Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to meet Sujata. He thanks her for what she is doing for his family. She says its his work. He says you are doing great work for women and children, but I love my daughter a lot. Ruhi was 6 months old when her mum left, I raised her and did not give much happiness, but was with her always. Ishita loves her more but even I do. She asks him to come and have coffee. She says he did not do right and did not discuss with Ishita, this is his mistake. He says he is not from such mean. She says I know confused men, you have old mentality and want modern wife.

He says you can see women’s tears and does not see father’s pain, weakness is not that which is seen, real weakness is in fear that it can be shown. He leaves. She thinks seeing his pain. Suraj gets

angry and gets a call, and says ad is shot and everything is final, why will the contract get cancelled, is this a joke. He worried and sees Ashok’s news article of Marital rape accusation by his wife Mihika.

Ashok comes and greets good morning. Suraj says there is nothing good and says they will be soon on footpath and shows the news article. He says no brand is working with us, 5 contracts got cancelled since morning. Ashok says give me time, I will manage. Suraj says Ruhi’s ad also cancelled. Ashok says I will not leave Mihika, she will have to pay for this. Shagun asks Suraj to pay her, what if Ruhi’s ad got cancelled, she has done the ad and she will sue him if she does not get the payment. He asks her to go to hell. She says you go to hell. He says my payments are also stopped, how should I go.

Shagun reads news and says Mihika got famous and ruined me, I have to pay credits, how will I manage, don’t know Ruhi will get payment or not. Ruhi comes there. Ishita asks Neelu where is everyone, and calls driver to go out. She asks Neelu to take her to Mihir’s home. Raman says let it be, tell me when I m at home. Ishita says I did not know. Raman argues. She asks him to come. He takes her and she smiles.

Ruhi gets ready for school, as shoot is over. Shagun asks her to go and change, its 10.30 now. Ishita says no Ruhi, you will go to school. Shagun asks what is she doing here. Ishita says we have visiting rights, you can’t stop us. Shagun says Ruhi won’t go school. Ishita asks Ruhi does she wish to go. Ruhi nods. Ishita says good, come, I will take her, she is my daughter and I know whats good for her. Raman asks Ruhi to come and not be afraid. Ruhi holds Ishita’s hand and Shagun gets angry. Ishita says more than parents’ right, child’s right for education is imp, be careful, you have custody for few days and if you stop her, this can go against you.

Raman takes them to school and asks Ruhi why is she so quiet, is she annoyed. Ruhi says I m confused, you drop me to Shagun and then bring me by fighting with her, you love me or not. Ishita says we love you a lot, we can’t live without you, we will take you in few days promise. Ruhi says no promise, you always break it. Raman explains her that sometimes they have to break promise, Adi needed him, and she is strong to take care of everyone. Ruhi says I m not brave girl, I don’t like to be with Shagun, you left me alone. Ishita says no. Ruhi says let it be and leaves.

Ishita asks Raman to see how much they have hurt Ruhi. Raman says I know, don’t taunt me more, and gets angry, saying her fate is bad and she has this irresponsible husband. She asks him not to fight always. Amma says we have to explain Ishu to convince Raman, and looks for online shopping sites, and sends gifts to Ishita and Raman by their names. Mihika is on the way trying to take auto. Ashok comes to her and scolds her for giving interview against her. She says leave my hand, get lost. He says this is last warning, if you give a word against me in media, then I will show you. She beats him and asks is he hurt, be in limits, and scolds him.

Romi comes there and sees Ashok troubling Mihika. Romi scolds him and asks him to solve it at home, why is he bringing matter out. Ashok says I can fire Raman in one second. Mihika asks Romi to come and Romi gets angry as Ashok provokes him. Ruhi meets Muttu and says she missed him a lot. Ishita and Simmi plan to send Muttu with Ruhi, she can get support and engaged to shoo off negativity. They laugh.

Romi brings Mihika home and says she can tell him if she needs any help. She says fine. He apologizes to her. She says its very old thing. He says but I can get forgiveness. She smiles and leaves. Shagun asks Muttu to go, why did Ruhi get him here. Ruhi says Muttu is my baby and will live with me. Ishita says Ruhi will be happy with him, you want her happiness right. Shagun says you can’t get any dog here. Ruhi says its my baby, not dog. Shagun says he spoiled my saree. Simmi and Ishita smile, and Ishita asks her to let Ruhi enjoy, and scares her of animal welfare people. Shagun says unbelievable. Ishita and Simmi laugh.

