yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 6)

Sandya is shocked to see sooraj . she goes and hugs him cries in happiness. She jumps in happiness. Her happiness knew no bounds. She didnot know what to do next. She called bhabo but bhabo does not answer her calls. She thinks how will i tell bhabo . she thinks know again we will b like diya and baati. She starts crying in happiness again . she calls raman , raman picks the call and says what sandya , sandya says bhai and starts crying again . she didnot know how to control her emotions . her happiness only came out in the form of tears . she says bhai sooraj ji, vo sooraj ji zinda hai. Raman asks what and gets happy. she goes and talks to the hospital owner .the hospital owner says u know the bomb blast before 2 years we found him there only because as soon as the news broke that there had been a bomb blast we started our service of curing people affected in bomb blast we found this man . he had only a head injury but this injury was very deep he would have died but we saved him, he wet into coma .

The owner says we don’t know anything more than this . sandya goes again and hugs him . meanwhile raman comes home very happily he directly comes and hugs ishita and says maein aaj bahuth kush hun . he says meri behen ko ab zindagi mein koi pareshaniyan nahi ayegi . just then he realises that he is hugging ishita . he apolagises to her . adi comes and asks what happened. Raman says adi ur fufa ji is alive . raman also is very happy because he loves his sister very much. Adi says what nd becomes very happy ruhiis also is very happy . ved and vansh see this and ask toh papa vapas ayenge in unison. They get very glad . raman coms and hugs them and says chalo papa ko dekne chalte hai . ishita sees all this and says to mihika , mihika we will come after sometime , it is their family time. Mihika and ishita reach home. Ishita says so sandya ji’s husband was assumed to be dead but know they know he is alive , how happy sandya ji will be no, mihika says ishu di aap kitni acchi hai only one time u saw that sandyaji and u r showering love on her. There will be a handsome prince for u also di who will shower u with love and affection.


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  1. Love Raman’s reaction when he got to know that suraj is alive………..

  2. Wow…..Superb…….?????????????☺???

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