Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman refusing to accept the award, saying the award should go to just one person, there can’t be any tie, I m used to this award, I have got this since many years, so give this to Romi who got this for the first time. Romi receives the award and gives the credit to his father. He says when the world was against me, my Papa supported me, he gave me money to start business and also encouraged me, I want to give this award to my father, I want to make an announcement, I m launching a new company on my father’s name. Raman leaves from there.

Aaliya meets Niddhi and says I m Ruhaan’s new PA. Niddhi asks where is Ruhaan, you came alone. Aaliya says he won’t come, he said he is unwell and want to be alone, is he fine, he looked upset, I m worried. Niddhi says

its okay, teenage and all, cancel recording, and inform musicians, I m going home.

Nancy calls Niddhi and she gets shocked. She says so I was worried for this to happen. Ruhaan/Ruhi panics and is out of control recalling Ishita. Niddhi comes home and asks what happened, did she get attack again. She gets an injection for Ruhi. She shouts Ruhi and says I hate drama, you know what will I do when I get angry, when you get this injection, you will know. Ruhi/Ruhaan says no injection and throws it. Niddhi says don’t you dare and slaps her. Nancy says that was last injection. Ruhi says let me go from here. Niddhi asks Nancy to hold her and ties Ruhi. She says I won’t let my hardwork go waste. She asks how did her state become like this. Nancy says she had toothache, she got violent. Niddhi says she gets attack when she recalls past thing, I m going to get injection, look after her. Ruhi cries.

Raman and Bhallas come home. Pihu asks why did you not take award. Shagun says Papa is tired, don’t interfere in elder’s matter, go and change. Pihu asks Raman to say some stories and then she will sleep. Raman stops Mr. Bhalla and says I need to talk. Mr. Bhalla says so you have to talk to me. Raman blames him for what happened today. Mr. Bhalla says yes, all problems came because of me. Raman asks him why did he give money to Romi. Mr. Bhalla says why, he is my son, he has right on my property, what wrong did I do by giving his share. Raman says see the result. Mr. Bhalla says he is independent, whats wrong. Raman says I would not be hurt if he did right thing, Mihir tell them what Romi is doing, he is bribing people to get contracts from me, he has joined hands with Romi, if he succeeded right way, I would be proud, he is not honest and not working honestly. Mr. Bhalla says everyone has different way to work, if Romi is doing wrong, he will manage.

Raman says I will ruin his business, if you are proud of his success, then be ready to cry for his failures too. Mr. Bhalla says you are right, I m always with you. Raman says I don’t need your support, you keep your hand on Romi’s head. He goes. Mr. Bhalla gets upset. He asks Mrs. Bhalla does she think he did wrong. She cries and says no, I feel everyone is right, Romi left this house 7 years ago, and we did not keep terms with him, we called him useless, he got big award, we could not clap for him, I could not hug him, and bless him, I m so unlucky, and see Raman, he has become alone and heartless after Ishita and Ruhi’s death, he is finished.

Ishita opens the drawer and sees R heart. She smiles and says R…. why does this happen, when you see an alphabet and recall a person. She says for me, R will be always for Ruhi, but no this is of Ruhaan, he is a boy, I have to remember R can’t be for Ruhi always, R for Ruhaan, I felt glad meeting him, I felt some connection with him, though I did not meet him before, I saw him for the first time, even then I felt I have seen him before, don’t know, there is something.

Ishita calls Aaliya and asks about Ruhaan. Aaliya says recording did not happen, Ruhaan cancelled it. Ishita says what, it means he may have pain, its your mistake, you should have stayed. Aaliya says Ruhaan was not ready to stay, I have work here, I will talk later. Ishita asks for Ruhaan’s number so that she can take his welfare. Aaliya says fine, I will send. Niddhi sends a man with the injection. Nancy reads the note from Niddhi that Nancy shall give injection to Ruhaan and she will come late. Nancy thinks how will I do this and goes to Ruhaan. Ruhaan says go from here, I don’t want injection. Ishita calls and says I m Dr. Ishita, a dentist, how is he, are you his mother. Nancy says no, I m his governess. Ishita says I will give prescription, note it. Ruhaan says free me and cries. Ishita asks who is shouting, is that Ruhaan, whats the problem. Nancy says Ruhaan is unwell, he is becoming violent, I have his injection. Ishita asks how will you give him injection, is there no doctor, I will come, don’t give any medicine, I will handle him.