Raman asks Neelu about Ruhi. Neelu says she went. He asks for tea. He gets a gift and asks her whats this. Neelu say courier man gave this and shows the receipt. He reads to my loving husband Raman Bhalla, from Ishita Bhalla, and says can’t she give personally. Ishita gets a gift and says so Ravan Kumar wants to say sorry by giving gift, I will not accept this way, till he gives me personally.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Suraj asks him to focus on business. Ashok says he has to settle scores with Mihika, let them be any problem, I will teach her a good lesson. He calls Tanushree and asks her to meet. Raman reads news of helpless woman and makes Ishita hear it. They stay annoyed and think they should gift personally. Mrs. Bhalla comes and takes the gift, asking shall I open it. They say yes. Mrs. Bhalla sees it and Ishita says she did not gift. Raman says liar.

Sujata tells someone that Ishita trusts me, I did as you told me, this is what we wanted. Raman hears this and says with whom is she talking, why did she win Ishita’s trust.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Are yaar ye amma toshiji ne soncha sahi k. .IshRa fight kam hogi. ..par ek gift dekhna chahiye tha dene se pehle ..fight kam hone ki bajye badh gayi

  2. Ashok Barbaad ho raha hqi…& Shagun jald hi barbaad hone wali hai……….but IshRa ki fight mat karvao….taaki hum Ashok & Shagun ki barbaadi enjoy kar sake…..

  3. aaj ka episode gud but kal phir se fight hogi undonom ke beech aur uper se e sujatha ji bhi thik nahi lag raha hai……aur bhagvaan kare ishu raman ke baath par viswaas kare aur un donom ke beech sab kuch thik ho………..aur vise bhi duniya me ache log hothe hi nahi hai kya jo e makers har entry ko negative bana ne me thulipadi hai………..bas muje aab ek hi wish hai hamari vo puraani vala world class yhm wapaas ajaye…….fool energy josh aur moujemasthi ho…….

  4. Hey mujhe lagta hai ki. .aage jake. ..mihika aur romi ki jodi bansakti hai. ..aaj ka scene dekhne se toh aaisa hi laga. …..
    ..tum log ko kya lagta hai. …????

  5. Yeh kal ka last scene nahi dikhaya…… who was that Mistry Man?????

    Mani or Subbu
    Subbu or Mani…
    Mani or Subbu
    Subbu or Mani…..

    Soch soch kar dimaag ghum raha hqi…….

  6. par guys mizun & prayosha muje nahi lagtha hai ki sujatha ji mani se baath kar rahi hai kyom ki agar vo mani hotha tho vo esa kyom kehthi ki maine ishu ka barosa jeeth liya aur vo muj par ankhbandh kar barosa karthi hai……..kyom ki mani tho esa nahi chahtha tha na……….

    • Jab muttu ko shagun k paas choda toh shagun ki halat dekhne layaq thi. ..aur uss k pass khud k liye paise nahin hai ab. .toh muttu bhi aagaya. .hai

  7. yeah but what about sarika….!!! by d way raman luking very handsome….but they luk cute in cute fghts and taunts not terrible fight..

  8. arey yaar raman and ishu dont fight with urself.haan we like ur nok-jok per angry fight tho bilkul nayi.we want our fav ishra back who cares for each other a lot.waise bein raman is going in leave tho till that plz give us good scenes of ishra.hai naa

  9. dekha naa shagun day by day u will lose everything.and one will be in ur side.u deserve to be alone.waise bein hamaza jeet sachi ki hota hai.

  10. Hey agar woh mani hai toh ..usse aaise chuppne ki kya zarorat hai. ……
    ..aur agar woh Subbu hai toh woh ishita ki help kyun karraha hai. …??
    ..yaar bahut confusion hai. .pata nahin aage kya hoga. …..?

  11. lucky

    guys i think sujatha taked with subbu.He is entering in ishithas life to win her back.did u see the update of telly guru.Whatever they post it is happening in the show.Ithink this is the new twist and as per source raman is going to divorce ishtha as he think she is happy with subbu. iwil post the link.any way this serial is getting negativity day by day.i watched it after many dayz but still i dnt know..

  12. Are yaar…….Ashok & Shagun ki barbaadi dikha rahe ho to kam se kam IshRa ko happy rakho to hum bhi unn dono ki barbaadi enjoy kar sake…..

  13. Agar aaj jis 3 scenes me IshRa ki fight dikhai…..uss ke bajay IshRa ka romance hota to aaj ke Ep ka to koi jawaab hi nahi hota………superb ep ho jata……

  14. waise if my nt wrong a long time tho ishra should understand each other that they cant live without each other.and haan they should take their relationship a head.what say guys

  15. Yeh sab fight na sirf or sirf Karan ki wajah se ho rahi hai…….ab Karan ko 15 day ki chutti chahiye…..matlab Raman ki long buisness tour dikhani padegi……& agar Raman out of town gaya to IshRa ki phone conversation dikhani padegi ……magar IshRa ki fight hui ho to wo Phone par baat hi nahi karenge…..iss liye hi IshRa ki fight dikha rahe hai………. Karan itni kya jaldi thi yaar shaadi karne ki……… pehle apni reel life wife ki I♡U bolte baad me shaadi karte……..

