yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 2)


This episode starts with ruhi and mrs bhalla entering the house. Mr bhalla enquires .Just then sandya enters she asks kya hua ma is ruhi ok u called me during duty time so i was not able to come. Ruhi tells bua aap bahut bure ho u r very bad the time i needed u, u were not with me i will not talk with u saying this ruhi goes out . sandya says ruko ruhi beta within that ruhi goes out of house. She comes crying . she walks out of the building . a car is about to hit her just then somebody pulls her , it is ishita . ishita tells u should not come out like this . she asks do u live here , ruhi says s and u Ishita says i also live here only ,so….. friends ,ruhi tells friends .ishita tells go back to your home and goes. just then sandya comes and takes ruhi back to home.

Precap: a man with beard is shown in a hospital

Who is this man ? is he a danger for bhalla or rathi family ?
Keep reading to find out

Credit to: varshini

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  1. hi friends this time it was a short ff but I will make it longer next time

  2. Its Nice yaar……….

  3. Wish it was longer but sweet yaar

  4. You please exclude sandhya… are insulting DABH fans by giving unimportant place in your fff…you just exclude sandhya or make her join with sooraj…hw unfair it is to make sooraj die because of sandhya….unbearable and ridiculous thing to the core….please stop writing about sandhya and just continue with ishita and raman

    1. I too want sandya to join with sooraj that’s why I have added sandya in my ff. I will make that possible soon

  5. Please make it long……
    Bt love it soooo much…..

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