yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 3)


Sandya is in police station . abhishek comes and says good morning mam she also says goodmorning n says the murderer u shot is very critical now . i told u that don’t do any proceedings in this case in my absence . now we will not be able to find anything about him. While talking sandhya gets a call . the man at the other end speaks sandya says ok i will come and cuts the call.
She tells abhishek woh bach gaya hai he is allright i think now the murderer will be able to tell the truth . come we will go to hospital.meanwhile in the hospital a man is shown with beard . he is sleeping .2 nurse speak about him . they say to each other he is here for about 2 years but he doesn’t get up from coma . who knows where is his family . the nurse says maybe his family thinks he is dead . this hospital owner is very good, that’s why he treating him without money.sandya enters the same hospital .she feels sooraj’s presence but she thinks how can sooraj ji be here he is already dead.
She finishes her work n goes out ,the man with beard is shown (sad diya aur baati hm music plays)
She comes home n takes all children to icecream parlour
Ved and vansh order strawberry icecream while adi and ruhi order butterscotch . sandya gets teay eyed and says sooraj ji ko bi butterscotch icecream bahuth pasand tha . sandya comes back home .
Ved and vansh talk to bhabo . after talking they give phone to sandya . within sandya talks to bhabo she cuts the call. She thinks every time i try to talk to bhabo she cuts the call. Hope someday she wil understand me . raman comes and says bhabo will never understand u sandya . sandya tells raman bhai when did u come . he says know only . they go to terrace n talk
Sandya says how much time should i ask u to remarry bhai . ok u don’t want to marry but ruhi wants a mother right . ma also tells the same to u but u don’t even listen when we talk about this matter. bhai how many days me and ma will take care of ruhi n adi . i have duty, ma is becoming old.
Raman says i told u not to talk about this n goes

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Nice plz carry on…

  2. Not so bad…..i am happy that u made sooraj alive..make them join soon

  3. Add sooraj-sandhya pic in cover photo….

  4. really nice yaar

  5. It’s really fantastic my dr please continue ur ff and be regular OK!

  6. Nice loved it carry on

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