  16. Haa wo hi to Priyaroli…… Raman ne jab IshRuh mile the tab Ishita se kya kaha tha ….muje inn 2 dino me pata chala ki mai tum dono ke bina reh nahi sakta & ab Ishita ki sab baato ka galat matlab nikal raha hai……

  17. Ab IshRa phir Sujata je naam par fight karenge……..Raman kahega Sujata galat hai & Ishita kahegi Sujata sahi hai…..bas karo yaar fight……..ab hume sirf aur sirf Ashok & Shagun ki barbadi enjoy karne do ….pls……

  18. hi prayu. notice kiya ashok ka company going in loss tho raman may be get into problem.raman hamara baad mano and open a new company with the name rkb company

  19. Are yaar….Raman itne cute cute nose par laal laal gussa achcha nahi lagata……chjodo na gussa itna bhi kya gussa hona………Sadu Kumar ban jate ho…..ab to Ruthe Kumar bhi ban gaye ho……….hune to Sirf do hi Kumaar oasand hai….ek JKR ka oneliners denewala Raavan Kumar & dusta humara lovely Romantic Kumaar………ab chhodo bhi yeh Gussa jara hans ke dikhao……….

  20. Are yaar……yeh Phir se kya bakwaas hai……..Yeh Raman ghode ki ghaas khake bada hua hai kya……..bilkul akkal nahi hai …….jiss Subbu ne Ishita ki chhod diya tha ….uss ke saath Ishita khush kause rwh sajti hai……& last airport wale scene me hi clear ho gya tha ki Ishita Raman ke saath khush hai… ab Raman kaise soch sakta hai ki Ishita Subbu ke saath khush rahegi……… aisa hua to Raman se bada bewkuf koi nahi……….Iss bar na Ishita jab Raman divorce papers de to Raman ko airport par nahi par uss ki hi family ke saamne Papers se nahi par apne haatho se maarna……..2-4 thappad khich ke lagana……….how ideot stupid person yaar………aise kaise Ishita ko chhod sakta hai…..& Ishita ne bhi Ruhi ko apne mumma papa ke saath khush dekga tha …to Raman yeh bahana dega to Ishita bhu maan jayegi……..pls yaar…gum fans ke saath itna unfairmat karo…….muje to abhi se soch soch kar rona aa rha hai…….

  21. Yaar nai jab bhi Mandir jaati hoo..apne se pehle ishRa ke liye dua mangti hoo….phir aisa kyo hota hai…………pura vecation ka mood kharab kar diya……
    I hope yeh ek aur sach na ho……mai nahi seh paungi………

  22. re yaar……yeh Phir se kya bakwaas hai……..Yeh Raman ghode ki ghaas khake bada hua hai kya……..bilkul akkal nahi hai …….jiss Subbu ne Ishita ki chhod diya tha ….uss ke saath Ishita khush kause rwh sajti hai……& last airport wale scene me hi clear ho gya tha ki Ishita Raman ke saath khush hai… ab Raman kaise soch sakta hai ki Ishita Subbu ke saath khush rahegi……… aisa hua to Raman se bada bewkuf koi nahi……….Iss bar na Ishita jab Raman divorce papers de to Raman ko airport par nahi par uss ki hi family ke saamne Papers se nahi par apne haatho se maarna……..2-4 thappad khich ke lagana……….how ideot stupid person yaar………aise kaise Ishita ko chhod sakta hai…..& Ishita ne bhi Ruhi ko apne mumma papa ke saath khush dekga tha …to Raman yeh bahana dega to Ishita bhu maan jayegi……..pls yaar…gum fans ke saath itna unfairmat karo…….muje to abhi se soch soch kar rona aa rha hai…….

    • But telly guru ne kaha hai ..& adha to sach hai……Ruhi kisiko apne saath layegi…jise dekhkar Iahita shoked ho jayegi……SBB me bataya ki wo Subbu hoga…..& SBS me Sumit Sachdev dikhaya…….means Mani…….iss liye mai & Mizun dopahr se confuse hai ki yeh actually Mani hai yaa Subbu???? Kyonki Sumit ek hi show me Mani & Subbu dono ka role nahi kar sakta…..

