yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 5)


Mihika comes to police station and abhishek mistakes her to be the girl to steal the file. But sandya comes in between and clears the misunderstanding.sandya says to mihika that she can drop her . mihika says yes . sandya and mihika talk while reaching home. Sandya asks mihik where is her home . mihika says my home is paradise colony. Sandya says what u live in the same colony i live but i don’t know. Mihika says now only we have shifted.mihika says u tell me where u live . sandhya says house no 10 n goes. Mihika thinks she helped me so much . i should invite her for a coffee atleast . mihika comes home and says ishu di u know that sandya ji how gud she is . she says i will go and call her for a coffee di . i am afraid to go there to a new place alone . i don’t know any body there. So please come with me na. Ishita also goes with mihika .

ishita enters the house while raman also is going out of the house . raman hits iahita by mistake n when ishita is about to fall down raman holds her they have a eyelock. Raman asks who r u in a angry tone . she says actually we came to see sandya ji .is she home . raman goes angrily without answering. Just when raman goes out she hears some children playing . she goes in and sees vansh,ved , adi playing. Ruhi comes from backside and doesn’t see it is ishita and asks aapko kaun chahiye. Ishita sees ruhi and gets happy. She says aap. Ruhi says aap aunty yahan . ishita asks ruhi whether sandya is her mamma.ruhi gets sad and leaves. Meanwhile sandya goes to the same hospital again where sooraj is in coma. She asks the receptionist where is chowdry . she says i don’t know because i am new to duty. Sandya goes n checks every room .she checks all the rooms and comes to sooraj’s room where sooraj is in coma. Sandya opens the door and check it . she sees sooraj . she could not belive her eyes . she thinks how can this be sooraj. Meanwhile in bhalla house ishita talks to ruhi and other kids.ruhi says these are my brothers ved and vansh . and this my adi bhaiya. Oh then u have three brothers . ruhi says no aunty vansh and ved r sandya bua’s kids . sandya bua lives with us


Credit to: varshini

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  1. awesome yaar loved it finally sadhya came to know abt sooraj that suspense is eating my brains pls reveal the suspence….

  2. Wwwwooowwwww it’s really awesome dr

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