Yeh hai ashiqui third os

EMPATHY a feeling of one’s pain in our heart …but is it true? Indeed as much as i feel my closed one’s feel my pain and you can feel the pain in their eyes .empathy and love are surely connected terms so i here present my next os from my yeh hai ashiqui series full of drama ?,pain ,romance and and and love lets start
Yeh hai ashiqui (love story no. 3)(warning it is clich√© story you might have read many times i don’t know but there are differences)
“Maa isn’t it sanskar maheshwari my tution mate in 4th std?”swara asks still having her gaze in the magazine on his photo
“Yes shona a all rounder in life i must say ..handsome as you can see and successful too,the girl marrying him would be lucky indeed”
“Yes maa true “swara says having lost somewhere else thinking something .She kept the magazine and went to her room and thought something
Then after 5 mins there was a knock on her room’s door and she opened to look who’s there and find her maa standing with eyebrows throwing a question look
“You like him right ,don’t you?” Her maa asks
“Maa i don’t know but surely i have a feeling that we can surely make a connection”
Her maa squealed in joy
“Oh great today only i will send your photos to kiko aunty as she is visiting maheshwari’s today ”
“Maa only one pic is enough don’t send my whole albumn” saying this she laughs
“But maa honestly still i am not sure ”
“Shona it would be okay trust me!!”saying thus duo mother daughter have a small hug
So apparently she knew sanskar just a little or more may be but now she wanted to know more
Of him

After few days their meeting was fixed where swara and sanskar had to talk alone and know their differences
~~the meeting ~~
“Sanskar you have become so handsome”swara says boldly
Sanskar shocks but smiles which is unnoticed by swara as sanskar was standing turning back to her
“Acha i am coming direct to point ..i know you and you know me but first i wanna be your best friend then your lover ..sanskar we can only become compatible if we are knowing one’s every bad and good habit and understanding it and don’t wrry if you don’t like me say a no i will not cry or shout or shatter …..she was continuously saying atlast sanskar turned and kept his hand on her mouth
“Swara why do you talk too much and that too being so bold (mimics her) sanskar you have become so handsome!!”
“Haan toh later we have regrets (giving example)if i would have said this way or the other way ..shi its better to be open amd i can’t live in that regrets ”
“Then be ready to live with me”sanskar says
Sanskar goes out and nodes his head in yes and swara too gives a positive sign to shomi and shekhar
Their engagement and marriage functions were after 2 months as both were of marriage age
After one month the bond between swara and sanskar grew strong
“Swara i want us to be like this forever”he says while getting his head from her lap and facing her
“Sanskar i love you”
Sanskar shocked
“I know you wanted time for it but…”swara manages to say but she stopped as sanskar rose from her lap completely and went to bathroom taking her with him too ..swara was like is this person mad
Sanskar opened the tap of shower and stood under it and pulled swara to him such that she landed on his chest
“So swara its your wish to have a romantic i love you too from me “so be it ..just wait and watch swara
Both got drenched completely while sanskar was dancing with her
The moment was heating up

Seeing swara wet and shivering rosey lips he gave slow kisses to swara’s upper lip and says i love u too after every kiss..sanskar then closed the tap and was about to take her jacket off but she stops him and pecks his lips and whispers in his ears “waut for it mr maheshwari as to you will get enough time during our first night”she said and laughed and got out of the bathroom
Swara was leaving from his house due to wet but sanskar insisted her dropping her home
They got in the elevator but he pushed the stopped button and caged swara between his arms
“The next wish was elevator kiss ryt”sanskar wiggles his eyebrows
Saying this he kissed her wildly roaming his hands to and fro from swara’s thigh to foot as swara jumped on to him
“I love you too “sanskar said
After 3 mins of short kiss they stopped and hugged each other and sanskar dropped her home
1 month got completed in a blink of an eye
The engagement ,sangeer was all a success
~~the marriage day~~
With the last vow sanskar filled swara’s manng and made her wear the mangalsutra and then the parent’s blessed their children to have a wonderful night (haha parents are so frank)

