their romance always gets interrupted by their family member or phone call or knock on the door and so on.

    I am happy to see Ashok. He is such a good actor and a very handsome villian.

    What happened to Mihir? I don’t see him anymore at all. Has he quitted acting in YHM?
    Ananya and mother are missing too.

    Rithu I miss your updates over here. In the past there were so many comments but now I only see less than 15 comments.

    1. Hi Sindhu , I totally agree with you. Adi and Ruhi need parental guidance to accomplish their tasks. Both will definitely win their challenges. Yeah,if we expect more ishra romance, cvs shows their nok jhok. I just love their nok jhok. The way Raman teases Ishita is so cute to see. I too miss Mihir, Simmi and Ananya. Great that Gaurav and Param are not there to ruin any thing. I love the yhm’s shock, Ashok and his handsome face but having hopes that he might fail to ruin Adi and his business venture. I miss pihu, suraj, vandhu, Mihir, simmi Ananya, Aliya’s dadi. Yes there are less comments nowadays as the track is not interested to see. The same goes on with me too. Ishra romance is spoiled by anyone’s phone call.

      Hey I saw pictures and videos on instagram that everyone got ready in traditional dresses. What’s happening?

    2. Hey sindhu .how are you?I totally agree with your comment.nowadays very less comments in this site and nothing much of updates of the that is interesting .so nowadays i see this site with very few comments.

  2. Hi Sindhu. I totally agree with your comment on IshRa romance. Except for their consummation scene and maybe the shower scene earlier on in YHM their romantic scenes has never been taken too far. That is what I loved about them. Their chemistry was enough to let our imagination do the rest. I just love it when they are together. Could really do without the interruptions. Rather let the screen fade to black and let us fill in the blanks.

  3. A.G.M.Samaraweera

    Wahat time telicast yeh hai mohabbatein today episode

  4. Episode was good .after soo many days some happy days in the .not too much of negativity.finally niddhi’s track is over.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya(both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu sowmy naaz meghana darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya siddhi natasha sachie shreya madhu mino khushi mansi ananthi Supergirl bhagya Monique D padma parvati saba ankita priya roli Tia priyamvada jassi aparna unique angel hai jeni disha juhi aisha ridhika ahs and all the friends.

  5. Nowadays very less comments though the track is .atleast far better than niddhi’s track.before it was more than 100 comments and now it is less than 10 comments per episode.

  6. Earlier in some updates it came that in chandpur aliya and adi will marry but instead aliya went back home .so nowadays there is no updates of the also .but I think there will be next adi and Alisa’s marriage only and ashok’s twist in the show.

    1. Not chandpur but khandpur.

      1. Can someone please tell me what time does YHM telecast on Star plus now? last night it was not telecasted at the usual time?

  7. I loved yeh hai mohabbatein because it was so realistic in the beginning. Divorced parents, seperated child, ect. I am happy it is now again in the realistic issues such as skin whitening unnecessarily spending on weddings. I lovevthe tracks these days qnd feels cherry on the icing if ishra romance is there. It is still not there as before.

  8. Can someone please tell me what time does YHM telecast on Star plus now? last night it was not telecasted at the usual time?

  9. radhika malhotra

    Nice episode and precap was superb exciting adi and ishitta bonding was good in today episode

  10. radhika malhotra

    Nice episode

  11. Yhm gets telecasted everyday at 7:30pm in the evening and repeated at 9:30 am in the morning .

  12. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  13. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

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