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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to meet Sujata. He thanks her for what she is doing for his family. She says its his work. He says you are doing great work for women and children, but I love my daughter a lot. Ruhi was 6 months old when her mum left, I raised her and did not give much happiness, but was with her always. Ishita loves her more but even I do. She asks him to come and have coffee. She says he did not do right and did not discuss with Ishita, this is his mistake. He says he is not from such mean. She says I know confused men, you have old mentality and want modern wife.

He says you can see women’s tears and does not see father’s pain, weakness is not that which is seen, real weakness is in fear that it can be shown. He leaves. She thinks seeing his pain. Suraj gets

angry and gets a call, and says ad is shot and everything is final, why will the contract get cancelled, is this a joke. He worried and sees Ashok’s news article of Marital rape accusation by his wife Mihika.

Ashok comes and greets good morning. Suraj says there is nothing good and says they will be soon on footpath and shows the news article. He says no brand is working with us, 5 contracts got cancelled since morning. Ashok says give me time, I will manage. Suraj says Ruhi’s ad also cancelled. Ashok says I will not leave Mihika, she will have to pay for this. Shagun asks Suraj to pay her, what if Ruhi’s ad got cancelled, she has done the ad and she will sue him if she does not get the payment. He asks her to go to hell. She says you go to hell. He says my payments are also stopped, how should I go.

Shagun reads news and says Mihika got famous and ruined me, I have to pay credits, how will I manage, don’t know Ruhi will get payment or not. Ruhi comes there. Ishita asks Neelu where is everyone, and calls driver to go out. She asks Neelu to take her to Mihir’s home. Raman says let it be, tell me when I m at home. Ishita says I did not know. Raman argues. She asks him to come. He takes her and she smiles.

Ruhi gets ready for school, as shoot is over. Shagun asks her to go and change, its 10.30 now. Ishita says no Ruhi, you will go to school. Shagun asks what is she doing here. Ishita says we have visiting rights, you can’t stop us. Shagun says Ruhi won’t go school. Ishita asks Ruhi does she wish to go. Ruhi nods. Ishita says good, come, I will take her, she is my daughter and I know whats good for her. Raman asks Ruhi to come and not be afraid. Ruhi holds Ishita’s hand and Shagun gets angry. Ishita says more than parents’ right, child’s right for education is imp, be careful, you have custody for few days and if you stop her, this can go against you.

Raman takes them to school and asks Ruhi why is she so quiet, is she annoyed. Ruhi says I m confused, you drop me to Shagun and then bring me by fighting with her, you love me or not. Ishita says we love you a lot, we can’t live without you, we will take you in few days promise. Ruhi says no promise, you always break it. Raman explains her that sometimes they have to break promise, Adi needed him, and she is strong to take care of everyone. Ruhi says I m not brave girl, I don’t like to be with Shagun, you left me alone. Ishita says no. Ruhi says let it be and leaves.

Ishita asks Raman to see how much they have hurt Ruhi. Raman says I know, don’t taunt me more, and gets angry, saying her fate is bad and she has this irresponsible husband. She asks him not to fight always. Amma says we have to explain Ishu to convince Raman, and looks for online shopping sites, and sends gifts to Ishita and Raman by their names. Mihika is on the way trying to take auto. Ashok comes to her and scolds her for giving interview against her. She says leave my hand, get lost. He says this is last warning, if you give a word against me in media, then I will show you. She beats him and asks is he hurt, be in limits, and scolds him.

Romi comes there and sees Ashok troubling Mihika. Romi scolds him and asks him to solve it at home, why is he bringing matter out. Ashok says I can fire Raman in one second. Mihika asks Romi to come and Romi gets angry as Ashok provokes him. Ruhi meets Muttu and says she missed him a lot. Ishita and Simmi plan to send Muttu with Ruhi, she can get support and engaged to shoo off negativity. They laugh.

Romi brings Mihika home and says she can tell him if she needs any help. She says fine. He apologizes to her. She says its very old thing. He says but I can get forgiveness. She smiles and leaves. Shagun asks Muttu to go, why did Ruhi get him here. Ruhi says Muttu is my baby and will live with me. Ishita says Ruhi will be happy with him, you want her happiness right. Shagun says you can’t get any dog here. Ruhi says its my baby, not dog. Shagun says he spoiled my saree. Simmi and Ishita smile, and Ishita asks her to let Ruhi enjoy, and scares her of animal welfare people. Shagun says unbelievable. Ishita and Simmi laugh.

Raman asks Neelu about Ruhi. Neelu says she went. He asks for tea. He gets a gift and asks her whats this. Neelu say courier man gave this and shows the receipt. He reads to my loving husband Raman Bhalla, from Ishita Bhalla, and says can’t she give personally. Ishita gets a gift and says so Ravan Kumar wants to say sorry by giving gift, I will not accept this way, till he gives me personally.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Suraj asks him to focus on business. Ashok says he has to settle scores with Mihika, let them be any problem, I will teach her a good lesson. He calls Tanushree and asks her to meet. Raman reads news of helpless woman and makes Ishita hear it. They stay annoyed and think they should gift personally. Mrs. Bhalla comes and takes the gift, asking shall I open it. They say yes. Mrs. Bhalla sees it and Ishita says she did not gift. Raman says liar.

Sujata tells someone that Ishita trusts me, I did as you told me, this is what we wanted. Raman hears this and says with whom is she talking, why did she win Ishita’s trust.

Update Credit to: Amena

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