Sanskar saw swara sitting on bed with a viel but but but he then realised it was his dream(imagination)
Swara had changed into something comfortable
And was waiting for him sitting in bed having her mobile in her hand to pass her time
Seeing him she gave a sarcastic laugh
“Oh myy myy mr maheshwari and his poor love story ..such a tragedy! Don’t you think mr maheshwari “she says while putting his finger from his head to cheek
“What is this nonsense swara”
“Lower your voice mr.maheshwari you are talking to your wife or shoukd i say your childhood friend whom you used to bully and make her steal money from her house to complete your silly demands ,isn’t it? You know how i felt when you and your friends reached till my classroom in school to scare me ..i was scared ,i did not expect this from you after all I fulfilled your most of the demands but when i disagreed ,you all scared me like hell so mr maheshwari score equal and haan i must tell you i don’t live you i hate you ..i am here for making your life hell ..happy live story mr. Or should i say revenge story!!”
“Swara i am sorry to have to hurt you in the oast but now i am changed”
“Oo happie realisation that you have changed
Take this pillow and mat and sleep there in the ground or else you know i have my ways say if suppose i filed complaint against you for domestic violence how will it look you inside the jail and your family dieing here in your worry”
“Swara i don’t believe this you could be so cruel please say once are you joking?” He said while cupping her cheek
She jerked him and went to bed for having a beauty sleep
Sanskar slept on the ground.. after he slept
Swara opened her eyes filled with tears and went to sanskar’s side and laid down there with him without mat and pillow and said
” I can’t forget sanskar i can’t made me rob my own house ,made fun of me but so then why i fell in love with you during these 2 months ..i cannot bear your pain too i am srry sanskar “she says and hugs him tightly keeping an alarm of 6 am on vibrate mode

Next day
I was her first rasoi and she made parathas and some sweet but for sanskar it was a different thing he was eating it having teary eyes as if swara had put 4-5 spoon of mirchi only in his paratha but he did not take water too and left for work but swara who was eating her paratha was literally crying keeping her mouth open to get some relief as she had put half of the container of mirchi in her paratha to feel double the pain he bears that too without touching the water .This happened daily but sanskar failed yo notice it and swara used to vomit running to their room fir eating this much spicy ,she was becoming weak
Ap was worried but swara just gave the reason of stomach pain
One day
Sanskar’s shirt button had broken ,swara took a thread and niddle and went to him to sew it bit in the process she used to prick him with the needle making sanskar gasp in pain after 5 mins she completed sewing and he went murmuring a thank you .after that swara took an appointment for making a tattoo
She went there and explained her how to do the tattoo and it should be near her heart ..while she was doing it ,it pained swara a lot .but then she remembered sanskar’s name and smiled having given herself double pain and closed her mouth to control her pain ..the tattoo was beautifully done .She went home but sanskar did not come home that day .She thought there might be reason but he did not come for consecutive two days
at the end of second day (night)
“Mr maheshwari so glad to see you back at home but it seems you forgot your wife so don’t come to our room she was closing the room door but unknowingly in the process sanskar’s hand which was on door got hurt and sanskar gasped in pain but controlled himself not to shout and went in the living area
But in room swara was continuously hurting her by keeping her hand between the door and wall and closing it again and again that ked her to faint as she kept fast for 2 days not knowing whether sanskar had anything in this two days

