yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (episode 1)


A beautiful girl is shown. She gets ready in pink salwar .She tells, amma i am already getting late u r telling me to go after puja ,my patients will be waiting for me . meanwhile 3 children r shown . by mistake they collide with a man ,he is raman .he tells ruhi , vansh n ved .aap log bahut shaitan ho gaye ho just then sandya enters , she tells raman bhai why r u scolding them if u r angry on shagun don’t scold kids .Plenty of times i have told u to remarry but u don’t listen to me at all . and ruhi what is adi doing . ruhi tells ,buaaaa today is Sunday in normal days itself adi bhaiya doesn’t get up in time . sandya leaves for her duty after she says bye to kids . ishita enters her clinic there were many patients waiting for her .

she treats all of them and gets ready to go home .Just then she hears someone crying . mrs.bhalla enters carrying ruhi in her arms . ishita treats ruhi . for ruhi ishita seemed to be an angel , an angel more beautiful and caring than her sandya bua whom she had thought the most beautiful angel in this world . ruhi liked ishita very much n so did ishita . ishita felt an motherly feeling when she treated ruhi. Ruhi tells bye to ishita and leaves the clinic after the treatment is complete

To be continued

Credit to: varshini

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  1. sooooooooooooo nice u don’t give reply to our comments.

  2. and plz make it longer and update regularly will be eagerly waiting for ur ff

    1. thank u

  3. Very nice story varshiniji.its calm and cool and non violence track keep it up

  4. WoW…….Superb………

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