yeh hai cartoon (need suggestion)


hi friends, i got an idea of writing a ff on cartoons, batman, superman, religious stories.
i hope u like it
if u like it or not please comment your ideas and wishes
this is a kind of short stories and this will be updated on every thursday.
so on every thursday get ready to experience an amazing and jolly ride with fun characters.
i know most of us here are school and college students.
we will be busy and also we are leading a tension life. so for relaxation, we watch tv serials, movies etc.

and we also read the ff’s. but in telly updates, the ff column is filled with yeh hai mohabbatien, swaragini, kumkum bhagya.
even i’m writing a ff on yhm and naagin. so to be different i got a thought to write on these cartoon characters.
i hope u like it.
most importantly, this ff is not to hurt anyone’s feeling. its just imaginary and fun-silled stories….

i hope you enjoy…
please please comment……

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  1. Alisha

    This is gonna be super interesting! I loved cartoon, even though I am 14 now. I am really eager to know how this gonna turn out? One question: Are you gonna use the characters from the cartoons that air still or used to telecast in the past or, are you gonna make your own and then name them? ?
    Anyways.,. Keep writing! Waiting eagerly for the part 1.

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