  23. aaj ke episode mein ishra scene accha nahi tha aur maine uss sujatha ko accha samjha lekin nikli koi aaur. you are right prayosha .humara poora vaction karab kardenge.aur ekta maam ne kaha tha ki iss baare mein veiwers ka response ke baad hi kuch karegi lekin yaha toh yeh maha bhakheda hogaya hai. yeh log ek hi story ko baar baar kyu repeat kar sakthe hai pehle custody ki aur ishra ki divorce ki.mani hotha toh theek hai kyunki mani ne hi ishra ko last time milwayatha.aaj jab subbu ke baare kuch nahi dikhaya toh maine samjha shayad mani aa saktha hai lekin precap dekhke yahi lagtha hai ki subbu aayega.

  24. aaj kal yhm mein woh purani wali baath nahi hai .buss har roz koi rotha hai ya kuch bura hotha hai aur zabardasti backwaaz twists laa rahe hai jo veiwers ko pasand nahi hai aur baar baar ek hi cheez repeat hona yeh kaha ki baat hue.kkb aur math mein atleast kisi ek ne toh confess kiya lekin yhm mein ek ne bhi confess nahi kiya.aur iss subbu ke shagun hogi toh mujhe lagtha hai yeh jo hum iss shgun wale track ko jo 6 months se jheel rahe hai usse hum veiwers ko aur 6 months jhelne padenge.yaani poora ek saal shagun ka drama.

  25. As Tellyguru,already reported that
    there will be a new entry in the show
    which will spice up the drama.
    Actually, Subbu (ishita’s ex-lover)
    who left ishita before many years is
    going to enter her life again.
    In the coming episode’s of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein,we will witness that
    ishita will be happy as she got
    visitation rights of ruhi.They bring ruhi
    to house for some time and she will
    be happy.Later ishita reaches
    shagun’s home and gifts muttu to ruhi
    which makes her excited.But shagun
    doesnot like dogs and she will be
    furious on ishita for bringing the dog
    Raman and ishita will be fighting with
    each other and it will be seen by
    Amma and she decides to solve it.She
    sends a gift to raman as if it was sent
    by ishita.But by mistake the cufflinks
    will be exchanged with
    bangles.However,amma’s idea leads
    to a fight between raman and ishita.
    Somehow,Raman forgot to bring ruhi to
    home and there comes subbu with
    ruhi.Ishita will be shocked on seeing
    him.He will tell them that he is the
    owner of the ad-company where ruhi
    shoots.Soon we will see he joins
    hands with shagun as his feelings for
    ishita will develop again.
    Subbu will create differences between
    raman and ishita,which leads to many
    arguments and misunderstandings
    between the couple.Raman decides to
    divorce with ishita ,feeling that she
    will be happy with the other.

  26. Ye raman pagal hogaya hai kiya. .airport par maar khaya so bhol gaya. .ab phir se mar khaye ga woh. Phir bewakhfi kaisekarsakta hai. .kaise sonch sakta hai ki woh ishita ko divorce dega. ….hope ye rumour ho. .

  27. romi

    This show is becoming horrible day by
    day .it seems that if the writer is out of
    his mind. Now who the hill is this sujata and they said earlier that dubbo antheir wife are both doctors and work in their own hospital in chennai.

  28. hi guys.good mrg.havd a special day.and guys dont take fb and c its clear said that divorce wala drama is just fake guys just chill.waise bein hamara ishra ka relation itna week nayi hai koi kuch nayi kar saktha.ishra is best forever.

  29. hi is the news.About the upcoming and
    on going track *** According to a spoiler it is
    written that Raman will agree
    to divorce Ishita for Ruhi and
    will leave. Let me clear it that
    it’s a fake spoiler coz we will
    not gonna have divorce track right now and logically if u
    think then Ad film has nothing
    to do with Ruhi’s custody and
    as per yesterday’s episode
    Ishra have joint custody of
    Ruhi so after divorce Ruhi will not go with Ishita anyway so
    they wouldn’t divorce each
    other so don’t worry about the
    divorce coz we not gonna
    have divorce track. Now about the new entry..
    Karan is taking a short leave of
    one or two week and will be
    seen very less in the show. So
    this track is just introduced to
    drag this time for a while. Now some of them are saying
    why didn’t they choosed any
    other track.. For them I wanna
    say that it gonna be very
    important track in Ishra life
    and will bring them together as a couple coz recently Ishita
    said that we are together for
    Ruhi and Raman too feel like
    this somewhere.. So this track
    will end their insecurities and
    will make them realize that they do need each other too
    and cannot live without each
    other n will bring them
    together. So stay positive n don’t
    assume anything by reading
    fake spoilers coz most of them
    are fake and it has been
    proved earlier too.. So don’t
    worry n stay updated with us.