Ishita comes to meet Ruhaan. Ruhi ties her hair and wears the cap. Ishita goes inside the room. Ruhi covers herself with the blanket and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    Uff I feel soooooo bad for ruhi her eyes show love for ishu but why is she trying to stop ishu n raman from meeting I think niddhi gives ruhi drugs

  2. adithi

    Hi friends a sad news ,I heard a news that Raman will go to Australia for some work ishita and ruhaan will also be at same place while Raman and ishita are going to meet ruhaan intensionally pushes Raman from meeting ishita

    • Sonia Kapoor

      They were shooting a promo that Ruhaan aka Ruhi will stop Raman and Ishita from meeting because they gave her away to Niddi 7 years ago.

  3. khushi

    raman should die, I think raman is mentally unstable person har bat pe sala heartless hota phirta hai aisa ghatiya lead character kai naj hoga

    • Resh

      No yaar….raman’s mental state made him so…..Haven’t you seen,his heart is full of love for pihu….He had lost his wife and daughter,2persons whom he had loved more than anyone in this world….that made him depressed..It’s not his fault…He is angry at Romi only because he is not doing right things which meant that he still cares for him

  4. Siddhi

    What was the need of this stupid leap ruhi hates her ishimaa n papa ishu who never sees anything before her ruhi choose her own daughter raman always blame ishu n this plan was his n romi mihika what is this mihir mihika very nice acp mihika was also gud but romi mihika just to create difference between to families what was the need of hiding truth from pihu about ishu what ever ishu did was for pihu n shagun what kind of women she is she left manoj n again enter bhalla house

  5. Anakha

    Hai frnds….i saw in fb that ruhaan/ruhi will block ways for ishra’s reunion…..but i don’t think ruhaan/ruhi is bad may be he/she is doing this under pressure

  6. SIndhu

    Oh today’s episode is really bad because I feel terrible that Ruhi has violent tantrum and it is all to do with that drugs in the form of injection. Oh someone please kill Niddhi. She is creatign hell in everyone’s life. Raman now talks differently. He is not the old Raman that we know. Yesterday Rithu gave an update that Mani will marry Ishita and Shagun will marry Raman. Oh I hope that spoiler is not true. If that happens it will be a total mess. I can understand if Raman is forced to marry Shagun for Pihu sake as Raman does not know that Ishita is alive but Ishita definitely knows that Raman is alive and the whole family is there in India and how can Ishita agree to marry Mani for trying to show her gratitude. That is not fair. Ishita should at least show herself to Raman and I am very sure Raman would be happy to see Ishita. Oh please some one give me a better hope that Raman and Ishita will not marry Shagun and Mani respectively. Ruhi must stop that and she has to try to join Ishita. She is the only one in Raman’s family know that Ishita is alive. Unless Pihu sees Raman and Ishita’s wedding photo accidentally then she will question Adi about that. They have not shown Raman’s bedroom yet so we would not know whether the photos are still hanging on the wall and how different the his room is now after the leap.

  7. I love ruhi. I feel so bad for her.
    The top news is that:-
    Ruhanika Dhawan aka ruhi/pihu is going to quit YHM due to her studies.
    It is a very sad news for me and all the YHM fans.
    Am i right??

  8. In the upcoming episode ruhaan plyas trick to keep her parents ishita and raman apart…………. Yeh hai mohabbatein current track going with major twists and emotions filled sequences ruhaan who is very popular in australia for her talent, remembers her past how ishita and raman exchange their baby with nidhi………………………….. As per the scence, ishita is waiting for someone with ruhaan. Ruhaan sees raman first at the place. Raman starts walking towards them unknowing that ishita is also present in his way ruhaan decides to hit raman to avoid ishita and raman confrontation ruhaan wilingly moves in such way to bump into raman that he cannot see ishita is also present there ruhaan finally get success driving raman and ishita’s attentions in opposite directions using her tricks……………….. Yeh hai mohabatein get more romantic with young ruhaan and her new cute tricks…….. Stay stunned for more update……..

