yeh hai JUNOON-E-ISHQ a ragsan os

hey guys im here with an os on ragsan. lets go…

Here swalak’s wedding is going on. Ragini is wearing a s*xy lehenga standing near them. And here our hero sanskar continue starring her.

Sanskar(monologe)- Oh god she is looking damm. her curve, her waist, her eyes, ohh her lips. I just want to kiss it. She is not looking at me for just once. please jaan look at me.

Ragini(monologe)- Why the hell sanskar starring at me? I have to not put eye on his eyes else he will do anything mess. i just want to kill him right now. Urghhh stop it na sanskar. lets concentrete on event.

Pandit ji- Your wedding is done. Now you both are husband wife.

Swalak get up and took blessing from elders. As the wedding is destination wedding so they all stay at the palace where the wedding is done.

In midnight at some solitary place ragini is drinking alcohole lonely. Sanskar come there and kissed her bare back. Ragini get irritated and turn back.

Ragini- Dont you have any work?

Sanskar- Baby dont be angry na. Im sorry next i will get it.

Ragini- You told it before many time. You know na how much i love vodka.

Sanskar- okkk fine. Btw what are you doing here?

Ragini- Are you blind? Cant see im drinking.

Sanskar- give me some.

Ragini- no i cant its all mine.

Sanskar- and you are mine. (winks at her)

Ragini- no not today.

Sanskar- sorry baby.

Saying it sanskar started to kiss her lips wildly. At first Ragini become shocked but then she also respond. After a long passionate kiss they break it. They breath heavily. After a few mins gape sanskar picked her in his arm and went to the room. He entered the room and place her gently in bed and close the door. He come ups her.

Ragini whisper to him- today is di and jiju’s first night and here we are celebrating.

Sanskar- let it be jaan.

He started to kiss her lips then her neck to body. They both undressed and intimate.

(sorry guys i cant go more. abhi main bachchi hoon na)

Next day morning ragini wake up in sanskar’s arm. She saw its already seven.

Ragini(monologe)- hey bhagwan its too late. If any one ask why i am here what will i answer? And here he is sleeping peacefully. Let me wake up him first.

Ragini- Sanskar wake up. sanskaaaar

Sanskar- what happend jaan. let me sleep na.

Ragini- its not needed. its too late wake up. I am going to my room. Bye.

She peeped to her room slowly. And there she saw Swara is standing there.

Ragini- di you here?

Swara- i came here to ask for hairpin. But where were you?

Ragini- woh.. woh di i… mmm went for haan morning walk.

Swara- In lehenga?

Ragini- diiiiii.

Swara- Sanskar told me everything about your relation.

Sanskar come from behind- hmm i dont fear to tell any one that i love you. and specially not to my sweet bhabi. (He side hugged swara)

Laksh- bada daring ban raha hain.

Sanskar- I am from birth bro.

Sujata- yeah you are.

Sanskar- mom.

Sharmi- not only she we all know.

Swara- so are you guys ready.

They blushed and nodded.

After few months

Ragini is sleeping in bed. Sanskar peeped in and shout in her ear. She become afraid and jumped up.

Ragini- whats that sanskar?

Sanskar- happy six months anniversary jan.

He kissed her fore head. She hold his coller and pull close.

Sanskar- baby becoming bold.

Ragini just winks at him and started to kiss his lips. Sanskar also responded after breaking kiss he started to kiss her neck. She open his shirt button and started to suck is well bild chest. TheyΒ  both become passionate. And boldly get into each other. And they intimate.

Here is the end. I know its mature content so dont think to much. And really sorry for gramatical mistakes. Hope you enjoyed. Please tell i am ok in os or not. Please share your reviews.

thank you

lots of love

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