    • divan

      Tty so much yar yeh khabar sunane ke liye….main tho literaly ro padi vo spoler sunke…..fate muh uska jisne vo poiler likha….:-) 🙂 thank u so much yar am realy v.grateful to u…

  30. hello paryu.what happen.ab tum kaha chali gaye.teek lagtha hai.tum busy ho.tho tab bhi tum free ho naa.saru padna.bye.ab thoda kam tha office mai.c u later.

  31. Thank God……..Thanks Priyaroli…..mera tension door karne ke liye……ab Ramam jab Karan chutti lega tab Ishita se door jayega….tab dono ko pata chalega ki dono ek dusre ke bina nahi reh sakte…..

  32. The viewers of Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus, are quite curious about Ishita’s past and the recent entry of a man. The ongoing tracks revolve around Ruhi’s (Ruhanika Dhawan) custody case which has kept the audience emotionally hooked to the show and they are smitten over Ishima and Ruhi’s bond and love is being shown on the show. Well, Ishita’s past is to hound her back. To know more what is in store for the viewers, read the following – Our source says, “Ishita’s ex – lover Subramanium (Bhanujeet Sudan) will come back and this time he will be seen as the owner of the advertising company. Ruhi will be acting in the ad film and he will share a very good relationship with Ashok (Sangraam Singh). Later, Subramanium will come to know about Ishita through Ruhi and his feelings will again
    develop for her. “As the show will progress further, Subbu will join hands with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) to create differences in Ishita and Raman’s life and will try to separate them so that he can get Ishita back in his life.,” adds the source. Will Ishita and Raman get separated forever? Well the time will tell everything now

  33. Are yaar……..yeh Subbu ke Biwi Bachche nahi hai……..& Ishita Ranan se juda ho bhi jaay tobhi uski kya majburi jo wo Subbu ke saath waapas jaay……..wese yeh kqbhi ho nahi sakta………..hum kabhi hone nahi denge…………

  34. Ek baath hai subbu ki shadi ho chuki thi naa phir yeh aab ishra ki lyf mai dakhal andazi kyu karaha hai uff subah se sar ghumraha hai subbu ke barre mai soch soch kar

  35. Latest sequence is….to much boring….
    Ishita fans…..leave dis show…
    Plz change tracks…
    Is to boring.. .
    no body will be see dis type scene….

  36. I think jabKaran chuttiyo se waapas aayega…….matlab Raman bhi kahi doir gaya hoga waha se waapas aayega to IshRa ek dusre ki feelings bata denge…..
    Dono ek dusre ke bina ek din bhi nahi reh sakte…….

  37. Yeh sab fight na sirf or sirf Karan ki wajah se ho rahi hai…….ab Karan ko 15 day ki chutti chahiye…..matlab Raman ki long buisness tour dikhani padegi……& agar Raman out of town gaya to IshRa ki phone conversation dikhani padegi ……magar IshRa ki fight hui ho to wo Phone par baat hi nahi karenge…..iss liye hi IshRa ki fight dikha rahe hai………. Karan itni kya jaldi thi yaar shaadi karne ki……… pehle apni reel life wife ki I♡U bolte baad me shaadi karte……..

    • sab karan ki shaadi ki wajhe se horaha hai. …ab business tour par jaye par baat nahin karen ge. .toh hume ishra scenes kaise dekhne ko mile ge…. …….

  38. Hey prayu. .tumhe kaise pata chala TRP mein. .yhm 5th position par. mein toh nahin bataya. ..aur uss mein kaha ki. 2 months tak TRP chart nahin aaye ga. ….

  39. Maine bolq to tha TRP tum ne dekha nahi tha……..
    Har baar2:45 ko aata tha…iss bar 3:15 ko aaya tha……
    1) KKB
    2) SNS
    3) DABH
    4) YRKKH
    5) YHM

    Yeh Thursday ko aaya tha maine khud dekha tha…..

