Yeh Hai Mohabatein—Saat Saal Baad(A new story) Part 1


This is a new story line after a 7 year leap in yhm.Iam fed up with the new story line and here is my own…

This is just a short intro and I will update the first part after u guys say how is it.

The Iyer and bhallas live together in a mansion and relieved that ruhi is alive but sad that Ishita is dead.Ruhi and Adi are angry with Raman thinking that he is the cause of ishita’s death.Raman feels guilty.No one talks to Raman properly in the house and Adi and ruhi hates him a lot and won’t even talk to him except for pihu.Vivan and ruhi are Friend from Australia but ruhi does not know that Ishita stays with him.Same like on the other side,Aliya and Adi are friends and moreover they are in love when they met during a collage Programme in Australia.Adi does not know that Ishita is with Aliya too.Romi and sarika are together again and the 2 of them are in US with Rohit.Abhishek proposes to mihika to which she agrees.

The family members are happy too.But mihika says she does not want to get married as she believes Ishita is alive when abhishek told the family that her body could not be found.She says that she will get married only after Ishita comes back.This makes abhishek upset but still he respects her decision even though he knows that whatever mihika thinks will not happen.Shagun stays single after manoj breaks relationship with her.Ishita and mani will come to India because Aliya and Vivan forced them.Soon ishita’s truth will come out and the family slowly reunites.

—Pls comment guys…!

Credit to: Dia

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  1. nice episodee plzz cntnue

  2. Wow really nice yaar

  3. Nice episode???? u r rocking dis????

  4. Pls continue ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sorry ur name written worng for

  6. Samreen Chougle

    Awesome awesome awesome really plzz update next part big and soon

  7. Pls continue.

  8. I also loved the intro far better than the current track

  9. the story is far better than the current story. the current story line is the worst ever with misunderstandings and so many negative characters : ashok,nidhi and ruhi too!!! [ I mean that those who dont want ishra to unite]
    And according to the news shagun willl also turn negative and plot against ishita.
    I like the story and would request you to plz continue. And I would want to know that in a weeki how mwny epi are u going to put up. plz let me know
    and thanks for the new story Dia

  10. Nice better than currcurrent story

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