  9. Ooo God today’s episode was too sad ruhi is crying yaa I also think the same is niddhi is giving any drug to ruhi????

  10. Disha

    I think all should meet n truth comes out all accepts n family back to peace coz I can’t c ruhi in tis state n ya I want ruhis MIS understand ing BT her ishu ma gets cleared n she goes back to her n get rid of niddhi n get her identity her family back

  11. Hi rithu siddhi and all yhm friends i heard that ishita mani and aalia will go to india then aalia and adi will fall in love. N ruhi will hate hee ishima worst leap ever in yhm

  12. shreya

    Couldn’t bear ruhi’s state.How can she be treated like this? And by the way,where did u get the news of ruhanika quitting? Please tell..

  13. mahi

    alright guys i am new to comment hear but as all of you i am also a loyal viewer of yhm so guys while reading your comment i found that most of you are complaining for raman so i thought to give my point of view so here it goes
    well 1st of all u ol understand that raman has lost his love twice sorry maybe thrice [ruhi] 1st when he was a normal guy with normal aspiration he loved shagun a lot but shagun left him for ashok for money which made him belive that money is everything then he turn into a buisness tycoon with a disbelive in love olrite then ishita came and she normalised the thing as before and made raman belife that ruhi is his daughter and his love raman who used to crush ruhi for being shagun’s memory start loving her as his daughter but then again destiny played a dirty game and raman who fought hard to love someone else then his 1st love again lost his love with both ishu and ruhi guys to lose ur first love is dangerous but to lose ur second loveis even more dangerous becoz simply you could not bear to be at the losing side again and again and guys raman doubted romi i understand was wrong but then romi shld understand that now and then he kept breaking his belife so he shld suffer at the end

    • V P

      Mahi ….. with Ishitha its defferent from Shaghun ….Raman is the one leading to all these by the surrogancy track …. this is a serial …what cvs tell they do … still Raman was never sensible ….

  14. Fan

    Oh what a woeful tale. The writers have let their story telling run wild and bad.
    Ekta has a knack of producing stories like this. Lead stars die by falling off a cliff, getting burned and coming back with new faces, getting divorced and remarrying multiple times. Kasam se had Jay and Bani marry and seperate numerous times. Jay married two other women as well. The sacred institute of marriage is ridiculed. Surely some respect should be given to the sanctity of marriage.
    Indians all over the world have been a modest, respectable, pious and family orientated people. Their intelligence, hard work, devotion to family and their morals and ethics were admirable traits. These stories (supposedly based on Indian families) are in total contrast. Ekta said, in an interview with Karan Johar, that these are based on real issues in the Indian community. If that’s true, then what happened to this great nation of India.

  15. lavanya

    hi friends..I am new for this site..ruhaan aka aditi bhatia is doing well..I felt so bad for ruhi..instead of separating ishra..she should go to raman nd tell everything about wil better I think

  16. sao

    If Ruhaan/Ruhi doesnt know the truth that Ishita and Raman are not together, why would she try to keep them away, and if ruhi learns the truth about ishita afteewards whu ishitashould she be against ishita, as ishita has euqaly sacrificed,… doesnt make any sense… yes niddi should be punished and stop inoocents gets punished, as this story is watched by many and please have some message to tje society as well, just dont encourage bad to win… also Raman .. i really dint know how they make a Raman a very sucessful leader when he cannot lead a simple family….

  17. VS

    nice episode but feeling sad for ruhi/ruhann. the way niddhi treats ruhi is so terible. how she can do it with ruhi.niddhi’s character is so bad……

  18. V P

    whats this Nidhi upto . she had her hatred to Raman now showing to Ishitha . whats Ishitha mistake here . And torturing Ruhi/Ruhan …. we cant see our Ruhi suffering like this ….Aditi has equally shown her emotions in highly balance way to make all of us cry with her . This is too much to show in small screen as many families with their kids watching this serial . Next Ruhaan to hate her Ishima …. we cant see that … true love and dil ka rista they have . Cvs bring out the truth and join Ishru together . If dragged we will be forced to stop watching . Raman shown as matured but no emotion and expressions . our shaghun waiting to get married ….Why to show Romi as negative with Ashok ? He can come up in his life positively also that too our Mihika is with him … married or not married .I dont think Mihika will agree to take support from Ashok . DT was ok as usual …. loving stunning … gorgeous … She gets a hear beat when she thinks of Ruhaan ….I feel Raman is lost without his two loving angels ….