  40. Raman is very happy today
    since he reads an essay Ruhi
    wrote about him and knowing
    his daughter thinks so highly
    about him has him cheered up
    he didnt think Ishita is the one who made Ruhi write the
    She said Karan too was
    enjoying the teasing scene
    quite a lot and he is a moody
    person if he enjoys the scene he does its apparent which
    translates on screen too, she
    said she enjoys such scenes
    too; their on-screen bantering
    is enjoyed by the fans as well.
    She says Sujata has helped them a lot in the Marital rape
    case of Mihika for which the
    family thanks her and Sujata
    has assured her she would
    help them get Ruhi back and
    she hopes that happy days are back.
    Also in the scene her feet is
    getting really dry owing to the
    plaster for which she wanted
    to apply some cream on it but
    since she is irritated with him she asks Raman not to touch
    her but he finds away around
    it and applies the cream on her
    foot with the help of a brush.
    She says we are romancing
    despite the fighting and dont want to admit to it but we are
    romantics. Raman yells for his parents
    and Simi and all of them come
    rushing in his and Ishita’
    bedroom worried what
    happened. He says Ruhi has
    said her dad is Superman with the gesture and hismom is like
    whats there to shout in this to
    which Ishita agrees. He says
    with a pomp its necessary to
    spell things out since some
    people who have defective brains and legs think I am not
    a good dad but my daughter
    thinks I am superman and they
    must know papa is superman.
    Ishita is saying she is a little
    girl who doesnt understand. He says that her leg’ injury is
    affecting her brain give her
    some almonds and
    chavanprash because of which
    Simi and his parents laugh
    they get that things are finally normal between these two
    and leave them alone when he
    sees they have left he asks
    where did they go to which
    Ishita says they got bored
    because of you so he retorts that they left because they got
    tired of looking at your leg and
    now I would let your mom
    know what a wonderful SIL
    she has got as he leaves the
    room In the next scene he comes to
    the room and sees Ishita is
    touching her foot and says
    there are so many poor
    helpless people in this world
    and takes a seat beside her on the bed. He picks up the box of
    cream kept on the bed and
    takes out a painting brush
    making Ishita ask him whats
    this, so he replies you said
    dont touch. He dips the brush in the cream box and applies it
    on her toes she says wow you
    finally listened to me to which
    he quips why dont you tell me
    once I would leave you at your
    Amma’ forever. Ishita calls to Neelu for a folder and they call
    each other mad. Raman says I am the
    superman who wears his
    underwear on the inside
    making Ishita say he is
    gross,the scene of video 2 is
    now canned with closeups of Ishita and Raman. He calls her
    Langda tyagi and she calls him
    mad and says she would break
    his leg the next time around.
    wink emoticon He mock reads
    from the file the essay is in that Ishimaa is irritating but
    Papa is loving and caring who
    makes my dreams come true.

  41. hey guys agar divorce ka track aaya toh iss baar ishitha ko uss subbu ke saamne raman ko gusse mein confess kardena chahiye taki uss subbu ko bhi paths chale aur raman bhi hamesha divorce naam ka word ishitha se naa bole. jaise kkb aur math mein kisi ek ne toh confesa kiya waise hi yhm mein bhi hona chahiye aur iss baar ishitha sw hi taki dono raman aur uss pagal subbu ko patha chale.

  42. divan

    Guyz one more thing mihika aur romi ki shaadi hone wali hai aur sarika ka jo bacha hai vo use sambhal nahi pathi tho vo bacha romi ko dheti hai aur gayab ho jati hai…..another one and the main one: ishra ka ek cute sa baby hone wala hai n ruhi becomes isecure abt the baby wen ishu realizes wat ruhi is feelin she tries to dolve it……

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  47. It was an important day for Ruhi. She was selected to participate in the inter-school impromptu competition. Her Ishima and Papa have been training her on various topics that she would possibly get. The enthusiasm and nervousness of her parents was more like it was them participating and not her. Nevertheless she enjoyed the affection and concern of her parents.

    Dadi and Paati were ready and with Dahi-Cheeni and Payasam respectively. Do I have to even mention that they had a fight on what was Ruhi going to eat before leaving? To put an end to their silly war Ruhi mixed Dahi in Payasam and ate it. Romi Chachu, Mihir Chachu, Vandu Periamma, Mihika Chitti, Simmi bua, Dadu and Thaatha everyone was there to see her off.

    “Mai kisi jung me nahi jarahi. It’s just a competition” Ruhi rolled her eyes on seeing her over-enthusiastic family.

    “Mera bachha pehli baar inne vadde kampitition me jaraha hai. Jung se kam thodi na hai” Mrs. Bhalla said.

    “Competition Dadi”

    “Haan wahi wahi. Ja mere bachhe jeet ke ana” 

    “Ok Dadi” Ruhi smiled “IshiMa Papa chalo humein der horahi hai”

    “All the best Ruhi” everyone wished her together.

    “Thank you. Bye” and they set off to the venue.


    “I am so nervous Raman. Patha nahi Ruhi ko kya topic milega?”

    “Itna nervous kyun horahi ho?” he shrugged as if he was totally calm but his frantically rubbing nails conveyed something else “Maine achhi tayyari karwayi hai Ruhi ki. Pakka jeet jayegi”

    “Bol to aise rahe ho jaise maine kuch sikhaya hi nahi. Internet pe topics search karke maine sikhaya tha Ruhi ko”

    “Kya topics choose kiye the tumne. Flower, Smile, Honesty etc etc aise bhi koi topics hote hain kya? Topics to woh milenge jo maine sikhaya”

    “Haan ab ye 8 saal ki bachhi ko Marketing, Inflation, Finance jaise business terms denge na?” she said mocking.