Sanskar woke up by his mom’s shout
“Sanskar see swara is fainted and what are you doing here?”
He did not answer but panicked and saw blood dried on swaras hands and surrounding area too had blood stains and she in a sleeping position near the bathroom
“He got water and sprinkled in her which made swara move a little and then he made her drink water
“Swara how did this happen “AP said
“Maa while going to bathroom i got my hand hurt that’s it sachi” she states doing a cute pout making ap adore her but there was a person who was now sure that swara is doing thus because of him .He took her to doctor forcefully where doctor examined it and took stitches .after the stiches were done swara and sanskar went out after paying the fees where sanskar excused himself and went to doctor’s cabin making an excuse having forgotten his phone
“Doctor does the wound become so deep on getting hurt once ?”
“Sanskar actually i think your wife has continuously made her hand crashed with SOMETHING ”
Swara who came back again to call sansjar listened all and understood that now he
Has understood everything but kept quiet in whole journey.whole journey sanskar was sewing swara as to how dull she had become .ger smile was there but there was no reality in it no gracefulness
They went home where swara and sanskar were called for bf and
Sanskar pretended to have tears in his eyes and moved his tongue in and out .Swara widened her eyes as too how can this happen she thought he is harming himself so she got to kitchen and put the half of the container and ate it but as she cannot bear it she vomitted there itself .sanskar saw all this and had tears in his eyes .
Swara came with a paper in her hand and went to room to find him sleeping on ground
She crys and goes there wiping her tears and says to sleeping sanskar
Don’t wrry sanskar from today you don’t have to sleep here but i will miss your embrace ..everynight ur embrace made me firget my pain but its ohk saying this she waked sanskar uo whi was faking his sleep
She woke him softly by his name nd said
“Sanskar your punishment is over and here are the divorce papers ”
The real reason to this only was swara knew he knows truth and she don’t want to gain his sympathy
Sanskar was shocked but then smiled
“Why are you running away because i know who you are?”
“I don’t know what are you talking about!”
He pulled her and said
“Look at yourself swara what have you done to yourself ..why do you love me so much?”
“I hate you”swara says
“Oo so whats the mark on ur hand?”
” I don’t know anything and besides i don’t want your sympathy”
“Love swara its love and it will always be love!”
Sanskar said and swara hugged sanskar holding his collar tightly and was continuously crying hugging more tight
“Sanskar i need youu “and she saw him with love and seeing him dull too she started kissing his face and again hugged him
She was not stopping she was just crying and crying due to while she fainted due to stress in his embrace but was murmuring
“Sanskar i love you ”
Sanskar put her to bed and hugged her tight and kissed her forehead and said
“swara you are not silly you are most silly person
I wonder how did u manage bearing this much pain

Now starts love war mrs. swara maheshwari”
It was evening now and swara finds her in different place
She was in a honeymoon suite it seemed but then there came a strong smell of dinner
which made her go towards the living area and was shocked to find maggie there on the dinner table
She squealed in joy and sat there and started having it after many days she had perfect food
She smiled seeing a note beside
She left that half bowl for sanskar and went to bed under the duvet as she was feeling tired
She was resting having her eyes closed just then
Shecwas feeling scooped in someone’s arms
She opened her beautiful eyes still tired and gave a sweet beautiful smile to sanskar
Sanskar smiled and kissed her eyes then he called someone and said him to send them
All came in her room
They were spa and massaging grp of the hotel they started their work as instructed
One did maicure other her legs were dipped in hot water
One massaged her hands and facial was done
Now she looked relaxed she looked towards sanskar who was busy eating his maggi
She smiled and cursed herself to have caused him pain
all was done and sanskar too finished his maggi
Then he saw swara sitting on a chair relaxing herself but still there was something bothering her
Sanskar took her in his embrace and made her lie on bed and kept her head on his lap and started caressing her hair and said
“Swara sometimes you do mistake but it diesn’t mean you are wrong
You know i love you more than myself
You are my life and dare u again harm my life”
Swara sat and holded her ears cutely so that sanskar melted
And said
“Acha now come sleep u sleep here i will be right there”
“Sanskar pls don’t stay away i want to have you and i know as much as i want to have you you are eager to taste me
Make me yours sanskar”
“Ohh hello ur health is not good and take care ”
“Sanskar!!”she did a pout
How can someone look this beautiful
She rose up and wemt towards sanskar and kissed him
Sanskar knew swara was andamant
He took her to bed and soon there were clothes scattered on floor but then something shocked him
“Swara this tattoo”
“Voh voh umm nothing sanskar why are you wasting ur time in it!!”
“Swara say!!” He said with fake anger
“That day i hurted you with needle so it was my punishment ”
” Swara oh my god are you dumb idiot stupid
I will get a swara attack for sure!! Oh god why is she like this leader of idiotttttts”
“Sanskar see na its so beautiful and it will make ur name always stay near my heart ”
Yes it was sanskars name written beautifully
Nd a small s beside it
Sanskar did not see towards her but said
“I hate you”
As if you are some sadhu
You too are having my name imprinted on your neck
Sanskar shocks swara rocks
” Never ever fight with me mr . Maheshwari”and she laughs whole heartedly
“Swara sleep ur health is not well ”
“Ohk boss “she salutes him
And goes towards him kisses him and bith sleep in each other’s embrace
Story end

I am really sorry to have bored you
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