  19. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all yhm friends.

  20. Story track of popular
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    As seen till now, Ishita has been
    staying with her childhood friend
    and is looking after his niece
    Mani confesses his love towards
    Ishita to Aaliya and Aaliya forces
    to convey his love to Ishita.
    Though Mani loves Ishita loves
    Raman, he sees a chance for him
    spending 7 years with Ishita.
    The upcoming episode will show
    accepting Aaliya’s idea to propose
    Mani will decorate the room and
    create romantic atmosphere.
    Ishita will question Mani and in
    Mani will propose Ishita for
    Ishita will be completely shocked
    will reject Mani’s proposal as she
    loves only Raman (Karan Patel).
    Mani will be disheartened with
    Ishita’s rejection.

  21. Mani is unsuccessful
    in her attempt to
    confess his love to Ishita but later
    propose Ishita for marriage. Ishita
    be left in a dilemma but for Mani’s
    happiness she would agree as she
    doesn’t want to disappoint the man
    who supported her when she was
    heart broken. While on the other
    Raman will agree to marry Shagun
    Pihu’s happiness. Both Raman and
    Ishita have agreed to enter in a
    relationship in which they will
    be able to live in.

  22. Star Plus show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein
    has taken 7 years leap and will
    show the changed equation amid
    Bhalla, Shagun ( Anita
    and Raman ( Karan Patel ).
    It is seen that Raman, Ishita
    ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Ruhi have separated.
    Bhalla family blames Ishita for
    death and is unaware of Ruhaan
    On the other hand Raman has
    a stylish and powerful man.
    At the same time, Raman has
    turned a
    grumpy and angry man.
    Raman and Ishita’s daughter Pihu
    (Ruhanika Dhawan) is looked after
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    However, Mrs. Bhalla has noticed
    Shagun’s changed behavior and her
    love towards Pihu.
    In the coming episodes, Mrs.
    motive of getting Raman and
    married will be revealed.
    Let’s see if Raman agrees for Pihu’s

  23. We are here with a
    new gossip though
    it is a rumour which has a lot of
    chances of being true.
    According to new gossips, Shagun
    wanted to get back to Bhalla family
    and marry Raman after Ishita left.
    also broke her relationship with
    and entered in Bhalla house to
    Raman but she portrayed that she
    sacrificed her love for Pihu as she
    needs a mother figure.
    Shagun’s motive revolves around
    back in Raman’s life and marry
    She build up a strong relationship
    Pihu to later manipulate the family
    getting her married to Raman. Is
    Shagun using Pihu’s love for her to
    make a place in Raman’s heart?
    We believe the above piece of news
    true as actress Anita Hassanandani
    will have nothing to do in the show
    she stays positive she will just
    become another background
    We need to watch the show to
    know if
    this all is true.

  24. reshma

    can’t Ruhi/ruhaan at least think about aliya’s age??? if she guesses it she may know her ishima’s life…..

  25. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) tries to save Ruhaan from
    Nidhi’s (Pavitra Punia) torture
    The upcoming episode will show
    Ishita and Raman has separated
    Ruhi has become Ruhaan a rock
    and lives with Nidhi, Ruhi hates her
    Ishita Maa.
    Pihu lives with Bhalla family and
    assumes Shagun as her mother.
    Ishita will soon encounter her
    daughter Ruhi but will not
    her as she has turned Ruhaan.
    Mani’s daughter Aliya is Ruhaan’s
    and finds Ruhaan in danger.
    Ishita-Ruhaan’s first face off
    Ishita tries to save Ruhaan from his
    mothers torture being unaware
    their true identity.
    Ruhaan supports Nidhi as he hates
    Ishita Maa because of the betrayal.
    Ishita will soon find about Ruhaan’s
    true identity and will try to get her
    Ruhi back.
    Let’s see what more twists awaits
    Ishita and Raman’s life.
    Stay tuned for more exciting
    of the upcoming episodes.