    “Arrey tum Madrasi kounsi sadi me jee rahe ho? Topics ka bhi standard hona chahye”

    “Isme ab Madrasi aur standard kahan se aya? Aap bhi na har baat me mere community ko kheench late ho. Arrogant Punjabi”

    “Tum to jaise doodh ki dhuli ho”

    “Jo bhi ho topic wahi milega jo maine sikhaya hai”

    “Challenge kar rahi ho? Dekh lena mere sikhaye hue topic me se hi koi milega”

    “Dekhte hain”

    “Haan dekh lena”

    “Excuse me Sir and Ma’am! Could you please co-operate with us? People sitting beside and behind are complaining that they can’t hear the participants. Please Sir and Ma’am!” the volunteer requested them with a smile.

    “Tum bhi na ladte waqt na jagah dekhti ho na mahol. Bas shuru hojati ho” he glared at her.

    “Maine kiya? Aap to bas…” they started again.

    “Sir and Ma’am please! If you don’t co-operate we will be forced to ask you to leave” the volunteer said this time a little miffed.

    “Sorry!” they said simultaneously and glared at each other. They stopped fighting verbally but they continued the war silently through actions.

    “Our next participant is Ms. Ruhi Bhalla from Delhi Public School” they forgot their fight at this announcement and held each others hands in nervousness. 

    “Ms. Ruhi Bhalla please pick a topic from the bowl” Ruhi picked one. 

    “Ayyo Murugan! Koi easy topic dena meri bachhi ko” 

    “Haan Murugan! Iski bath sunlo aur mere sikhaye hue topic me se koi topic dedo” he earned a deadly glare from her.

    Ruhi stood in front of the mic and opened the chit. Her eyes widened for a moment. She then calmed down and spoke “Good Morning everyone. My topic is SNORING”

    “What?” Ishita and Raman said in one breath. 

    “Snoring? Ye kaisa topic hai? Aisi topic bhi koi detha hai kya?” Ishita was shocked. (This is how my lecturer reacted when I had read out my topic aloud)

    “Kis pagal ne ye topic choose kiya hai? Abhi Pathak ko phone lagatha hun. I am going to sue him” Raman roared.

    “Ye kuch zyada hogaya Raman. But seriously ye topic?”

    “Wahi to! Mai jakar Ruhi ko abhi stage se wapas latha hun. Koi zarurat nahi aise bakwas competition me participate karne ki” he was about to eave when Ruhi started her speech.

    “Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound. It is due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases the sound may be soft, but in other cases, it can be loud and unpleasant. We usually expect to hear snoring at night but its not true. You may hear people snoring in public places during day time too just like I can faintly hear a snoring voice among the audience.”

    “Raman she is speaking so well” Ishita and Raman were surprised.

    “But Ruhi ko itna sab kaise patha snoring ke bare me” Raman was amazed at her knowledge.

    “You all must be wondering how I know so much about snoring. Right? Well, before telling you that let me tell you something very interesting. I have heard someone say that a woman who bears her husband’s snoring every night but still loves him unconditionally will enter heaven. (My cousin had told this once)  If this is true by any chance I am glad that my mom will be the queen of heaven because my Dad snores very badly”

    Raman’s eyes widened in shock. Ishita tried to stifle a laugh.

    “One night I was doing a science project on my Dad’s computer when I heard some dangerous noises and was scared to death. When i tried to find the source it was none other than my Dad snoring. He was indeed having a SOUND sleep.”

    “Let me share one interesting story with you. My Dad once had an important conference in Mumbai. Mr.Tandon from London, my Dad’s business associate was also coming. As it was a celebration time in Mumbai almost all suites were booked and Dad somehow managed to book one suite for himself and Mr.Tandon. Mr.Tandon had a long flight and he was hell tired. He badly wanted to catch some sleep before attending the conference next morning. To his ultimate dismay, he had to share the room with Dad. Guess what he did? He literally threw Dad out of his suite in a desperate need for sleep which was not possible with Dad sleeping around. Poor Dad had to spend the entire night in the Hotel’s lobby”

    The audience broke into laughter. Embarassed was an understatement to define Raman’s situation at that moment. Ishita could not control anymore. She started laughing too. Raman face-palmed and wished he could disappear in thin air. He wished his little princess stopped here.

    “I must admit that my Dad’s snoring is extraordinary. Initially it sounds like flowing river, soothing the ears. Slowly it starts roaring as if the river is trying to flow outside its boundaries. Sometimes he whistles in between. sometimes it sounds like a generator and sometimes like a volcano which can give you nightmares. If there was something like a Best Snoring Award I am sure my Dad would win it.”

