yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 7)

Friends i am back wid the next epi of my ff . sorry i could not post for many days because i was busy .but please keep giving comments

Ved ,vansh ,ruhi, raman reach there they r shocked to see sooraj in this state . sandhya tells the whole story to them . she says i got my sooraj ji back that’s enough for me , he will become alright ,he should. All say definitely he will get up from coma. Sandya and raman take sooraj home . mrs .bhalla does aarthi . they all take sooraj inside the room . all go out when sandya is wid sooraj . she says i am very happy today sooraj ji , she tells him all their past incidents together . sooraj moves his hand little but sandya doesnot see it. The next day all are looking at photos of some girls they r looking for a bride for raman , the matcher comes with a lot of photos , in one photo the girl is very fat. sandya sees the photo and laughs she says ma raman bhai is cute handsome but this girl she looks like . Mrs . bhalla says sandya . she says aur photo dikhao . the next photo is ishita’s . they all say okto ishita , they say , this girl is very beautiful .

mrs.bhalla says she is very beautiful then why did she accept to do second marriage . matcher says because she cant bear kids . mrs.bhalla says what . sandya says i have seen and talked to this girl also she is very gud . mrs.bhalla says ok , then tell us about their family . he says their family is a tamilian famil the bride has a elder and a younger sister. Mrs.bhalla says then ok . tell the family that we said ok . mrs.bhalla asks raman . he doesnot even see the photo he tells ok .

In ishita’s house mrs.iyer shows raman’s photo and asks ishita whether u like him. She says she does not like him . mrs.iyer says u meet the boy once then u decide .
The next day raman’s family come to ishita’s house . ishita doesnot even want to see raman , but when raman comes to her house she is impressed because there were ruhi and adi wid , her dream of becoming mother was fulfilled . she at once agrees for marriage and raman also agrees for the sake of ruhi and adi . ishita and raman’s roka happens.


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