  26. The upcoming story
    line of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    major shocker for the viewers as
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will
    once again turn negative in the
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has taken
    of 7 years and the lives of Ruhi,
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman
    Patel ) have changed.
    Shagun is seen looking after and
    raising Raman and Ishita’s daughter
    Pihu and shockingly Shagun has
    hidden motive.
    Apparently, after Ishita left Shagun
    became hopeful of getting married
    Shagun even left Manoj to be with
    Bhalla family and to make show of
    being dutiful mother to Pihu.
    As revealed by source, Shagun will
    making use of Pihu’s love to get
    to Raman and his life.
    It will be interesting to see if
    turns negative completely against

  27. veronica

    f**k off
    Duffer Vo ek serial h saala debate hi shuru kar di, kam dhanda nahi h kya befuzul Ki gossip , idiots of highest order

  28. bechari ruhi .emotional episode . uss niddhi ne toh ruhi ko bahuth torture karke rakha hai .woh niddhi sawage monster aur miserable mercyless hai . ghatia kahiki .

  29. arshi

    We lost our raman kumar bhalla along with the charm of the show…this was expected from romi… But i felt atleast mihika would bring him on r8 track but as usual ekta mam disappointed us once again with this leap like her all other serials…well done aditi bhatia…it took very less time to accept u as our sweet & adorable ruhi…love u ishita…i dont like shagun…if she has really left manoj & thinking of marrying raman for whosoever’s sake just like ishra did for ruhi’s sake, then i swear i will hate shagun the mmmooosssttt in the show… More than nidhi…really want nidhi’s track 2 end soon…want more clarity in the way of story telling 2 understand the leap better…

  30. Stupid nidhi what kind of injection she giving to ruhi .ruhi is really scared of nidhi .please Ruhan tell her ishi ma that she’s her little ruhi can u pls bring this in your next episode

  31. Anakha

    Hai rithu,vp,sindhu,siddhi and all frnds…episode was emotional…feeling bad for ruhi/ruhaan….and there is a good news for ruhanika dhawan aka ruhi/pihu fans…the little star will be there in Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 9 as a contestant on colors tv but yet she does’nt declared anything about her exit from yhm…But personally i don’t think that she’s gonna quit yhm ,as she is the main character and such an adorable child actress…the show took a leap and eventhough other actors who essayed roles of adi,shravan,ananya left the show..the team remained ruhanika in the show as pihu…eventhough many fans including me was against leap still we are watching yhm and one of it’s reason is that ruhanika is still there in the show … ruhanika..

  32. sithu

    I think ruhi is possessive towards ishitha….
    She don’t like the relation between aaliya and ishitha…
    Ruhi can’t hate her ishimaaa

  33. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein took
    a leap of 7 years with several twists
    and turns with new actors and with a
    different story.
    In the coming episodes,Cops will
    reach Ruhaan’s home and
    investigate Ruhaan whether her
    mom Nidhi tortures her or not.
    Ruhaan is about to disclose her pain
    but she sees ishima coming there.
    On seeing her ishima,
    Ruhi remembers how she exchanged
    her with her new born baby with
    Nidhi. She blurts her anger on
    Ishima saying she is no one to
    interfere in her personal life.
    Infact,she praises her Nidhi mom in
    front of the cops.
    Ohh…So much Drama…..
    According to a source,”Raman will
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    The Trio IshRaHi ….Ishita, Raman
    and Ruhi will be in a same cafe.
    Ruhaan will see both Raman and
    Ishita. But when Ishita is about to
    come face to face with Raman, She
    will come in between them and
    stops Raman by throwing coffee on
    him ,before they could see each
    Actually Ruhi doesnot want Ishima to
    meet Raman as she wants to take
    revenge from both of them.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  34. rosy

    its really sad that ruhi have to suffer alot since childhood. during childhood days she didn’t get the love needed and when ishita came she was very happy and now again sad. i feel so sad for her. Aditi bhatia is doing a very good job. her acting is awesome. i wish ishi and they come together soon.

  35. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
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    Mohabbatein will witness some
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    It seems that post the seven years
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    face to face in Australia.
    Raman will come to Australia for
    some business work and will
    come across Ishita.
    However before the two can see
    each other Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will
    recognise her father and will stop
    the reunion of the two.
    Apparently she will remember the
    faithful day when Ishita and Raman
    chose Pihu over her and therefore
    will hold a grudge against the two.
    She will not let Raman and Ishita
    come across each other.
    Stay tuned for more updates on
    your favourite show.

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