    “Lastly I would like to say that if a snoring husband can give you an easy entry to heaven, I would not mind having a life partner who snores like my Dad. I am sure my mom needs my company in heaven. Thank you” she said and confidently walked back to her teacher and the team.

    A roar of laughter and applause could be heard in the audience. It was difficult to decide which sound was over powering.

    “Wow Ruhi you spoke so well. I must admit that you are very quick and smart in cooking up stories” her teacher said.

    “Thank you for the compliment Ma’am. But I was not cooking up stories. It’s true” she giggled.

    “You got to be kidding me” her teacher said.

    “No I am not” and she pointed at her parents in the audience.

    One look at Mr.Bhalla’s embarassed face and Mrs.Bhalla’s unsuccessful attempt of controlling the laughter was enough for Ruhi’s teacher to confirm her doubt.

    “Does your Dad snore so badly?” she asked laughing.

    “Well I must say I am lucky that my Dad snores. Else I would have nothing to say on stage” Ruhi shrugged proudly.

    “That’s true” her teacher accepted.

    “Meri ek important meeting hai. Mujhe jana hoga” Raman tried to escape.

    “Aaj ki apki sari meetings cancel kar di gayi hain Mr. Bhalla. Aap bahut excited the na Ruhi ke competition ko lekar. Aur dekho aap ki chuni hui topic nahi par AAP KI topic mili Ruhi ko” Ishita started teasing him.

    “Bahut hasi arahi hai na tumko? Dono maa beti milke meri izzat ki dhachhiyan udado” Raman was visibly annoyed.

    “Now its time to announce the result. The first prize goes to…any guesses???? You are right. Its Ms. Ruhi Bhalla from Delhi Public School”

    “Yeyyy” screamed Ruhi and ran to the stage. The announcement brought Raman out of his embarassment and he started cheering loudly and clapping for her. Ishita stood up in excitement and started clapping for her little princess.

    Ruhi recieved the trophy. Raman was too excited that he forgot what had transpired a while ago. In his enthusiasm he nudged the man sitting across him and said “She is my daughter. Ruhi Bhalla”.
    “Oh Congrats!” Raman smiled heartily, the man continued “So you are the one who snores so badly!” and he burst out laughing “I must say you are amazing”  

    Thusss! Raman felt his bubble of pride breaking. As if the humiliation was not enough the man called out to the others pointing towards Raman and they joined him in laughing too.

    “Chullu bhar paani milega kya?” he asked Ishita.

    “Kya? Kyun” Ishita asked confused.

    “Doob marna hai” Raman said with a straight face.

    “Raman aap bhi na. Kuchh bhi bolte rehte ho”

    “Tumhari beti ne meri izzat ki jo dhachhiyaan udaadi hai uske baad to yahi karna baaki reh gaya hai”

    Ishita laughed at her husband’s comment.

    Ruhi came running towards them with a victorious smile. Ishita kneeled down and hugged her. “My little champion. Mujhe patha tha you would win it”

    “All thanks to Papa” She beamed happily. Ishita signalled Ruhi to keep quiet.

    “Yeah all thanks to me. And all thanks to you meri izzat neelam karne keliye”

    “Haww Papa! Mujhe thodi patha tha ke ye topic milegi?”

    “Mujhe to lagta hai ke ye tum donon ki mili bhagat thi. Ishita ne hi ye topic suggest kiya hoga”

    “Kya Raman? Kuchh bhi?”

    “Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bhalla. Your daughter is very talented.” Ruhi’s teacher congratulated them.

    “And by the way Mr.Bhalla award function me humein invite zaroor karna”

    “Kounsa award function?” Raman asked confused 

    “Best Snoring Award” she said and laughed loudly.

    Ruhi and Ishita held their tongue in cheek. Raman’s expression said that even if a giggle escaped their lips they were going to be killed by him. He angrily marched towards his car.


    Back at Akash Ganga Society Bhalla and Iyer family were impatiently waiting for the trio to return. As soon as they saw Raman’s car approaching, they ran downstairs. 

    Ruhi came running with her trophy and everyone screamed in joy. All congratulated her. They were in full on celebration mood.

    Mihika asked “Ruhi tumhein topic kya mila tha”

    “Mujhe bahut kaam hai. Excuse me” Raman marched towards the house.

    “Oye Ise kya hua?” Mrs. Bhalla was confused at his sudden mood swing.

    Ruhi and Ishita looked at each other and burst into another round of laughter leaving the Bhalla and Iyer family confused.

  48. Lo Raman pehle jab trophy mili to bola meri beti….. & jab audiance haba ne lagi to Ishita ko bola tumhati beti ne meri ijjat ki dhajjiya uda di………yeh show me hona to . . Raman ka face dekhne wala hoga……..

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